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  2. Why do you support ICT ?

    We used to have them in Inverness as well! The biggest day of the season arguably used to come in October with the quarter finals of the Qualifying Cup because the four winners got Highland League's places in the 1st/2nd round draw for the Scottish Cup. At this point, you hoped for an East League team like Gala or Spartans at home since in these days (unlike now, I suspect) the Highland League sides were hugely superior, but sides like Stenhousemuir and Clyde were also beatable. Success here could, on occasions, see you through to the likes of Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, Hearts, St Mirren (the season they won the Cup), Celtic or Rangers (these are all actual examples from between 1984 and 1992). But one of several reasons I support ICT is that you no longer have to survive the first paragraph to access the second!
  3. Why do you support ICT ?

    Main reason I support ICT? To coin a phrase:'is is because I is Invernesian'?! I, like a lot of people pre-1994, supported one of the Inverness Highland league teams (Inverness Thistle, in my case) & a 'big' team (too embarrased to say who they were now...!). After 1994 (I fully supported the merger - I just saw how much my home town deserved to have a team playing in the senior leagues), think a lot of people just wanted to have their 'local team' (go to games, have a laugh, etc) and the 'big team', who won things. I went through a few years of following ICT & a certain other team, but after we played together in a cup tie, I though 'nah, I'm a proud Invernesian - I need to get right behind my local team' - I saw the possibility of us playing in the same league as those ' big teams' ....and we did it & then some! ICT may not have been my 1st footballing live, but they are definetly my true footballing love (despite recent events...)! As for the 'big team' I used to follow? Can't stand them now...
  4. Go cross country from Stirling to Balloch (not our one!) rather than through Glasgow
  5. Why do you support ICT ?

    I'm guilty of that too! I spent my school years in Corpach, when Fort William were not a Highland League team, and despite being brought up playing shinty and rugby, I always went to their occasional big cup games against Highland League teams. I still look for their results, more in hope than expectation, but my loyalty is now to ICT and I have been a season ticket holder since returning to live near Inverness a few years ago. I'm a realist, not a happy clapper, and have enjoyed the good times, and will continue to give my support no matter what the future holds. As a football fan from Fort William........
  6. NAPS Competition - Week 07

    Falkirk vs Livingston DRAW @ 3.60
  7. Inverness - the City of today

    Two stone dogs thought to have been lost for decades after being removed from a town house have been found in unmarked crates. It was believed the sculptures had disappeared for good, so two new carved stones were commissioned as part of a refurbishment of Inverness Town Hall. The dogs were found after the crates were moved from a council depot. See the link below for full story, I wonder what other treasures are in old crates stored by the council
  8. Why do you support ICT ?

    Well I was in the past a big Ranger football supporter I got bored of football for a wee while then I stopped paying attention to football I met someone nice who I went to quite a lot of Caley football matches during the time Terry butcher was at Caley and after all that I supported Caley .
  9. Robertson worse than Foran?

    I loved my Hillman imp with its great coventry climax engine, only problem was, you needed concrete blocks in the front to keep the wheels on the road.
  10. Signed Shirt

    1. Ross Tokely 2. ... McDonald (Neil?) 3 ??? 4. Roy McBain 5. Paul Ritchie 6. Grant Munro 7. Bobby Mann 8. Charlie Christie 9. Barry Robson 10 Martin Bavidge 2 & 3 I'm not sure about.
  11. Robertsons big changes

    I thought Chalmers was one of our better players on Saturday. In my uninformed opinion we need to go with a more defensive setup. I would go with a back 5, at least for the time being to shore up our position. We have the pace to hurt teams on the counter attack and score more than our fair share from set pieces. As such, we should be quite content to sit back, allow our opponents to dominate possession and put the impetus on them to break us down. Ridgers MacKay Raven Warren Chalmers Tremarco Vigurs Mulraney Polworth Calder Bell
  12. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Vigurs played really well in the first half hour. As well as the ball for the goal, he also played a bute in for Baird in the first minute - these are the kind of killer passes that should win games - and this praise from Vigurs biggest critic last year (when he was truly mince, except for the last few games). Polworth at least shows some heart: With about 10 minutes left, he charged back from an attacking pisition to put in a challenge on the edge of our box, while everybody else gave Livi the freedom of the park. Trafford, Vigurs and Polworth would be my first picks on the teamsheet. The rest are the problem...
  13. Game 12 - Queen of the South (H) 30 Sept

    HT: 0-1 FT: 1-2 1st ICT: Baird 1st Opp: Forbes Crowd: 2 107
  14. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    People are blinded by Vigurs. One decent pass is cancelled by many many other mistakes. Polly runs like forest gump and runs out of ideas. Is it a coincidence these two have been integral to the team since our demise?? You are right though Caman, moaning at players whilst in the ground doesn't help confidence amongst the players. There is no need for that language on here.
  15. Robertson worse than Foran?

