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    I might be missing something here, but is anybody complaining about an atmosphere being created. It's the extra curricular activity that's not being condoned. Someone enlighten me. The young team make a noise, that's a positive. Somebody starts a fight?, that's a negative.
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    What a difference when we play Polworth in his proper position. Been one of the best players on the park two games running now.
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    Disappointing to lose a goal just before half time and then concede such a soft goal straight from our kick off at the start of the second half. Had we got to the hour mark without conceding we might have got something out of the game. That 2nd goal was a real sickener and full credit to the team for never giving up. We played very well against The Rangers on Friday but never quite matched that today. I don't think that was from any lack of effort, it was just that Celtic are head and shoulders above any other team in the league and put such pressure on the opposition. But having said that, if OFW had played like he did on Friday we would have run Celtic close. I thought Polworth was the one player whose performance was well down on Friday, when I thought he was excellent. How he got the sponsors MOTM beats me! Billy King was was my MOTM, particularly in the first half when he did some top class tackling back. King Billy put in a good shift but was frustrated by poor service from Polworth in particular and by a superb centre back pairing who never put a foot wrong all evening.. Overall, there was enough in that performance to suggest we can turn things round. The big worry is OFW's fitness. Richie may have a big decision to make there. He certainly has a big decision to make relating to Garry Warren. We now have decent options in defence and Warren has made one or two crucial errors and is lacking a bit of pace. Finally, a big well done to Iain Vigurs. Whatever one may think about Vigurs, I simply abhor fans booing their own player when he comes on. When he came on he really played for the shirt. He fought for the ball and then used the ball well when he got it. If he could keep that up for 90 minutes he would be first on the team sheet every week.
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    new flag gotten today. Not sure where to post it so i thought i would stick it up here. Thoughts?
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    Obviously the pre-Christmas update didn't happen, but the club took a huge step forwards in regards to developing it's online offerings with the installation of a high speed line at the stadium during the past week.....and we'll be working hard over the next few days to try and get ourselves in a position to launch live streaming with the Rangers game on Friday night for overseas fans, with an on-demand option being made available for UK viewers after the hold back period. We'll be doing some testing Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday evening so keep your eyes peeled on here for information on how you can help with that by patching in to streams and giving us feedback on how it functions etc. We have made a start on the second part mentioned in my last post above by adding 2 new volunteers to the Media Team. Liam and Sean have been with us for a couple of weeks now and are quickly coming up to speed....in fact I can say with some confidence that they have already passed the point of being time consuming (through the need to be trained etc) and are now productive members of the team. As well as assisting on match days with the first team, they will also be covering development matches as and when available. Priority will be on our home games to start with, but that will extend to away games more and more as we build on their skill set and ability to function independently....it all just takes a little bit of time.
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    Tell us, who was it that was trying to get rid of players like Raven and Tremarco? Who was it that didn't offer Brill a new deal? Which manager wasn't giving Nick Ross game time and forced him into seeking it elsewhere? Since you are so up to speed on all things John Hughes.....tell us, how many players did he sign, how many appearances (on average) did these players make and how many are still at the club? Value for money? When the manager needed support (due to injuries etc) the board backed him to such an extent he had the largest squad and largest budget of any manager at ICTFC. Despite that he failed to do what he said he could/would and you think he should have been given even more? Feel free to add me to the list of people who think you're delusional.
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    Alan.... for several years now, ICT has had two basic sources of income and relies on them BOTH to maintain its ongoing business (ie keep its head above water) - 1) regular earnings like league gate receipts, TV money and SPFL dividends and 2) Windfalls. These include the likes of transfer fees, cup runs (not, as Don says, Europe though), an exceptionally high league placing, one-off investments and even on one occasion selling the club's last significant tangible asset, the Social Club. Unfortunately there has been this misapprehension that any time one of these windfalls comes along, the purse strings can suddenly be loosened and the club can start splashing out on extra players. It doesn't work that way. All the things I mentioned in category 2 are part and parcel of basic operations and if there's a period when they DON'T happen then I would imagine that a bit of financial concern materialises. For instance I have always understood the sale of the Social Club to have been made to fill such a gap. As a result, it's a non-starter to suggest "pushing the boat out". There is no boat there! What you said about ambition was "if the board had matched (Yogi's) ambition.... I believe we'd have been pushing for Europe". That cannot be construed as anything other than an implication that the Board's ambition is inadequate or lacking. It also, however, implies that Yogi's expectation of how much money should be available was the realistic one and the Board were in some respect falling short in some way. It could instead be argued that Yogi did fine with Butcher's team but when it came to having to sign his own players, he was unable to do this in as financially efficient a manner as his predecessors.
