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  2. This season's refereeing

    Charlie..please ...behave yourself.!
  3. Joe Chalmers

    Anywa,y I hope John praises the good things and strengths of all the lads because we all need encouragement at every stage of our life. Indeed, many believe it may be the most appreciated and valued comments that a boss can hand to an employee. We have all developed at different times and rates and, in some cases, we have been lucky that the advice given at a certain point just fitted the bill or was that spot of glue that was required to allow that last magic piece of the jigsaw puzzle to slot smoothly into place and productively remain there for all to see. Alternatively, if you never praise a player that can kill his or her spirit unless that person is very strong-minded and the lack of recognition makes him/her even more determined to carve his/her own groove and at that point he may just leave and start his own business and be much happier as he builds it up. Because an indelpendent spoirit cannot be easily quashed. Praise flair and encourage independent thought....why you might njust learn something from it oneself. IMHO, pep talks, strong direction, smiles and lots of praise are John's most effective tools for getting the players onside and wanting to strive to get better and better. Now that's real leadership.......IMHO at least.
  4. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    I would never ask what John Robertson is getting because, whatever it is, we all know ( I hope) that John's heart is in the right place , he has done a wonderful job of selecting and motivating the players and if we can get into the top three we should reward him with a bonus for freshening up the squad and the atmosphere at the Caley Thistle park and allowed us to dream that the future will again be much brighter. and rewarding as well. Oh and how about a wee donation to the referees' orphans' fund as well, as soon as possible -- just so they all know our hearts are also in the right place .?
  5. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Bus on Saturday leaves Caley Club 10.30 and stadium 10.45. More bookings have been taken since last post so if you want a seat either phone or contact on Facebook.
  6. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Great news so many travelling!
  7. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    The bus for Dundee is getting nearly full - only 9 spaces left. If you want to book I ask the following details: (1) Names of everybody wanting seats (2) Where you are getting on the bus: 9.45 Caley Club, 10.00 Stadium, or some where en route, to be advised by you (3) Contact telepohone number. Remember we are all volunteers, and can't always instantly answer. If you text us we will answer in time order. Text us on 07462 218717.
  8. Away fans

    The Brechin Four should return to games in a disguise!
  9. Away fans

    So perhaps four of the away travellers to ICT should have been thrown out and banned ?
  10. Away fans

    As a point of interest only four fans have been banned.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    The ambition to play at a higher level will be a powerful reason why, if we don't manage to get through the playoffs this season (hopefully we should make), which is definetly a big ask, we shouldn't be mounting a promotion push next season? Playing in the Premier league with us is a big carrot to sell in lieu of high wages...the likes of Shinnie (both of them), Marley Watkins, etc, are testament to that. Probably one of the reasons Coll Donalsdon signed up on a ling-ish contract.
  12. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Well put, couldn't agree more. Hope those that started the 'Robbo out' thread are feeling a bit sheepish now...
  13. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Fares are now as follows: under 16, full time students, 65+ and concession £10 per head. Everyone else £20. There will be a special deal for Members towards the end of the season. Also watch out for date for Adult £20 and children go free.
  14. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Maybe, but a lot of what is reported as such and such a player's wages is speculation, gossip and rumour. And shouldn't be the basis, anyway, of judging a player's merits or otherwise.
  15. As fans who choose to pay a great deal to support the club I think it's entirely reasonable to discuss what our players are paid considering it also relates to term long term financial viability of the club. Remember that in addition to a weekly wage there's also appearance and/or win money paid.
  16. Ten men? I must have been away for a pie at that point
  17. Billy Mckay Hatrick at Ross County

    I would agree he's had bad luck with all the teams he's being with since Caley. I notice in a lot of cases players do a lot worse when they leave Caley.
  18. Joe Chalmers

    Maybe it was the conditions, with the pitch looking heavy and also the game we had earlier in the wk against Falkirk. Most of the team looked tired in the final 20 mins, but Chalmers perhaps most - if Vigurs wasn't taken off to prevent a potential red card then I'm sure Trafford would have been a swap for Chalmers. His performance early in the match was solid, he did little wrong to make him noticeable and his goal was a good reward for a consistent game.
  19. Billy Mckay Hatrick at Ross County

    Unfortunately while Billy got a good number of goals first time around and developed into what looked a promising player, his career has steadily migrated backwards. While he has had some injuries, its also a case that it worked for him due to our style of play and the creativity that players like Watkins, Christie, Ross, Shinniesta etc could provide him - unfortunately other clubs haven't had this level of quality around him and on paper his career is on a downward path. If RC are relegated (or not) with his poor record of goals again this year his next move will probably be Championship - unless his form and more importantly number of goals turn. Seems a decent guy but been unlucky places he's went.
  20. Roy Plays well in ODI

    Yes, a comfortable win yesterday. England seem to go in to these ODIs (and 20/20 matches) with a different, much less negative, attitude. Good to see them turn the Aussies over.
  21. This season's refereeing

    Don't know if the standard of referees is that much better even in the EPL. They've awarded two clear cut 'hand ball' goals in the last couple of weeks!
  22. This season's refereeing

    I would like to see Tony Chapron referee a game at TCS. He is quality. Check him out on you tube.
  23. Last week
  24. This season's refereeing

    Aye I had a chat with Darren. He told me it was the Russians
  25. Third place is now within reach and apparently the Arabs were rank yesterday. Still two matches to go against them. Keep the good form going and you never know............. St Mirren will easily be champs.
  26. This season's refereeing

    Presumably that's one you also formulated on the Grassy Knoll, although the evidence does seem to suggest that refereeing standards aren't great. Have you been on to Alex Ferguson's lad at Doncaster in search of a solution out of the Book Depository stable?
  27. This season's refereeing

    I don’t agree he should have been booked but I think Vigurs was booked for giving verbals after getting off the ground. If you consider he’s been pushed to the ground and the queens player has given as good as what he’s got, then perhaps that should have been 2 yellows for him. But it’s much easier for the ref to give a card each. For Donaldson, the ref spoke to robbo not long after the incident. I’m fairly certain that afterwards robbo turned to kellacher and said ‘studs up’ while shaking his head. But I might have that wrong.
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