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#340514 Dear Mr Cameron,

Posted by Renegade on 12 June 2012 - 06:20 PM

Dear Mr Cameron,

As I'm sure you are aware, with the impending liquidation of Rangers FC not too far away and the highly likely prospect that you and the other chairman of the remaining SPL clubs will vote on the matter as to whether to allow a "NewCo Rangers" to join the SPL. As you know, the fans are almost completely of the opinion that a NewCo Rangers, should they be allowed to join the league system, should start at the bottom of the ladder in the Third Division, just as the newly formed Caledonian Thistle FC had to do back in 1994.

Mr Cameron, vote for the wishes of the fans. Vote for dignity. Vote for justice. Vote against an organisation that has exploited sectarianism and bigotry for it's own gain. Vote against a NewCO of a club that has stolen millions to buy itself success. Vote for you to be seen as a man and ICT as a club, who said NO.

Mr Cameron, vote NO to NewCo.

Yours sincerely,

ICT Season Ticket Holder
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#388512 CJT cup semi final statement

Posted by davie on 12 November 2013 - 11:32 PM

Caley Jags Together tonight released the following statement regarding the League Cup semi final date and venue:



"Caley Jags Together, the ICT Supporters Organisation are today writing to the SPFL to register the strongest possible protest against the time and venue for the Scottish League Cup Semi Final between Inverness Caley Thistle and Heart of Midlothian.

The choice of venue and timing make it almost impossible for the majority of Highland based ICT fans to attend this game due to the lack of public transport and this will do nothing to enhance the image of the cup when swathes of empty seats are televised to the nation.

The SPFL should re-examine this decision as quickly as possible in order to ensure that our fans can attend what is an extremely important match for them and the team. 

We hope that the SPFL see sense".


A full letter will be sent to the SPFL tomorrow morning, and the full text will be available on the Caley Jags Together web site at www.ictst.co.uk. We also intend to conduct an on line petition against this dreadful decision, and further details will be posted here.




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#348445 Small crowds? Little wonder!

Posted by DoofersDad on 25 August 2012 - 09:10 PM

Celtic may have beaten us 4 -2 on the park but their supporters beat us 10 - 0 on the terraces. Surely we must have the worst home fans in the league and you can see how badly it affects the team; they are scared stiff of making mistakes and receiving a torrent of abuse from the so-called support. In the match thread I said I think the players lack confidence and to be honest, a significant part of that is that they are worried about getting abuse when things don't go right. The crowd do precious little to lift the team but plenty to let the team know that they do not meet the fan's often unrealistic expectations.

Take two examples from today. One of the guys sat next to me got to his feet after Celtic's 2nd goal and let rip with a tirade of vitriolic abuse aimed at Terry Butcher. When we scored our goals he simply sat in his seat and didn't even clap. He generally mumped and moaned about what was on display and never once as far as I was aware clapped or uttered any words of encouragement. And amongst the general moaning behind me were comments during a passage of play when we were keeping possession well but not making progress. "F***ing do something with it" was the shout from behind. No sooner had that advice been given than Morrison, I think it was, tried to put the ball over the defence for Andrew Shinnie to run on - it nearly came off but was well cut out and the same voice shouts out, "for f***'s sake don't give it away!"

Just what do these people want and expect? We're not Barcelona and if we try anything other than the safe ball it will come off less often than it doesn't. Today we were up against the league champions and their side is stuffed with internationals and sometimes balls don't find their intended target because very good defenders read the situation and do their job well. Let's give them credit for that. And let's give our team credit for trying to play football against Celtic rather than being boring like County and simply stopping them playing and having no ambition.

Do these people ever stop to think about what the impact is on the players? Presumably not. How do they think that players feel when they hear more noise in shouts of frustration and abuse when they make an error than they hear in applause and shouts of encouragement when they play a 30 yard pass inch perfect to a team mate? Well, it doesn't make them feel confident and appreciated that's for sure. Believe me, I get just as frustrated as anyone, even angry, when players make basic errors but I respond by silently cursing to my self, rolling my eyes or shaking my head or the like - I don't voice my feelings at the player but will make a point of clapping and shouting encouragement when they next get the ball and use it well.

