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Shared Media - Recycle and Re-Use !

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blog-0514909001327000832.jpgIts been a few days since our last entry and we thought we would introduce one of the new features of the board to you ....... "shared media"

You know how it is, you are happily adding stuff to the forum and you think .... "mmm, I already uploaded an image or file that I need to add in here too, or that would be perfect for this thread ...."

In the last version of this software, you would need to go hunting on the site, browse your hard drive or perform a google search to try and find that file or image then upload it or link to it and all that palaver ... but no more !!! To help you with all of this in the new forum comes the "My Media" link.

Next time you are typing a forum reply, have a look up to the button bar and you should see this one nestled in amongst things


Clicking on it will bring up a popup called your Media Library .....


You can add anything you previously put into a post as an attachment .....




You can add a link to a photo album you uploaded .....



You can add any individual picture from a gallery .....



You can add a link to an event .....



You can add a link to a blog entry .....



You can add a link to a downloadable file .....



Happy Media Sharing !!!!

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    • Contract Situation
      Seeing that the Courier only updated their article to report on the Colchester interest after it appeared on here, I think this forum is watched quite closely, and I am sure many players are well aware of what is being said. DD has hit the nail on the head, I agree fully. 
    • New Manager Thread
      Now now, Charles is a big asset to the club.
    • Contract Situation
      I agree entirely DD but he is a young player and there is always the chance to earn more money.  I don't think he would pay to much attention to what is said on the forum.
    • Contract Situation
      I do hope Devine's decision to consider other options is not driven by comments from fans on this forum.  A small number of folk have been pretty harsh on him.  And in defending Raven against the appalling treatment by our ex manager, many folk talked Raven up by talking Devine down.  But it's not a question of Raven or Devine - we need them both.  For all the difficulties we have had this season, our defensive record has been good and Devine has started more games than any other outfield player.  So he really can't have done too bad, can he?  Sure, he has made a mistake or two but who hasn't? Personally I would rather see Meekings in the CB role with Warren although to be honest, there's not a lot in it.  But regardless of the pecking order, we need defensive cover and what with injuries and suspensions Devine would be assured of a lot of game time next season even if he wasn't the new manager's first choice.  He is also a lot younger than both Raven and Warren and could easily develop into a player who would be a first choice CB for many years.  I think Devine has a good career in front of him and I would love it to be with ICT.