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    This has probably all been posted before but We aren't having a bad season, we are having the worst season. Unless we have some sort of stunning turnaround we are relegated and relegated as one of the worst teams to play in the top flight of Scottish football in decades. Gretna, who were a bankrupt shambles in their top flight season, won five games. That's the level this team are at. Every area has been a failure: - Recruitment - Has Foran signed a player who has improved the team? I don't think he has. Maybe Billy Mckay but improving the team by signing him isn't exactly a managerial masterstroke. We have signed bench-warmers, who bat about Scottish clubs trying to find a good season to get a few more contracts. Guys like Brad McKay, Billy King and Henri Anier fall into this category. While watching the game the other night Billy King forced a corner and I said to my mate that his agent will be putting that in his highlights reel when he tries to get a new club - that's all these guys are interested in and that's how bad they are. We were starting Doumbaya in "must-win" games then we released him a day later, who is planning this? - Team selection - It's bizarre at times the sides that we are putting out. I think that Foran and his team are over-thinking things, trying to tinker because they are panicked at what is happening. In February we chanced upon a couple of good performances with a midfield trio of Polworth, Tansey and Draper but almost as soon as we found that we moved away from it. To drop Draper and Billy Mckay for a derby game and then complain that we don't have enough "nasty lads" is beyond belief. To make Vigurs captain is the same (we've got others just as bad as Vigurs btw). - Coaching - The players don't know what they are supposed to do on the pitch. What is this team's identity, how do we play, what are we trying to do? Do we want to pass it, are we direct, do we want to play on the counter? No-one knows. We don't have anything underpinning lobbing players onto the pitch and hoping it works out. This means the players don't have any confidence, it means they make mistakes, it leads to stupid decisions - the game on Friday we literally handed County three goals, the first goal and two penalties. Terrible decision making but what help and direction are the players getting? None. We have poor players badly set up and badly coached. - Organisation. I've heard that the day-to-day running of things on the playing side hasn't been great, that there's been problems with training and that all isn't well behind the scenes. We have a goalkeeper who lobs the ball in his own net every few weeks but we loan out our back-up keeper out without a clear option to recall him so are reduced to effectively bringing Esson out of retirement when we shell OFW out of the side for the second time this year? We have the worst season in our history, have directors resigning and the response is to bring back our former assistant manager as a coach? With five games to go when we are five points adrift? It's ridiculous. I'd be amazed if we sack Foran and it's dangerous times. If we go into next season with the same rag-tag squad on far less money, our crowds will reduce. If people think we are going to bounce straight back and go on a First Division tour then they need their heads examined. Dundee United were in a better situation this season and they are in no way guaranteed to come back up. I wouldn't be surprised for us to be nearer the bottom than the top of the First Division given our current form. I don't really have much hope even if we did sack Foran. Who are we going to bring in as a replacement? If we'd got rid a few months back we would've been a more attractive option than a lot of other clubs now we'll be a floundering Championship club with a reduced budget and a demoralised squad and fanbase. Best case scenario if he stays is that he shows a capacity for learning, we manage to keep together the bones of a competent squad and build on it. I'm not hopeful.
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    I see that Kenny Cameron has announced he's stepping down as Chairman. Personally I'd like to thank Kenny for his years of service and helping to give me some of the best football memories I have. I've met Kenny on many occasions and he was always a genuine guy who had time to chat and I've never doubted that he had the best interests of the club as heart. All the best in your retirement.