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    Charlie charlie charlie....you are a feckin charlie!!!! You are an obnoxious, opinionated fool. I hate to fall back into the old argument, but if that 50 attendees is money well missed, are you going to reimburse the club. for a man who has personally made money from the club, when was the last time you put your hand in your pocket for that club? and describing others as neds because they dress and act a certain way?and dont fit into your perfect image of a football fan? definitely childish. and from such a mature, well educated man of means as well... I have never and will never condone acts of violence towards fellow football fans or others, i can understand why it happens. look at this forum, for example. how many people on here, who are supposed to be 'mature' get into heated childish arguments over disagreements? so it's really quite understandable that a group of testosterone and often alcohol fueled teens act in a similar manner. and the general disapproval of 'ultras' is a bit annoying too. i actually think an ultra group can be good for a club, not only do they lead the vocal support of a club, they can also do more for the club and community as a whole. I look to the Green Brigade of Celtic for a leading example in the UK...not only do they provide a wonderfully vocal and visual support for their club, they also raise donations in the thousands for charities, food drives for food banks etc. but because they wear SI or bucket hats they're simply neddy hooligans!? think not. some of them might be, but to make that generalisation is a bit naive. in reference to the Young Teams choice of fashion - Stone Island etc. is actually quite sensible apparel for attending football matches - warm, waterproof etc.
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    Some of the replies to this thread about the young fans at the bottom of section E are frankly disgusting. Describing them and their parents as "neddy" is frankly deplorable and not something I'd expect from the usually friendly supporters of this football club. What right do you have to assume or judge the financial or social state of people who you have likely never met? If that's how you perceive your fellow ICT fans, maybe you shouldn't be one yourself, because we don't want you. Perhaps cricket or Conservative Party conferences are more your thing. Throughout Scotland, ICT are slated for poor home/away support and a non existent atmosphere. Since the group have come along, the atmosphere at the club has improved greatly and it's clear to see that the players appreciate it. Who wants to go to a football game with no atmosphere? Frankly the club has been crying out for a group of fanatical supporters for years. Since discussions with the club, the older boys who run the group have put a stop to the pyrotechnic displays and have kept the younger boys in check. Without this group on Saturday, it's 50 less fans and over £500 in lost ticket revenue for the club. The 'young team' spend their money and their time to support this football club, home and away, week in and week out, even after only two league wins since October. They deserve our respect for that. They’re hardly Millwall or CSKA hooligans, smashing up train stations and pubs wherever they go. I guarantee we would have had more violent fans in the Highand League days. For how many years have we heard the club and other supporters cry out for more fans at games? Well since this group started at the Celtic game in late 2015, they've doubled in size. Clearly some people in here have just been born a 40 year old sweetie rustler who has no idea what it's like to be young and to be a real football fan.
