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Repeat after me - It's not Sky's or ESPN's fault



Broadcasting deals for Scotttish football have received a lot of bad press in the last 12 months. Some off it quite rightly warranted, however a great deal of iit was anywhere between misguided to just plain wrong.

The facts are there are 2 types on sport: sport with a TV presence and amatuer sport watched by 2 men annd a dog. Some people are too quick to judge the negative aspects of broadcast contracts without acknowleging the overwhelming positives. And they are overwhelming, so let's look at just of few of them.

1. Broadcast agreements are not just free advertising, they actually pay to advertise football. Now if someone can to my business and said they would pay me to advertise my product I would be deighted. TV showcases football and it is up to the foootball authorities to ensure the product they are pedallng is up to scratch and it is up to the Clubs to recognise the additional benefits of TV besides direct income . This leads nicely into...

2. ...that old myth that televised games leads to reduced crowds. This myth is perpetuated by clubs receiving additional revenue from TV for live games due to a reduction in the expected crowd. So what football clubs are doing is telling their fans to stay home and watch the game on TV because we don't need you because of the TV cash. All it would take is a change of attitude from clubs to break the back of this myth. It astounds me because all the evidence around world sport suggests the exact opposite is true. Closer to Scotland I don't so attendances in the EPL dropping signifiicantly because of live coverage. In fact the 2 biggest football codes in Australia have enjoyed record TV ratings and attendance. So why is it different? Because nothing beats the match day experience at the ground.

Sure I am looking at this through rose coloured glasses and I understand the limitations of the current broadcast agreements. In my opinion, the biggest problem with the current broadcast agreement is that the football authorities have also fallen for rvenue bottom line. I guarantee that things would have been commpletly different if the SPL had agreed a deal with the BBC all those years ago.

By giving into Setanta/Sky et al they gave up the thing they really needed the most - access to fans. If games were on the BBC then the potential audience reach would be much higher, access for fans is much cheaper and easier.

So, in summary, blaming broadcast agreements for all the illls achieves nothing, focusing on the match day experience is everything.


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    • Robertson's failed to restore confidence to the side, and during the 2nd half on Saturday they showed a lack of desire and a loss of discipline. Some of his signings are so out of their depth (Ridgers, Elsdon, Chalmers, Oakley) that there is no trust between the players. He's changing the shape almost every week and never influences a game through substitutions or tactical changes.   I'd take Houston or McIntyre in a minute. 
    • Jim McIntyre might be interested in showing what he can do for our players' fitness 
    • I wasn't at the game so not for singling out, but its not the first time this or previous seasons Polly looks knackered during a game. Whether this is because he has to do work for others and gives more or because he's playing in roles unfamiliar so wasting energy its unclear although I do think its more the latter. This has been the case for a few seasons now on occasion, so perhaps the perceived lack of fitness isn't new or the levels haven't changed but our playing style has.  Under Yogi we were much more organised defensively, at time pedestrian in going forwards and spent a lot of time on ball retention and moving it about. Recently our tactics are to run about chasing the ball and the game therefore perhaps exposing our lack of fitness and suitable coaching - under Butcher we player more attacking football which perhaps focused on a different fitness strategy which may have been a continuation of the changes Brewster brought in. Like him or not Brewster played in Europe and learned from that about lifestyle and taking care of himself, hence why he could play on at the highest level into is late 30's - and while some may argue Scottish football isn't that high a level, its probably more fast paced and physical than most leagues in Europe.  
    • And that is why Ross County are a premier league team (and will probably remain one) ... and we aren't. When tough business decisions need to be made for the long-term good of the club, there is no messing about ... even when it is a cup winning manager.
    • " I don't think he will walk, as it's his team, he signed most of the players, and his reputation will take a hit"  What reputation is that? He has done nothing since he left us the first time, im not so sure Robbo has much of a reputation as a manager, and as i said on another thread, the last time he was here he had Donald Park beside,he doesnt have that this time and its clear  he is struggling.