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    Why, what on earth were the two of you doing? Oh wait, I see what you mean!
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    Absolute garbage. Just because you like going on the pish in Ayr, Dumfries, etc.doesn't make this good for the club I'm any way. Relegation would be an absolute disaster, even more so if our neighbours stay up. The real blame here needs to reside at the door of the clueless, faceless board who are utterly invisible and show no direction, vision or aptitude to manage a Premiership club.
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    I'd rather gouge my own eyes out than discuss Scottish politics online and it's completely unrelated to anything being discussed so I'll leave your opening sentence to one side. We have had an absolute abomination of a season. Four wins is abysmal, unacceptable. There is no other team in Scottish football who have a record as bad as us. It's one of the worst seasons in recent SPL history, it's certainly the worst team we've had in the top flight. The idea that booing after a 3-0 home defeat represents fans being very quick to turn in the club is bizarre. I think our fans have been too slow to express how bad things are, mainly because of who the manager is. Listing comeback wins from the past is all well and good but we aren't talking about those games. We are talking about this team, this season and, based in the evidence we've got, relegation is overwhelmingly likely. We need to win about as many games in our final six matches as we've done in it's 32. I can't see anything in our recent performances to suggest that we are in the verge of a step change in how we play. I hope we do and the split can throw up unexpected outcomes but I'd say that we are odds on to go down.
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    It isn't the fans who have won four games all season or assembled the assortment of dross we have a first team squad. The idea that we have an ultra demanding fan base is laughable, plenty of other teams supports would've been baying for blood months ago. Fans should hold the team to the highest standards possible, not just happy clap along as the fat lady sings.
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    I'm surprised people are mentioning what Malpas got up to before and after ICT, without concentrating on what he did here. Why hasn't Malpas been in management for two years? Because of the disaster of Hibs. How did he get the Hibs job? Because of the success he had at ICT. Someone else brought up the relegation event, without mentioning ICT were promoted and leaving when we were (IIRC) second top and in the semi-final of a cup. Malpas was a roaring success at ICT. It's a great idea to get him back and see if that can be replicated. Malpas sat in the Inverness dugout when Butcher was with the Hibs Chair in the stand. Yes, he left, but he did so with dignity, unlike the manager at the time. Yes, it's very late - maybe too late - but it's a good idea. And I'd be happy to see Mo stay, even with relegation. As for Brian Rice...it's an open secret that he and Foran don't gel. No surprise, given Rice is a tipp-tappy Hughes assistant, whilst Foran is from the kick-and-rush school of Butcher'n'Malpas. It was always a marriage of convenience.
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    I know we are all down tonight and being rightly critical, but at risk of being shot down, now is the time the players need us as their 12th man. For all of us, let's get behind them in the next six games and do all we can to salvage our season and keep our top league status. If we can achieve that, we can then debate who our Manager and players should be, but for now we have what we have and need to do our bit in our bid to survive. Recent years have been good, despite the agony of the penalty kick loss at Parkhead in the League Cup. I will never forget the cup semi at Hampden, and us all joining in with the chants of "stand up for the Caley Jags". Now, more than ever, we need that spirit and support, not just in Section E but in the full stadium. Then there was the cup final.... My best ever day as a fan..... The best hangover excuse ever. Europe was brief and I only managed the home game, but an experience for a small club like us. It all seems a lifetime ago, so much has changed in less than two years, but let's make our support count where if matters: at the games by being loud, positive and behind the players. We need to play our part. It's now or, I dread to think, possibly never!
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    Talking on BBC Sport after the game, a fuming Foran said "Today, an official has killed us," I've got more news for you Richie. The club has been killed by the manager, with a board, in the dressing room. They haven't a cluedo. Game over I'm afraid.
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    The NHS in Scotland is better than the NHS in England.
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    At the time I thought the Scottish Cup win would probably be the pinnacle, in my lifetime, of being an ICT fan. I expected that we'd decline slightly from there, but what I didn't expect is the complete collapse and capitulation of the side within the space of just two years since. It's incredible!
