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    Absolutely agree with that. The abuse of Polworth was coming loud and clear from the North Stand as well. I really find it quite disgusting that some so called fans abuse the players in this way. There really is no better way to demotivate players of your own team than shouting abuse at them. Some of these people might as well sit in the South Stand for all the "support" they give our lads. OK, so apart from a great goal, Polworth was very poor today, but in no way does that justify the abuse. He was poor but he tried. He always tries and when he fouls up you can see by his reaction that he's every bit as annoyed at himself as any fan is. Actually, that is part of his problem - he shouldn't react like that, he should immediately work to get the ball back / get in position. By all means roll your eyes and quietly mutter a few expletives when players mess up. But then when they do something half decent give your support be it vocal or clapping or both. Players need that support and encouragement, especially in situations like now when their confidence is shot. Supporters support. It really isn't a very hard concept to grasp.
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    60cm x 30cm Canvas : Available in store only due to size : £45 Kids Trespass Jackets : £45 : In Store and Online : http://ictfc.com/shop/category/15-leisure-outdoor Training Bottoms : We'd had a few requests for these, due in at the end of the month
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    I am wholly in favour, in principle, of including the Highland and Lowland League sides. I'm also a fan, in principle, of importing the Welsh and Irish teams. However, currently listening to the Linfield fans at Tannadice while watching on BBC Alba, I am not in favour of importing their sectarian bile. We have quite enough of that domestically.
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    I think in one hundred years time, when we might be in the bottom tier of Scottish football, and hopefully haven't become another Inverness Citadel FC, the ICT fans will most definitely look back at the cup winning squad as legends. It wasn't just the cup final result but the semi-final (left back crosses to right back wonder goal) and playing in Europe that will likely never be equalled at ICT. We're just the lucky ones who've witnessed it.
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    This I agree with. I've noticed some fans, especially younger ones, have a very low bar for what a club legend is. I've even seen it argued that everyone who played in the cup final is a club legend - they aren't. In fact, is winning the Scottish Cup the club's greatest ever achievement? I don't think it is. While it is the most glamourous, is it *that* difficult to win? Considering Falkirk, who could well have won that day, didn't play a top-flight team until the final, suggests that isn't. IMO winning the league and in the manner that we did it in 2004 and 2010 was far more difficult and far more important achievement.
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    A team that was unravelling wouldn't have celebrated together like they did after the second and third goals, people are seeing things that don't exist, don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.......
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    I didn't see the Polworth v Kellacher incident but I wouldn't be surprised if he was simply pissed off at the 'support' he was given today from the fans. Granted he didn't have the finest of games but neither did most of the starting XI yet he seemed to cop an incredible amount of abuse from the home support especially from those in the main stand. Some of the abuse was absolutely shocking and I was quite taken aback by it. The sad thing is that not one of these supporters bothered to get behind Polworth or any of the players today but were quite happy to hurl bile at them any time a mistake was made. Now I am under no illusions that we haven't been great this season and again today we weren't impressive but I can quite understand that some of the players will be getting fed up at the home 'support' spending the best part of 90 minutes moaning and shouting abuse at the team. It's absolutely pathetic. If that kind of abuse took place in the workplace it would be tantamount to bullying and an employee would absolutely snap and maybe that's what happened with Polworth today. ETA: Oooft the pictures don't look great...
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    Bosnia losing 4-3 to Belgium tonight confirms that a win for Scotland tomorrow will guarantee a playoff place!
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    that's what they do. A clone of rangers. Same colors, same songs, same fans. No need for that rubbish in football
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    Nothing wrong with Raven at fullback, seemed to cope not to bad today being left totally isolated with no cover in front of him. Forget his age and concentrate on his performances , not letting us down as far as I could see.
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    Daniel MacKay should be worthy of a start at Falkirk .Came on and showed how it should be done . Well Done !!
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    It was great hearing everyone willing on the young lad Mackay and for him to get a goal. Even the main stand cheered him when he went down the tunnel!
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    3-0 ft good for a young boy to get a goal at the end, maybe just what we need, someone that will have passion for the club?
