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  2. Game 42 - Livingston (A) 24 Apr

    HT - 0-1 FT - 1-2 ICT - Austin Livi - Hardie Crowd - 979
  3. Fans Player of the Year Vote

    Ross Draper
  4. Fans Player of the Year Vote

    For those who missed our can have a go here....😉
  5. New Signing

    Club haven't announced no 😜
  6. New Signing

    Should that not be in the Announcement thread
  7. New Signing

    Inverness Caley Thistle sign Hearts midfielder Angus Beith
  8. Game 42 - Livingston (A) 24 Apr

    HT: 0 - 1 FT:1 - 2 1st ICT: Austin 1st Opp: Hardie Crowd: 1007
  9. Announcement

    I'd be shocked if they closed the bar (which generates income and is the only one for fecking miles) to put in a museum (which won't make any money). If they put in a wee 'history of ICT and perhaps Caley/Thistle' area it's a nice idea if we had the spare cash and real estate. It's possible that it's being put together by volunteers which is great but there's percious little room at the stadium. Another thing we've never invested in.
  10. Announcement

    Just what we all need to safeguard the future of the club, a museum
  11. Announcement

    I don't know if this is related to the elusive announcement or not, but I have heard that a new club museum is going to go where the sports bar is. I don't know if this sports bar and museum will be one thing, the bar is going to be moved or if the bar is being done away with altogether though.
  12. You can't beat a bit of Bully With the dream all but over for another season, Inverness travel to second place Livingston on Tuesday night. It's a bit like Bullseye now. Let's see what you could have won - promotion to the Premiership, super smashing great, as Jim Bowen would say. After the dramatic injury time goal for Dunfermline, it's all academic now. We need Dumbarton to beat Dunfermline at East End Park, or a draw at East End Park while we score a minimum of eight goals in two games without reply. Fat chance to be honest. First things first, we have to beat Championship runners up Livingston on Tuesday night. The big game against Dunfermline was going to plan right up until the 95th minute. A soft free kick awarded to the Pars and the rest is history as Nicky Clark stooped to head home a Jo Cardle free kick. Cruel stuff after we had come from behind to get our noses in front and at one point looked like running up a cricket score. Andy Ryan put Dunfermline ahead but Joe Chalmers levelled from a free kick. Nathan Austin scored a tremendous second for Inverness and we roasted the Pars for the next half hour. They weathered the storm and struck the fatal blow deep into time added on. A sickener for Inverness, jubilation for the Pars. Meh! Livingston had a much less frenetic time of it as three second half goals saw them beat hopeless, hapless and winless Brechin City. Goals from Pittman, Longridge and Hardie were enough to take the points and ensure they enter the play-offs at the semi-final stage. Brechin are doomed and will be going down after a poor season where they were simply out of their depth. Despite the gloom, we are on a fantastic run just now. Unbeaten in out last ten games which has taken us to the brink of the play-offs. Unfortunately that is now out of our own hands. We have two draws and a defeat against Livi this season. The Lions are second top scorers in the league with 56 goals and are three better off than us in goals against. Iain Vigurs captured the players player of the year and the supporters player of the year awards, although nobody can quite work out who voted and where they voted. Whatever, he is suspended for this game. Gary Warren missed out against the Pars and he will miss this one as well. Nathan Austin came off as well and could be a doubt. Livingston have nothing to prove after a great season and could save some players with a view to the play-off games coming up. tm4tj prediction:- The Dunfermline game was the proverbial must win game and we almost did it. I hope the heads have not gone down as it has been a wonderful late push for promotion which looks like just falling short. Whichever way this one swings, it's been a hectic last few weeks which gave the fans something to cling on to. That has all but gone, but these guys are still playing with belief and confidence. It would not surprise me if we turned over Livingston. Now that would be interesting.
  13. Game 42 - Livingston (A) 24 Apr

    H T 0 - 1 F T 0 - 2 ICT Oakley Liv none crowd 1264
  14. Announcement

    Too soon.
  15. Announcement

    That would be a very sensible idea, given that even the existence of an announcement is simply speculation while on top of that (with varying degrees of seriousness) further speculation about what it's meant to be about has ranged from administration to the colour of the strip to cut price pies. On the other hand, some of the spin-off discussion about fundamental viability has been quite interesting!
  16. Announcement

    Caleyboy has clearly been addressing the same question as I have - and with the same dilemma over "want" as opposed to "deserve". Does the Inverness public "want" a full time football club? Well, given that maybe half of them won't even be interested in football and many of those who are will follow teams from outwith Inverness, the number of people in Inverness who actively want full time club - possibly from the level of following the score on Saturday nights or even Monday mornings upwards - probably isn't that big a slice of the population. In other words, to be brutally realistic, most people in Inverness couldn't give a toss about Caley Thistle - and that also reflects what I've seen on the streets over the years trying to assemble ICT voxpops. It's actually quite difficult to find enough people interested enough to comment. So does the Inverness public "deserve" a full time football club? Well to deserve one, you have to want one first and then you need to behave in a way which morally justifies your desire. But given that most people aren't interested, then the question doesn't actually arise. I used to think that Inverness actually didn't deserve a full time football club because of the lack of support for a body which publicised the city, brought some trade into it and, for instance, provided a road to open up the harbour etc. However I've changed my view on that over the years, in that the founding fathers of the club put it there to promote football in Inverness, not to create collateral benefit - however much they used that to gain brownie points in the early years. So, in conclusion, a relatively small number of people in inverness want a full time football club but, while the concept of deserving one becomes redundant, you do have to wonder if there are enough of them to make this a sustainable, viable option?
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    Can this topic thread be moved to the Rumour Mill until there is confirmation of an announcement.
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    That's a very well argued post, much of which I would agree with, but maybe in my earlier one I should have been clearer about what exactly I meant about Ross County. One of the central doubts I now have is whether the inner Moray Firth has the capacity to sustain two major football clubs, even when one is nourished substantially and long term by a benefactor. There wasn't much of a problem back in the 90s in D3 but I think that at the level of more recent years, something was bound to give. But as it happens, a second thing may be about to give in the next few weeks. So it's not a matter of measuring success as being "better" than County, it's now a case of "this place ain't big enough for the two of us" and irrespective of any desire to avoid comparisons, the reality is that to some extent, both clubs are competing for the same, scarce local resources.
  19. Announcement

    Actually, I'm wondering whatever happened to that Stadium Development Project that seemed to be active a while back?
  20. Announcement

    ... Only a lighter note CaleyD, are you thinking about changing your profile from "Erse Licking Happy Clapper"?
  21. Announcement

    ...but we were told they were going to do that back in September?
  22. Announcement

    Painting it at all would be a start.
  23. Announcement

    I have been guilty of throwing out the "Inverness don't deserve ICTFC because...." line myself in the past, but it is a bit BS-like. It's about what the fans deserve and whether that's a part-time or full-time team (in whatever division) they should be treated with a lot less contempt than they are being at present.
  24. Announcement

    i agree that encouraging more fans to buy season tickets and get more paying at the gate would help but this has always been a problem for us. you are right about connecting with fans but every board, since inception, has failed in this area. Maybe the Inverness public just don't want /deserve a full-time football club.
  25. Announcement

    It'll be a "No Statement" statement that repeats everything they've promised and not delivered all season. That will inevitably be followed by something the complete opposite of what is said.
  26. Announcement

    I believe both strips are changing in the summer. Again.
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