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    At the risk of the ban hammer. What a pedantic k**b the top half of your answer makes you look
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    It's perfectly possible to sustain a Premiership team on our budget, in our location and with our crowds. We've been in the top flight for more than half of our history, us being in the division isn't some sort of outlier. We don't have a much lower budget than the teams we are competing against, we aren't playing in Fair Isle, we are a couple of hours drive up the road from the central belt. There isn't any reason for the factors that you list to explain the season we've had - I look at two clubs in Partick Thistle and St Johnstone who get similar crowds, have a similar budget and aren't exactly glamour locations, it hasn't held them back from both having excellent seasons and building the kind of team we used to have. Finally, you can't say that we've had the "rub of the green" - as a club we've made good decisions in how we've spent our resources in terms of managers, players and staff. That's why we succeeded not luck. We've failed this season because we've made poor decisions about how we spend our resources on those things and that's lead to the disaster that we've had.
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    Don't you think you have used the John Hughes card often enough! Let it go FFS
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    Would that be the majority who thought that, by voting NO, they would be guaranteed to remain in the EU, as opposed to being refused membership of it by the other EU countries if we voted YES, as continually stated as fact by the Better Together crew and sundry unionist politicians? . That majority? Another independence referendum will let us see exactly how big that majority is now, won't it?
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    Time to move on from that. MM is never likely to win a popularity contest with ICT fans but if this move helps us escape relegation then I, for one, am prepared to consign both his words and his actions to the past. What happened years ago is history it's what happens in the next month that's vitally important now.
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    Largely because he is such a great guy and because of his love for and loyalty to the club and the city, I have been very reluctant to agree with that view even very recently. However, with immense sadness and a very heavy heart, I have to say that you are right. Thanks for all the wonderful memories as a player Richie, not least that wonderful last second equaliser in the cup in Dingwall a few seasons ago. Thanks for your loyalty in not following Butcher to Hibs when you had the opportunity and thanks even for trying your very best to manage our club in very difficult circumstances. I have no doubt that you gave it 100% and were fully committed but, whilst a very fine player, you are clearly not a manager, coach tactician or even possess the ability to motivate others as you were so obviously were motivated yourself. Go now and leave with your pride and dignity intact and give the club you care for as much as we do one final chance to retrieve the season. What ever happens to us in the last five games you will always be fondly remembered for your effort and commitment. Don't now tarnish those memories further.
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    The poster concerned never lets mere facts and statistics get in the way of a dig at the democratically elected Scottish Government even when entirely irrelevant to the topic of the thread.
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    We had this discussion in January and, no doubt, will have it again at the end of the season. However, personally, I don't believe right now is the time for this debate. Rather, it's the time for pulling together and trying to dig ourselves out of this hole we find ourselves in.
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    The County model is totally unsustainable for a club of their size. They're a slightly bigger Gretna.
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    Can't really see us making top 6 now!
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    It is appalling but until a majority of us have the courage to take our destiny into our own hands, it is a sad reality.
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    Haha. Torch protest. Is the protest that we were good for a couple of seasons and now we are back to below average. Thats football, unless we muster up 50,000 fans get used to it, we made some very shrewd signings who developed well with game time here, we brought a few gems through the youth system. They left for more money, mostly play for the top 2 teams in Scotland or down in England. Our wages is circa 1,000 a week or a bit more. If players are successful they will move on to bigger and better things, which is fair. We didn't replace them well, there was never a guarantee we would, otherwise it would be boring. Our Senior players are ageing quicker than we thought. Things are bad, but hopefully its temporary. Its what footballs all about. Lows make the highs even higher. On the whole our club is pretty well run, we have experienced europe and a scottish cup win and are the envy of many teams. The board have made some bad choices, but should be given the opportunity to turn it round. It could be worse, you could support a basket case club like Dundee, have your ravenellis and odd good season but also have the administrations, and no cup wins for donkeys and...Neil McCann!
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    ok so Brad Mckay was unwise to tweet what he did. He took pelters for it. Fisher may have been the only player to come over to the fans on Saturday but he was far from the only one to acknowledge the fans. To say otherwise is quite frankly rubbish! We dont know what Forans contract contains but quite frankly Id be amazed if a 4 year deal didnt include get out clauses. Think we all need to calm down a bit. What will be will be now.
