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    As part of that media team for a long time, I can safely say that without @CaleyD there would have been no media presence at the club and what you are getting now is what you would always have had - or worse. Another guy who took nothing out of the club - no pay, no freebies, nothing. Someone who drove the team all over the country in his own car, sometimes at his own cost. A guy who drove a clapped out club minibus to Charlton and back with @ANDYCAM. Someone who singlehandedly got the team progressing from written previews and reports to pre and post match video and then on to match coverage with commentary. Someone who occasionally bought equipment that was needed. Someone who put our club twitter account into the realms of national coverage and recognition and facilitated the main star of that twitter account into accomplishing things that he never thought he could. (In the spirit of the "stig", that bit will remain cryptic) Put the club and CJT's web pages together and maintained them. All of this was done in circumstances that were far from ideal, sometimes with little cooperation and appreciation and occasionally at detriment to his health. Of course, being club media, it was never our job to hold the players or manager to account. We were there to support and the MSM could do the other stuff. It has been difficult sometimes to see the carping and personalised rubbish written on here and directed by people who, if they had put in half of @CaleyDs effort would have made a real difference to the club and it's suppporters. Still, it's easier to snipe. As @Fraz says, sometimes you just don't know what you've got until it's gone. Thanks for a great experience Don. You'll be missed.
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    I'm as happy clapping as they come but I've not renewed mine (or my daughters) Early bird period is far too short not going into next payday so I can't afford it. It's even less appealing at the non EB price. Plus we have no manager, barely enough players, no vision for the future direction of the club or anything regarding investment. In fact no communication whatsoever aside from asking for money. Finally I can only reiterate what others have said regarding the price. To keep it the same price in a lower league with one less game, no derby or any big game is inexcusable. There should have been a £30 to £40 reduction. At the very least they could have thrown in the first home cup game but no. After a terrible season watching dross this is what the new administration come up with? Unbelievable. I love going to the football and have never not had a Season Ticket since I moved back from Glasgow nearly 9 years ago but I can't feel anything other than were being taken for granted on this occasion. Honestly feeling very torn at the moment.
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    Paul Gascoigne? Good Lord.
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    I'm not sure I want to pay extortionate prices to watch a team managed by Gus McPherson or Maurice Malpas. The fact of the matter is, as I alluded to on the other thread - we might all care about the club but the club cares for us not a jot. We aren't valued fans, we're just a number and a customer. Your club doesn't care about you, they only care for your cash.
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    I already give over £300 per season for my season ticket with arguably limited value for money - why would I just give a charitable donation to a business? Giving hand-outs doesn't do anything other than encourage spending outwith your means which means in the future another hand out is needed. If my business cant run at a profit then it will fail - nobody will just donate me money, this whole idea that football clubs should be exempt from normal business practices including balancing of the books is a bizarre one.
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    Sheerin won the Development League in 2016. Also, please put some clothes on.
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    Absolutely pathetic. We've got ten outfield players and no manager. We haven't announced anything about players to be released or retained or anything. But we put out a press release saying that we are keeping Premiership prices in the Championship with a line like that in it. We aren't in a position to be arrogant. I understand that we probably need to keep those prices but FFS, at least sugar coat it with some sort of positive announcement.
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    I heard Robbo on Sportsound yesterday and was very impressed by what he had to say .He spoke with a lot of passion and determination to do well .Has been over the border looking at a couple of new signings but didn't give anything away to jeopardise that . Apparently although he hasn't managed for five years it's not been for the want of offers ,but the right one came up last week !! Spoke highly of our fan base of loyal fans although not huge but hopes that will change . It felt like the backbone is evident once more . Personally I can't wait for season to start and wish him every success and hope he can do the necessary for us . Go Robbo !!!!!
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    Agreed. Neither of our last two managers had good contacts or knowledge of the lower divisions for finding new talent. Robbo, thanks to his passion for the game has extensive knowledge of the game from youth level upwards. So I am very hopeful that he can built a third generation ICT to rival the last two. No doubt there will be lots of ups and downs, and maybe more of the latter first, but now he's in we have to give him a bit of time and support to get it right. Sure, some people have reservations, but that would be the case whoever we brought in, and at least a decision has been made relatively quickly so he can get on with it, rather than an extended period of uncertainty which has happened previously.
