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    Some absolute heads gone stuff from Inverness fans at full time, myself included, at the performance of that referee and fully justified too. Quite possibly the worst performance from an official I have ever seen at TCS in years. How Smith and Samson stayed on the pitch after flattening Vigurs on two separate occasions is beyond me. I'm not a fan of saying we lost a game because of an official but after what I saw this afternoon its very hard not to state exactly that.
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    There are others, in the same boat as me, who have joined the board to try and move things forward but have found they are fighting a losing battle with people currently on the board or recently departed. There's been a very unhealthy attitude that just because things are done with (apparent) good intention, then they should not be questioned or criticised. The phrase "it was done in good faith" has, and still gets thrown around a lot by members of the society board. It's a term that has it's place and it's even legislated for within the society rules....doing something in good faith and getting it wrong is when you find yourself having to make a snap decision and don't get it quite right, or when you operate on the basis of something being done historically, only to find it wasn't perhaps the correct way to be doing it. Showing deliberate disregard for the rules just because you don't like them or they don't fit with your motives or even because you don't understand them....or don't know them, even though you have been a director for a number of years....is not acting in good faith, it's incompetent and irresponsible. On no less than 11 occasions during the AGM on Tuesday, the person chairing the meeting stated that they could not answer a question or clarify a situation because they did not know the society rules. They used the excuse that they were not due to be the person chairing the meeting....and you could have perhaps excused that, except....they have served on the board for around 10 years so have had ample opportunity to familiarise themselves with the rules, even the change to rules in 2012. They didn't seem to know what rules the society is suppose to actually be operating under and were talking about registering changes that hadn't even been before and voted on by a general meeting of the members!! What's more, the same person chaired the last AGM in February 2016* and on a number of occasions during that they also failed to answer questions and points of ordered with the excuse that they did not know the society rules. Let's get one thing absolutely clear here....if this society is shut down, and it's a very real risk if the Financial Conduct Authority (who are their regulator) believe it is not operating as it should, then the fan's 10% voting right is gone...forever. It doesn't transfer to anyone else, it disappears. It only exists so long as the 108 shares to which it is attached are held by the Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Society Limited. If you think something needs to be done, you're damn right it does. The society members need to stand up and make sure this is not allowed to continue.....and I suggest you all start by ensuring that you do not allow the current board to proceed with their plans to cancel over 700 memberships without having made proper contact with the entire membership base....they tried to tell those at the AGM that the society now only has 65(?) members. Thankfully those in attendance did not accept that and the board agreed to keep those memberships active until the end of the current financial year (May 2018). If trying to battle the above makes me (and others also trying to battle it) moaning minnies...then where do I pick up my badge? *The AGM held on Tuesday was due to have taken place before the end of 2016, so was over 11 months late in taking place. They couldn't even produce minutes for the EGM held in April 2016 to sort out the mess from the AGM 2 months earlier.
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    Something rather awesome about a team that got relegated rather badly, faced all sorts of upheaval over the summer, with a large turnover of players with a lot of newcomers of perhaps questionable pedigree (by that I mean experience and quality) having had a terrible start to the season, and earning strong criticism from fans, questioning both players and managers competence, now completing 9 shutouts out of 10games (with the one loss aided and abetted by incompetent officials)...with the latest after a horrendous journey down. if there's such a thing, this season is becoming a bit of a mini epic, one that makes me proud to consider myself an ICT supporter. By coincidence my other team also earned a battling draw after a difficult journey away, but just a mere 2 and half hours stuck on a train in the cold and dark!
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    Great servant to the club he may have been, but it can't be right that he gets to take supporters' children when he leaves???
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    I do! We won this cup in the season we were promoted 1st time around.I realise it won't ever compare to 2015, but it would be a trophy & a good confidence builder for the league. Success breeds success...