This thread is about small crowds and the concern that some folk no longer come to watch the team. To be honest, it would be a good thing if some who still come along on a Saturday afternoon started staying away. That might mean that those who actually support the team might have more of an influence on the mood of the crowd as a whole and the team will respond to a more positive atmosphere in the ground. That in turn might encourage others to start supporting the team and take the place of the moaners.

Now I expect there will be those who will have a go at me saying that they pay good money and can expect to see better entertainment and have a right to make their views known. I would agree with that but the way to do that is to express your views on this forum or directly to the club if you are that angry. On match days, the players really need the support and encouragement of the fans and it really makes me angry that so many who turn up seem to do their best to abuse and discourage the team. They fail to understand that far from venting their anger at what they see as the problem, they are actually part of the problem themselves.

I think I am right in saying there are signs at the gates referring to "home support". That is for peope who will support the home team, not people who apparently want the home team to win but who abuse rather than support them. Perhaps there should be signs at the gates directing those who are going to shout abuse at the home team to the South Stand because the only team that benefits from the way some of the paying customers in the main and North stands behave is the away team.

Apologies for the length of this rant but I really am getting well and truly p***ed off by the behaviour of some of the people who pay to watch our team but who undermine the confidence of the team and ruin the matchday experience for others. By all means criticise the team as much as you want on this forum but for Christ's sake, on a match day give the team what they so desparately need - support! How f***ing difficult is that?
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#359908 Derek Adams team talk

Posted by Yngwie on 22 December 2012 - 10:17 PM

Caught on video, his "downfall".  :wink:



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#384238 union jack at Perth game

Posted by phileephilop on 06 October 2013 - 01:41 PM

As one of the males having the heated discussion (the younger one for the avoidance of doubt) perhaps I should shed some clarity on the matter.

The other clearly aggrieved gentleman had removed a flag without request and when asked what he was doing had stormed off like a petulant child up into the stand. I followed him and asked why he had stolen an item of property that did not belong to him.

He refused to return the flag proclaiming that it was a symbol of rangers, right wing politics, racism, orangeism (sic) and nothing to do with his football team and that it was offensive to everyone there supporting Inverness.

I asked if he would like to move to the side of the stand and have a reasonable conversation out of the way of those around us which he refused to do.
I then asked to have our property returned as he had no right to take something belonging to another person, which he refused to do.

He then proceeded to rant about how offensive the 'union jack' is in Scotland and that I was displaying the same symbol as people that were attending an SDL rally in Dundee and associating our club with such people.

As a British Soldier born and bred in Inverness I have served all over the world proudly displaying the colours of and spreading the message about ICTFC. His proclamation that the union flag which I wear on my uniform every single day and have seen friends and colleagues coffins wrapped in is a symbol of racism is disgraceful and offensive.

I work in England, live in Scotland, have a welsh neighbour on one side, an Irish one on the other and identify myself as British, as far as I am aware we are all still one United Kingdom the idea that you can refuse someone's personal identity because of your bigoted preconceptions is bordering on Facism.

I was not taken away by stewards, I left having kept calm though out the incident despite great provocation and the stewards were asking if I would like to report the incident to the police which I refused.

As to it's relevance to ICT it's red white and blue, had Inverness written across it and our team is currently managed by an Emglishman, has a Northern Ireland international up front, a largely English squad, and captained by an Irishman. We are have a multi national, multi faceted team as we do a fan base, there are scores of fans who have fallen in love with ICT having holidayed in the highlands from England or Wales so to state that we are just a highlands club or just a Scottish club or a northern club is simply wrong.
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#402437 Thank you everyone

Posted by givmeaccccc on 17 March 2014 - 05:04 PM

I would like to put on record a huge vote of thanks to all those who worked so hard over the past few weeks to make our first Final appearance such a success. I don't personally know these individuals but everyone I encountered was top class.

All the people from CaleyJags Together who gave many hours of their own time to sell tickets, organise transport, distribute travel vouchers, collect payment, etc etc, well done. Big thanks to the bloke who phoned me in Glasgow to let me know where Bus 6 was parked.