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    Personally, I'm happy with Robbo coming back - he ticks most of the boxes for me. Bit of a left-field choice, mind.. 1). He is (obviously, given he lives here!), willing to be based up here, 2). Not an untried manager - previous experience at this level (again, obviously, given season 2003-04!), so less of a risk. 3). Enthusiastic & keen personality. More so than some of the other candidates mentioned! 4). Has, I think, a genuine affinity with ICT & the Highlands in general. In short, someone who is a good 'fit' for us. Would have been happy enough with Sheerin, but maybe Robbo is less of a 'risky appointment'? And Danny Lennon, who is, probably, a decent manager, didn't exactly fill me with excitement... Welcome back Robbo!!
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    The communications from the club have been pish for years, the club statements are poorly written, aren't clear and in many cases are actually infuriating. Things like the statement about Greg Tansey when he was targeted by Aberdeen, the bizarre statement when Hughes left, the fact that we were publicising a "one course meal and pay bar" for the Champions League final minutes after we were smashed by our local rivals. That's continued in this close season. A perfunctory statement detailing that Foran is leaving, a few puff pieces about the new board and then worst of all the announcement of season ticket prices. If the statement on season tickets had been thought through even for a couple of minutes then it would've included an acknowledgement that some fans would be disappointed at the prices but that the club need to maintain them to allow us to challenge then people might have come around to it. As it was there a single, throwaway sentence about the prices. You don't need to be a communications genius to anticipate what the reaction will be to something and try to head it off at the pass, as it were. When you look at clubs like Hearts and Hibs who have focused on communications from the board and club, it's night and day for us and it doesn't have to cost money. The updates Hearts issue from Ann Budge, the way Leanne Dempster has had an impact at Hibs - this is a cultural change and it doesn't have to cost money. Since the board talked about appointing a general manager, the role has been discussed as something like having a 'football man' on the board, like Malpas or Butcher. I think the role needs to be more than that, needs to encompass how the club engages with the fans, with sponsors and local businesses, with government agencies, with the wider community. A big part of that is having someone with overall responsibility for this and the GM could do that. I'm sure Don did lots for the club without pay and the YouTube stuff is excellent. The Twitter account was engaging and responded well to queries rather than just pushing out links to the website, which is a lot better than most clubs official Twitter accounts. I do think that perhaps the club have taken advantage of him a bit if he's been doing all this without pay though and there's surely someone at the club now who can operate a Twitter account to send out the latest fixtures? It's almost passive-aggressive to just not do anything.
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    W/regards to Foran - I have no clue and as previous posters have said, we will never know in detail as it is confidential business information. You might be able to jump to a semi-valid conclusion if you pore through next year's accounts and compare staff costs or other categories, but the information is not going to be made public ... never has before and never will be in future .... W/regards to Kenny Cameron : He retired. end of story. no payoff there. To be honest, I am getting quite sick of the attacks on his character in multiple threads. Those that know him know he is a polite, soft-spoken, honest and genuine guy, who always had time to talk to any fans who wander into the stadium and ask for a chat. He is also a man who cares deeply about ICT and its fans (I have watched him go to bat for the 'kids' in the north stand on more than one occasion when he was a director and not yet chairman and those kids were getting hassle from overbearing stewards) and under his stewardship we did maintain our spot in the Premiership (until this year), won the Cup and got into Europe. Did he make a mistake with RF? Yes he did, and with the benefit of hindsight I am sure he would tell you the same thing ... although at the time (almost) everyone seemed happy with the natural progression that fans had talked about for years with Richie foran moving into the manager's chair. He might not be everyone's idea of a 'football man' but he has been around the club for almost as long as it has existed in various roles. He has put far more into it than he has ever taken out (like most current or former directors and chairmen). Did he get a financial benefit from ICT? Depends how you look at it .... the cynical would say yes and damn the details, but to my knowledge he is (or was) not pulling in a wage, but like many who have preceded him (and likely those that follow him) he has claimed reasonable expenses from the club for going about the job of chairman. You want to rip off a football club? or get rich running it? .... then you dont pick a perennial loss making team like ICT where every penny is watched ... and anyone who thinks differently is living in cloud cuckoo land !
