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    Loud, colourful and enthusiastic support is always welcome. However, the behaviour complained of is selfish, dangerous and criminally illegal whether in a football ground or elsewhere. There is no excuse for it or justification for defending it. Warnings have been issued before and ignored. The time has come for the perpetrators to be identified and punished. Brechin City were very hospitable to our fans on Saturday. A few abused that hospitality. That is not the Highland way. It's not the ICT way.
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    Dougal is right when he says people have been warned time and time again. Previous incidents have led to this kind of discussion on numerous occasions. In all those discussions I cannot recall a single person ever suggesting our supporters should "sit quietly". Time after time, old "fuddy duddies" like me make a point of saying we love the atmosphere the lads create. If there wasn't a rogue element amongst them, I have no doubt that more youngsters would join in and the atmosphere would progressively improve. And the more people who join in the vocal support, the more likely others are to join in. Some of these youngsters don't seem to grasp the fact that engaging in the type of behaviour which occurred on Saturday could result in them getting a criminal record. That could then have serious implications for them when they start looking for a job. The club and us "fuddy duddies" don't want decent lads getting sucked into wrong kinds of behaviour with all the implications it may have for them. That is why the club's firm line is to be applauded. Nobody here is against the young crew. We are very much for them which is why they have been warned time and time again of the consequences of their behaviour. Stewarding may be heavy handed from time to time but you can hardly complain about stewards and police evicting people from the ground when a criminal act has taken place. And time and time again, when stewarding has genuinely been heavy handed, the "fuddy duddies" come to the defence of the youngsters and in some cases have personally intervened. It is rather sad to see that utterly pathetic statement which was posted above. If any of the lads involved in that group are genuine fans of the club they will not associate themselves with that statement. Genuine fans of this club will come and support it. Genuine fans who give great vocal support to the team will always be welcomed by the club and their fellow fans of all ages. It is only the tiny number of Idiots who break the law, who put their so called mates at risk of legal sanctions and who damage the reputation of our club who are not welcome. Instead of playing the victim, it is high time that the majority of decent lads stood up to the idiots and stood up for the club.
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    The simple fact, overlooked by those saying this is an overreaction by the club, is that the SPFL have already contacted the club on this issue so they obviously saw something wrong at the game. Leaving aside the irony of why the SPFL don't contact Rangers and Celtic, as far as I know on behaviour issues, this could have serious consequences for the club. This is why they have to act. We do have a problem with some young fans which I have experienced myself having been verbally abused and threatened when I told them to stop behaving like idiots when they were hell bent on challenging away fans to a fight last season. The sooner everyone acknowledges the fact we do have an issue, the sooner we can resolve the matter. The statement from UL17 is simply puerile rubbish and indicative of the attitude of many young people (sadly) today where any criticism is deemed unacceptable.
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    Petulant and immature. Grow up children and continue to do what you do best by supporting the club loudly and enthusiastically but when you have overstepped the mark as some of you did on Saturday for goodness sake learn the lesson and don't give the likes of CB and others the opportunity to ridicule you. You can do much better than that and have done in the past.
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    General rule to live by lads - Don't act like a moron and you'll find you won't be arrested and/or evicted from the stadium. It's hardly rocket science.
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    Other clubs operate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to smoke bombs and flares ... they follow it up with 12 month bans for those responsible with the following ban being 5 years and then life. Think we should implement this as a club too. As for damage on the bus ... well those repsonsible should be banned from accessing the cheap subsidised transport for the season. Can't see them paying out £60 a time to get to some of the away games so that would deal with that element of the undesirable supporters. Everything we do while supporting the club, wearing club colours etc reflects directly back on the club. We can barely pay the wages of the players we have without having to fork out money for needless fines from the SFA. By all means bring an atmosphere of support but don't act like a bunch of NEDS - we all lose out in the end.
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    I think we've had this debate already. The game is pretty well universally opposed to fireworks, smoke bombs and other, related Neddish behaviour. In addition to that, you ask the wrong question. For goodness sake, fans have been complaining quite enough about the "match day experience". Wee knuckle-draggers letting off these things quite clearly detracts from that, so QED. I'm also interested that there seems to have been undue focus on fireworks and smoke bombs to the avoidance of the rest of the culture of loutish behaviour which has become more and more associated with a certain section of the ICT support. I mean as vandalism of a bus, violent behaviour at Elgin and the threatening of other supporters at home games etc (Old Caley Girl has just posted to this effect as well while I have been writing.) There are far too many apologists for the "poor misunderstood children" who have been making a disgrace of the club for far too long - and having also read Pump Fake's latest post, also while I have been writing, I am tempted to include him in this category. These wee Neds need sorted and hopefully the guilty ones now will be.