Huge thanks to all volunteer stewards who gave their time to help folk on buses and trains.

Massive thanks to the girls in the ICT portacabin who seemed under so much pressure but came through smiling. I even met a bloke from Edinburgh who had been promised a ticket in Glasgow from one if the ticket girls at the very last minute. He was on absolute tender hooks until the special train appeared and he got his tickets. I am sure there are loads of similar stories of togetherNess and generosity from those involved in our Final preparations.

Sunday was a huge day for ICT and Inverness, well done everyone.
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#397868 Scottish League Cup Final Roll Call

Posted by Misher23 on 07 February 2014 - 12:34 AM

I am coming from Brisbane, Australia for this one. Costs a fortune but is worth it for our first major final. I was all set to come to the final last year but we fell at the "final" hurdle.


Not been to a match (other than a pre-season friendly v Clach a couple of years ago) since the match v Dundee when we were presented the first division trophy as we bounced straight back up. Came over specially for that one too. Hoping for an equally as successful outcome this time.

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#374147 all together - one last time

Posted by davie on 16 May 2013 - 08:54 AM

Sunday sees the final game of Caley Thistle’s best ever season, and if you don’t know where it is or what’s at stake you must have been in the space station with that Canadian chap. Tickets for our end are selling like hot cakes as you would imagine, people are buzzing and the game is being broadcast on Sky. It’s as high as profile gets in Scotland. We are on course for Europe with a win, so please wear your holiday costumes. Anyone who has a sombrero please feel free to dig it out of the cupboard and wear the thing. There will be inflatables and beach balls for all. If we don’t qualify we will be disappointed but we can still celebrate our most successful season ever.


Of course having a party doesn’t imply going daft. Please - no pyrotechnics, no chanting about you know what’s and please try not to lob either yourself or anything else on the pitch whilst people are running about on it. And no streaking for God’s sake - it's only May. The Council have decided that no licenced premises will be open in Dingwall before the game, so if you are there early (especially off the train) please respect the locals and the fact that their places of worship will be open before ours is. At least the Caley Club in Greig Street will be open after the game and there will be a ceilidh band playing - Full Tilt Brian tells me, and hopefully it sounds like grounds for celebration. Brian also tells me that bus tickets are on sale at the Caley Club on Saturday between 2 and 3 - get down there and buy them so you won't be disappointed.


I know that, banter aside, our rivals will wish us all the best if we qualify for Europe on Sunday and I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate them on a magnificent first SPL season. Both sides will have a support that does the Highlands proud on Sunday, we’re sure of that.


The nation will be watching, so let's show them how to have a good time.


Davie Balfour

Caley Jags Together


#335957 Let us not be divided....

Posted by CaleyD on 30 April 2012 - 09:54 PM

We are where we are, not everyone is in agreement as to how it happened, whether or not it should have happened and if it was avoidable...but right now, that matters not.

The points on the board are fixed, they are in the past, we can do nothing about them and every moment spent pondering over them is a moment less spent on getting us over the final hurdle and getting the one point we need to secure SPL status for next season.

It's a big ask, and it will be beyond some, but can we set aside all the other stuff and just get behind ICT until that objective is achieved?

I'm not asking anyone to support a manager, player, board member or anyone else they may have an issue with....I'm asking that everyone show support for the one thing that binds us all....Inverness Caledonain Thistle FC.

If you are able, then get along to the game on Wednesday night. I know some people are at the stage of not wishing to part with any more money and/or effort to watch the team this season, but if the fans aren't willing to step up to the plate when it's needed to do everything in their power to help and support ICT then who is?

If you aren't willing, then I ask that choose not to beat up on those who are just because they choose to be a little more positive, objective or supportive. If you want to brand such people as happy clappers, wearers of rose tinted specs, delusional or whatever....then can you please save it until the job is done (or not done and you can gloat and come back with all the "told you so's" you like).

If any of the players happen to be reading this, then I make the same plea to you. Forget everything up until now and put every moment of thought and preparation into giving Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC your best game when you take to the park against Dunfermline, and if it doesn't happen against Dunfermline then take it to St Mirren and if needs be on against Hibs.