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    That is my understanding of the rules. What's more, there was an uncontested & accepted motion from the floor at the AGM for an EGM at the earliest opportunity. I'll comment on your second question at the end. Caleytrue, you are the same as the vast majority of fans....and that is entirely ok. Football should be about turning up on a Saturday (or whatever other day TV or ridiculous winter midweek fixtures may dictate) to cheer on your team with friends, family etc....then enjoy the post match analysis when you get home, back to the pub and/or online here or wherever you might partake of a bit of social media chatter. A Supporters Society, such as CJT, is a "Community Benefit" organisation. As the name suggests, it exists to serve the community (made up of fans, club etc) and not (directly) the individual interests of it's members. One of the listed objectives in the rules is to ensure that the club operates with good governance and that the club board looks after the fans, club's and community's interests.....just the same as any other rights/shareholder can/should do for themselves and the club. They (CJT) have a duty to communicate with the community (and not just their members). That should, in an ideal world, mostly be about letting people know everything is fine, but it is also needed when it's necessary to gather fan opinion or when some form of action is needed.....good or bad. Beyond that, CJT also carry within their constitution the authority to strengthen their position in regards to the operation and ownership of the club and, in that regard, may seek to undertake fundraising for the purchase of shares, running campaigns, backing initiatives/projects etc. Why join if your interests are being looked after regardless? To do as you have said and support those who are actively working towards those ends, to ensure that those who represent the organisation (and your interests) operate with good governance and to be in a position to take part in any decision making that may be required from time to time. The voting right of CJT actually sits at slightly above 10%. In addition to the 10% voting right attached to the shares transferred from the old Members Club, they have purchased additional shares over the years....so they have been working to grow their influence, although not so much in the last 5 years or so. In regards to the above two quoted posts.....Supporters Direct (Scotland) are the umbrella organisation for Supporters Trusts. They used to have a primary remit for helping club's fans set up their own trusts, and were very successful in doing so. That remit has since shifted to one where their primary aim is helping Supporters Trust that are looking to obtain major stake in/ownership of their clubs. Aside from the legislative inclusions that come with being registered as an Industrial and Provident Society, there is within CJT's rules, articles which require us to adhere to some of the guidelines and principles laid down by Supporters Direct. It is not their (Supporters Direct) job to be running our, on anyone else's, Supporters Trust and I have concerns over the advice they (CJT) claim they are getting. It's either completely wrong, or not based on being given all the facts. For that reason I will be making contact with Supporters Direct in due course to seek some clarity from them....although, the last time they were contacted about claims of advice they were giving to CJT, they said they had no knowledge of working with them on anything! Supporters Direct Scotland website - http://www.supporters-direct.scot/ Again I will cover the previous two quotes in single response....latter first. Financial Records ARE up to date as Hearach says. This can be seen on the FCA register at https://mutuals.fsa.gov.uk/SocietyDetails.aspx?Number=2665&Suffix=RS The ones for which the society was almost struck off were brought up to date in 2013 (again, that can corroborated on the above link)....so the claim by CJT would appear to be that it has taken over 4 years to get the rules sorted and submitted? The error on the rules (and I know as I dealt with it at the time) were minimal. Supporters Direct had failed to provide the final draft and one of the rules wasn't pertinent to our setup and there was some minor issue with numbering. These were sorted and cleared by me with both the FSA/FCA and Supporters Direct for re-submitting. It was then left in the hands of others on the board, who were also working on the returns, to get that done. Even if you accept the refusal to register the rule change without completion of the returns (and I don't*) then it could/should have been done anytime after the end of April 2013. *I disagreed with this at the time (I was on the board then), I saw no documentation to support this at the time and I resigned due to having no support from the wider board in getting it sorted at the time. I hold pertinent qualifications and worked as a compliance auditor responsible for upholding FSA rules; so have an understanding of their workings. I agree that what's most important now is moving things forward, but I feel that people need an understanding of how we have arrived where we are so we can learn from it and make the best decisions for tidying up and advancing the society. I've consciously not included or attached individual names to anything I have said because this is not personal and, as a board, they have joint and several liability...whilst the board is, and should be, democratic; if an individual board member believes that fundamental errors exist and they accept that and do nothing, then they are as culpable as the rest. It is apparent that current (and recently resigned) board members refuse/d to communicate openly with the wider member base and fans (as a community benefit society their responsibility is not only to the members). In fact, I had the first communication I've had in months from one of the board members by email during the last week and it stated that they would not be getting into any public discussions...either at meetings or online...which is unacceptable! I am fully aware of the personal circumstances of a couple of the current CJT board and have every sympathy, but this isn't a matter that can't be allowed to drag on. if the society was not in the state it was then there would be other board members to pick up and run with things, but there's not. There remains a single board member who only joined the board at the recent AGM and who will have had no time to get up to speed on anything. If there is no communication from the CJT board in the near future as to when the EGM will be and/or how matters are to be moved on, then I am willing to arrange a venue and time for an open fans meeting (if that's what people want) where options (as to how things are taken forward) can be discussed.