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    Unacceptable behaviour on the part of a small group of individuals purporting to support Inverness Caledonian Thistle, but in practice simply using the sport and the club as a medium for public disorder, has been a festering sore in the nether regions of this institution for too long. I can only commend the board for pledging to take action which will doubtless also be very well received by the overwhelming majority of decent and genuine supporters who attend matches, and all connected with the club.
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    In summary, if you behave home or away (and in life in general) you will not come to the attention of the Stewards or Police. So don't blame them. Yes the young lads create an atmosphere, but if you and your three kids had to breathe in the discharge from a flare (which I have unfortunately experienced) I bet you would not be singing their praises so much. Supporters pay their money and can sit peacefully if they want. If you want razzmatazz all the time you are going to the wrong place and watching the wrong sport.
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    Pumpfake - that's English laws which are not relevant in Scotland. Letting off a smoke flare at a football match is a criminal act in Scotland and therefore is a police matter. Read the back of match tickets you get at all football games. These detail relavant criminal offences (if you are interested).
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    Please don't try & justify flares/smoke bombs - there isn't any way to do so... Perhaps, as someone else has just posted, U17 should try & sort out the behaviour of the group (the vast majority of whom, I'm sure, are jyst out to enjoy themselves & get behind the team), rather than stay away altogether - I don't want to see genuine fans feeling like they have to stay away! But, wee neds who cause trouble, we can do without..
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    So your reaction to criminal behaviour is to not involve the police and just sweep it under the carpet. So if your car is stolen you won't bother with the police and just ask those who did it to calm their exuberance and not do it again?
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    I agree that Old Firm fans in particular get off with far too much disgraceful conduct without sanction. All the more reason for our young crew not to follow suit. Two wrongs can never make a right.
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    The really sad thing is the young team and section g before them have had warning after warning after warning regarding their anti social behaviour Let's face it there's is no getting through to silly little boys who don't want to listen or take any advice on board These boys have sadly been radicalised by watching films like football factory and green street Afraid the argument regarding the atmosphere doesn't wash anymore when they are destroying the good name of the club Dougal
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    I have posted elsewhere, it appears that instead of accepting that they have a, possibly very small, element that has been taking it too far, and working to help weed it out s that both they and the club benefit, they are blaming others for a perceived witch-hunt for them just trying to create a little atmosphere. If they can't see what is wrong, what hope is there?
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    True supporters go to home and away matches to support their team, enjoy their day out and not bother anyone. I hope to see and hear only those kind of ICT supporters at home and away games from now on. Anyone who doesn't fit this criteria, please stay away and prevent further 'bad press' for our club.
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    Totally agree and without Caley and Thistle, there would be no Inverness Caledonian Thistle
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    Should we not all put this merger thing behind us once and for all? I will always call ICT "Caley" and others will call us "Jags" but that is through personal choice. Personally I want to remember Caledonian FC with fondness and I don't see anything wrong in memories through this merger of two great Inverness institutions. Let's just leave things as they are and hope our club lasts as long as Caley and Thistle. I am not for any changes as I don't see any need - just the same as the wording on our badge/crest which I still think was a terrible, terrible decision.
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    Continually referring to yourselves as the Young Team and Ultras The tone for the afternoon was set not by the stewards but by the very opening words you wrote. Learn to behave, act within the law and the rules then nobody will 'over react'. Perhaps its clear the stewards haven't been heavy handed enough - perhaps if this was the continent then the no-nonsence approach of batton wielding riot police knocking 7 shades out of you all might make you think again.
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    What about the air conditioning unit that was ripped out and broken on the bus on the way home? Anything to say about that? What about if the club was fined as a result? Still just banter? The young guys do brilliantly in trying to create an atmosphere but the fact is that smoke bombs are banned from football grounds. On this occasion it was just stupid and unnecessary behaviour.
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    If anyone who was at the Brechin game was at the elgin friendly pre season the young lads did the same let of a smoke bomb there and the reaction from the stewards there was impeccable they put it in a bucket of water and continued to talk chat and engage positively with the group there was no mass hysteria involved here. I would suggest having worked as a police officer that the stewards need to be better trained on how to handle groups of people who are out to enjoy themselves and if they can't control a small group of teenagers they really should get a new job. I have policed aberdeen Rangers matches where hatred violence and pure rage were the order of the day involving us to dawn full riot gear. Perspective is needed.