    A bit like a Hillman Imp it was once my misfortune to own.
  16. Can we have less hype in future

    I rather suspect that any hype, however justified, has been superseded for now by events off the pitch.
  17. Robertson worse than Foran?

    From what your saying Kingsmills Robbo Now has a battered old wreck with no brakes, bald tyres and worn steering I hope he can keep it on the road
  18. Robertson worse than Foran?

    I can half agree. He did inherit a decent squad. However, because of what Hughes had being doing to and with that squad he also inherited a mess. Foran was an inexperienced manager who was a car crash but the brakes of that car had already been tampered with by the previous driver.
  19. Robertson worse than Foran?

    My point was that maybe the long term plan is to slowly replace these players with youth team players - or Robbo feels he can get more out of those players than other clubs have managed (which it questionable, to say the least!). The budget would, I presume, already include the youth players - I'd rather spend the money on youth, rather than 'jobbers'...I would, however, question the 2 & 3 year deals some of these guys have been given (excepting Seeforf & Trafford, who look like decent long term prospects). Not disagreeing with your sentiments, bdu98196, just trying to understand the thinking behind the signing policy!
  20. Can we have less hype in future

    You may have also noticed that qualifiers for the Women's World Cup have started so expect even more hype. But to be fair, some level of hype is justified as the England Women's team is pretty good just now. Their first match against Russia was live on BBC2 last night and it really was a very entertaining game to watch. Robbo could do worse than sit his squad down to watch a video of the game. The score was 6-0 but it could easily have been double figures. They had 32 attempts on goal. The English women played with a real purpose and showed a great awareness of their team mates. There was a real connection between players in playing balls into the spaces. There was also great awareness of when shooting opportunities and a decisiveness in getting shots away. In short, going forward and decision making in the box was everything that it isn't with us at the moment. It really was refreshing to watch. If they continue to play like that, expect a lot more hype!
  21. Robertsons big changes

    Rather than kicking on, Mulraney seems to have gone backwards. When he first came here, Foran was clearly very excited that he had signed a young, attack minded player who was going to be a bit special. Early signs seemed to justify that and he would beat defenders all ends up and leave them in his wake. Sure there was a lack of end product and some rough edges but I think we all shared in the optimism and he got voted as POTM on more than one occasion I think. His decent performances then might have been a reflection of his confidence then - a confidence which will have totally evaporated now. I doubt that his failure to kick on is due to poor coaching because you don't need to be a coach to see what he does wrong. I think he's so busy looking at the ball at his feet that he never clocks what's going on around him. If you are the sort of player that can pull defenders out of position (which he is) then you create space for team mates to run into. But he doesn't see that. His decision making is very poor.. I'm sure there is an attitude problem too but the main issue might be that he simply doesn't have a footballing brain.
  22. Robertson worse than Foran?

    While we understand this, it doesn't change that recruitment has been poor - 4 players at £500 per week is the option we chose. What about 2 youth players at £300pw, with 2 more experienced players at £750pw or even 1 better player at £1k pw, the £500pw player and 2 youths? The facts are we are just going for mediocre across the board taking in players all of a similar level on a similar budget - what we need is a balance of experienced quality to make up a good nucleus then use the youth to supplement and hope that they develop with the experience around them. Currently we are bringing in mediocrity who probably are not much better than our youth and in many cases are past the point of significant development having had plenty chances at other clubs - guys like Cooper, Chalmers, Baird, Donaldson, Ridgers - All proven to be basic players with limited capability - I'm sure for some they are still surprised to be at Championship level and not having had to drop further down the leagues!!!
  23. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    We were terrible in his last season at times. Winning 4 out of 5 after the split put a gloss on the season that was probably undeserved over the piece. While retaining possession makes it harder for the opposition to score as they don't have the ball, our implementation was often flawed. In attack we were so ponderous that the opposition were able to constantly reorganise behind the ball. In defence, opponents pressed us in our defensive third and waited for the inevitable mistake.
  24. Robertsons big changes

    Don't really disagree with this but Mulraney has played in plenty of games against teams that don't pack their defence like Livi did on Saturday and he has seldom showed much to get excited about. As recently as the Dunfermline match he never got into the game and barely threatened. And they definitely weren't sitting in! But even against teams that do defend a bit deeper he needs to find a way to impact on games. Hayes did when he was with us though granted he was playing in a better team. For me though his all round game doesn't seem to have come on at all. As mentioned above he often looks quite disinterested when he comes on. His passing is slack, he spends more time falling over on his backside trying to win a free kick than actually doing anything meaningful to the benefit of the team. I'm hoping he'll come good but he really needs to improve rapidly. Whilst he's still quite young at 21 a lot of players are really hitting their stride at this age and Mulraney seems as far away from kicking on as a player as he was when he first signed for us though perhaps he didn't receive the best of coaching last season...
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