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    I too am horrified at the lack of consideration by the Board in setting these prices. What a cheek they have asking for Premier League season ticket prices to watch a lower league product. This is nothing to do with fans loyalty and lots to do with the Board's total disregard for the paying public. They fail completely to understand that fans do not have a endless supply of funds to allocate to their Saturday fix. I have now decided to give up one of my two tickets which I have held since the stadium opened, and was effectively a donation. No manager, no team, no football presence on the Board and a crass statement accompanying the price sheet does not equate to a rush to buy tickets.
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    I think we should've sacked him in January, or at least in April when it became clear that we were looking certain to go down. But when we kept him it seemed as though the board had decided to persevere and keep going, thinking the experience would make Foran a better manager. I don't agree that it would've but fair enough, it's at least a plan. To sack him now? It seems to fly in the face of any plan. One reason why the club has enjoyed success in the past few decades is how we've managed changes in manager. We've suffered from losing managers to bigger, richer clubs but we've used that to help develop the club and improve. When Paterson left, we got money for him and recruited probably the most promising young coach in Scotland at that time and gave him a settled, excellent squad to work with. When Robertson left we got money for him and were able to bring in Brewster, who had success in his first time at the club and improved the professionalism of the players. Between then we had a few shakier managerial spots but then when Butcher came in we had someone who clearly had a plan for rebuilding and used his pull and influence to reshape the club for the top flight. When Butcher left, we appointed Hughes, who got a great squad sitting second in the league and helped develop them into the best season our club has ever had, and likely ever will have. The common factor is that we knew when to let a manager go, we knew how to recruit a replacement and we used these scenarios to advance the club. When Dundee United came in for Hughes last season we should've let him go. We should've taken compensation and allowed him to leave - it was clear that we were stagnating, that Hughes' signings were dross but we also had a better squad and would've been an attractive prospect for a manager. As it stands, I think our board decided to stand too firm against United, ended up falling out with Hughes and put us in the position of costing us money and trying to build Foran as manager on the cheap. It hasn't worked and we're now down and Foran has had his managerial career sacrificed for it. It's a sad indictment of the management of the club at all levels. What's vital now, though, is that we appoint someone solid and who can get us into a position to challenge to go back up, as well as moving the club forward. Not someone who's a complete throw of the dice but equally not some dreary conveyer belt Scottish manager from the 'Jobs For The Boys' school.
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    Kenny can take NO responsibility for the ST price decision, the complete bungling of the crucially important announcement of that controversial move or the more or less total information blackout there has otherwise been since relegation and his departure. That has all been under the new watch. The lack of information, communication or even acknowledgement that the fans and the public exist, cannot be laid at the door of the departure of CaleyD (although there was a rumour that he may not remain departed.) It's not rocket science putting stuff out to the media or on social media and I'm sure plenty people could have done this - if asked to do so from boardroom level. Ross County, for instance, issued three press releases today alone - and all directly to newsdesks, avoiding the complete nuisance of constantly checking the cybersphere. So we now know that Roy MacGregor will have another face to face with the fans at a Supporters' Open Meeting, that County have appointed Emily Wilson as their new General Manager and that NEW sales of the £200 Jail End STs have risen to 300. And that's just today's ration. This is all information which it's in the club's interest to volunteer, but I am enough of a conspiracy theorist also to note that, for instance, today's three releases show that County are 1) Communicating with their fans, including directly via the Chairman. 2) Are dealing with and publicising major appointments quickly and efficiently and 3) Are (OK with more than a little apparent help from a benefactor) attempting to increase their market share, especially in the face of the open goal which has voluntarily materialised in Inverness. Quite clearly County are specifically seeking to exploit ICT's weaknesses to their own advantage and who can blame them? It's called competition. Meanwhile on this side there's been a complete clampdown with everything remaining in the dark - to ICT's huge peril and disadvantage. I'm mystified as to why the new Chairman, as one of his first priorities, didn't set up and publicise a face to face open meeting with the Inverness fans. I certainly know very little about him apart from an unconfirmed anecdote that he lives in Edinburgh. But even if there was really quite little to say, the gesture and being seen to have made it, would have addressed at least some of the mounting dissatisfaction we are seeing. If Roy MacGregor can do this as a matter of course, surely it's far more urgent at a critical moment for Caley Thistle? Having observed the development of this club since before it was even born, I am quite dismayed that the critical, indeed potentially fatal, issue of obvious supporter disillusionment has now been ignored over the 23 vital days since relegation - which will best be remembered for a complete car crash of an announcement about season ticket prices. (By the way at the time of the last relegation, George Fraser was the Chairman.)
