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    They all were mentioned in a post on Caleythistleonline.
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    What's his connection to Bordeaux or ICTFC?
  5. Caley Jags Together - Update

    A letter has been delivered to CJT today (22nd March 2018) instructing the existing board to convene an EGM. The letter is backed, in name, by 37 society members. The purpose of the meeting shall be... to vote on the removal of all persons from the Society Board. to hold a fresh election to appoint members to the Society Board in accordance with the society’s rules. As I have said to people I have spoken with about this recently, it's not a witch hunt. The reason we are asking for the removal of everyone on the board at present is due to the numerous concerns and doubts over the legitimacy of their position/s. The first step in the society moving forward must be a board properly appointed by the membership. If those currently claiming a position on the board believe they are the people to take things forward, then there would be nothing stopping them standing for election along with anyone else who wished to put themselves forward. CJT now have 28 days in which to convene the meeting, communicate it's happening to to the membership and implement the process for the election.
  6. NAPS Competition - Week 29

    Forfar v East Fife draw @ 3.40 please

    Dixie Dean played for Tranmere Rovers , 60 goals in a season on his move to Everton. Arguably the best centre forward ever
  8. Relegation

    I thought Queen of the South looked a decent outfit. Not a given that we will pick up 3 points against them.
  9. Scottish cricketers 'robbed'

    I don't think they need grannies I think the only proviso is that if a player plays for England he must wait 5 years before returning to his home country
  10. Scottish cricketers 'robbed'

    Maybe after today's abject performance against New Zealand in the first test, England will be finding English 'grannies' for the whole of the Scottish team to get them to change allegiance.
  11. How can I sponsor Caley?

    I was going to offer Caley for me to build them free video site and I will host all of Caley videos myself on the site I have built few videos stes not as big as youtube or close but still fairly big.
  12. How can I sponsor Caley?

    To be honest Scarlet Pimple that's same as what I would want as well I would really like to see as much of Caley matches as possible. I know when Caley goes back into the SPL say next season they will get a lot of the match recorded again which will be great since part of a thing which does annoy me a bit this season in some games when Caley lose they have decent ball amount say 50% or more but still lose.
  13. Word Association

    Wrecks-it !
  14. How can I sponsor Caley?

    As a fan living in Western Canada. I would love it if you would consider requesting that the club bring back the Saturday Home matches videos for all of us overseas guys. The charge to us was 5 pounds which was dirt cheap and obviously uneconomic and I think that they could easily double that charge and still find that the O. F's would be very happy. The video was fine and the commentator , Don Johnstone, was well-schooled in all the stats, etc., re players and did a very fine job overall. Great value for money IMHO.
  15. A Below Average Championship Club

    I would suggest the only club in the SPL smaller than us is Hamilton and boy the PTB wish they would get relegated? In our league, I would suggest Dundee Utd, St Mirren and Falkirk have inherently larger supports than us, am going by cup final attendances. From the lower leagues possibly Dunfermline also have a larger support. Ross County at the SC final probably had around 10-15,000, the same for StJ. The point I am making is that we have found our level for now and a long rebuilding programme is needed to get us back to being serious challengers, it wont happen unless we find the next highly motivated young manager who is prepared to put in all the hours necessary to find and build a squad capable of surviving in the SPL. The sad bit is no one sees ICT as a long term project where they will remain for any length of time, we are destined to be a yo yo club. That said I am immensely proud of what the club have achieved from very humble beginnings we were a genuine thorn in the side of the major clubs during our spell in the SPL, I think they were all glad to see us go down, as were the west coast media possibly due to the travelling.
  16. Relegation

    Renegade the reason for why is down to Terry Butcher has a good personality and was good at inspiring the team and more less all Caley good results SPL in the clubs belong to him. He to me knows how to scare players in good results. Caley current manager good but he's to me always strikes me as if you like everybody friend in my experience of football managers all the best I know of had a temper like Alex Ferguson it's to me natural if someone has a big problem to want the person or persons who made things good or interesting back but in fairness to Terry to me his biggest mistake he got bit to bigheaded over Hibs but in fairness to him he could do nothing the team he had was made of mostly poor quality players.
  17. Relegation

    Still waiting for the loanees that Robbo was promising to come in and bolster the squad. At least we have Donaldson, Tremarco and Austin back from injuries that could help us get back on the winning trail and kill off talk of relegation.
  18. Relegation

    Posted August 17, 2017 Keeping my eye on results against Brechin Dumbarton and QOS, if we can't beat these teams look out. Don't expect us to beat Morton hope to be proved wrong. Fears as yet not visited for now.

    Two completely different cup finals but I have to say we have been all over Facebook and all round the community too in the build up to this. Am lucky enough to have 2 of my kids holding both cups before the games so am hoping that's a good omen.
  20. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    DD I think you are being very harsh, what did Butcher achieve when he went to Hibs? after all he made the decision to go. I think he would have been delighted with 29 points. Re the DU game which I referred to earlier in this thread and the reasons for that defeat, my point is this, had JH not changed the players mentality and style of play we would have won nothing. My regret is that the style he infused the players with which got results, despite crippling injury problems, the club should have maintained that philosophy going forward as a template for how the team should play. That style forces every player to be responsible for the ball and improves their touch and vision, if either is lacking they are quickly found out. Touch, vision, movement backed by fitness which is a given, plus understanding how you fit into the overall team structure both offensively and defensively are the essentials of any successful team. The great Marcello Lippi was asked what was the greatest asset he looked for in a player, and he answered intelligence. If a player is intelligent he can understand all of the nuances required by the Manager and how he fits into the overall plan. I really don't understand the reluctance to give JH the praise he deserves for what he achieved without all the speculative backbiting, we shouldha couldha, wouldha if Butcher hadn't upped and offed, he did and the rest was a wonderful part of our history. So much so I've written a song about it which I will put up on the site time permitting.
  21. Yesterday

    Well he was feckin usless!

    Agreed OCG. I did think the SC final was marketed pretty well in 2015 and of course it carried the extra gravitas of being the SC final. It's absolutely great that the club has got to this Challenge Cup final but, to be realistic, as an occasion grabbing the public imagination, this can't match not only the SC final but also the LC final, three SC semi finals and a replay and arguably also two LC semi finals. However, I do also believe that this final MAY have the potential to have influence disproportional to the occasion, in that if ICT manage to win it, that achievement could help to kick start the overall momentum of the club after a very difficult period since last May. Yes, I agree that winning the Scottish Cup did nothing to build momentum then, but things are starting from a rather lower level on this occasion.

    Larnell Cole

    Blimey, with Tremarco and Golabart we are up to 5! I wouldn’t describe Roman’s loan spell as forgettable, he was really good. The one I have in mind is a current Tranmere player.
  26. Word Association


    Aren't you forgetting about Carl Tremarco!

    Roman Golabert
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