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    Laurence. A bit like CB, I’ve avoided this one because it becomes wearisome to witness the amount of bunkum churned up and presented as fact by both sides. Mostly, it’s just that – bunkum, but occasionally there comes along one dripping in arrogance, half truth, misplaced observation and plain falsehood. It’s usually unionist and your post fits the bill Before anyone gets apoplectic I’ll explain why. That Scotland cannot afford to be independent is simply untrue. Economically, brexit – driven and idealogically born in England - changes everything. The economic cost to the UK of leaving the EU could be as high as a reduction of 10 per cent in average incomes by 2030. If Scotland, by becoming independent, can avoid that fate then there is a clear long term economic gain. Also, if it can remain in the single market, it becomes a gateway to inward investment and immigration that the UK used to be. David Davis for RUK, on the other hand hasn’t even counted the cost (see his answers to Hillary Benn in committee this week) A hard brexit will mean potentially crippling levels of tariff imposed on Scottish goods. The question actually is that can Scotland afford NOT to be independent. NHS Scotland has an annual budget of £12.2 billion per year and as you know is paid for through general taxation (including that levied on it’s 160,00 or so employees) As you know, general taxation is not tied to oil and gas revenue so I can’t really see where the direct correlation arises. Anayway, the oil and gas industry is not funded by UK treasury. Income from it has dropped to £60 million per year from £8.1 billion per year – bad enough in it’s self – but your assertion isn’t true. It’s possible to improve overall economics by growing revenue (see above) and redefining spending priorities such as not continuing to fund part of a £205 billion spend on nuclear submarines. There’s your NHS. OPEC has always controlled oil prices and this will not affect Scotland more than it will any other country. The current crisis has been precipitated by OPEC driving down prices to make (mainly) US fracking unsustainable. Given that Scotlands policy is to be 50% reliant on renewables by 2030 (currently, scottish renewable generation makes up approximately 26.4% of total UK output) If oil prices rise again by 2022 (your figure, not mine) the net revenue rises against a lower cost base. All to the good, improves overall economics. I needn’t point out that none of this is UK Gvernment policy. There are 2.52 million income taxpayers in Scotland (8.5% of UK total) generating £11.4 billion per annum. They can (and do) support the country. Scottish productivity is 4 times that of the UK average. The balance of payments (structural deficit) is challenging but addressing it “as is” implies no change in funding, policy or investment in the case of independence. You can bet your bottom dollar that change would in fact be rapid, progressive and egalitarian in focus. Your next two points regarding trucks at gretna and their contents are demostrably nonsense but they illustrate a point. It’s where the drippy arrogance comes in. Discount whisky, salmon, beef and lamb, chemicals, petroleum products, electronics, renewables and textiles which accounted for £4.3 billion in revenue in 2013. Discount that almost two-thirds of Scotland's total exports fall into five categories: business services, instrument engineering, chemicals, food and beverages, and mechanical engineering. There is expertise in this country. Other Scottish exports include textiles and equipment and technology relating to renewable energies. Discount that top importers of Scottish products include Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United States Timber and Livestock ? Wheesht.. Whilst we are at it, the Greece argument is utter tosh and originally produced as a headline in the Times, nothing more. It was based on data and methodology which was flawed to say the least (it quotes, for instance, the Scottish “addiction” to tax and spend) and has been widely discredited. Greece was an economic basket case and bears no resemblance to the Scottish scenario. There you have it friend. Not a single point you have made stands scrutiny. I appreciate and welcome your right to input and put forward arguments but at least “do the math” before committing – that way you might realise that you will have no bill to pay.
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    The simple fact is he did track back and as the ball hit him rather than him deliberately using his arm/elbow, what has that got to do with anything. Vigurs is not the only player who has not always performed for us this season but seems to be getting all of the criticism from certain quarters which is wholly unjustified. I will say it again, the booing of any player by the home fans is simply not justified in the circumstances it was done on Wednesday and should not be condoned by any ICT supporter.
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    How many on this thread can honestly say they expected anything other than what happened last night ?What is adding to our woes are other results at this time not going in our favour .I know before I get blown out of the water we shouldn't be relying on other results but it is what it is . We all need to pull together and get behind Richie and his team ,starting against Partick a week on Sat that will be a crucial game ...CJT are running bus to this game so please book a seat and come along and show the team we are not ready to give up on them . Bus details on another thread . As for fans booing Vigurs it's a cheap form of bullying and these supposed fans should be filtered out (someone knows who they are )and given a ban we don't need that disgusting behaviour .IMO Vigurs is one of our strongest players . People seem forget it wasn't his choice to leave us in the first place Butcher in his madness got rid of him .I for one am glad to have him back in our team ..... I await the backlash ,and I don't mean on the pitch !!!
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    Things we learned this evening: 1) Celtic are miles better than anything we've seen in Scottish football for a long time. Didn't need to get out of 2nd gear. 2) as hard as this is to say, the presence of Gary Warren significantly weakens our defence. In the interests of the team and results he should be dropped for Saturday. 3) Brad Mckay can't play left back. I know that celtic were getting joy down the left early on but they weren't getting in behind or creating anything clear cut. Switching him and Raven didn't work and it should have been left as it was. Raven on the left and Brad on the right was the least worst option. 4) we have no pace if Mulraney doesn't play. 5) OFW is the streakiest keeper we've had. 6) tonight means nothing and was never going to. We need to pick up points from the rest starting this Saturday at Firhill.
