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    We were excellent today, thoroughly deserved the win and it probably should've been more. We appear to have stumbled on a formation and style that works, or it has the last two weeks anyway. We built on the performance against Falkirk and improved on it. We set up in a pretty standard 4-4-2, relatively flat in midfield with Chalmers left and Mulreany right. Vigurs and Polworth sat in the middle in front of the the same back four as previously, including returning hero Donaldson. Up front we had Baird and Bell. United had a few chances early and forced Ridgers into a reflex save from a shot (didn't see who hit it) and then we had to scramble clear from within the six yard box after a prolonged stramash. After that we really took over and started having an impact in an attacking sense. Baird and Tremarco missed headers and we had a few other openings before opening the scoring. Following a corner the ball was headed clear to Vigurs who shot in from the edge of the box. We then doubled our lead with one of the best goals I've seen us score in years. A United attack broke down around our 18 yard box and we broke with a little dink into midfield from Donaldson (I think). We then moved the ball quickly through midfield and released Mulreany with a weighted through ball. Mulreany rinsed the left back for pace and drove into the box, where he hit a driven low cross that Connor Bell drilled in from a couple of yards. It was a ******* belter, everything about it was perfect, the passing, the pace, the finish. When Mulreany got the ball I said to my mate that this would be goal of the season, I can't imagine us scoring s better one this season. We had a couple of other breaks which could've lead to goals in the first half, Mulreany, Baird and Bell all had opportunities. Into the second half and we again sat strong and broke, with Mulreany probably having the best chance when he was pit right through but didn't shoot quickly enough. Donaldson also had a header that he put over but should've got on target. United, oddly, played with their centre half Durnan up front from an hour but that had zero impact, I don't think a single chance came from it. There were a couple of set pieces that Ridgers had to save but weren't really threatening. It was nervy for the fans because we've been so bad but looking back, we cigar'd it in the second half. Overall, we were excellent. Vigurs was at the heart of everything, he ran the midfield. He has been superb this season, strolling though games and dominating possession. He can switch the play but it's the way he plays little passes to create space, flicks round the corner of players and turns with the ball that makes him so effective. He really has been a class act and is the heart of our team. Defensively we have somehow become settled and solid. Having two experienced full backs in Tremarco and Raven is a help but Donaldson has been a rock the last two weeks, defends well, no nonsense, quick and good in the air. He clearly loved getting that win, going by his celebrations at the end. He looks like being a real find. Up front Baird and Bell aren't likely to be prolific but the way they pull defenders about, hold the ball and make runs is vital to creating the space for our chances. Mulreany has kicked on in the last two weeks, another confidence filled game today, including an actual assist, miracle of miracles! Second week in a row he dominated the full back and his end product was better. Great stuff
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    Very sad news today hearing about the death of Terry's son. Thoughts are with the Butcher family.
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    That's a really good point which sounds like we possibly deserved all three. Well done team and boss.
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    If it's consistant wins or supporting a team who will deliver what you are looking for from a club, perhaps you might want to support Celtic or Aberdeen? Yes its frustrating but supporting a team means supporting them through good and bad. The real supporters do turn up, they do cheer on the team even in defeat. They also do not boo their own players or scream abuse at them which unfortunately seem to make up a substantial part of the "support" now. Just how is that supposed to lift the heads and drive them on? No wonder there is a crisis of confidence within the team. The youth team got slated for their behaviour which is unfortunate but by God, at least they supported and lifted the team and for that, they are worth 100 of every idiot who who thinks it's ok to shout abuse just because things arn't going the way they would like. They are the cancer eating through the club and causing the greatest spiral of low confidence which is greatly affecting the team. How would you feel as a player if every time you touched the ball you received a torrent of abuse or boos? FFS, Polworth scored a goal and created another yet some "fans" booed him? Sure he may have had a less then expected game but what do you want if two goals warrant that? Just to note, Billy McKay scored 4 goals in 15 appearances, Polworth has scored 3 in 14 appearences, I don't recall anyone giving McKay a hard time? And don't get me started on Vigurs, the things I've heard fans shout because he makes one mistake or poor pass yet all the good stuff he does is ignored. I guess it's just an Inveness thing.....?