ICT's biggest strength has always been that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Let us not be divided, let us not be conquered.
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#397028 Hearts -V- I.C.T.

Posted by ictchris on 02 February 2014 - 05:55 PM

I thought we picked the right XI when I saw it - Ross has been inconsistent and Vincent, Tansey and Draper are all solid, expierenced players.  I think Yogi thought we could impose ourselves on Hearts and run over the top of them.  We started very well, dominating the midfield and pushing Hearts back - Draper had what looked like a great opportunity but he was stretching with his wrong foot and put it over.  Hearts were trying to play on the counter and managed to mount some attacks but didn't really threaten us, at least in the initial stages.


As the half got towards 20 minutes or so we stopped being effective and the game became scrappy in the middle.  Our midfield three weren't on top of enough and Hearts kind of hustled and pushed their way into the game.  They didn't really create any clear cut chances but had a couple of shots from distance, a header about two feet wide and got into some good positions.  It was pretty frustrating for us not to be able to press home our early superiority but we managed to create a good opening for McKay, who tested McDonald from an angle towards the end of the half.


We started the second half the way we did the first, on top and focusing most of our play down our right, where Watkins was very impressive.  We were crossing the ball into the box but McKay couldn't buzz onto the end of much and it looked as though we weren't going to take advantage.  That changed when Vincent tangled for the ball on the edge of the box and it rolled back to Tansey, who arrowed in a drive from 20 yards, a tremendous hit.  It was the sort of the goal that Steven Gerrard scores, a peach.  At that point we were in control and I would have backed us to go on and win.


Hearts came back, which was inevitable, and pressured us.  A clumsy collision between Shinnie and Warren (I think) put Hearts right midfielder clean in on goal but Brill made a great stop and the header was cleared off the line.  However,  shortly after that we were dealt a double blow when Warren was sent off for a second booking and after he trudged off the free kick was worked for Jamie Hamill to rattle it into the net.  Yogi did the obvious and took off a winger for a centre half (Doran for Devine) but a minute or so later Hamill curled in a second free kick, a beauty into the top corner. 


It was absolutely gutting at this point for Caley fans.  We hadn't played well but I think we had been the better side and to lose two goals and a man to set pieces was a massive blow.  Personally, I was pretty despondant and didn't think we'd manage anything back.  Meekings forced Hamill into a cracking save when he powered a header in from Tansey's corner and McKay also threatened with a header.  We hadn't won a match from a losing position all season, I think, and I was basically resigned to defeat.  The horrible feeling was compounded by shocking time wasting, diving and feigning by Hearts players. extremely frustrating to see.  We pushed forward but weren't able to do anything and when we went down to nine men, when Meekings was red-carded for a trip to stop Hearts getting a breakaway I was certain we were for it.  It wasn't a red card if you ask me, he tripped his opponent inside the Hearts half with players covering so it wasn't a clear goalscoring opportunity and it wasn't violent conduct, ie a kick.  Our players were seething at it but it looked like we'd end the match howling at the injustice of it all and doing little else.


Somehow we managed to get one last ball into the box and in the scramble Nick Ross, who'd actually done well when introduced I thought, squirmed the ball home past McDonald.  It was a surreal moment, where I was sitting it looked like the ball was in the side netting and I thougth it was until Ross ran to our fans and someone launched a smoke bomb onto the pitch laugh.png  That was it for 90 minutes and we had the bizarre prospect of playing 30 minutes with nine men.


We did this very well.  Draper and Devine are about as makeshift a centre-back pairing as you could ask for but defended brilliantly, Draper was unorthodox but unpassable.  We brought on Tremarco, who was solid and dangerous going forward, and then had Tansey, Ross, and Watkins sitting in the middle with McKay up front.  We sat behind the ball and invited Hearts to test us, there isn't really much else to be done in this sort of situation.  It was a strange spectacle, like a defence v attack training match.  Hearts seemed burst from the equaliser and didn't offer much.  Nick Ross and Billy McKay even managed to eke out a few half chances for us but we were going for penalties.