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    Small things all add up. Firstly, Richie has found a shape that works, packing the midfield with energetic players and pace out wide. Secondly, everybody has upped their game, fighting for every ball and covering for each other. Thirdly - and this cannot be over-stated - Billy Mckay. He hasn't scored many (yet), but his work-rate, intelligent runs, ability to hold the ball, link play and rush defenders, is massive. What a difference when the ball is cleared and a blue shirt is there first to bring in the midfield and get an attack going. Compare that to when we hat Doumbouya, when he rarely got to the ball and when he did, it bounced back to the opposition for them to launch another attack.
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    JH was the author of his own downfall at ICT. Managers will invariably push their chairmen for more money but that should have been kept in house. The moment he went bleating to his friends in the media he was acting entirely in his own interests and against those of the club. Richie has obvious shortfalls in his ability as a coach, at least for now, but there is no doubting that he has more class in that respect than Yogi.
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    Nor should he show any bitterness towards ICT. He was more than happy to sign a 2 year contract extension with us. I cannot for a minute believe that at the time of signing he did not know what the likely budget was going to be. Yet within a very short while he is complaining openly about it, and I for one believe, deliberately engineering his exit , at great financial cost to the club. This I believe led to us making the risky, possibly 'cheap option', of promoting Foran, which many folk will now see as a mistake, and who knows what longer term financial problems lie in store, especially if we go down.
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    I've highlighted below some abuse that has until now gone un-checked by moderators...rules need to be applied across the board, surely??
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    Boden looked alright when he came on last week, but by and large he's looked terrible. Against Elgin he made Vigurs look hardworking! Fisher though is another matter. He's always impressed me. Strong, powerful, fairly fast for his size and very hard working, he's exactly the type of guy you want in there next to Mckay. Yet he hasn't played since Hogmanay and sometimes doesn't even make the bench, as well as being seemingly further down in the pecking order than the aforementioned, usually rubbish Scott Boden and Sunday League superstar Dean Ebbe. There were rumours a while back that there'd been a fallout behind the scenes and alas it looks as though this is true. At times like this, we need players like him in the side and the manager should be the bigger man and let bygones be bygones. His decision not to include Fisher could have huge consequences come May. We were partly relegated in 2009 by Butcher's ego. Let's hope we aren't sent down by Foran's.
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    I take the view that those who actually paid hard earned cash to watch are entitled to vent there entirely justified frustration. Remember these frustrations are borne not merely out of one derby match were a winning position was lost but out watching too many all too familiar performances all league season.
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    Second game in a row. Absolutely disgraceful. Picking out Vigz to be the brunt of everyone's frustrations...totally unfair. There's more players this season that have worse performances. RF has done the right thing, he's playing him off the bench-what more can be done? i can't believe at this point that we're booing any of our own players! Thought we were better than that.
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    Now, that was more like it! Well done Richie for sticking with the successful formula! Stand out performances were Fon Williams, Tansey, Mulraney and Mckay! However, every single player played their heart out and showed they wanted it. You can't ask for more. A word for King Billy: his hold-up play was superb all night and he forced error after error from harrying defenders. Then wins the pen and, was there something else? Oh yes, back to goal, defender all over him and overheads it into the top corner. Take a bow sir, you will be our saviour. What a fantastic 90 min of entertainment- that is what football is all about.
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    With the tight turnaround for us to get everything in place to stream the Rangers game (Outside UK & Ireland) I've not had a chance to sort the new online home for it, so we'll be keeping it basic for tomorrow night. If you are planning tuning in then you'll need to register an account on ICTFC.com to gain access. Payment is taken via PayPal....but you can use your card if you don't have a PayPal account (instructions are given). It'll cost you £5 for the live stream (introductory offer).....and all being well, we'll also offer it On Demand in the UK after the holdback time....which I need to triple check, but should be midnight for Friday games. Oh....the match will also have our own commentary on it. We're not set up to offer commentary only in the UK for tomorrow night, but do intend to make it available in the future (for a small fee). I'll paste up the links here, on the front page of ictfc.com and via social media as soon as possible tomorrow.
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    Thought we were poor 1st half, 2nd half was better, should have capitalized on pressure we put them under and put the game to bed. Despite defense looking ok we all knew we were gonna concede a goal, could not understand why RF didn't make a change. It was obvious county were going to put pressure on towards the end, the only outlets were Mackay and Anier who were looking tired and needed help/changed for fresh legs (Boden/king/cole).
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    Maybe it's you who should wind his neck in. Don't drown in the hype - we are in serious trouble and your job will probably be one of the first to be ditched if this manager doesn't wake up and get our formation right.