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    I suppose that Kenny Cameron’s resignation had a ring of inevitability about it after we were finally relegated. It’s a sad way to end a Chairmanship that delivered a degree of success that might never be bettered. Scottish Cup winners, League Cup finalists, Championship winners and UEFA league qualifiers. That’s a hell of an achievement for what, in anyone’s definition, is a relative football backwater. That all of this was done on the back of a small support and an almost complete absence of financial backing makes it even more noteworthy. I’ve read a lot on here in the past couple of days that bears no resemblance to the man that I know. Uncaring? I’ve witnessed the pain when things have gone wrong. Uninvolved? I’ve seen the tears of utter pride and joy at Hampden. Uncommunicative? Time and again I’ve struggled to get a word in edgeways. There’s a tale of someone fetching up at the stadium looking for a “tour” and being shown around by “this old guy”. Time and again he’s chatted to our mascots, patiently explaining about why we couldn’t sign Messi – at least not this week. He didn’t take a salary. This is not a man who didn’t care. As a former Chair of CJT, he helped us achieve things that we could never have done without his support. He was instrumental in getting funding to charter the trains that took our fans to the League Cup Final against Aberdeen. As far as I know, it’s not been repeated. Any initiative for pricing and ticketing, he always involved us. Sticking up for us against the League’s central belt bias? Every time. I know that Kenny was incredibly well regarded by others in the SPFL as someone who was both engaged and genuine and the club benefited from that influence. However, if things go wrong there are fewer more exposed positions to be in than a football Chairman or Manager and when change happens it’s usually sudden, unpredictable and pretty brutal. That’s where we are right now and why there’s been the amount of anger expressed here over the last few weeks and months. Mistakes have undoubtedly been made but now cool heads are required to identify a clear plan to take us back to the Premiership and this year – of all years – it’s achievable. There is no Rangers, Hibs or Hearts to mount a challenge against and the club will rise to the challenge with the support of all of us, including Kenny’s successor. On a personal note, Kenny was a stranger to me when I first met him through the club. I now count him as a friend and I’m a happy boy that we shared experiences from Glasgow to Bucharest. Enjoy your retirement with Christine. You’ve earned it.
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    Despite how it ended, we have a very great deal to be thankful to Kenny Cameron and, before him, David Sutherland for. Prior to those with Tulloch connections taking the helm, the previous regime under Doug McGillvray had almost run us into oblivion. We were over two and a half million pounds in debt, the bank had pulled the plug and had it not been for our famous cup win at Parkhead and the money from the two subsequent TV games against the Dons we would have entered administration at the very best or, at worst, been liquidated. Instead, under first Sutherland and then Kenny, we became a debt free established top tier club no strangers to national cup finals and still the only team north of Aberdeen to win the major cup tournament in the country. Yes, mistakes were made this season and probably last and, no doubt, with the benefit of hindsight, he would have done things differently but for that wonderful, unforgettable afternoon at Hampden alone he deserves our thanks and good wishes. The immediate future might be a difficult one but were it not for David Sutherland and Kenny Cameron there might not have been a future at all.
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    A very tough day yesterday. I want to thank everyone this season i have met up with had a drink with and went to games with. Been a long hard season but the crac has been greatno matter what. Amazing club with amazing fan's. Very proud to call myself a caley jag. Roll on next season so we can begin the fight back
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    A sad day. After eight years living in England and getting to as many games as I could, tbis is my first full season as a season ticket holder for some time. What a year I picked! I've been at all home games except the two against Celtic (holiday and work prevented these) and to a few away ones. I don't think we are worse than many of the other teams, but we've lacked a consistent plan and line up. It is hard to pick consistent performers, apart from Tremarco and, perhaps, Draper. We know our strengths (Draper and Tansey bossing midfield) but too often did not build the team around that. Bringing Billy back should have saved the season, but the service he has had has been limited. I don't understand why Fisher was frozen out. He is a grafter, and while his finishing is hit and miss, I like his attitude. Others have failed to perform, or let their heads drop when times have been tough, and decisions have gone against us, but we have a squad that should have been mid-table. Since the St Johnstone game I have been resigned to our fate, and the loss today probably makes it inevitable. To hear that we only performed when 2-0 down says if all. I will miss only my third home game next weekend due to family commitments. What I would give for a miracle and a home play off game on the 28th, but I just can't see it. I will be renewing my season ticket, as I love the club and football, but I fear the worst next season, and just hope we can build a competitive squad that can get us back up. After two cup finals, two great days out at Hampden, bossing the derbies, a European adventure, albeit brief, this is tough to take, but we must still get behind the team for the last two games and hope for a miracle. Lets just hope we can bounce back and get more great memories. Yes, we have punched above our weight, and it was great, but we should be a Premiership club.