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    Who are these "goal scoring" players and what is this new found defensive strength? I've not seen much of it at all this season. I don't agree with refusing to go to the games because of the manager in general, but that's your call and you are of course free to do that, however I completely agree with the highlighted text. As we have said time and time again we have looked at our best playing a 4-2-3-1 with Polworth spearheading a midfield trio of Tansey and Draper. It's absolutely bananas for Foran to have continued to persevere with a toothless, narrow and negative 3-5-2 (or 5-3-2 however you might see it). We've barely looked any better at the back and we have completely stifled ourselves up front and are even blunter than before. Then we have the bizarre interviews praising the players one week then slagging them rotten the next. Hughes was criticised by many because of his pig headed stubbornness when he was here. Incredible that Foran doesn't get the same treatment.
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    Even a single year out of the top division will cost us over twice as much as we made from the cup win so logically you would swap that for Premiership survival. However, football has very little to do with logic and personally I wouldn't swap that wonderful euphoric afternoon in Glasgow for anything.
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    So Foran discovered Fisher is quite a decent striker, works hard and scores goals. Where he has been all season. Oh, that's right, in your squad, Richie, you useless dimwit. We had a comfortably mid-table side when you came in. Look at us now. No excuses. Please leave the building, and allow the players one last chance without your bizarre ramblings.
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    I will happily support my team through thick and thin if the players are giving their all and the club management is reasonably competent. Ups and downs are a feature of sport and there is no entitlement for us to be in the top division. But, enough is enough. Foran is miles out of his depth and has taken a reasonable bunch of players to a destination that should never have been on the cards. There is no way that our squad is the weakest in the premiership, but we are the worst team and we play shocking football. Entertainment is the name of the game and what's on show is far rom entertaining and won't change unless the management changes. When that happens, I'll be back.
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    Surely to god Foran will be sacked in the morning, if not tonight. Been saying since we got pumped in the previous "biggest game of the season" 6 pointer. He is a great guy but a terrible, terrible manager, a complete and utter dud, he cannot organise or motivate this team and we are unlikely to win any of our remaining matches if he stays in charge. I don't blame Foran for his lack of aptitude, he tries very hard, I blame the people who thought the best option was to persevere with this failure and sleepwalk into relegation and at this moment I am absolutely effing fuming about it.
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    Did I miss anyone. Oh aye, wtf does Brian Rice do, get him off the wage bill now. Regards Mr Noah Happy Bunny xxx Edited to add....... Hats off to Tommy Wright who has once again shown that he can work miracles with a mediocre bunch of players. I'm almost convinced that season on season we have better individuals, but as a team and a stubborn one at that, St Johnstone buck the trend and rip up the form books every season. Well played them and Tommy Wright.
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    4pts behind with 6 games left. We play our now closest rivals motherwell twice and need wins in both games just to hopefully get off the bottom spot. 1 win in 21 games until now and a team bereft of ideas and confidence. Foran should walk tonight and the club seek Rice to step up or tell him to go too and we see what happens, I think ithts safe too say he's lost the dressing room and the players, so sadly we need change now. The foran fan boys will say he can turn it round, he was a great player etc but in the last 3 years his only telling contribution to the club is to make us an on field shambles.
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    Foran is a total dud as a manager - has there ever been a worse manager in Scottish football? Certainly not many. He inherited a decent side, quickly turned us to shite,and doesn't have a clue how to sort it.
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    FFS Ritchie! Another defeat, not a surprise as we don't do clean sheets, the only positive is it was 1-0. We needed changes from Sat as Brad and King were terrible, but Anier in the starting 11! Two up front against Aberdeen yet One up front v Kilmarnock! Before the game Ritchie was talking up Anier "he saw a glint in his eye", "he had a great game for Estonia" and to round it all off he was "MOM against County" (really). Anier has been hopeless, he is good at fouling and getting caught offside end off.... He brings on Fisher and Ebbe - yet on Sat Ebbe can't get on and Fisher is not even on the bench. He drops McCart who has performed better than Warren, he hasn't the bottle to drop Warren who scores the winner for the DONS! Against Killie, Laing was wasted in front of the defence, Draper played out of position - is Ritchie pulling the names out of a hat these days. Against St Johnstone I suggest: Fon Williams McNaughton, Laing, McCart, Tremarco Polworth, Tansey, Draper, Mulraney Mckay, Fisher 3 point on Sat or we are doomed!