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    Absolutely agree with that. The abuse of Polworth was coming loud and clear from the North Stand as well. I really find it quite disgusting that some so called fans abuse the players in this way. There really is no better way to demotivate players of your own team than shouting abuse at them. Some of these people might as well sit in the South Stand for all the "support" they give our lads. OK, so apart from a great goal, Polworth was very poor today, but in no way does that justify the abuse. He was poor but he tried. He always tries and when he fouls up you can see by his reaction that he's every bit as annoyed at himself as any fan is. Actually, that is part of his problem - he shouldn't react like that, he should immediately work to get the ball back / get in position. By all means roll your eyes and quietly mutter a few expletives when players mess up. But then when they do something half decent give your support be it vocal or clapping or both. Players need that support and encouragement, especially in situations like now when their confidence is shot. Supporters support. It really isn't a very hard concept to grasp.
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    Nobody should underestimate the depth of our problems right now. Relegation would be irreversible: ICT would return to part-time football. Even if we stay up, the word is that we'd have one more year to get back up, otherwise the result is the same. The core problem is that the support is evaporating with every passing game: even the die-hard support is collapsing. Why? The players show no heart, the management continues to flounder and the Board continue to stumble from one shambles to another. What's to like? It is really, really hard to find a reason to go to the games - they are not entertaining and you leave with the feeling of being cheated out of the entrance money. My concern is that there are zero signs at any level in the club for the decisive action necessary to turn this round and to bring the support back on side. I confess that I'm genuinely terrified about our future and each week that passes is another nail in the coffin.
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    Thanks Milescott for pointing out what everyone seems to have missed while piling on. Kellacher is a coach, he has coached the team through relegation to near relegation again in two seasons, him and Rice need to go. I wasn't at the game so didn't hear what was said but in anycase, he is a coach and should never say anything to the players during a game except positive enforcement. You have cleared up the mystery of why a shy, pleasant young man should publically explode with such rage, and if indeed he said or did anything to warrant "disgraceful behaviour Kellacher," from the crowd, his desk should be cleared and its contents left in a box at the front door on Monday morning. Like I said, I wasn't at the game, I was at the QOS match in the main stand and like everyone, endured a dull 90 mins with an overall poor performance. But that's not the reason I didn't go, I am a supporter and cheer on the team at every opportunity, good or bad. It was because of the morons who seem dispersed throughout the main stand who think its ok to shout abuse at players far less support the team. The abuse is usually aimed at Polworth or Vigors and this is just not on. Some may make the argument that they have paid money and are entitled to shout abuse, that is just not true. No one has the right to shout abuse and if you do it to your own players, shame on you. No, I didn't go to the game because several times I had to talk myself of the ledge just so I did not go to one of these abusers and point out the error of their ways. If you are one of those people, stay at home, shout at the dog, do whatever but leave the stands to those who go and support the team. I will be back next home game but I will not sit in silence anymore and I would urge anyone who has their game spoiled by some idiot to stand up and say something because I will. These people need to know their behaviour is not welcome. Vigors may be in the twighlight of his career and may not have much option than to play out the end of his days under a torrent of bile but that is not the case for Polworth. He was out of favour with Hughes and played out of position, Foran always played him out of position, right-back against Elgin FFS? He was trapped into a three-year deal on a fraction of the money others get and the club including Rice/Kellacher have done little to nurture and bring him on. So when another club comes in and makes an offer in the next two windows, don't be surprised when he grabs his kit and leaves and who can blame him. The way he has and is being treated is disgraceful and he will be driven out of the club by the "supporters." Sad thing is, that would be the best thing for him.
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    I have to say I thought he worked very hard yesterday.
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    The buses are run to enable fans to go and support their team. For various reasons many who use the buses would not be able to do this if Supporters bus was not available. Also there are many users, myself included, who could travel to games a lot cheaper but chose to pay more to help towards costs. If you don't think getting fans to away games is a worthwhile cause then don't contribute. In the same way I don't contribute to causes I don't support. We have been given this date as nobody else wanted it and rest assured if a worthy charity decided they wanted to use the date we would step aside.