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    There are plenty of other threads in which you can criticise him and the board......and have done so often enough. IMO it is rather ungracious to disagree with the sentiment of this particular one even if you feel that change at the top was needed.
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    I owe a lot of fellow posters a profound apology. You argued that there should be change in January to save our season and our Premiership status, I argued that Foran had potential and should be given time to put things right. I am so very sorry, you were all right and I was entirely wrong. Foran is getting worse as the season goes on rather than better, It's quite clear now that he can't coach, he is no tactician and he can't inspire and that he is never going to be capable of doing these things. His attempt this evening to heap blame on the players rather than take any responsibility himself was contemptible. The players are good enough for mid table. The manager has proved that he is not good enough for the Highland League. The fight for Premiership survival is lost. Nevertheless, we can't drift for the rest of the season. Foran needs to be gone by Monday either of his own volition or at the hands of the increasingly discredited board. This season is lost and was a complete shambles. We need now to get someone who can manage in to start preparing for life in the Championship to give us any chance at all of recovery.
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    There was a lot to take in and Barry Wilson was chipping in too so between them both they touched on .squad size too big, no opportunities for U20's, players wages structure, lack of proper scouting network, concern in youth for about job security, players signed without someone looking at them, an SPL club selling merchandise out of a portakabin, no crowd bounce despite cup win, Foran saying he "needs men" - Charlie rubbishing that and saying we need committed footballers. "Defending is the easy bit of the game". RF wanting a team of 11 RF's. Lack of a team shape, trying to play with a no 10 using players who aren't no10's. Losing the dressing room. Not investing transfer windfalls. What was going wrong tactically on the night. Comparison with slicker club operation at County. Some fans having unrealistic expectations. Recognition of Roy McGregor and plea for ICTFC benefactor to step forward. I sensed he was as angry as the rest of us. There was just no doubting his passion for club and disappointment. Really was a must listen.
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    Sorry about the late post but been working flat out. Luckily I was in Perth on Wednesday and Thursday so a nervous journey along the A90 turned in to the best away day I've had since the 3-0 at Dingwall last season. The fans were fantastic from well before kick off, probably the most vocal and supportive other than the cup semis and finals, even giving Foran support when he came out. Even before Mckay's early goal, he was unlucky a charge down just went wide, and to get a quick second was brilliant. The team then kept their composure, created a number of decent chances, and kept possession better than in recent times. For my money, the best 90 minute performance I have witnessed this season. Esson was steady, Mckay did well at right back, with Raven very good at left back, also adding cover to Warren and Laing at times. Warren and Laing bossed central defence. In midfield, Vigurs was immense, perhaps a bit lucky to just be booked, but had composure, urgency and passion. Draper was back to his old self. Tansey was up for it. Polworth had some good moments, whilst also covering Raven regularly. Fisher worked hard and took his goal well, but was out on his feet by the time he was subbed. Mckay took his goal well, pressed the Dundee defence and was probably also tiring when subbed. I thought Anier worked hard and put himself about, but he is not Mckay class, whilst McNaughton and McCart were put on to ensure we kept out Dundee late on. The players were all up for it, the crowd was fantastic. We need the same team and a large noisy support tomorrow. It's still a long shot, but at least we have a chance, however remote. Its my wife's birthday tomorrow and I was originally not going. She is now having lunch with her sister and I am now going. Wednesday was a great night, can we do the impossible? I don't know, but I will be backing the guys 100% regardless of what happens. If it does not go our way tomorrow, let's give the players a long standing ovation at the end. If many leave, they leave us memories of several seasons none of us dared dream about. Two finals, one cup win, three top six finishes, a trip to Europe. They deserve our appreciation! Come on Caley Thistle!!