It was noticeable that when the final whistle blew, Hearts players sank down but our players celebrated, we were the positive side mentally at this point.  Shinnie hit a poor penalty but that was followed up by an equally pish one from the on-loan striker.  Our following penalties from Tansey, Ross, McKay and Draper were perfect and it was Jamie Hammil, man of the match, two goal hero and 'streetwise professional', who had his saved bh Brill, a fantastic diving stretch.


It was absolutely remarkable, an insane game.  I wasn't drinking before it, or last night, and I just feel a buzz, I'm shaking even now.  The only big, do-or-die game we've ever won was the Clyde match to secure promotion in 2004, we're the sort of side who ploughs thought rather than wins crunchers.  It's just a remarkable achievement.  I'm normally not someone to give this sort of thing too much credence but I thought our spirit carried us on today.  To play with the discipline and control we did for thirty minutes and then to hold our nerve in the shoot-out was really driven by the togetherness of the group.  We maybe should have beaten Hearts anyway, given our sides but we managed it because of how the team worked for each other and themselves I think.

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#374722 Caley Fans Love of Iain Vigurs

Posted by Dargo20 on 21 May 2013 - 10:50 AM

Pic from Sundays game showing the love the Caley fans have for Iain Vigurs

Attached Files

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#409046 My Brother pops into Caley Thistle!

Posted by Eagle4Caley on 16 May 2014 - 08:53 PM

So my brother Chas decides to go on a 5day 1600 mile trip from Southeast London on his motor bike and takes in Inverness...'drop into Caley Thistle' I say, so last Tuesday he did just that at 8 in the morning and lo and behold the first person he see's is the Chairman....'Hello' says Chas 'I've driven all the way up from Kent, and my brother supports your club and flies up to see matches here'...... and the very nice Mr Cameron invites him in, shows him around the ground and the Trophy room and also gives him a signed team photo for me! My brother describes our Chairman as a 'really nice guy' he also rather liked the City


I think there could be two of us on the plane up next season .... and possibly my wife and eldest daughter will be paying visits too!


Can't wait for next season

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#397479 My Match Report (concise and accurate)

Posted by KingBeastie on 04 February 2014 - 05:37 PM

So the ref's like...
:yellowcard:  :yellowcard:  :redcard:  :redcard:  :yellowcard:  :blah:
The jambo's are all...
:cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:  :cheer01:
And we're like...
:amazed:  :clapping:  :shrug:  :notlistening:  :hiding02:  :notlistening:  :shrug:  :clapping:  :amazed:
Then up steps Nick Ross...
:punch:  :moon02:  :fingers:
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#357729 Most Satisfying Last Minute Goal

Posted by GATEPOST on 04 December 2012 - 12:11 AM

It is easily Saturday's for me. Nothing else has come even close. Infact I'm pretty sure that it's my favorite single goal since Paul Ritchie scored the 3rd vs St Johnstone.


It's our first ever Scottish Cup game against our biggest rivals, in Dingwall. Our fans had been singing all day and the atmosphere in our end was incredible. In contrast there was hardly a sound coming from the collection of traveling folk and farmers supposedly supporting the Highland's second team and we looked by far the better team. With 5 mins to go we are leading 2-1 and looking comfortable, job done, but then disaster strikes: Vigurs off all people scores with a huge deflection and in the third minute of injury time they get a dodgy free kick out wide which somehow we don't defend and they have put us out.


The shadows are delirious. Vigurs is the happiest man in Scotland (he has his revenge and he gleefully gestures to us all to show it). Adams is hugging everyone in in sight and jumping for joy (he's as happy as himself in his barn). And fecking Tokely, Ross Tokely 'club legend', a man upset at a wee bit off booing last month, is running around like he has won the Champions League, his joy at ICT's exit from the cup at the hands of county evident in his moronic grinning face.