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    Kenny Cameron was also a very polite man and welcomed approaches and ideas from really genuinely interested parties who wanted to express their opinion politely and with well thought out views. And if you were lucky enough to be a guest of the club this visit would inevitably turn out to be a super experience where you would leave that club at the end of the day glowing with happiness and satisfaction. Now that takes real caring and a genuine interest from his heart to generate those kinds of feelings in any fan. And he was more than willing to share his time in advancing solid ideas in practical form alongside the person who wanted to actually do something positive. I know that to be a joyous fact from personal experience. There is no need for me to elaborate further but those who now denigrate him simply don't know him, his generosity of spirit, his sacrifices on behalf of, and his love for, the club and his willingness to give positive support to any suggestion that had any chance of success both for the club and for the enjoyment and emotional fulfilment of the person/fan who approached him for his support. Not to mention the glowing cheeks and heart of a little, disabled boy who once had a whale of a day on a matchday prior to leaving Inverness for another place. Good luck, Kenny, and God Bless You for all your hard work and loyalty to our Caley Thistle football club. .
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    Sorry for dredging this topic up again but as I have only just returned from our trip to Scotland and Norway I am playing catch-up with all the threads and various comments made ... and this was one thread I wanted to come back to and deliver my own comments. I actually find I dont have to type a huge amount as I echo each and every comment that Davie has made here. Kenny is a man of integrity who had a goal of making ICT better without breaking the bank or bankrupting the club. He put in long hours, mostly for little or no thanks, but at the end of the day he wasnt looking for the plaudits or the pats on the back, he was just looking for ICT to be successful and barring the last season where he put his faith in someone who we all wanted to be successful he has done so. His stewardship of the club has been excellent and the snide or ignorant comments made about him on a personal level by some who don't actually know him or the amount of work he does/did in the background are not only hurtful, but in my opinion close to defamatory. I have witnessed him stand up for our supporters when stewards and police wanted to wade into the North stand because they were standing. I have witnessed him making time for the younger fans and kids. I have heard numerous stories of him being accessible to the fans to the point of sitting down with them for coffee in the stadium or as Davie mentioned, doing the stadium tour ! Heck, look at how he handled that young boy who applied for the manager's job ! Most would just bin the letter, not Kenny, he replied and spoke with the kid ... who will remember that moment I am sure. On my recent visit, I was both gobsmacked and incredibly proud that he asked if my own son would like to be one of the mascots on the last day of the season. My son - who I take to TFC games every once in a while - came to Scotland saying his favourite players were Jozy Altidore and Sebastian Giovinco from Toronto FC ... he left Scotland with the top we bought last year all signed, a new one bought from the Errea trailer tucked in his luggage, and a couple of this year's squad pictures from the reception wall of his new favourite players ... David Raven and Jake Mulraney ! My boy was going to be an ICT fan anyway (if I could help it) but Kenny (and the players) made it a trip he will never forget. I have never seen a club like ICT where players, directors, and even the chairman are as accessible as they are at ICT and that ethos comes from the top down. Kenny - I applaud you for who you are and what you have done for ICT over two decades. As Davie says, enjoy your 'retirement', you deserve it.