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    Scottish football's three major competitions all being sponsored by bookies is kind of like waving a double whisky beneath the nose of an alcoholic. It has been clear for some time that betting is endemic within football and its following to the extent that it has long since developed into the problem described. So what do the governing bodies do? Have bookies as their three main competition sponsors. Clearly these bookies are sufficiently cynical to identify a series of cheap sponsorship deals which, on the other hand, carry a disproportionate market exposure for them with this kind of access. Without scruple, they exploit this to the absolute maximum and with as little regard for the wreckable lives they are getting a cheap hotline into as they have for how many shops they open in poor and vulnerable areas like the Merkinch. If you are in any doubt about what a sinister influence bookmakers are, drop into the Merkinch charity For The Right Reasons in Grant Street and speak to Richard Burkitt.
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    Can we now banish the 'Pride of the Highlands' logo now please it's just adding to the embarrassment? Thank you.
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    Where is the mouthpiece CaleyD ? He seems to have gone into hiding .
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    Whilst many of us would have wanted Foran to leave weeks or even months ago, I think your last few words about Foran are totally uncalled for and not worthy of a member of this forum. Also, is it just me or do any others feel that writing a rant like that with no correct punctuation is at best laziness, or at worst , an indication of illiteracy?
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    I will stay out of the ethics or morality debate and just say this ......... to be fair ... only the most rose-tinted of glasses wearers would bet on us to win this year .... !!!
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    Hughes wasn't hounded out by fans, nor was Foran demanded by them. They accepted the decisions that were made, without being party to them, and hoped for the best. By Christmas they could see the potential disaster Had the board acted then, we might be comfortably mid table. The loyalty to Foran has been horribly misplaced and allowed him to get away with murder.
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    At times like this I don't give a shittt about football
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    It is my view that Kenny Cameron did a fine job at ICT and he has the club in his blood. It's a job I wouldn't relish. Trying to keep the club afloat in the face of increasing financial stress can't be easy. We could, of course, gone the other way and spent until the cows came home which would undoubtedly have ran up debts that would have seen the club ruined beyond repair. Yes, he could have taken action regarding our current plight as early as Yogi's departure and NOT appointed a rookie manager but were there any other realistic options available given the finances If that was the case he'd have taken them wouldn't he? Anyway, that's in the past now, we move on to next chapter, but I reflect and remember what he has done for this club. I wish him a very happy and healthy retirement.
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    Relegation...it happens, but we won the Scottish Cup under his watch, that doesn't happen often, I've watched Palace for 44years and never seen them win a proper cup (and may never see that), but I have seen them go into administration 3 times. ICT also got their highest placed league finish, into Europe and also a league cup final...not bad for a small club that's not been around for long. I'm sure he's sad to go with the club being relegated, but he can be proud of the record of the club under his stewardship
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    Can we start looking beyond posting for Butcher, Hughes, Paterson or any other ex-manager to return, its a tiresome discussion that has been posted so many times its like groundhog day. They came, they did, they might even have achieved, they moved on and now lets do the same for everyone's sanity.
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    Richie Foran might have failed as first team manager, but to call him a fraud or a wage thief is harsh beyond belief. If the man is guilty of anything, it's accepting whatever contracts the club has offered him over the years (as a player, then manager). He can't be faulted for that. Your first loyalty is to your family - not your football club. If resigning means a financial sacrifice on his part, he'd be crazy to do so, and I don't blame him for holding on as long as possible. Ultimately he's just an employee doing a job to the best of his ability. If a new first team coach is required, it's up to his bosses to act - either cancel his contract and pay him every penny he's due, or negotiate and re-deploy him to a diminished but secure long term role (rather like Charlie Christie getting his Centenary Club job back). I thought the board was supposed to be full of business brains? If RIchie cannot be sacked for financial reasons, surely between them they can offer him a decent job worth 'walking away' for?