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    Chris sums the game up well, it really was a stroll in the park. No one on the pitch had a bad game today and they can all be pretty chuffed with how they performed. Vigurs, Polworth, Donaldson and Chalmers were all excellent, Bell and Baird were a real handful up front buzzing all over the front line. Raven and Tremarco have brought so much more solidity to our back line. I think we look better at the back mainly as a result of their return than anything to do with Warren. Mulraney suddenly looks like the player he always threatened to be last season but never really kicked on. That's two fantastic performances in a row from the guy and fingers crossed he knocks on from here. As Chris says Robbo seems to have stumbled across a selection and formation that works will with this personnel and has delivered two of the best results and performances we've seen in months. More of the same against Dunfermline next week please. Also good to see some of the YT back today. Crowd was excellent, really gave the players a lot of support. No question they prefer playing in front of the away crowd who get behind them rather than some of the moaners at home matches. Hopefully a few more supporters get behind the side after these good results.
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    Want to say a Hugh Thank you to Lady F. She has very kindly just called me and told me she has a programme for me and she is sending it free of charge. I am blown away with her kindness. She is a true fan and a special lady. Wish there was more people in the world like this. I promised I would donate money to charity on her behalf and post the receipt on this forum. Thank you again.
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    well done Robbo. That will hopefully keep your critics quiet.
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    A huge thank you to everyone who supported us with our bucket collection at the stadium on Saturday. The grand sum collected was £293.45. We were heartened by the many positive comments we received about the Supporters Travel Club. Moran taing.
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    Totally uncalled for and fairly predictable bullying behaviour. I wonder how many weaker/younger/inexperienced/less articulate posters you have chased away from this forum over the years.
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    Match after match David Raven puts in a great shift. Team now starting to gel and he is an integral part of this team. Where are we going to find a suitable replacement for him in January? It would be a travesty if we started relentless climb up the table only for it to fall apart if we lose him. Surely a compromise can still be reached.
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    Tad on the rough side today but a thoroughly enjoyable trip yesterday with the Lillies Must admit it was not a traditional day out what with all the dressing up and costumes etc but I guess it is nearly Halloween Everbody reasonably friendly although there were a few complete belters travelling but what support doesn't Despite the 5-0 score line still enjoyed the game but in all honesty it was all over as a contest by half time, Clach keeper took a sore one and was rushed off to hospital so I hope he is on the road to recovery Strong anti merger rhetoric amongst the support and local journalism which they were quite open with Not sure I will make a habit of it but it would have still have been a better trip than the women's guild bus to Falkirk Lord Provost Dougal
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    We played well. The downside is we should've won the game, we missed some really good chances and need to be clinical when offered opportunities. upside is that we were solid - the only chance that Falkirk created was a header that Ridgers dealt with and Donaldson looked very strong, dealing with everything that came his way. Full backs did well also. In midfield Polworth did well, worked hard and got himself into position to take a few shots. Vigurs was magnificent, used the ball so well, protected it. He was out best player, the Elgin Pirlo. Mulreany also had a good game, especially in the second half, he attacked their full back and had him beaten at will as the game went on. His delivery is still poor although he had a cracking shot that he the post. Up front Baird and Bell worked hard and had some great touched but the ly should've each scored, probably a couple. Finishing is a big weakness. I went into the game expecting abjectness but came out with a bit of hope. There is life in us.
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    I quite often like to read Dougal's posts since they often contain some very interesting and surprisingly apposite remarks. I've warmed to the guy as time has worked it's magic. He tries very hard to explain his feelings and his views on what he sees which is fine and dandy with me. Not much wrong with that at all is there, IMHO? And it seems that he doesn't often get much praise or recognition at all for having the courage to do this. He's not pompous, not arrogant and rarely if ever abusive. So, all power to his elbow, I say and I think we should view Dougal as a very interesting challenger to our personal entrenched points of view. We always need the darkness as a contrast to being able to see our own personal light and maybe revealing the truth. But, Chas, please do have a good look in the mirror and review some of the content of many of your lengthy posts from your past before you point the fickle finger of fate at Doughty Dougal. Or he might turn round and address YOU as Chippy, Chastening, Charlie from the land of Know-it-All? We are all on here to find some emotional joy in expressing our opinions on whatever the subject is and to maybe throw another light on the subject of discussion. So the last thing we should be doing is wasting our time in trying even harder to trash the other person's posts, feelings or viewpoints. Just let's allow these latter points to fall on our own non fertile ground if for no other reason than the fact that it might just make us a bit more tolerant and remember that none of us are perfect or have all the answers. Except S. P. of course.
