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Shared Media - Recycle and Re-Use !

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blog-0514909001327000832.jpgIts been a few days since our last entry and we thought we would introduce one of the new features of the board to you ....... "shared media"

You know how it is, you are happily adding stuff to the forum and you think .... "mmm, I already uploaded an image or file that I need to add in here too, or that would be perfect for this thread ...."

In the last version of this software, you would need to go hunting on the site, browse your hard drive or perform a google search to try and find that file or image then upload it or link to it and all that palaver ... but no more !!! To help you with all of this in the new forum comes the "My Media" link.

Next time you are typing a forum reply, have a look up to the button bar and you should see this one nestled in amongst things


Clicking on it will bring up a popup called your Media Library .....


You can add anything you previously put into a post as an attachment .....




You can add a link to a photo album you uploaded .....



You can add any individual picture from a gallery .....



You can add a link to an event .....



You can add a link to a blog entry .....



You can add a link to a downloadable file .....



Happy Media Sharing !!!!

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    • Great 3 points and sets us up nicely for Saturday.   
    • Yes, the happy knack of scoring late goals has been our saving grace several times this season.  Long may it continue, especially if these goals are for wins.
    • The difference being that we seem to be picking up draws where last season we would be leaving with no points.  
    • Looking at the league table, a couple of things caught my eye.  I hadn't realised that our games have contained more goals than every other team except Celtic. Only them and Aberdeen have scored more than us, whilst only Killie have conceded more. It's slightly surprising to be as high as 6th given the results we've had.  If you extrapolate our points per game across the season (very simplistic, I know) we'd end up with 45 points. That's 7 less than last season and would put us in 10th place - but well clear of relegation. Having now played every team once, I would describe this start to the season as no less than "satisfactory" given our rookie manager and limited resources. If Foran can keep learning and if any of our strikers can become reasonably prolific, there's potential to do much better than satisfactory.
    • This is how I saw us lineup overall between the first and second halves. obviously it might be skewed given we were much more attacking in the second half and of course it's just my thoughts but certainly a few changes seemed to evident - 1) Polworth playing more centrally, 2) Draper dropping a wee bit from his more advanced position, 3) King playing much more as a wide man compared to Doran who seemed to be playing very narrow and 4) Mckay getting a lot of space down the right all to himself to attack.