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    Sad thing is County have also had an absolutely dreadful season and their fans have also being shouting for their manager duo to be sacked up until the last few weeks To get humped so badly in a derby with no fight no passion and no bad tackles tell me our players have already given up the ghost and knew relegation was already on the horizon Draper and McKay should have been the first two names on the starting line up, the dressing room is obviously in turmoil Also the so called young team, how many times do they need to be told to not let off smoke bombs? Whoever the moron was that threw one on when we were about to take the corner should be banned from ICT games for life let's be honest they have become an absolute embarrassment to this club the fact that some defend them because they create an atmosphere no longer cuts it with me If we do indeed go down let's hope they go and follow either sides of the old firm where their antics will be more welcome Dougal
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    Hot this from a source witjin the club. Straight after the Killie game there were people within ICT who wanted Foran to go. He was using the same tactics, unable to change the team & had no plan B. It was like players were not responding to him. One player was very critical of the defensive tactics - zonal marking. It's the man who scores the goals, not the space/area. We had changed from man marking under Hughes to zonal marking under Foran. Goals & the manor of them, same problems every week, points the finger of where the main problem lay. Foran refused the change this tactic. Once heads to down & confidence goes it's hard to get back. Players, coaches & board members raised this same concern with Foran but he stuck to it. Some senior players had been approached by a director about how they felt about taking over the team in the event of Forans sacking. My source told me the players refused to discuss this, as although many weren't happy - Foran was a friend & team mate & wouldn't stab him in the back. My source told me one of the players told Foran of this discussion and co-incendently one of the directors then resigned. After Dundee sacked Hartley, i was told that Foran had been summoned to meet the board. My source told me he thought Foran could be sacked but suspected the club has no money to do this. He also told me that what Foran needed was an older head to hold his hand.... I was told this BEFORE Malpas was confirmed so it shows how good my source was. Both top team goalies were carrying injuries... but Foran ignored advice & signed Ainier - why? Not signing a goalie & playing 2 guys carrying knocks cost ICT many points. It's no coincidence that ICT picked up after Malpas came in. Is that Forans or the board's fault for not acting sooner? Foran talks about bad apples??? Who are they? My source is direct from the dressing room. He told me there is a dressing full of bad apples because very few players liked Forans style, tactics & methods. He couldn't change games. He didn't listen to advice until Malpas came in. These players spoke out about all these issues - not because they're bad apples but because they care about the club. Yes, loan players didn't perform but how could they? The whole team were struggling & didn't agree with much of Forans set up. There was no leadership & players started doing things they thought we're best. Perhaps, in the words of my source... the only bad apple is the person staring back at Foran when he looks in the mirror. 2 young loan players mentioned on the radio on Saturday hated Foran & wanted back to their clubs but Foran refused because the clubs wanted the finances of the loan agreement honoured - regardless of they stayed or not. Fon Williams is the other. He was injured & being forced to play because Esson wasn't ready. He was prepared to take a pay off & walk from his contract. Greg Tansey felt really let down by Foran & the club. He told the club about going to Aberdeen to discuss the pre contract. Aberdeen informed ICT & everything was conducted above board. Tansey had a holiday booked which over-run when his contract expired. As is common, he signed the pre-contact. This is a pre dated & signed contract which can't get registered until the date. Many players are on holiday in situations like this. That is why they pose for photos in their new clubs colours when they sign the pre contract. Aberdeens press department released that photo off their own back without consent from anybody, least of all Tansey. Aberdeen gave a formal apology for that to Tansey & Inverness. Tansey & many of his team mates felt very let down by Foran & the board of Inverness because although they knew Tansey had done nothing to instigate this, they happily stood by & watched him face the wrath of the fans. Tansey felt they did this to deflect the pressure on themselves. That's why Tansey gave "That interview". Players had no chief & were doing things in a way they knew weren't working. Tansey gave his all for the club, even when off form he still gave 100% effort. The club hung him out to dry when they knew fine well he was completely innocent. That's why he said what he said in that interview. Interesting.