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    Personally, I think the MacGillvrays, Alan Savage, David Sutherland should hang their heads in shame over this situation. This is all arising from their personal dislike of each other and should have no place in the running and future of ICT. The club is not their plaything for them to boost their egos by getting one over on each other. My understanding is that the owner of Tullochs now were unaware of the situation with the stands and do genuinely want to offload them to the club but why they are then insisting on the conditions they now are is beyond me. Perhaps they have an allegiance to the three musketeers mentioned above. The current board and chairman have a real poisoned chalice on this one as this situation was certainly not of their making. I do genuinely believe we are starting to get a board in place who can drive the club forward after the mismanagement of past boards and hope this does not deter them.
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    Glad the club did at least make an offer. Although I think we all knew it would have to be on reduced terms. Also fully understand why this wouldn't work for David. He's been an absolute legend for ICT and will go down permanently in our history as one of the best. Club stalwart who can comfortably be mentioned in same breath as likes of Tokely, Munro, Golabek, Duncan etc. Players who always dug deep for the cause.
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    David Raven a gentleman and a scholar. Epic contribution to caley thistle. Wish him and his family all the best for the future. Respect.
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    We need to adopt "Stand By Me" as our anthem at our next three home games to give Dave a great send off knowing we appreciate him and all he has done here since 2012. I know there have been debates about what constitutes a "club great", but he fits the bill in my eyes.
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    Id chip in to help pay it!!! He was quite restrained given the circumstances 🤣
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    Great effort from the team today in horrendous conditions. The better side lost because the referee was even more horrendous than the weather. There is little point talking about any other aspect of the game as the game as a contest was simply ruined by the most inept referee and biased refereeing performance I can remember. I trust the club will be making representations to the SFA about this because such incompetence is simply not acceptable.
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    Speak for yourself, many of us knew and predicted that this would be a tough division that our newly assembled squad would take time to come to grips with. There is not a huge difference in ability between the bottom half dozen in the Premiership and the top half dozen in this league. If things were organised for the benefit of fans and sporting merit we would have a sensible top league of 18 with each team playing each other once home and away. All that drives and maintains the current arrangement is greed and self interest.
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    I know that decision-making in the final third was disappointing on numerous occasions today but singling out Polly as having a terrible game seems harsh to me. Today, he had his trademark runs again carrying the ball from midfield as attacks started (he is our most effective player in that role) and he had one or two decent efforts on goal. The disappointment for me was the misunderstanding between midfielders and forwards with some final balls but that is as much their fault as it is his.
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    Well said Kingsmills. That's the way I feel too. Tullochs seem to to get a bad press with certain sections of our support, who , presumably, don't appreciate the debt the club owes them. That doesn't mean, of course, that our present board should not negotiate hard with them to ensure that the current seemingly loose arrangements are properly and legally sorted out to ICT's advantage .
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    Keep the Caley ones as they are priceless but the club could sell the Jeggie ones as firelighters.
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    Financial records are up to date as at year end 30/6/17 and the accounts have been professionally audited by a firm of accountants. So one less problem to fix.
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    Excellent news. There were some on here who were less than impressed when he was originally signed but he has proven to be an excellent signing and should continue to improve. Having some solidity at the back is key to getting some positive results so it is great that Robbo and the Club have got this bit of business tied up before the January window opens.