Everyone is gutted, the look of delight on the gudgies faces is truly awful and the thought off heading back to the mallard for 2 hours until the next train is horrific. But then out of nowhere we have kicked off and OTJ has unleashed a strike from what seems like 40 yards out and we have a corner. 95 mins gone though so no chance surely? Yes chance. Corner comes in, someone heads it, Tokley has lost Foran, I can't see what the hell is is happening but the players are peeling away and the tinks are silent, OH MY GOD GOAL!!!!!


Bedlam in our stand, tears in the others. Tokely is truly devastated, Adams' daft wee baby face is contorted in pain and we are still in the cup.



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#410464 ButcherWatch

Posted by ZEbbEDY on 10 June 2014 - 03:06 PM


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#388271 League Cup Semi Final Draw - Hearts!

Posted by davie on 12 November 2013 - 02:52 PM

Never mind as chair of Caley Jags Together, as a fan I am raging about this. If the SPL wanted to voice their contempt of us, they really couldn't have done it any better. CJT will fight this with every available weapon, and we will publish a detailed statement here later on tonight or early tomorrow. This is one we really need to fight as quickly and loudly as possible - it just isn't on.

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#387466 Hibernian -V- Inverness CT

Posted by DoofersDad on 09 November 2013 - 06:14 PM

As I write this, Butcher is probably sitting in some poncy Edinburgh wine bar with Petrie picking over the bones of a dismal defeat.  What he should be doing is celebrating a great victory with a great bunch of lads by picking the bones out of a fish supper.

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#362028 Butcher to Barnsley? Terry stays put***

Posted by CaleyD on 09 January 2013 - 09:18 PM

Whilst I am glad he's staying, I have to say this episode has been unsettling for the club.  Having two days of talks at another club hardly gives his out of contract (or indeed his in contract) players a message of loyalty to them or the club just as we launch into the January transfer window.  Togetherness has been the watchword this year and we need to maintain that if we are going to achieve what our current league position and place in the cups suggests we just might. 


By talking to Barnsley over two days, Terry gave a message to his players that he was seriously thinking of leaving them just when they've come so far.  The players in turn can be excused if they also look to pastures new.  He should have rejected the approach sooner.  To me, the important thing now is that he appears to have undone the damage by committing himself to the end of his contract which means that not only will he be here to the end of this season but to the end of next season as well.  That commitment should be enough to persuade players to sign on for next season to continue the journey.  Let's hope that some contracts will be signed in the next few days.


Had he been off talking to a St Johnstone, Aberdeen, Motherwell or something then you might have a point.  However, for me, this has been far from unsettling, the total opposite in fact.


We've just had our Manager get an offer from a club who could offer him many times the salary he could ever get here and a player budget that could fund half the SPL.  I don't know of any Manager who wouldn't have had their head turned by such an offer.


Despite all that he chose ICT!!!


We've just had more publicity than money could buy and the message at the end of it is....ICT don't have much, but they must be something really special if a man like Terry Butcher would rather be there on less money and with a smaller budget.  Terry has just done more in two days to help shake of the "small town backwater" tag that is often applied to us than anything else that has happened in the last 19 years.


The message he has just given the players is exactly the same...."lads, it's ok to look but its not all about the money, there's things to be earned here that money cannot buy".

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#341402 Dear Mr Cameron,

Posted by DoofersDad on 21 June 2012 - 09:59 PM

Don't know about others but I was very disappointed with Kenny Cameron's statement. To me there seemed to be a clear message that whilst the strong feeling of supporters was acknowledged, this was to be first and foremost a business decision on what the Board consider best for the club and Scottish football. It sounds as though the Board has been listening too much to Green who has asked Boards to make a business decision when they vote on July 4th.

Let's be clear. This is not about business. Business is about making money and giving shareholders a return on their investment. Since when have any shareholders in ICT ever expected a return on their investment? Shareholders in ICT have put money into the club to help bring a standard of football to Inverness that they and the rest of the paying public want to see. Our return on investment is entertainment and hopefully success on the park. There will be no entertainment if ICT play Rangers newco because nobody will be there to watch the game.

It may be that the Board is persuaded that an SPL without Rangers will not be in the best financial interests of the club, but so what? If that is the case then it will be the responsibility of the Board to cut expenditure to match any loss in revenue. That is a small price to pay to behave in a principled way by saying "no" to a newco that has absolutely no right to a place in the SPL.