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    Following the unacceptable conduct of a small group of “supporters” at our Championship League game against Brechin last Saturday (26th August), the Club can now advise that discussions have taken place with both Brechin City Football Club and Police Scotland, with the view to identifying those supporters whose conduct was unacceptable, including those who were ejected from the Brechin City Football Ground. The evidence secured to date includes both video and still footage taken at the match and written reports received from both Brechin City and Police Scotland. The Club is currently collating this evidence with the view of issuing banning orders against those whose conduct has proved to be unacceptable. As we have stated in the past and reiterate again here, ICTFC will not tolerate unacceptable conduct at Tulloch Caledonian Stadium or away football stadia. Unacceptable conduct is conduct which is deemed violent or disorderly. Violent Conduct includes any actual, attempted or threatened physical violence against any person or intentional damage to property. Board of Directors Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club
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    I had been trying to figure out how to voice my opinion on this one until Doofers Dad came along and basically said almost exactly what I was thinking. Enjoyment is fine, but like it or not, some things are against the law at a football match and flares and smoke bombs fall under that category. (covered under s. 20 of the Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995) : reference material - http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2015/06/7094/7 / http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0052/00520637.pdf From the club perspective, how should they have handled it? Brechin complained to them, the police complained to them, some supporters complained to them, and the match observer reported the issue to the SPFL who have issued the club with an "unacceptable conduct" letter. We don't know the contents of that letter but it cant be good. These things never are. At best the club will get censured and told to make sure it doesn't happen again, but as it has already happened several times in the last couple of seasons then its far more likely to end up with the club getting a fine of some sort which will probably run into a few thousand £££s .... money that could easily be best spent somewhere else. D&E coaches are likely none too pleased either and that's another potential problem for the supporters/travel club in future. I agree that we want the supporters to be encouraged to make noise and atmosphere, regardless of age, although it has to be said the young crew have way more energy than us old farts do so it does fall on them to gee us all up ... but FFS you can do that without breaking the law. The law may be an ass, and personally I have a fundamental problem with the concept and draconian application of Football Banning Orders (https://www.mygov.scot/football-banning-orders/) but it IS the law and the authorities or those in charge will come down on those who choose to break it. Totally agree that the stewards can and will over-react, and that the direction of the over-reaction will often be the young supporters. Apart from anything else, the young supporters of a team like us, with a smaller support, are just like 'prey' in the animal kingdom ... seen as the easiest pickings. Its not right, but its how the world works. I have posted a few times about the dead atmosphere at the TCS on my last few trips back when compared to the football I watch every week here in Toronto, or even to the football I used to watch at the TCS every home game when i still lived in Inverness. It is really sad to see all the enjoyment being sucked out of football in the UK and its not just at ICT, its all around. We should encourage supporters to enjoy the game and create atmosphere but it has to be done safely. smoke and especially flares are not safe. The simple fact is that the authorities have the upper hand here. Get convicted of a football related offence and you can be banned for up to 10 years. Get a criminal conviction and it can follow you for the rest of your life .... Its a bit of a tangent, but did you know that something as simple as an impaired driving conviction makes you inadmissible to even enter Canada as a visitor (assuming you declare it on your landing form or they check !!!). Simple solution is to try and work with the club and/or other bodies to change the rules relating to smoke. It took a long time but they eventually relented on the safe standing issue, flags, smoke and other things could be something that could be negotiated in future perhaps. Again I go back to a Toronto example (sorry, its all I have on a weekly basis) .... there are a bunch of different supporters groups at TFC. One of those groups was called "North End Elite" who styled themselves in the Ultra culture and did not follow rules, especially as it related to smoke and flares. You can google them and read more but the bottom line is that they no longer exist under that name and quite a few of their number have lifetime bans from TFC as well as criminal convictions. The other supporters groups complained just as loudly that they wanted smoke or some form of pyro and it took several years but now its allowed ... there's a set of guidelines to follow and safety training and procedures to follow, but its allowed and it does add to the atmosphere.There are a good few folk on here who have visited Canada and come to games with me at some point who have experienced this atmosphere. Sometimes you have to work within the system and bend the rules or push the envelope a little to get them to change ... defiantly breaking them will not make that happen and if the group that condones it or does nothing about it doesn't 'self-police' to eradicate that behaviour then there is only ever going to be one winner and its not going to be the supporters !
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    Being an anorak here, but my solicitor mate has pointed out the above is English Law. Cherk the back of your ticket for the Scottish Law. Also, Law and Order is devolved to the Scottish Parliament, so it's your MSP you would write to, not your MP. To make it worthwhile also complain about the state of the education system, health service, roads etc etc
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    It doesn't seem from your previous posts that you respect all laws. The point here is though, that the first time a smoke bomb was let off, a talking to was quite right. Even the second or third time I could understand, but the sheer number of incidents, from the smoke bombs to the chasing after other teams fans in Elgin looking for a fight, means it has now got beyond that and as those behaving in this manner don't seem to pay attention to the gentle advise, then what else is left? As is clear from their own statement, the wider group don't seem to think that any of their number have done anything that could be remotely considered wrong I think we both agree it is wrong, though disagree on how wrong, so if the wider group don't accept that when given the facts and asked to modify their behaviour, further action is required. Added to this, as others have reminded us, the SPFL have raised it with the club officially, if the club aren't seen to act beyond what has already been done, then sanctions directly against the club could be possible.