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    He's got to be better than some random Samoan rugby player.
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    One way or another, this situation must be resolved sooner rather than later. The club itself could be heading for difficult times and it may be that the supporters voting share has an important role to play in shaping the future of the club. If that was to be the case, it is imperative that there are no questions about the legitimacy of CJT to have those votes or about the fact that those CJT officers using the vote truly represent the supporters. I was unable to attend the AGM but have since written to CJT to express some concerns about both the paperwork (or lack of it) in relation to the AGM and the general lack of communication from and information about CJT. Given the importance of retaining the 10% voting share I reiterated a previous offer to help behind the scenes. I concluded by writing "I don't know any of the people involved in CJT personally, nor do I even know who most of them are, and therefore I have no preconceived view on where any responsibility for the current failures of CJT lie. I am willing to help behind the scenes but, as outlined above, I really need to know a bit more about CJT first. I need to be assured that the help I might give is working towards specific and appropriate goals." That offer of help applies to CJT whoever might be taking it forward, provided that they have or are developing a clear programme of working towards specific and appropriate goals.
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    'PRIDE OF THE HIGHLANDS' SNOWBALL FIGHT TCS 3pm this Saturday. Young Crew v The Board. Referee - Charles Bannerman (John McKendrick can't make it as he is guest of honour at the St Mirren Christmas night out. Dougie Ross is unavailable as well, apparently he has some other part time job!!) Entrance fee - Pay what you want. Left over mince pies and mulled wine from calendar signing night available. Still free shipping and £7 off replica strips. Merry Christmas
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    I don't think that's a valid comparison. There are two issues here. Firstly, this is performance sport and performance sports people are entitled to expect a programmed preparation for competition. If that is not achieved, then performance levels can be badly affected. This may not apply in the Welfare League but it does here. And secondly, there are potentially large financial consequences riding on the outcome of the game in question. The points gained or lost in this encounter can have a big influence - in theory one which could last for years. You can certainly debate the relative merits of postponement and the disruption it would cause, but Robbo is merely acting in the professional manner expected at this level of sport.
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    Fighting talk from Robbo. Love his passionate defence of our team and his integrity. Three cheers for that man!
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    This is exactly the kind of response the club will have been hoping to see from more fans. "Can't blame us at least we tried". Fact is that Raven has been treated pretty shoddily by the club for a long time now and to offer him a contract knowing full well it wasn't even close to what he was looking for is another insult as far as I'm concerned, a piece meal offering. They'd have been as well not offering him anything and just letting him go in January.
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    In my previous job and current job if I don't get mandatory 12 hour rest between shifts by law I am deemed unfit to commence my shift on safety grounds (fatigue). So I completely understand why he's asked for the postponemt you can't be expected to produce your best performance after a 14 hour journey insufficient rest and insuffiecent food and fluid intake. The body just won't work as it's intended to it's basic physiology. In both Robbos pre and post match interviews he clearly says Ian Blair asked the question of Queens about postponing and their chairman refusing the request. Queens are just as culpable for the farce yesterday as much as the SPFL.
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    A couple more. As others have said above, I'd like to express my personal thanks to 'the rave' . That semi-final left-back to right-back goal is something I'll remember forever!!!! We're probably seeing the end of an era with his exit but he'll never be forgotten. Honourably and thankfully, unlike others , he's not whoring himself over the bridge. Cheers Dave and all the best.
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    Perhaps Dumbarton did us a favour - lets just wait and see if there is a situation to compare this winter and again - feckin good on ya Robbo - speak yer feckin mind
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    Sad news indeed. He has been treated badly by the club on numerous occasions but still gave 100% on the field. Consistently gets crosses into the box only to be wasted due to the lack of effort of supposed strikers - who will no doubt be kept on. Hope he gets a rousing send off. After all there's only ONE David Raven. Good luck to him and his family in the future.
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    David Raven has been consistent all season and has been playing probably his best football lately since 2014/15. Really sad to see him go. Hope the Livi home game on 2nd January goes ahead so he gets a standing ovation at home. Always approachable and down to earth when I have spoken to him. He will be missed. Good luck David and all the best to you and your family. PS - Please don't go to Dundee United!!