I was also very disappointed to hear that there had been a full and frank exchange of views in discussions between the club and the Supporters' Trust. That suggests that there were clearly differing views. But why were there discussions in the first place? There is nothing to discuss. Rangers newco is a club that has never played a game of football in its existance. It must start at the bottom like we and everybody else did. We expect the club to vote "no" and we expect the club to make an official statement to that effect in the near future.
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#339054 Are you worried ? - I feckin am

Posted by starchief on 31 May 2012 - 08:26 PM

So, let's see....
Butcher was criticised for getting us relegated coz he played Tokely at centre-back. Tokely should also not play for ICT again as he's 4th, 5th and 6th choice as centre-back. He's too slow, too rash and cost us a number of goals. Tokely should also stay as he's a great centre-back. Proctor also must stay as he's ICT through and through, even though he only came back after failing elsewhere. Proctor is terrible and should never play for ICT again. Proctor will be a great signing for Ross County - we should never have let him go.

Butcher should never have signed Golabeck as he was past his best. He should also sign Duncan after Ross County decided he wasn't good enough for SFL1, so went to Peterhead. Munro needs to getaefeck as all he does is hoof-the-ball. Munro should have never been sold.

Buthcer has ripped out the heart of ICT by not keeping McBain, Golabeck, Hastings and all those others that were no longer SPL quality. Meanwhile, he can't replace them with any quality. Which is why Golobart was never player of the year, we're desperate to get rid of Tade, Gillet and Hayes and we're expecting nothing from A.Shinnie or Doran next season. David Davis. Another failure. As was Tansey, which is why Motherwell were after him. What would Stuart McCall know about potential?

Hayes would be better off going to a club where it will be almost impossible to get spotted, as long as it's in England. After all, anywhere in England is better than the SPL. Meanwhile, we should try to sign Black from Hearts and get Rooney on loan from Birmingham. Even though we're desperate for any players with a hint of quality not to sign for any other SPL clubs, we will also bemoan the lack of quality in the SPL.

We have no money yet should be able to sign a load of great players for free, whilst acknowledging we can't compete with other SPL clubs, both in terms of finance and location. The likes of Eagle, Stratford etc prove this, even though they cost very little and we went up first time of asking and almost achieved a top six finish. We also wasted a lot of money on Tuffey...who we should offer a new contract to.

However, we should forget about that as we were almost relegated this season, finishing only a mere 14 points above Dunfermline and beating a Hibs side that spent vastly more than us. Nevetheless, we should be playing more flowing football on a budget far below the Brazil-like Aberdeen, who finished far above us on two points more.

Butcher should play Ross, G.Shinnie and Sutherland more. CTO begged for G.Shinnie to be dropped after a dip in form, although he shouldn't have been dropped. Gillet should have been brought back earlier too. Although neither Shinnie or Gillet should be played out of position. So two left-backs then. Ross isn't strong enough to play regularly and should be loaned out. We should also build the team around him. Ross played 32 games this season. Ross also didn't play much this season. Sutherland should get his chance. Sutherland did and showed he isn't the answer. Why didn't Sutherland play more?

We should sign more Highland players, even though we don't know any capable of playing in the SPL. We should though look to the SFL, even though Tade wasn't SPL quality, which is why St Johnstone are after him and he rejected us. But we should take a chance on SFL players to get us some goals, apart from Rory McAllister as he wasn't any good as a teenager but is a superior goalscorer to anything in the SFL 2 or 3.

We should sack Butcher and get Robbo in, even though, in a vote, CTO voted for Butcher above Robbo. A more experienced manager is the answer, such as Jimmy Calderwood, Jim Jefferies or Bobby Williamson - all of whom aren't the solution. A young manager with potential should be brought in as long as he's experienced as we can't rely on untried managers. If you think Butcher deserves a chance after doing better than expected two seasons out of three, then you're a happy clapper thinking everything is rosy in the garden. If Butcher doesn't improve the club's fortunes, then he should never have been hired.

Just as long as we're being consistent here.
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