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    Sadly no chance of them admitting blame going by comments on social media. They don't seem to think they've done anything wrong including dismissing the bus damage as a blatant lie.
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    Now identify the eejits who did that and chastise them. If they have grown balls they will put their feckin hands up, accept a bus ban, apologise and pay for the damage.
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    North Korea are firing nuclear feckin missiles over Japan and threatening a nuclear strike on USA. President Trump is threatening World War 111. No pyro No party - Ultras use it all across Europe. Never mind that BUT what was the damage to the bus - you don't shitt in your own back yard.
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    The real issue is not so much the goalkeeping, it's that if he decides to just sit out his contract it prevents us bringing in 2 or 3 decent players.
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    The young guys in the north stand do their best to create an atmosphere which is great. They then spoil themselves by getting involved with flares. Keep the drums going lads it does create atmosphere but stick to the rules no flares it has the reverse effect and spoils our reputation
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    SFA warning letter received ... what exactley is he supposed to do?! Seriously you need to do some serious growing up.
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    I'm sorry, but none of us should be condoning flares or smoke bombs at any match.
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    BBC Article on this is an absolute shocker. Mr Rae's OTT and ill considered statement pounced on by media and a non event is portrayed as some sort of breakdown of western civilisation. Great start from our illustrious leader.
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    Talk about making mountains out of molehills. I was in pretty close proximity to the events on Saturday and the hysteria this has generated (often by folk who weren't even at the game) is frankly beyond belief. The Young Team let off two smoke bombs, one at kick-off and another after our first goal. The first one set the stewards into apoplexy and a complete over reaction which set the tone for the afternoon. The police arrived shortly before the second smoke bomb was released and again their reaction was way over the top, throwing their weight around with some very young lads. I would love to see both the stewards and police employ these tactics with a larger, older, group of boisterous fans. The stewards and police try it on with ICT fans because we're small in number and the general locus of any incidents are very young and not particularly intimidating (no offence boys). Different story when the Old Firm, Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen etc are playing up. This over zealous, bullying behaviour is witnessed at away grounds the length and breadth of the country and winds me up a great deal more than the Young Team's histrionics. As far as I'm concerned the Chairman's comments are unnecessary and are merely drawing attention to an issue that is hardly worthy of mention. I would suggest Mr. Rae's energies would be better focussed on addressing more pressing matters which impact the viability and long term future of our club rather than whipping up hysteria around a few over exuberant teenagers. The hand wringing, bed wetters amongst our support demanding fan intervention, bans and such like really need to give their heads a shake. I've watched football all over Europe and the ultra scene undeniably enhances the match day experience at grounds across the continent. The reaction to pyrotechnics and such like by our European neighbours is a great deal more proportionate to the knee-jerk hysteria spouted on here. Personally I would question if letting off smoke bombs at Glebe Park is entirely necessary but then again it's hardly crime of the century. Some folk on here need to put this incident in perspective - no one was arrested, no one was injured, there were no violent disturbances and the City of Brechin remains largely intact. The demonization of the Young Team on here is unrelenting and way over the top - they are daft laddies trying to generate a bit of much needed noise and atmosphere amongst the pandrop sooking ICT masses. They maybe need to address their negative PR by calming down with the smoke bombs but they are very far from a mob of rampaging hooligans and people need to chill out and cut them a bit of slack.
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    Cheers Scotty .Will put my specs on after this 😄
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    Well at least there is something happening on this thread compared to the lack of action on the transfer window
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    I remember when I used to read outraged complaints on here about me and my mates at games, I'm getting old lads.
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    You've been radicalised by chomping on too many Werther's Originals m8.
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    Steady on. Whilst you are correct that the behaviour is unacceptable you have basically just alleged that pumpfake is complicit in it due to his responses on here. I hope you are able to back that up.
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    If we want to be promoted we need to be playing our best players. Even a crocked, handcuffed, stoned Fon Williams would be better than Ridgers!
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    We should be in it to win it, full strength team - a trophy is always good and builds a positive & winning mentality - afterall that's the philosophy of Jose Morinhio as he values the English League Cup when others see it as Micky Mouse and his records pretty decent.
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    This is exactly how I feel. I think the past should be celebrated but so indeed should the present. Trying to wipe out history will just upset even more folk imho
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    Absolutely embarrassing folk complaining about OFW not leaving. He is under contract and if he doesn't receive an offer he fancies then quite right that he stays here. He had a decent first season, 2nd not so good but then he was playing through injuries. Yes, it's frustrating that we're paying him a large wage but then we did take in a large bonus for him for being at the Euros. Give the guy a break.
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    1 - Take out £150m bank loan 2 - Use loan to sign Neymar. 3 - Sell 3 million Neymar shirts at £50 a go 4 - Pay off loan 5 - Use Neymar to qualify for play-offs