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    sounds like the establishment talking.
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    Plenty of booing going on around me last night I made my feelings known, we should never boo our team or any of its players, I actually thought Vigurs played OK when he came on, showed some fight and a few good touches on the ball, to be fair to the lads, they were chasing shadows, Celtic are a class above anything in Scotland
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    Polworth had good moments including that lovely volley and some forward runs but I was disappointed to see him make absolutely no effort to track back a few times when he lost possession in forward areas. He just seemed to spit the dummy/lose heart/give up way too easily.
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    Park the bus but issue Mulraney, Cole and Mckay a "Park and ride" ticket.
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    I've been very critical of him recently but I love this.....
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    What complete and utter nonsense! In fact condesending nonsense. I was a Caley fan before the merger. Didnt have a big club! I go to both home and away games. I go to Dev league games. Im not saying Im more or less a fan than anyone else but my boys (brought up solely as ICT fans) will tell you Im just as fanatical as them!
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    It's the pies that do it....I speak from experience.
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    I don't know if these are the same young fans that I have witnessed behaving as louts on three occasions after games this season, sincerely hope not given their support as detailed above but............ after the first County home game, some young neds starting shouting and challenging any County fans heading their way after the game. I told them to shut up and behave themselves and, despite wearing an ICT jacket, scarf and baseball cap, they started abusing me before running after County fans. The same group did the same thing after the Kilmarnock game. The worst thing however was after the Aberdeen game when walking back up Longman Road. Two young Aberdeen fans in front were walking towards the city centre when a group of young ICT fans (4/5) starting abusing the young fans (no more than 14/15 years old) who sensibly kept on walking. Then one young ICT "fan" started punching/hitting the Aberdeen fans trying to get a reaction which they didn't get. Again I challenged these "fans" but they then started shouting abuse at my son in law and myself. Fortunately this distraction let the two young fans get mixed up with a crowd of people further ahead and no further trouble ensued. First time in my life, I had ever witnessed something like this. As I have said, don't know if these were the same fans fighting in the pie queue but these actions do not make them real football fans in my book.
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    The only "arrogant nonsense" I've seen on this thread would be the way you described the young fans and their parents. I can't see you having many pals if that's how you judge and treat people.
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    Would that be the one in the Times? The one in which respondents are asked to choose between a referendum in "the next year or two", a referendum "in about two years"(after negotiations), or no referendum "in the next few years". Can you explain how a referendum, possibly taking place some time between Autumn 2018 and September 2019, when the terms of the negotiations should clear, or even be ready to be debated in all EU Parliaments, do not conform to both "the next year or two" and "in about two years" questions...making that 32% + 18% (ie 50%) in favour of Nicola Sturgeon's time frame....and 50% preferring "not for a few years" which could be any time after "about two years" ...couldn't it? Anyway, it is pretty much the same split as in the last poll. I notice, incidentally, that a Comres poll has 52% of those polled saying that any second Scottish referendum on independence should not wait until Britain has completed the process of leaving the EU....which does fit nicely with the preferred option of Nicola Sturgeon.. The last seven polls have had three with an increased pro-indy vote, two with the pro-indy vote much as it was in 2014 and two with a drop in the pro-indy vote that one and one which does not include the 16 and 17 year olds in their sampling. Must admit, I have never given polls any credence since I was once polled, during a General Election in a constituency with an SNP candidate(who won incidentally) but there was no SNP(or "Other" option) on the form...so I was put in by the person asking the questions as a Lib/Dem...and I haven't believed a poll since. But they're fun to talk about.
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    I agree, however Mackay needs some support and Fisher certainly has the energy and pace to make a good partnership, wot is there to loose at this stage of the game. We need to try something to increase the chance of the ball getting into the back of the net!