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    So sad to see Raven go, but this was inevitable since the season ticket holders meeting with the chairman and Robbo, when it was announced that he would be moving the high earners on. Raven has been a constantly top performer for the club over the previous season and this one being no different. I hope he gets a good send off and manages to get a good deal somewhere else, as long as it's not with one of our rivals! All the best David and thanks for the memories.
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    Lovely guy and great club servant. If he can earn more money elsewhere for now good luck and hope he can continue earning for as long as possible. I hope when his playing career is over he feels he can return and enjoy the town he has been such a big part of for such an important time. Good luck and come home whenever you like.
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    Can't help feeling that we are being a bit short sighted in implying that we need to 'free up his wages' to help fund a goal scorer. As well as scoring goals we also have to protect the goals against column. I would suggest that Raven's contribution to this over the past few weeks, since he has been played regularly, has been considerable. I would have kept him till the end of the season. If we want a proven goal scorer who, I suspect wouldn't cost the earth, why not go for Rory McAllister. He, year on year, tops our ex ICT goal scorers table (30 already in 2017). I know that when he was with us, he got a tough time from certain sections of our support, but, for me, he has proven himself as a goal scorer, and, although reaching the end of his career, could , I feel, still do a job for us in the Championship.
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    A stroll to be honest. 4-0 going on 8-0, as IBM said, looked like a training match at times. Shooty in, jumpers for goal posts and three corners a penalty. Great start.They did hit the base of the post when a ball sat up nicely and was lobbed over Ridgers but struck the post with keeper beaten. Out of the blue really. We were in total control but got a bit slack at times, maybe it was too easy. However, never in doubt and the final two goals rounded off a good night. Oakley took his goal well, clipping a tidy through ball over the advancing keeper, a bit Stewartesque. Their burly number 10, Isaac Layne I believe was a robust fellow and he caused a few problems with his power, but overall, Donaldson was up to the challenge.
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    Im fairly mild mannered but Id have thumped that ref today if Id been on the pitch. Thought the players did well considering.
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    That was f****ng awful referee was the pits but St mirren came not to play football but cynically cheat for 90 minutes Who the f***k comes to waste time 10 minutes into the second half, clearly targeted Bell for some heavy challenges and they were chipping away at Vigurs continually and finally got their rewards when he was sent off. Awful team, with equally awful supporters.
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    I think that is the vital area of concern. Firstly, we must accept that there will be "football" costs other than first team wages, but wages are bound to have grabbed the lion's share of that £2.7M. You therefore do indeed have to wonder about "stupid wages". Furthermore, this third largest football budget ever has been spent in a season when performances were so poor that there would presumably have been very little paid by way of bonuses. This large sum will hence have been overwhelmingly for basic wages so you do have to wonder how excessive these were? I woyld also guess that the two bigger football expenditures will have been in seasons where there were big performance bonuses - and hence a quid pro quo to the club of team performance earnings. I wonder how last season compared with others for total basic wages? And for doing what? My impression since returning to the SPL in 2010 under Butcher is that he was pretty good at squeezing extra cash out of the board for players - but justified that by making some superb signings and achieving generally good results with accompanying windfalls. Then enter Hughes who initially looks like a hero, largely on the strength of Terry's signings. I am guessing that he squeezed even more cash out of them, but when he started to have to rely on his own signings - very expensive ones, I suspect - the whole thing begins to unravel. The next step along the road - then appointing Foran - is a further rung down the managerial ladder and he is entirely unable to do anything at all with a team increasingly peppered with over priced duds, to whom Foran also added. The result - a hugely expensive dysfunctional team which can no longer perform well enough to bring in the windfalls, nor even to remain in the Premiership, so the end product is relegation and a £422K loss. That is merely my impression of what may have happened based on fairly regular observation.
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    I've spoken to quite a few fans over the last years who've panned the catering, yet these same people can be seen waddling for a pie sometimes even before the whistle blows for half time. If it's that bad, don't use it, it's as simple as that. Don't criticise and then justify it's existence. I think the catering at the stadium is vastly overpriced rubbish, so I haven't used it since we were in the First Division last time.