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    New Chairman, new board members - same breathtakingly poorly constructed board statements, seemingly etched on the back of a cornflakes packet with crayons borrowed from sevco's press department. Does no one on the board actually proof read these statements before they're issued? I was under the impression that the board was littered with Fortune 500 captains of industry. Given they all seem to be retired/semi-retired heavy hitters surely they could wheel one of them into the stadium, between rounds of golf and afternoon G&Ts, to cast an eye over this opus before it's fired into the cyber world to echo through eternity. Suffice to say if someone put a statement of that quality in front of me at work they'd drown in a sea of red ink. If we move on to the actual content of said statement we quickly get to the following molten bronze pearl of wisdom..... "It is important that we select the right person for this key position.". Wow!, just wow! Although factually correct this could possibly be the greatest understatement since Captain Oates advised that he was going outside and might be some time. Given how poor their last selection was I would have thought the importance of not picking another clanger was abundantly clear to all and a more impassioned statement would have been appropriate at this juncture. Moving quickly to the retained playing staff, assuming we're successful in agreeing deals with Cammy MacKay and Kevin McNaughton that would leave us with 14 signed players, including three (3) goalkeepers. Perhaps a slight over provision in the goalkeeping region given the paucity of outfield players...just a thought. Least said about the ex Newport County retainee, soonest mended. I'm also intrigued by the "others targets" statement. Targeted by whom precisely? Rice? Kellacher? Tommy Cumming? a long serving G4S steward? It simply beggars belief that these guys think they're capable of identifying players who the new manager will ultimately have to work with. Retaining contracted players is one thing, bringing in square pegs to fit into a new manager's round holes seems to be a rather foolish enterprise, but hey, we're good at that these days. Enough already, I'm away for a lie down in a darkened room....
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    We will have one fewer home game next season too - so the cost per game will actually be higher even though we've been relegated. In contrast, we dropped season ticket prices by £100 following relegation in 2009!!! Basically, this is a thinly disguised attempt at fleecing loyal fans, or 'mugs' as the rest of the world would call us.
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    Izzy--good post! Time for some real objectivity and positivity now. Robertson seems to be a bustler who wears his heart on his sleeve. His temperament is that of a hustler too who won't suffer fools gladly and what he says is what he means. Cards on the table stuff but coming from a person with a wealth of background experience which unfortunately, Richie did not have. Chalk compared to cheese actually. I.e. he should garner the respect of the troops quickly and his advice and instructions should be heard loud and clear and applied as instructed... or else? IMHO -- just the ticket for ICT at this juncture of their history. Gentlemen of the Jury--it's onward and upward.
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    He's already got his £200 brief for the Jail End.
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    Hey, if Robbo is a success again, then great. And I'll be rooting for him in the same way I would have done for any new manager (unless Brewster had been brought back for a third go!!!) But how many 'political' appointments as manager tend to be successes? Not many. I would rather our manager was an outstanding candidate, rather than somebody's mate. And there is nothing on Robbo's recent (or not-so-recent) managerial CV to suggest he was an outstanding candidate. The whole process raises concerns about the way Inverness Caledonian Thistle is run. And I think that it's pretty reasonable for supporters to focus on those, as they are likely to have a big impact on the future of the club.
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    All in all I think we are on the up. Now it is the Fans turn to show a united front.
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    That sort of macho, intimidatory style of management did seem to work at one time, but even Ferguson acknowledges that it has had its day - and that can only be a good thing. The Calderwood case is different though - it's a matter of public record that he mocked, humiliated and then ostracised Ryan O'Leary when the player opened up to him about suffering from depression. That's an absolute abuse of his duty of care to his player. I would be very, very unhappy with him becoming our manager.
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    Dougal, you are such a feckin peni5. I will be buying a season tkt, and what would be the point in taking 20 or 25 quid off the price? would that get another 250-300 buying season tkts? no! A fan has loyalty to the club (not you) and giving them support by buying a season tkt will help, We don not have a Roy Macgregor who can write off a million quid every year. Negative **** brains are not required, the board have sorted out one problem, give them a chance to move forward.
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    Honestly believe if Richie had not benched him for those three months we would not have been relegated & Alex would still be playing for ICT next season. Foran what an absolute plonker!
