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  2. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Why don't you just do what several posters have recommended, that is speak directly to the Chairman or the C.O.O.? I'm sure they will be delighted to advise you how to make your investment. Is it really necessary to bleat on about it on this thread? I, for one, am getting rather tired of it.
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  4. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Thanks for all who replied to me here. We are now ready to chat out things. I am wondering as well please note I have not lived in Inverness in a while so my information could be out of date. I was thinking as good idea I could say buy 100 Caley T-shirt then give it to Inverness Academy and 100 for Inverness High school my goal is to get more people going to the Caley matches do you think is a good idea or bad?
  5. Inverness on film 1935

    Were you about then?
  6. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    We have 4 buses booked for the Irn Bru Cup Final on 24 March at Perth. 2 from the stadium at 12.30 Full - No spaces available. 2 from the Caley Club at 12.15 23 available : text 07462 216717 with the names of all people in the party - the first people get seats - once that is full, that's it.
  7. Game 33 - Dumbarton (N) 24 Mar

    HT - ICT 0-0 DFC FT - ICT 1-2 DFC ICT - Vigurs DFC - Froxylias Crowd - 4,078 1st yellow - Tremarco

    obviously not as many as we would like or you would have heard by now Doofer.
  9. Sponsor Evening 2018

    topic closed. no takers it would appear.

    Anyone know what number of tickets have been sold now?
  11. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Very nice I emailed them on Sunday I will give them until Wednesday if no reply I will phone them up on Thursday morning.
  12. How can I sponsor Caley?

    A Ballinluig breakfast or mixed grill for me But to return to the issue of sponsorship, why don't you just phone 01463 222880 and ask to speak to Danny MacDonald, the Chief Operating Officer?
  13. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Nice stuff I went a bit too into food eating too when I was at the match when Caley knocked Celtic out of the Semi final I spent like £10 on food at the football grounds and then like £5 on food Perth Tesco
  14. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    I agree that few people would have suggested we would win the Cup and finish 3rd in the league that season - but only because of the complete mess Hughes made of the previous season. When he took the reigns we were 2nd with 28 points from 13 games. In the remaining 25 games we managed just 29 points. That's flirting with relegation form despite having the best squad we have ever had and playing in a seriously weakened division (No Rangers and Hibs and Hearts in self inflicted freefall). In the cup, having comfortably beaten Morton 4-0 in the last game before Hughes' arrival, we stuttered to a narrow victory against Stranraer after drawing the first game and then got thrashed 5-0 at home to Dundee Utd. We could and should have had European football a season earlier.
  15. How can I sponsor Caley?

    On January 29th 2000, my media ticket got me within yards of the fluttering guttering..... and the pick of 20,000 spare Celtic pies!
  16. How can I sponsor Caley?

    No Charles I more see him as like perfect older brother since he's just 2 years older than me but he's way smarter and more successful than me and he has helped me go from poor idiot into fairly successful man now. I was wondering as well. I heard before that part of the reasons for why Caley matches get called of is down to plumbing problem if that's the case how can this be fixed? I am also wondering if possible could Harry Gow bakery be sold at Caley to me if I was going to Caley football match I would easily pay £5.00 worth of cakes every match if they were sold there I would have no problem or objection to me say paying 30% extra each match for the price of the cakes or food at matches so Caley makes decent profit the food they sell at matches . One part of I liked at lot when I went to football matches at Celitc was the good quality food they sell to me if Caley had world class bakery like Harry Gow Caley could become known if you like as the football club in Scotland with the best food then could possibly even become best in the UK or even go into other countries as place with incredible food
  17. Inverness on film 1935

    If i remember correctly the canon was melted down for the war effort
  18. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    RIG, let me enjoy my delusions, anyone suggesting we would win the SC and finish 3rd in that season would have faced the same charge. Never ending romanticism is bang on the money, that a small club with a savvy Manager could do so well. The feeling of joy was only enhanced by the gnashing of teeth coming from the central belt press who wanted us gone from the SPL and gave only grudging credit for a marvellous achievement, don't you know it was only due to the weakness of other clubs that we did so well, that's delusional.
  19. Sponsor Evening 2018