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    For what my opinions worth, sacking the board? To be replaced by who ? As stated before , I didnt see a queue of fowk lining up to volunteer. They also didnt have cases stuffed with cash. Unfortunately. The mistake, if there was one, may have been to appoint an inexeperienced manager. This has not turned out well. His comments on Saturday after the game did him no favours and showed his lack of management skills in firstly admitting there were "bad apples" but also the fact that he hadnt removed them before. Not the cleverest. We have good players, most of them , I think they have been badly led. We have had bad good times and now we ve got bad times but I ve supported the team, Thistle, then Caley Thistle since 1974 and I m not about to stop now. Team needs us, more than ever.
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    Shocking for a manager to blame a few "bad apples" for his failings. Really cowardly. You win together and lose together - everything else should happen behind closed doors. Richie is embarrassing to himself and this club. A swift dismissal has to happen NOW. You cannot leave it for RF to have any role in personnel next season. Equally, the club has to send a message to players who will be rushing for the exit, that things will change and there will be an experienced boss at the helm. NOW!
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    Utterly amazing to think that even if we lose next week, we're still in the game because Ham and Mot play each other and can't both win! We only have to be within 3 points of Mot come the last day of the season and it's all down to a one-off, pistols at dawn affair. I have no idea how, but this could easily go to the wire, whereas I thought we were well and truly buried after last week. Don't you just love and hate football.
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    When you go (down) will you send back A letter from Alloa Take a look up the railtrack From Dumbarton to Cappielow Sportscene no more Dingwall no more Full time no more Foran no more.....
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    "Hope Richie Foran stays" you are having a joke surely. Have you not been to a game this season, read a newspaper or have access to a TV or radio. We have the worst record in top league football in Scotland & England. With his football tactics, signings, and playing the wrong player in the wrong positions constantly, team selections, freezing players out (Alex Fisher) & instead playing his own signing in Henri Anier( who has been bloody awful ), his cringe worthy after game interviews where he constantly blames his players apparently in the latest he states "Maybe I should have signed a couple of warriors, a couple of REAL MEN". If Richie was a REAL MAN he would have left at Christmas!. Instead dragging the club down to the point of relegation, job losses etc etc. End of rant. We have seen what Richie can do & please can he resign now please!
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    In my dreams he gets lured by County and works his magic over there instead.
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    Hats off to any of our fans staying in the stadium to the bitter end, it must be excruciating being there!
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    Do you know that I have more pressing concerns in life to concern myself about the "post mortem" of our relegation. Shitt happens. We have been performing above our means for some seasons now BUT what a feckin joy it has been. What a feckin experience. So we have gone down. Aim has to be to retain as many of the present squad as we can do. Aim is to get back into a play-off position. Que sera. HOPE IS ETERNAL.
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    So Foran how do you explain your complete mismanagement of our top scorer and fans favourite Alex Fisher. We could not buy a win during a terrible run during the winter but you still refused to play him and not only that you went out and blew the budget on 3 additional strikers in the window.
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    I don't care, because that is pathetic - trying to foist blame on to unnamed players. If he was a decent manager he wouldn't have had that problem, or would have dealt with it. But that is really desperate stuff from him. Maybe he was the bad apple. Have some dignity foran and resign.
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    Football is a concept By which we measure Our pain I'll say it again Football is a concept By which we measure Our pain I don't believe in Tokely I don't believe in Hastings I don't believe in Dargo I don't believe in Wilson I don't believe in Hughes I don't believe in Esson I don't believe in Baltacha I don't believe in Brewster I don't believe in Rooney I don't believe in Draper I don't believe in Butcher I don't believe in King I don't believe in Sheerin I don't believe in Paterson I don't believe in Foran I just believe in me Me and ICT And that's reality The dream is over What can I say? The dream is over Today We were the dream weavers But now we'll be reborn We were the champions But now we're gone And so dear friends We'll just have to carry on The dream is over
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    updates will be late today ... off to the game with the family where the little guy will be one of the mascots ..... hoping for some insane luck and a good performance to see us into the playoffs. On a positive note for today ... took a picture of the badge on next season's shirt and for those who did not like the 'pride of the highlands' on the logo (myself included) ... the original badge has now been restored and embroidered on the shirt. Hoping that all the players play for it today .