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    Where the hell are CJT to stand up for the fans in this? Clearly going by many Facebook posts on the official fb page, many others are also outraged, and rightly so. I really feel the fans need to pull together and show our feelings to the board. The prices went up last year and the club said it was to ensure we could compete for top 6.......we got relegated. And so the board keep the same prices. We are being treated as a cash cow and I'm fed up with it! Sorry for the rant but I couldn't buy a season ticket last year because I couldn't afford one and same applies with these prices. I want to support the club, and they're making it impossible. Where is the logic in that? Disgusted, truly disgusted and embarrassed at my club today :(
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    We dont have much power as fans but please think before rushing to renew straight away. A point needs to be made here. Plenty time before 23rd to assess how things are going.
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    This is an excellent point. The facilities for the North Stand are a disgrace (the PA is barely audible and the mens toilets don't even have seats!). The club have tried desperately to get new fans in but have forgotten the ones already there. I can point to seats around me of people who've just stopped going altogether. Is it any surprise when the club clearly doesn't value the fans they have and believe they deserve the bare minimum? I'm sure it's nice and warm in the hospitality suits though...
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    I suppose that Kenny Cameron’s resignation had a ring of inevitability about it after we were finally relegated. It’s a sad way to end a Chairmanship that delivered a degree of success that might never be bettered. Scottish Cup winners, League Cup finalists, Championship winners and UEFA league qualifiers. That’s a hell of an achievement for what, in anyone’s definition, is a relative football backwater. That all of this was done on the back of a small support and an almost complete absence of financial backing makes it even more noteworthy. I’ve read a lot on here in the past couple of days that bears no resemblance to the man that I know. Uncaring? I’ve witnessed the pain when things have gone wrong. Uninvolved? I’ve seen the tears of utter pride and joy at Hampden. Uncommunicative? Time and again I’ve struggled to get a word in edgeways. There’s a tale of someone fetching up at the stadium looking for a “tour” and being shown around by “this old guy”. Time and again he’s chatted to our mascots, patiently explaining about why we couldn’t sign Messi – at least not this week. He didn’t take a salary. This is not a man who didn’t care. As a former Chair of CJT, he helped us achieve things that we could never have done without his support. He was instrumental in getting funding to charter the trains that took our fans to the League Cup Final against Aberdeen. As far as I know, it’s not been repeated. Any initiative for pricing and ticketing, he always involved us. Sticking up for us against the League’s central belt bias? Every time. I know that Kenny was incredibly well regarded by others in the SPFL as someone who was both engaged and genuine and the club benefited from that influence. However, if things go wrong there are fewer more exposed positions to be in than a football Chairman or Manager and when change happens it’s usually sudden, unpredictable and pretty brutal. That’s where we are right now and why there’s been the amount of anger expressed here over the last few weeks and months. Mistakes have undoubtedly been made but now cool heads are required to identify a clear plan to take us back to the Premiership and this year – of all years – it’s achievable. There is no Rangers, Hibs or Hearts to mount a challenge against and the club will rise to the challenge with the support of all of us, including Kenny’s successor. On a personal note, Kenny was a stranger to me when I first met him through the club. I now count him as a friend and I’m a happy boy that we shared experiences from Glasgow to Bucharest. Enjoy your retirement with Christine. You’ve earned it.
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    https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/1269483/shearer-frustrated-did-not-get-face-to-face-meeting-with-caley-thistle/ So folk on here think the appropriate way to tell someone their services are no longer needed is to do it via email and leaving a voicemail rather than have a face to face chat with them? Regardless of how Shearer left the club before two wrongs don't make a right and this is a pretty shoddy way to treat a long serving club employee. Whilst there was a follow up phone call between the chairman and Shearer that doesn't disguise the fact that it was initially handled in a piss poor manner. Yet again the club find themselves having to take corrective action to clear up another PR mistake. We just don't seem to learn.
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    I agree entirely. If true it is a disgrace on those responsible. I am not the biggest fan of Duncan Shearer after the way he conducted himself during his and Pele's move to Pittodrie. However, no reasonable employer should ever treat any employee in such a manner. Nobody deserves to learn that they've lost their job my email. No doubt other fine backroom staff will go as a result of our reduced financial circumstances and I sincerely hope that they are treated with more respect and common decency than DS seems to have been. I am proud to support my home town team but I am ashamed of the way we have been conducting ourselves lately. There was a welcome apology after the appalling initial statement on season tickets but, if this is true, then no genuine lesson has been learned. There is an announcement before every home game that we are a family club and I hope that we are. High time that those now at the head of the ICT family started treating the family members, particularly those losing their livelihood through no fault of their own with some humility and humanity.
