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Shared Media - Recycle and Re-Use !

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blog-0514909001327000832.jpgIts been a few days since our last entry and we thought we would introduce one of the new features of the board to you ....... "shared media"

You know how it is, you are happily adding stuff to the forum and you think .... "mmm, I already uploaded an image or file that I need to add in here too, or that would be perfect for this thread ...."

In the last version of this software, you would need to go hunting on the site, browse your hard drive or perform a google search to try and find that file or image then upload it or link to it and all that palaver ... but no more !!! To help you with all of this in the new forum comes the "My Media" link.

Next time you are typing a forum reply, have a look up to the button bar and you should see this one nestled in amongst things


Clicking on it will bring up a popup called your Media Library .....


You can add anything you previously put into a post as an attachment .....




You can add a link to a photo album you uploaded .....



You can add any individual picture from a gallery .....



You can add a link to an event .....



You can add a link to a blog entry .....



You can add a link to a downloadable file .....



Happy Media Sharing !!!!

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    • In the interests of fairness why don't you give the club the chance to comment? As can be seen from another posters experience (s)he wrote to them and received a prompt response inviting them in for a discussion about it - with the chairman no less! I am sure the same offer would be made to you if you got in touch with the club and you are unlikely to get a more 'authoritative' response from anyone else there than the chairman.
    • Doesn't matter if there is a contract in place to provide the strips by a certain date. I would be interested to know when the first lot of tops was meant to have arrived or if the club had already agreed to taking delivery at the end of August / start of September - basically, what was the agreed delivery date in any contract?
    • Had a suspicion they would do well against West Ham again especially given odds of 10-1 ;-) , don't think these English based teams or players care about the EL, get too much money playing in the EPL as a salary to care about the prestige of European competition unlike smaller nations. If its not cash driven like the CL then these guys just don't turn up - indicated by EPL teams playing their 2nd string players quite often.    
    • H/t 1-1 f/t 2-1 ICT warren St J Maclean Crowd 3206
    • A few familiar names from last year but the star striker Budescu who scored against us is playing in China with the exquisitely-named Dalian Yifang FC.