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Shared Media - Recycle and Re-Use !

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blog-0514909001327000832.jpgIts been a few days since our last entry and we thought we would introduce one of the new features of the board to you ....... "shared media"

You know how it is, you are happily adding stuff to the forum and you think .... "mmm, I already uploaded an image or file that I need to add in here too, or that would be perfect for this thread ...."

In the last version of this software, you would need to go hunting on the site, browse your hard drive or perform a google search to try and find that file or image then upload it or link to it and all that palaver ... but no more !!! To help you with all of this in the new forum comes the "My Media" link.

Next time you are typing a forum reply, have a look up to the button bar and you should see this one nestled in amongst things


Clicking on it will bring up a popup called your Media Library .....


You can add anything you previously put into a post as an attachment .....




You can add a link to a photo album you uploaded .....



You can add any individual picture from a gallery .....



You can add a link to an event .....



You can add a link to a blog entry .....



You can add a link to a downloadable file .....



Happy Media Sharing !!!!

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    • Has Mutombo got a club yet? You'd have thought that with a fair bit of talent and some televised goals he wouldn't find it at all difficult, but after a quick search he still seems to be out of work - for a brief moment though I thought he'd returned to the continent to sign for Vereinslos, until I realised it's the German word for out of contract!
    • At what point did I make any reference to the 90's ? 9,500 and 12,650 is a pretty good attendance for a novelty. Who mentioned profiteers ? The 70's were a "golden age". Football in the Highlands was of an advanced standard. There were a lot of teams who would have walked through the lower divisions. As per usual CB has turned the OP and a side argument into a debate about the feckin merger. Fer fecks sake forget it.
    • The Caley v St Johnstone cup game was a ground packed full of Invernessians with a fair number of cling ons like Bannerman whereas the modern day crowd are mainly made up of incomers, elderly wifees, more than ever cling ons and a clear minority of Invernessians  Even on CTO you can count on one hand the amount of posters who are born and bred locals who post from a current Inverness household like moi Dougal
    • IHE has now got me wondering if it's really worth arguing out my point myself when he does this much better on my behalf. What's quoted above is further valuable evidence that people turned out in numbers for the novelty of the Scottish Cup - even more so in the 60s than in later decades - in complete contrast with Highland League games which rapidly descended into ghost town status. By the early 90s there was barely even a second man to watch the dog while the first one went for a pee. Highland League crowds were dying on their backsides and this was evident to all but those who, oozing with contrived self-righteousness, choose to retain refuge in the delusional, over-inflated bubble of what they considered to be a golden age of their youth. Profiteers? Which ones would that be? Not at ICT judging by the club's historical accounts and at Ross County it's well known that the money travels in the other direction ie inwardly. I suspect that IHE is talking about the people whose responsibility it is to raise money/ secure charitable donations (aka "investments") so that ticket prices can be subsidised at their present levels through non-football activity.