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    With first Barry Robson followed by Adam Rooney Jonny Hayes, Graeme Shinnie,, Miles Storey , Ryan Christie and now Greg Tansey Aberdeen FC have decided to honour their A96 recruitment policy In their new strip for next season
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    Where in the world is Fisher? Aside from Mckay, he's our best striker by miles. This ostracisation by the manager has to end now. It could have huge consequences both in terms of whether the club stays us and whether he'll still be in-charge next season.
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    Scotty, whilst I admire your upbeat outlook and like you I have enjoyed the highs and suffered the big low( relegation at the hands of Falkirk) I really hope KC is hurting at the moment because the ICT board have created this situation all by themselves. The sacking of JH which was needless in my opinion and the appointment of a complete rookie manager at any level of football shows the lack of football knowledge within the board. What made it even worse was the hour plus interview at the start of the season with RF and KC which smacked of unwarranted Hubris in both of them. I am convinced KC played to a large part of the ICT support who wanted JH out and RF in, much of the aforementioned interview referred to the club's current football style and how it would change under RF (for the worse as it turned out).The employment of Malpas is an acknowledgement that RF is just not up to the job. I am in little doubt that if RF remains in place we could be facing relegation next season too, the guy is out of his depth, I'm afraid I do not share your optimistic outlook..
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    35 seconds into the video sums it up for me ..... 'if we go down, then we go down together !' . I have (purposely) stayed pretty silent on this topic and watched from the sidelines as posts have varied in almost every degree from one extreme to the other. Relegated or not, just like last year, I will be there on the last day of the season showing my support to team and club. Personally, I believe MM is a last throw of the dice as it's too late to replace RF now and have any chance of staying up. If we were going to do that we should have done it months ago, but I think the board - like most of us - really, REALLY wanted to RF to succeed (and still do) and most of us, the board included, were hesitant to pull the plug or ask for him to go. There is possibly also the issue of compensation if he was sacked but none of us know the terms of the contract so that aspect is hard to say. We may still go down with RF/MM combo but if we do then we have to pull together to try and bounce back (again). The gulf in the parachute payment and league money was reduced between divisions when the SPL/SFL became the SPFL but its still significant. If we are all bickering amongst ourselves then the extremely difficult task of trying to bounce back in a year or two might become impossible. If its any consolation, I do see parallels with Toronto FC !!! TFC were absolute s*** under manager Aron Winter and after he was sacked we were just as bad with his former #2 Paul Mariner who also ended up sacked and then Ryan Nelson who got the same treatment .... but then the club gave the job to managerial newbie Greg Vanney. His first season in charge - with high profile signings like Michael Bradley, Jermain Defoe, Julio Cesar (loan), and Gilberto - ended in turmoil after failing to make the playoffs, Defoe basically walking out, and many calling for Vanney's head due to tactical naivety .... but after all that, he quietly got through the off season, swapped Defoe for Altidore at Sunderland, brought in Sebastian Giovinco and a few other decent if unspectacular signings and TFC reached the playoffs for the first time in their short history before going out to Didier Drogba's Montreal. Last year it all clicked for Vanney and TFC reached the MLS Final eventually losing out to Seattle ... this year no-one is questioning Vanney's abilities despite starting the season slowly (1 win, 4 draws, 1 defeat). He has grown from being a 'rookie' manager thrown in at the deep end into the one with the best managerial record for TFC ever !!! I also find it quite strange that last year, on the final day of the season, Kenny was getting plaudits from the fans in the stadium for having a laugh and a joke with David Raven on the park, clearly to Yogi's chagrin ... yet here we are less than a year later and he seems to be the devil incarnate. As Jimmy Greaves used to say ... "Its a funny old game!" . Many believe the appointment of RF to be a mistake, and the length of contract to be silly, and perhaps it is with the benefit of hindsight ... but how many of the folk saying that have ever mentioned RF as a possible manager when going through rough spells under Butcher or Hughes ? Quite a few I would wager ! I know Kenny, I class him as a friend as well as chairman of our club and I know how much work he has done for our club over the 15+ years he has been involved either as a board member or as chairman. He will be hurting just as much as the rest of us, and he will be more than aware of mistakes that have been made, but equally I have no doubt he will look for solutions too whether that is to stop the slide or to have a plan in place to regain our top flight status if we are relegated. We accomplish nothing with all the in-fighting and back-biting .... If ICT do go down then we do it together, and we come back up together ! Following ICT has always been a roller-coaster ride ... and it always will be ... enjoy it !