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    Scottish football is full of ideas that never die and this is one of them. There is no evidence that this would help young players develop and it takes well-supported leagues that contain teams who develop excellent young players and turns them into warm-ups for rich clubs reserve teams. In terms of their size and wealth clubs like Hamilton Accies and Livingston have been far more successful than the Old Firm in producing young players. Of the Scotland team who played on Saturday there were two Hearts youth products (Gordon and Berra), two Celtic (Tierney and Mulgrew), two Dundee Utd (Armstrong and Robertson), two Livingston (Grifiths and Snodgrass) one each from Hibs (Brown), Hamilton (McArthur), Middlesborough (Morrison), Aberdeen (Fraser), Wycombe (Anya) and Norwich City (Martin). Of the two teams (the Old Firm) who will be the Colt teams there were two players, one of whom, Mulgrew, is pish. Consider the vast sums of money spent by Rangers over the years on youth players and facilities and they have less success than Livingston. Colt teams really sum up the sort of discussion we have about football in this country - there are many, many things that make German and Spanish football produce better young players than in Scotland but the one that is picked up and hammered, over and over again for years, is B teams, 'Colt' teams. It's something that is pretty simple to explain and understand but actually shies away from the real reasons why young Scottish players don't do as well (not enough quality coaching at a young age, not enough facilities, lack of structured national programmes etc). The current rules say that B teams can't be included above the fifth tier of Scottish football. I think that's fine - we ourselves used to have a 'B' team in the North Caldonian League and there are other teams who have the same. The idea that you could have reserve teams squeezing out professional sides is a joke. Of the teams in last season's Premiership us, Ross County, Hamilton Accies, Rangers and Partick Thistle have played in the lower half of the league system in the last twenty years.
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    There may be legitimate concerns but, rather than focussing on those, why don't we just give the man a chance ?
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    Whether you are for or against Robbo the decision has been made. It's time to now support him and at least give him a chance. Could be a success or failure only time will tell but until then let's all start to get behind the club we all have so much passion for. WELCOME BACK ROBBO
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    None of these are really relevant. 1 - Most of our managers, since Steve Paterson, have been in place for less than two years. Butcher was here for just under five years and Hughes for two and a half but generally football management isn't a long term job. We've done well in the past by letting managers go at the right time and moving on. The idea that we need someone who lives here doesn't hold out. 2 - His experience at this level is over a decade ago. Ian McCall and Jimmy Calderwood both had teams finish in the top half of the SPL the season that Robertson won the league with us. Alan Kernaghan almost took Clyde to the title. Imagine we'd appointed one of them. Also, post-ICT his experience is pretty much constant failure. 3 - We are recruiting a football manager not a Butlins redcoat. Maybe his attitude will be a positive but ability is more important. 4 - As above, ability is what matters not whether they live here or have an affinity with the Highlands, whatever that means. I have a genuine affinity with ICT and have spent a great deal of my life living in the Highlands, should I get the job? I hope he succeeds but people shouldn't be blinded by hope. He's someone who's proved limited during his career and doesn't have any recent experience. We need to rebuild out squad and team and freshen the club up. We've appointed someone who we are hoping succeed because he's been here before and lives in Inverness. It might work but it's disappointing. If it turns out that he's been appointed because certain people are wanting to get more involved in the club again then that is worse, tbh.
  37. 6 points
    Oh well, let's just all make him a failure before he get's his chance. I seem to remember a Mr Foran was a welcome and mostly popular choice before the start of last season. That went well. Anyway, it's reassuring to know that we have so many experts on the forum able to make these judgements.
  38. 6 points
    Couldn't make it could ya they get Hayes, Shinnie and Tansey for zilch yet we are expected to pay for the services of their reserve team coach.
  39. 6 points
    I personally think that the club's twitter updates over the last few years have been excellent and in many quarters have seriously raised the team's profile. I feel it has been a "unique selling point" of the club.