    I have moved this to the general forum as none of our current player sponsor members have indicated they are able to go. This is a first, but throwing it open to the general forum to see if anyone wants to go. As The_Sponge notes, its usually a fun and relaxed evening. If anyone is interested then let me know by 1PM UK time on Monday. If more than 1 person responds we will do a quick draw to select the 'winner'. The event is at 6PM on Wednesday so early start and short notice ... please dont respond unless you actually want to go.
  20. *** VOTING IN THE POLL ABOVE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE AT THE MATCH ONLY *** If you were at the match, please use the poll above to vote for your top 3 players. As a bit of fun, we have also added an option to rate the referee .... Please make sure you vote for 3 separate players. If you make an error, let us know so we can fix it. PLEASE ONLY VOTE ABOVE IF YOU WERE AT THE GAME Anyone caught trying to cheat the system WILL be banned from voting in ALL site polls...this is your only warning. **NOT at the game ?** As a result of requests received, we have made a slight change to how these threads work for site users who watched the game on TV or listened to the full game live on the radio ....... You too will now be able to cast your votes, but should do it in the thread below, and NOT in the official poll above. Just list the three players of your choosing and award 5,3, or 1 point(s). You can give the ref a mark if you want too ! These votes will NOT be counted in the official total, as we only count votes from those who where actually at the game, but it IS a way for you to participate in the process .... which many people asked for .... a happy medium we hope !!!!!
  21. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    I have never understood why we did not think laterally. The central belters baulk at travelling 3 hours up the A9 ... so with direct cheap flights to other parts of the country like Bristol, Manchester, London, Belfast, Birmingham or European spots like Dublin or Amsterdam ... why not look there. Its less travel time ion many ways .... and perhaps more hunger from players looking to progress
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  23. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Are you SURE you aren't one of Vladimir's Little Helpers?
  24. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Kingsmills IT's not the case of bragging it's just to show what I can do. snorbens_caleyman yes you are right in what SEO means . My businesses names are not important this not post to promote myself or anything like that. No I am not Russian or from the USSR but I have great respect towards the people a lot for the worker approach and I love how they design websites.
  25. How can I sponsor Caley?

    SEO = search engine optimization? So what's the name of your business? You are Russian or from Eastern Europe?
  26. How can I sponsor Caley?

    You certainly won't and I have already removed what you did say from public view. If you are serious in your intent to make a six figure investment in or donation to the club you are far better advised to approach the club directly than bragging about it on this public forum. Any further potentially defamatory statements will result in this thread being closed and possible further sanction.
  27. How can I sponsor Caley?

    As you wish Charles I will say no more into that area.
  28. How can I sponsor Caley?

    DoofersDad I don't know everything for why I ask here . I always found emailing people from Caley club very odd it always sounds like I reply get back from them says this to me"I hate my life please don't email me again" I come to accept this group has some really smart people when it comes to many different things. I used to play wee bit of of football I was good at football manager games but that's about as far as my football knowledge can go really. It really depends on how much new field would cost. My sales this year have grown like crazy I am up so far 500% and I keep needing to employ new staff even for example of today and I am preparing to employ another staff at the moment just waiting to see if she can complete simple question to prove she has the brains to be a good SEO. I signed on 2 fairly decent clients today. I am wanting to get at least 2 $50,000 clients this year if you wondering why I put Dollars instead of £ most people who sell or buy SEO Stuff do it in Dollars because SEO was invented in America more less. If I did get pitch named after me much rather call it Urquhart Pitch so when get kids with my current wife be something nice them for my wife to be. I admire quite famous SEO from Ukraine he's one of the richest in the world people often compare me to him no idea why but me and the guy act so similar his business partner asked me to go on boat trip with him I am not sure if he wants me and him to partner up if he does I can make more less any money a year.
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