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    No matter what happens, let's show our appreciation to the players at full time. If we are down and many depart, we must show our appreciation for the cup runs, cup final win, top six finishes and the European foray. Even with the disappointment of this season, guys like Raven, Warren, Draper and Tansey deserve that from us all! Come on Caley Thistle!!
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    I think there is an urgency beyond what Kingsmills says. Last time we went down, there was still some goodwill mongst the players towards the manger - Butcher had done a reasonable job in trying to prevent relegation (but for a misjudgement by Tokely, he might even have succeeeded). There was also the desire and presumably the finances from the Board to allow those who wanted to stay on to do so. The result was retention of a very solid team that ultimately succeeded the following year. None of the above will be true this time if Foran is not removed immediately. If he stays, there will be a stampede for the door amonstt those players still contracted - who in their right mind would want to play for a manager who genuinely has no clue whatsoever? Draper, Raven, Polworth, Warren, Tremarco and Doran will all invoke any clauses they have in their contracts or be offering to leave by mutual consent to reduce the wage bill. The board will gleefully accept and we'll be starting from nothing. Do nothing or wait until long into June and the damage will be done to the squad IMO. Bring in a new manager who has the respect of the players and there's a chance that some of them will want to stay and give it at least one shot in the Championship.
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    If Richie had any respect for the club and the fans who spend their hard earned cash attending matches both home and away he would have left the club at Christmas when it was very obvious that he did not have the ability to manage the club. The fans ARE behind the team - today we sang our hearts out, clapped and cheered throughout and we will be there for the next 2 games as we have been all season. Saying "It is only a game" is in my opinion very flippant and disrespectful to the loyal fans, the players and to the staff who will loose their jobs if we go down!
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    Yes, CB, the young players and parents are told the statistics by the SFA at U11 at the only session of sports science they get. And yes, the 1in 20 statistic is for those kids already selected for development squads - hardly the odds on which to build a career. As for your other point: Don't get me started! Why oh why is there not a system between ICT, Ross County, Highland League clubs and Elgin City (for example) whereby boys discarded by one club can be trialed at others further down the pyramid. The best example is Clach and ICT: The coaching staff compete with each other for children at the age of 8 or so. No formal system for exchange of players recruited at the wrong level for ability. I realise the hatred runs deep, but not having the boys' best interests at heart is inexcusable. So many of those dropped give up football altogether or just play street league. Not that there's a problem with street league - great fun and well organised, but how much talent is lost to pro and semi-pro football on account of poor handling by clubs?
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    The point is that your bold claims about being some kind of soothsayer who foresaw this demise and rubbished claims of our new style of play at the time are simply garbage. I don't disagree that if Hughes was still in charge we probably wouldn't be on the cusp of being relegated however his time at the club was clearly at an end for reasons that have been discussed to death on this forum and he had to go. What he did with us was fantastic, taking a team we all thought was at its peak under Butcher and somehow got them playing even better. It was incredible. But after players started leaving, Hughes yet again showed his failings in the transfer market and couldn't replace those who left. Foran was clearly the cheap option but given the club have let Hughes spunk a mental amount of cash on the squad, gave him a new contract and then had to pay him off (and some allege are still paying him now), I am not sure what folk expected the club to do? That said I do think that the board should have acted back in January or whenever it was that we lost to Hamilton and, as much as I love Foran, sent him packing. It was clear by this point his tactical setups and team selections were questionable and we were already sliding down a very slippery slope. The fact is, blame can be apportioned on all parties here. Hughes for leaving a bloated, unbalanced squad in need of a serious overhaul with little cash for the incoming coach to work with, Foran for his largely poor signings, questionable selections and odd tactical setups and the board for sitting back and allowing this mess to develop.