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    You are spot on there Huisdean. Over the years, the club has had the goodwill of these major Inverness businesses through leading figures within them. It would be hugely beneficial if they could all pull together to the benefit of the club but, unfortunately, the opposite seems to be the case and long running antipathy appears to be a significant motivating factor in the current spat. One vital consideration in a saga which has now been ongoing for almost 20 years has, however, been largely ignored. In the early 2000s, the club was crippled by a debt somewhere in the range £2.3 - £3M (accounts vary). Without that being "sorted", the club would have gone into administration or even liquidation. The only thing that extricated it from that near-death experience was the intervention of Tullochs, the only game in town, who "disposed" of the debt, provided over £700,000 working capital to ease cash flow and ensured that the North and South stands were built. Some people may not like this fact, but interventions from Tullochs, valued at £5.3 - £6M (again accounts vary) ensured, in five years, a transition from a massively indebted financial basket case destined for the knacker's yard to a debt free club playing SPL football in an SPL compliant stadium in Inverness. The ICT piper has been paid pretty handsomely and I would suggest that he who has done so could have called a much more demanding tune, remembering also Tullochs' donation of 730,000 shares to the ICT Trust and offer of the stadium fabric to the club. I suppose the bottom line question has to be - what would people have preferred? Administration/liquidation in 2000/01 or, 16 overwhelmingly successful seasons later, a question over the car parks, Tullochs' response to which has included a commitment not to leave the club without infrastructure?
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    If those currently on the committee, however well meaning or difficult their personal circumstances, have lost control of the situation or have got out of their depth then they need not be too proud to confess that that is the case and seek help from the many people with the best interests of the club and the supporters group at heart who are willing and able to help. Please do so now before it it too late and the situation becomes irretrevable. Equally, those who have been critical, sometimes highly vocally so, should resist recrimination and act in a constructive and helpful manner. Now is not the time for burying heads in the sand or for apportioning blame but for everybody to pull together to sort out this mess while we still can.
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    I suspect that there have been times in our history when we have played (and won) despite players not getting to bed until 3am and waking up feeling dehydrated!
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    SPFL Rules 1690 (d) and 1967 (c) state that games may only be called off by reason of road traffic accidents if the accident in question is on Paisley Road West or London Road.
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    I agree with most of what you say except ‘holding the club to ransom’, that’s pretty poor I think. I can’t imagine Dave has been anything but reasonable in most contract negotiations and doubt he is earning a fortune. He is probably a lower spl/1st division wage earner and would most probably take a further slight drop. But if it’s not financially viable for him to take a drop of what we’re offering then that’s absolutely fair enough on his part. He’s made it clear he wants to stay without making a fuss about it. Unfortunately we’re not in the position to offer him what he’d like (and deserves). He goes with best wishes and total respect for what he did at the club. I hope he gets a good club down south and gets the coaching badges he wants as well.
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    When pictures say a thousand thank-yous
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    We would be better getting grid of sme of the rubbish we signed in the summer, at least David is a footballer , and keep him until the end of the season
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    McAllister has zero interest in going full time. He is quite happy playing part time with Peterhead and doing his plumbing gig. As for Raven it's a very bad move losing him. I know money is a big issue but part of our good form was down to his return to the side and now we are losing him just as we go on a decent wee run. Getting rid of some of the other dross in the squad to keep Raven would be my preference. Sadly though there was no chance he was going to stay and take something like a 50% salary cut. Rumours are he will be off to Dundee United.
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    I would like to thank David personally for his commitment and service to the Caley Thistle club over the last few years . I wish him and his family all the very best for his future whatever that may bring. Cheers David
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    Maybe so but they have asked for a fresh start and, in my view, deserve the benefit of the doubt. We have a club shop fit for purpose after more than a decade with a portacabin, we have better and more regular communication and we now seem to be getting our act together on the pitch for the first time in a long time. A lot of work still to be done and still huge room for improvement but so far so good.