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    And in celebration, how about this classic!
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    The irony is that those 2 scrapping effectively relegated us by gifting Hamilton an undeserved win against St J.
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    At one point during the game, towards the end of the first half I think, Donaldson had the ball on the main stand side touchline and was being closed down by a Peterhead attacker. As he was being closed down a bunch of ICT fans started yelling for him to get rid of it. He cut inside his opponent, played a nice ball forward to Vigurs (I think) who returned the ball to Tremarco on the left side and he then started running forward linking with a team mate to continue the move. Defence turned into attack through a couple of neat simple balls, ones I haven't seen us play that often this season, yet all the while the home fans were screaming at the players to "Get it forward!", "This is rubbish!", "Fu$*&ng s&!£e Caley!" and so on. I really don't know what these people are expecting from the players in such a situation. An aimless hoof up the park would have led to howls of derision.
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    Crikey, the refuseniks will outnumber the actual crowds soon.
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    I can't comment on what happened Saturday, but suggestions that Scott Kellacher isn't the nicest of people and comments about his coaching ability etc are utter BS....and bordering on defamation. I've known the guy for years through being at the club and would vouch for him being a generally decent guy. He also seems to be held in high regard as a coach and, from my experience, has always been well respected by the vast majority of players.
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    60cm x 30cm Canvas : Available in store only due to size : £45 Kids Trespass Jackets : £45 : In Store and Online : http://ictfc.com/shop/category/15-leisure-outdoor Training Bottoms : We'd had a few requests for these, due in at the end of the month
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    Decent people, whatever their age, simply don't deliberately damage property belonging to others. It's wholly mindless and unacceptable.
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    Which seem to be Recruitment has been poor with many substandard players - he should have known that some like Ridgers, Cooper, Calder, Chalmers, Baird have had chances at this level and higher before and failed miserably Tactically he seems incapable of working his best formation to get the best out of his squad/team Cant motivate the team or get them united - seems to have alienated some of the established members like Raven, OFW which probably has helped loose the dressing room as the players clearly don't 'play' for him Questions over his training methods and player fitness with many not being able to last a full 90mins - and its not down to us playing high intensity football either Public criticism and handling of players - telling OFW to leave and that he wasn't part of the plans, then drop Ridgers after 10 games calling him not good enough to only U-turn on OFW. Its a mess how the man management & public interaction has been We are almost quarter of the season gone - some of these should be resolved by now, but we seem to be getting worse. Those with alternative views are entitled to have them, but the facts are that one the blinkers are taken off and the historic ICT love fest for Robbo removed, he has so far been as dross as some of his signings.
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    Very harsh and clear agenda against Yogi. His time at Falkirk? You fail to mention he actually managed them for 6 years winning the first division twice (Brockville not up to SPL standard). You also failed to mention that he established them as a solid SPL team. You seem to also have forgotten in your Hughes summary that he got them into Europe and the Scottish Cup Final. In his one full season at Hibs, they finished 4th. Most Hibs fans would be happy with that kind of finish these days. He was unfairly sacked at the beginning of the next season, after a poor start. Livingston? Steadied the ship. Hartlepool? Already bottom of league and if you speak to any Hartlepool fan they'd say that they improved under him and nearly pulled off the great escape. Of course, you know about his time at Inverness. But it was Butchers squad so Yogi shouldn't get any credit I suppose eh? Rovers? Already doomed when he took over. Overall, his managerial record is quite impressive but then again, all the people that were against his appointment in the first place need someone to blame now for the state of the club.