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    John Hughes is hardly setting the heather of fire at Raith. If he didn't like our budget previously I'm pretty sure he won't like next season's! Move on. His arrogance and greed screwed himself and the club.
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    I can not for the life of me work out why Foran is still in a job to be given the title of worst manager in British football why will the Board not sack him? they sacked Brewster when he was not delivering the goods but things are much worse now than they were then so why wont they sack him? I dont believe for a minute theres no money and the money they made with the cup run and sale of Ryan Christie has all gone theres more to this than we know about. Any respect i had for Foran as a player is gone for his arrogance at not quitting when its clear to everyone but him and the chairman its a disaster he will still have his expensive motor and his holiday in the sun when poor staff at the club may loose their jobs. The appointment of Malpas was nothing other than to shut the fans up after Dundee were seeing to be trying to stay in the league and sacked Hartley why if Malpas was brought back to help with much needed coaching was he sat in the stand on friday night? Mistakes were made last year lots of them firstly appointing Foran as manager (the cheap and easy option) secondly getting rid of Deano he was and is a far better goalkeeper the OFW but we know that decision was all about the money the club get from international call ups how OFW does get called up is bemusing thirdly making Warren captain sorry he is a liabilty not a player who leads by example he is a red card in the waiting every game Fourthly giving Vigurs a 2 year contract look how much better he played when he was on a short contract this year he has been lazy and slow nothing to bother for he now has his 2 year deal I could go on with the rest of mistakes there has been plenty of them CC was right the writing was on the wall years ago hence why the likes of Shinnie and Watkins got out quick enough cant say i blame them im sure we will see Tansey back to his best at Aberdeen with good coaching and facilities i for one wish him all the best i cant stand Aberdeen but if i was offered the same job for 3 times the money i would not have to think long about that one. Until Foran is replaced as manager me and my family will not be buying ST because were in for more of the same next year or worse because i bet nothing has been done about signing players for next season until its confirmed where we all know were going to be so you can bet were in for signing some unwanted dross/injury prone players.
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    I'm astonished at the number of fans saying this recently. We were all delighted when those potential moves were knocked back, we are all sick of our biggest assets being pinched on the cheap by rival clubs. We'd all have been raging if we'd lost those 2 at those times.
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    Just getting round to reading the post match comments from RF. 'We lack warriors' - that'll be why our most combative player was benched. I have stated before that out of all the teams we lacked the experience and mentality to fight relegation in comparison to motherwell, Hamilton and killie - shame it's taken til game 34 for the management to recognise it although coming out in the media now will only open the dressing room divide and crush confidence further. Bad comments and worse timing now.#lost the plot
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    Fisher did ok at fullback as he did when he was playing up front . Sez it all about Foran that in the window he wasted his meagre budget bringing in McKay ,Ebbe and Anier when the answer was under his nose all along but refused to play him.
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    Not surprised : gave up after the second went in. Just when you think they can't possibly get any worse they come up with another blinder. The board should have bitten the bullet months ago and kicked RF down the A9. No shape, no passion, no game plan (other than the aimless punt upfield) and not even a pale shadow of ICT teams of past seasons : even when we played in lower leagues. Everyone involved in this worst ever season in our history should hang there heads in shame.
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    "It's JUST a game" probably the most stupidest line I have ever read on CTO. An insult to all football fans no matter what team they support. If you really believe what you have written you are not a fan in the true sense. Fans support there team win, lose or draw. Spend there money & time supporting there team where ever they play. Some even run supporters group giving up there free time for the benefit of the club and fellow fans. Bill Shankly once said:"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude, I can assure you. It is much, much more important than that" It is not JUST a game for the players on the park or any real fan!
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    The opposite, actually. He had the honesty and self-awareness to realise that the pressure was too much for him and resigned. That took some guts and humility. Unlike many others.
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