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    A democratic referendum showed that Scots wished to stay in the EU, an opinion that has seen us dubbed a 'problem' and 'saboteurs' , and led to an opportunistic power grab by a Tory party with a long history of utter contempt for our country. Our votes count for less than nothing; they are used against us to further ensure we have no say in the future of either Scotland or the so called 'UK'. It is an appalling situation and a chilling prospect for future generations.
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    I am astonished that anyone is contemplating having John Hughes back as a manager. His signings were even poorer than Foran's and our style of play had become so predictable that teams soon sussed out how to play against us and we had no plan B. Would we have changed our style this season under John Hughes and been more exciting to watch, would he have signed better players than previously, the evidence suggests otherwise. There are in fact many similarities between JH and RF's style of management in that they are both stubborn and will not change their approach even when everyone can see that change is needed. Is that the one bit of experience RF picked up from JH?
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    Should have come to upper teer then? Caleyaway doing their best to support/lift the team
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    The wrong Richard has left the building.
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    Press have just released this picture taken at the recent board meeting :
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    Usually to judge if someone has a sense of humour, you write something funny first.
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    Agree totally and think a lot of this is down to his association with John Hughes. He is certainly a more experienced coach than RF. Unless you have evidence that this is the case, then this is just pure speculation and doesn't help matters.
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    So any prospect of bringing through any good young players for the first team is virtually nil. Lets just keep filling the squad with below average players from the Engish conference and bring in players on loan that are not good enough to play for their own clubs at the expense of our own youngsters.. Absolutely shocking news, the way the club runs their youth development is an absolute farce and needs completely overhauled, these guys should be the future.
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    Calls for replacements such as football dinosaurs such as this, Calderwood, Jocky Scott etc make me cringe almost as much as the continual calls for ex-ICT managers to return although achieving little in the game after their short, successful stints many years ago. Clearly the gamble of inexperienced manager doesn't always pay off such as with RF so far, yet as a club we shouldn't be afraid to keep being brave and giving new ideas a chance - but we need to also be proactive enough to recognize when this doesn't work and keep moving forwards rather than stagnate or even regress. There's young managers out there looking for their step up from lower leagues who at least have some experience but are ready for a bigger stage to try their luck - look at guys who could be on the way up, not those on their way down.
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    Well, that was a kick in the teeth. We were well on top for the whole of the first half, and certainly looked the more likely to score (though that wasn't saying much) until Cole's moment of lunacy. And then the team went completely to pieces; St. Johnstone could have scored two more in injury time as we basically lay down and let them walk through us. It was humiliating. McCart, McNaughton, Mckay and Polworth (after he was brought on) can hold their heads high. The rest of them should be embarrassed by their poor performances and complete lack of fight. The three goals we conceded were all embarrassing - Fon Williams blundered for the first, a stupid penalty given away for the second and a third goal that St. Johnstone literally walked in to the net because all of our players had given up. Bad teams concede bad goals...and every week we seem to concede really bad goals. It's hard to fault Foran for his lineup because the first half display was very decent - though it was typical that the day we finally started with a target man was the day that we decided to pass the ball instead of hoof it - but he takes a decent amount of blame for the way we fell apart. We finished the game with three strikers and no right back in some sort of 3-3-3 formation because he decided to bring on Boden even though Cole had been sent off. I know other results mean we aren't completely doomed, but it sure feels that way. We need to start thinking about next season's Championship. If we can afford to, we need to change manager now - not to save us, not even Jock Stein could keep this lot up - but so the new guy has time to get us prepared properly for next season. There is no reason left to stick with Foran - 1 WIN IN 21!!! - apart from the cost of paying off the remaining years of his contract.
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    I'd much rather be a Inverness fan than a County fan. We have dominated them since we joined the national set up. First up through the leagues, we have the Scottish cup, we have been in Europe. Despite them lot throwing a lot more money at it. When planning the criteria for the spl was 10,000 seats so we had to plan for that. County benefited from us getting there first, highlighting the ridiculousness of the rule and it being changed.