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    You are quite right. Your opinion is as valid as anyone's and certainly every bit as valid as mine. I can back mine up with a few facts; John, as you call him, took over at Falkirk, initially as co manager with Owen Coyle, and dud well with the squad of players he inherited including gaining promotion to the then SPL. Once that squad began to break up he persuaded their chairman to allow him to spend a record sum for them, in bringing in replacements who were almost all players of a certain vintage who had played with JH himself, all were on eye watering salaries and none were a success. Falkirk plummeted down the league and were, somewhat ironically, only saved from relegation by the fact that we were so bad that season under Brewster that we went down instead. When he left, Falkirk were in considerable debt, had a poor and ageing squad, there were credible reports of dressing room division and unrest. Falkirk were relegated shortly thereafter and have yet to recover. Does that sound at all familiar ? At Hubs, he inherited a decent squad and initially did well with another manager's players even qualifying for Europe. Once he started to recruit his own players their form nosedived and they plummeted down the league playing football that, as well as being ineffective, was eye wateringly boring to watch. It got so bad that JH, despite being a bit of a playing legend for them, was routinely and loudly jeered by Hibs fans. When he was sacked the squad was poor and ageing and there were credible reports of dressing room division and unrest. Hibs, despite their considerable resources, were eventually relegated, ironically again with another ICT connection and have only just recovered. Does that sound familiar ? To be fair, he did source and recruit one decent player in the form of Anthony Stokes. His time at Livingston was brief and uneventful as he jumped ship as soon as he was lured by the bright lights of Harlepool who, to be fair, are the third biggest team in England with the suffix pool in their name. He was unsuccessful there, the team played unattractive and unsucesful football and he was sacked. We know all about his time with us. He was very successful with Terry Butcher's players but when that squad broke up, despite the fact that he was given a record sum, by some margin, by the then chairman, he signed a succession of duds. Only two decent players were recruited; Greg Tansey who the club knew all about before and Miles Storey who was, by all accounts, identified by the chairman. JH was eventually sacked amid credible reports of dressing room unrest and division, we were subsequently relegated and have yet to recover. He went on to manage Raith Rovers who were relegated and he was sacked. Their chairman himself admitted that he had made a mistake in appointing JH and that the players he was allowed to recruit on expensive short term contracts contributed little to the relegation struggle and that there was dressing room division and unrest. Thankfully for Raith, his tenure was too short to cause long term damage and they are quickly recovering. In summary, as far as I can see, JH has identified and recruited one decent player in his entire managerial career and that player, decent as he Is, is a violent thug who I personally wouldn't want anywhere near our family club. I think that I have provided just a little evidence in support of my position. Perhaps you could now enlighten us on the basis of some facts as to why you think we would now be better off if the then chairman had "given John the money he had asked for'.
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    Yesterday was not brilliant in terms of entertainment or results but an optimist could argue it was a start in terms of a better defence. Vigurs was quite inspired as a captain but we lacked any cutting edge up front. As we reflect on the last 15 months we see a club buckling behind the scenes and of course on the pitch. It took some time for someone to work out a deal with Richie. There was a clear fear about money. Senior players wanted to move. Eventually a new chairman emerged, eventually a new manager emerged, there was no Donald Park to help him, eventually he managed to recruit a squad of players and to be fair, these players have potential. It was not good planning by the club so it remains quite unfair to ask John to go just now or have his contract terminated. He is working probably as hard as he has ever worked in management with a range of problems including the high expectations of supporters who have enjoyed the journey as we punched above our weight. Yesterday showed a little bit of stability in this storm. Not many people will expect us to pick up any points in our next 3 games during October. Few will expect us to beat Peterhead. Some of our greatest performances are in adversity.
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    Shame on you for posting such a ridiculous post!!!!! You obviously know nothing about the aims of The Travel Club and what is in their Constitution, our aim is to support the team and encourage members of the community, especially the young, to come along. The Travel Club work really hard at raising funds with many local businesses supporting them, nobody has to give money if they don't want to, as one of "the bucket rattlers!!!!" today I was touched at how supportive fans and visitors were, some actually dug deeper when they realised the cause. We asked the club for a date that was free so we did not deny anybody else. Please get your facts right before you post!
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    I have watched football in Inverness for 50 years, and I can say that was the worst game I have ever seen. You see more entertaining games down at the Bught, where the players are playing for the love of the game. This is the worst ICT ever. We have no plan A, never mind a plan B. I really don't know where we go from here.
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    That is the worst ICT team I have ever seen. We are horrendous.
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    .....to everyone who came along to the MacMillan Cancer event at the stadium this afternoon and helped raise a fantastic £320.29 👍
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    Sadly so However, the new club shop represents a step towards putting that right.