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    Seriously Dougal??. There have been poor ICT sides and also badly managed ones previously as well. We have no right to be in the top division and have to earn that. Possibly no surprise that the two teams with the smallest budgets are the bottom two clubs. If we can stay up, and I believe we can, then it will be equally as hard next season with Hibs coming up into the SPFL. Undoubtedly, mistakes have been made by our manager this season but he has had to learn on the job and quickly. That is not totally RFs fault and the board have to accept a degree of culpability here for that and their handling of John Hughes departure and the financial impact it has had on the club. Jury is out as to whether he is learning well but he will be there until the end of the season so needs support. If the unthinkable happens and it is obvious that we will be relegated, the board has to seriously reappraise the situation to be prepared for next season very quickly. As for yesterdays game, definitely think we deserved to win, after a poor first half but we needed a wide player brought on sooner to help us with an out ball from defence. While not setting the heather on fire, thought Anier did okay yesterday and kept the County defenders on their toes. The battling qualities are back at last but we need to get some wins starting with Kilmarnock. The game against Motherwell before the split is now also hugely significant. From reading previous posts, there are definite splits between some posters on whether we played well or otherwise. This is sadly depressing and I wish everyone put the same effort into supporting the team. Good debate is healthy, petty point scoring isn,t.
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    Today was the first time that I have lost faith in the team and the manager. The starting line up was horrendous. Every punter in the stadium could see we needed to make changes after we scored but not the manager. And how Vigurs continues tunes to get selected is beyond me. I believe we have the players and ability to stay up but I fear Foran's inadequate management will be what tages us down. I'm off to get pushed now.
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    By a 'very vocal minority' I am assuming you are meaning MSPs from two parties together winning a majority in a democratically elected parliament less than a year ago when each of those parties had clearly stated in their manifestos an intention to hold a second referendum in the circumstances that now prevail.
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    Great post DD. Was shocked at booing of Vigurs before he even came on. Esp as those booing had been giving team such great support
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    Tonight's result is a bit of a sickener for us. In fact since we got that long awaited win on Friday, Killie unexpectedly won at St J, Partick unexpectedly beat Hearts and now high flying Aberdeen lose to bottom side Hamilton (again). We clearly can't rely on anyone else doing us any favours, just got to get more wins for ourselves.
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    I think there are three main factors. Firstly, Liam Polworth is a fantastic and fantastically committed player who has been wasted for most of the season by being played out of position when he has been played at all. The last couple of games have shown beyond doubt just what a difference this round peg can make when placed in a round hole and it seems that the manager has got the message and if he's continued to be played in his most effective position for the rest of the season I'm convinced he will reward the manager by continuing to make a difference. Secondly, Billy McKay brings with him not only his obvious goal threat but an ability and willingness to run tirelessly for 90 minutes getting into threatening areas and pulling defenders out of position in a way that the other strikers we've played this season, whatever other qualities they may have, simply aren't capable of. Thirdly, OFW has recently regained his confidence and, with it his form which in turn has made a big difference to the confidence of the defence in him. My only comment on Friday's defensive selection is that, as decent as Laing and McCart are, I would not play either of them ahead of a fit Gary Warren. I appreciate that Warren has not been in the best of form but neither had those around him and there's no reason why his confidence and form won't improve with the others. On his day, there are not many better in the league. We can't be complacent. There's no doubt that we are still in a bitter relegation dog fight but recent events make me, for one, think it's a fight that we have much more chance of winning than appeared likely at the beginning of the month after that abject defeat at Hamilton. Finally, we the fans must continue to play our part as we did on Friday.
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    We won! I'd forgotten just how good it feels!
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    Cos I only know that there's going to be a show and the Caley Thidtle will be there. 1000th in the Premiership against Rangers - wasn't even a Feckin dream in 1994.
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    All testing has gone to plan, just got to put together the pages for it on the new website and we'll be good to go for tomorrow night. I'll post more info later.
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    A UK wide referendum has the same franchise as a General Election, Scotty....so ex-pats who were registered to vote in UK within the previous 15 years, Irish and Commonwealth citizens living in UK can vote, but not EU citizens resident in the UK, Lords, or prisoners. For Brexit, Gibraltar was added for the referendum because it was going to be directly affected. The franchise for the Independence Referendum was the same as for a Scottish election.....a current voter registration at a Scottish address.....Westminster didn't extend the ex-pat rule to Wales, NI or Scotland elections. I'm pleased about that, because I don't see why anyone who has moved away permanently enough to have given up his home in Scotland (or anywhere else in the UK, for that matter) should have the right to continue to influence the make-up of any UK Government and not suffer ALL the consequences of the choice they made. It's bad enough that people living elsewhere, with a second home in Scotland, can register to vote...and influence the results of elections which will only affect them from time to time. It is an offence to vote twice in the same type of election, but a Scottish Election is not a General Election. And aren't you lucky...because the Government is thinking about letting ex-pats vote in UK elections for life....which is flaming ridiculous!