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    The time to start the blood-letting and taking stock will be when our fate is decided. We still have it in our own hands to avoid relegation and yes I am only too aware that games are running out but things could change for the better quickly if we could get a early win in the remaining games and lets remember that all the teams next to us will be taking points of each other. Lets use our energy to give the team all the positive backing we can and you never you the team may surprise you.
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    There are plenty of inexperienced managers who do pretty well in their first job, because they have an aptitude for it. The kindest I can be about Foran is to say that there is, after almost a full season, no evidence that has got what it takes to be a good manager. He inherited a decent mid table team with a solid core and quite a few players of top 6 calibre. His task was to form a new attacking spearhead, which he did by playing a lumbering forward upfront on his own. The board backed him fully and dug deep in January to bring in Mckay in particular, but to little avail. In a league of mostly mediocre sides, we have won only 4 games out of 31, whilst also being embarrassed in both cups. I just can't imagine that there is any manager in British professional football who could have done a worse job.
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    There were a few signs of life early in the second half, but ultimately we were hanging on at the end - three great saves from OFW kept us level. That's now 1 win from the last 18 league games, which is almost half a season's worth. Our tactics left us up against it from the word go. What manager thinks it is a good idea to play five of his starting eleven out of position - Raven, Brad Mckay, Laing, Draper and Cole (who is not an inverted winger, for the love of goodness). I'm sorry, but that's just idiocy. Laing was redundant as a defensive midfielder - Killie simply kept going wide and bypassing him, whilst he offered nothing in possession. We've been so much better in recent weeks with Draper playing deeper and offering a physical presence and proper protection, allowing Tansey to concentrate on getting on the ball and making things happen. Inexplicably, Foran played Draper further forward so we had no control in midfield at all. Thus the ball was just punted over Tansey's head again and again and again. That's even though Killie rarely pressed our centre-backs. Draper as a second striker just doesn't work. He's not that good in the air, nor is he particularly good at holding up the ball. Just because the guy is big doesn't mean he can play as a target man. Mckay is so isolated it's unreal. Either concentate on trying to dominate possession (which we would have done today with Polworth/Draper/Tansey as our midfield three) so he gets decent service, or play a proper target man alongside him. Ostracizing Alex Fisher at this point is a remarkable piece of self-harm on Foran's part. I refuse to believe that we couldn't compensate for Tremarco's absence more effectively than using three different players at left-back. Brad Mckay probably isn't good enough for this level in his best position (centre-back) but at right-back he's proven himself to be dreadful. Subbing him was an act of mercy. Foran showed his 'tactical genius' by switching the full-backs in the first half after Jones had roasted Mckay for the umpteenth time...only for Killie to immediately switch Jones to the other flank so he could skin him a few times more. Well, duh. It's incredible that Foran couldn't see that coming a mile off. We were lucky no more damage was done before Mckay was hooked. It's hard to know if its lack of confidence, or lack of faith in the plan (or both) but most of the players really didn't want to be on the ball today. I lost count of the number of times that our players chose to head or punt a ball away even with no opponent within 10 yards of them. We look like a team that has already been relegated, not one who still has a fighting chance of staying up.
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    Whilst I absolutely understand your frustration, can I just point out, and I could be wrong ( Usually am ) that we had to sign him now in order to register him for the European games, as with the games starting so early, they start before the Transfer Window opens, and I believe we can register Greg now that he's signed a pre-contract. Whilst not confirmed, it appears that Ryan Jack will be moving on and I think behind the scenes, McInnes knows this, therefore acted by confirming Greg's pre-contract, meaning we won't be short when Jack does leave. Sorry for intruding ladies & gents, absolutely no-one knew anything about this move until today though, quite incredible really the amount of ex-ICT players we have now. Hayes, Rooney, Shinnie, Storey & Tansey & this isn't a **** take, but allegedly, if Ash Taylor leaves, Josh Meekings is being lined up to replace him! With Accies defender Mikey devlin also a shout. Would take both over Taylor any day of the week! Anyway, hopefully you guys stay up, always a fiery, entertaining fixture between us & for some bizarre reason, whilst not doing too good a job, I have a soft spot for Richie Foran and wish him well.
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