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    No. We have to stop this obsession with looking backwards. Butcher is in the past, as where Robbo should've stayed. We need someone new, with a new background and new ideas to create the next Caley Thistle side.
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    If only our board had taken as decisive action last season we wouldn't be in the mess we're currently in !
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    I know, scoring a goal and creating the second just isn't good enough. No wonder the fans kept booing him, you'd think that would raise his confidence and make him score more.
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    Agreed! I think this is a serious question. Id consider myself a diehard and the folks around me the same. I literally had to drag myself there on Saturday. I bitterly regret renewing my season tickets as it just feels a waste of money. I cant believe how I now feel about the club which are the love of my life since I was 12 (ok in 2 incarnations). On chatting to others re this on Sat I have come to the conclussion that I attend nowadays due to my close group of friends doing the same. I agree with Kingsmills that staying away just makes things worse all round. However I just cant explain how Ive come to feel like this. Tbh If youd told me 2 years ago things would be this way Id have laughed and laughed! Normally Id be saying better days ahead but truthfully Im not even convinced of that anymore.
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    Wish I could agree. Perhaps "boycott" is the wrong word but probably deliberately used to provoke reaction !! But I know of quite a few supporters who have said that they will not be coming back until the mess is sorted. That could be a long time. People nowadays also look at spending their spondoolachs on things that are more entertaining and are not leading to a life of frustration, disappointment, disillusionment and anger.
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    Scotland international, top striker, won promotion previously for Inverness. He has nothing to prove, unlike most of his players. Our fans need to give us all a break and get off the guys back. He and we need this like a hole in the head. Oh boo hoo hoo, he slagged off the players. If they can't take it, they shouldn't be here. It's easy to forget the blemishes of guys who were legends here. Let's not forget that they too had their critics and poor moments. Robbo has not suited some folk since he came back. Well tough, he's here, let's back him until the board see fit to remove him.
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    I am wholly in favour, in principle, of including the Highland and Lowland League sides. I'm also a fan, in principle, of importing the Welsh and Irish teams. However, currently listening to the Linfield fans at Tannadice while watching on BBC Alba, I am not in favour of importing their sectarian bile. We have quite enough of that domestically.
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    Well said Christib . In all walks of life when you try to do good there is always the element who will try to bring you down . Like you say Shorty may have been better to have got the facts right before he / she started spouting off . I too was a " bucket shaker " on Sat although I didn't have to shake it as I was overwhelmed by the generosity of our fans and it certainly wasn't all small change . Thank you all so very much as The Travel Club work hard behind the the scenes voluntarily to make sure fans get to as many away games as is possible . Shorty needs to realise these buses come at a cost and we don't get help towards cost and every penny is a prisoner .
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    Hughes knew he was on a downward spiral with ICT, that's why he wanted to go to Dee utd, We should have let him go then. Making him stay was the worst rhing we could have done.
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    Absolutely pathetic. Calder came on and did zilch. He jogged around doing nothing. What a waste of a wage. Oakley is horrendously poor, Baird is a headless chicken, Vigurs thinks he is better than he actually is, Polworth is a lightweight, the Canadian chiel is heading for a record amount of bookings, Raven is finished, Donaldson mispasses practically every time, Brad is honest, but that's it. Who,s left..... others were equally inept. It is just as well OFW was in good form. Completely outplayed by QotS and they should be ashamed to call themselves footballers. Not enough boos at the end for my liking. Totally disgruntled. We should have lost 3-0.
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    Home my pain is now over! That was possibly the worst match i have ever been to No Organisation No Skill No Shots on goal entire 90 minutes and we paid £40 for the pain Sorry but with displays like that we are relegation material (again) and The entire Management should leave immediately
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    I've read a lot of stupid things on here over the years and this is right in the top 10.
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    Let's regularly fill the other three first, before worrying about that, eh.
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    No fan of either of the Ugly sisters but it has to be said that when it comes to attendance at Europa League finals, the Celtic fans who went to Seville, however many of them there were, certainly conducted themselves rather better than the Rangers fans who made the somewhat shorter trip to Manchester a few years later. A great pity, for all concerned, that when their team died our football authorities made it so easy for them to start up a new one
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