  40. 6 points
    It's time the fans made a stance at the product on offer (zilch) and what the board are going to do about it (who knows). They need to stop treating us like fools and show us what the future holds. Where else do people go shopping and pay overpriced money for a sub standard product or a product that is not available at all. Apart from IKEA or Habitat. Time to wake up and stop being fleeced. Show us what you have to offer first.
  41. 6 points
    I am buying a season ticket. 1. The club is my club and i did support another team dougal but i wasnt born 27yrs ago and it was my fathers home team. 2. The staff looked after my very sick father brilliantly for 7 years in hospitality and in general around the stadium. 3. For the steward who let a 78 year old with dementia be the first person to invade the pitch when celebrating at home and getting overexcited when we achieved promotion again. 4. For all these memories and feeling of inclusion going to the games. 6. And to support the players that stayed. It is a personal choice. I know the match day experience can be made much better and thats domething we can all contribute too with our enthusiasm, by talking to everyone around us and being ridiculously optimistic. We can talk the club down or build it up but you cannot decide to support the club and cripple the institutions that allow it to exist. Lets be positive and change the way we see the world. Richie Foran was our best manager last season . Accept it and grow or bleed about it and let the club die.
  42. 6 points
    Having been a ST holder since the early days of div 3, I was resigned to not renewing this year if RF was still at the helm as the footie has been guff to say the least. When the announcement was made that RF had left the building, I changed my mind regardless of who the new manager would be. Only to find that I'm expected to pay SPL prices for Championship footie!! The club have taken our loyalty for granted for too long now. Consequently, unless there is a U-turn, I won't be renewing and will pick and choose which games I attend! Like other posters on here, I feel that once this malaise sets in then the "can't be bothered" syndrome may show it's head. Sadly, I expect ST numbers to be significantly down this season and as our attendances aren't the best this will inevitably have a long term effect on the club. Get a grip ICT!!
  43. 6 points
    It's been all downhill for Chris since CountyAir.
  44. 6 points
    Everyone makes their own choice. I have to buy 3 tickets. Last season I missed about 6 games due to work. Never bothered me before but I do feel fans being taken for granted here. So I will wait for a bit and consider my options. Talking to others it seems a lot taking this view.
  45. 6 points
    Its been this way for a few years now unfortunately. The only time the club communicates with us fans is when they are wanting money off us. Am sorry but until i know what am getting for my money in terms of managers and players etc. I wont be parting with any season ticket money.
  46. 6 points
    Much like "pride of the highlands" crap on the badge. Who the hell is responsible for issuing this statement?
  47. 6 points
    I'd encourage supporters to play the centenary club. I won it once and bought season tickets with the money. I still think the club could be doing more to increase revenues - St Johnstone's business model is worth investigating. I'd also encourage the directors to sit with supporters in the north stand for a few matches to get a feel for how poor the match day experience is. Reopen the 'west stand' next season as a standing area and offer reduced price season tickets. Better view and might improve the atmosphere at the ground. Offer a book of ten match tickets as well as season tickets. A number of fans travel to home matches. Sorry to be negative here OP.
  48. 6 points
    I wish people would stop touting Butcher for the job - he's had his time & we need to look forward & leave previous managers out of it. Think the GM/D of F post would have to be filled 1st, as wouldn't this have a bearing on the sort of manager/head coach we would be appointing? No point hiring a manager who then falls out with the gm/d of f-or vice versa!!
  49. 5 points
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone who renews their season ticket at these prices for next season if they wish to do it. I will be renewing mine as I want to see my club survive and prosper. Appreciate some people will not want to or can afford to but that is their choice. If anyone is a belter it is you as I am at a loss as to why you even support ICT, if you actually do.
  50. 5 points
    Yes, well said! I'd like to thank Kenny for a couple of glorious seasons - I'll take the 2 great days in Hampden in 2015 to the grave..! Also the 3rd place finish and European football. Kenny has always struck me as a decent person & whilst there may have been a couple of wrong directions taken, well, hindsight is a great thing,eh! Thank you Kenny, the past few years have been a blast & will never be taken away from us!!
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