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    Personally, I think Raven is worth a new deal, even if it's a short term extension to the end of this season. Yes, he's lost a bit of pace, but he is still an intelligent & experienced footballer, which is what I think our young & inexperienced team needs just now. Maybe he's lost the pace for the premiership, but, given we are in the championship, he is worth hanging onto.
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    I agree totally - There is life in Raven yet
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    Decent people, whatever their age, simply don't deliberately damage property belonging to others. It's wholly mindless and unacceptable.
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    This is really unravelling. Fans having a go at players, players having a go at coaches, players having a go at other players. Disharmony reigns. I wasn’t at the game today, so can’t comment on Polworth’s performance, but his effort for the cause this year has generally been above most if not all of his teammates. The abuse is unwarranted, misguided and counter-productive. His only sin is that he gives a damn. Many of the others don’t. The club is rotting at its core and staring down the barrel.
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    The club certainly can't afford to pay Raven Premiership wages and, much as I like the guy, his current form doesn't warrant it. It was a little sad to day to see him being skinned several times by 2nd division players. But he does have good experience, he reads the game well, and he can be effective going forward. At our current level I think he still has something to offer as a squad player and would like to see him offered a contract commensurate with that status. He may think such an offer derisory and clearly nobody should criticise him were he to reject such an offer and look for a better one elsewhere. It would also be totally understandable were he to decide that now is the time to return down South both for family reasons and to look towards life when his career is over. At 32 his best days are behind him but there is no reason why he can't play for a few more years at a non league level down south. One way and another, I don't think we will see a lot more of David in an ICT shirt, but whatever transpires. we will have a lot to thank him for.
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    We really are falling apart aren't we ?
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    Aye.. sorry to spoil your Raven love in, but he is past it, did well in the past but his time is up. Need young promising players coming through.
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    It didn't work last season, I was at all home games except the two against Celtic, when I was on holiday and then working, so I am not the cure to our problems! I keep trying to get my wife to come to games, her record is two wins out of two: the cup final and St Johnstone last season, but she keeps refusing!
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    The skirmish between Kellacher and Polworth is probably symptomatic of general tensions. These are all decent footballers, or they wouldn't be playing at this level. When performances don’t come, mistakes are made and results drift away, it must be very frustrating. And, of course, the players don’t get win bonuses, which must hurt. I was more worried about the bust up than anything else in the game. We really can’t afford discord - we need players and coaches on the same wavelength, and preferably not hitting each other.
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    I want to give points to Daniel MacKay but he isn't on the list?
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    In his interview did he not say he was trying to sort out something in England. I’d imagine if that’s the case we may be too late. Hope not though tbh
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    October 10th @ 13:00 - QF ties w/e of November 11th/12th
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    Regarding the posts about travelling, it was said on Sportsound today that you get a maximum of £5000 for travel expenses. Linfield's game at Dun Utd was moved for tv to a 5.15 kick off so now they have to stay overnight meaning they're still at a loss.
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    I agree with the assessment of Doofers Dad. After the early goal, we were second best throughout the first half, but the second was better. Another clean sheet is a positive, but Fon Willliams had a couple of saves and Peterhead wasted a couple of chances. That said, we missed several when we should have done better. Some decent fairly fast forward moves in the second half, including the two goals. Defensively we still look shaky at times, with Donaldson the pick of the bunch. Tremarco will hopefully return to his best soon, Our midfield did not seize control. Some individual good points from each of them, but not consistent, and not always tracking back when we lost possession. I like Bell, and was surprised he was taken off. Baird was busy but not really effective. The highlight was young MacKay. In fairness he should have put Baird in when he ran forward with the ball, but who can blame him for trying to score. But only a moment later he did get his goal. I hope he kicks on and becomes our next home grown talent, and his enthusiasm and impact encourages Robertson to give others a chance. It was not a 3-0 game, but winning was important, and hopefully we can start to win points in the league, but three tough games looming!
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    3-0 sounds comfortable, but the scoreline flatters us. After a bright start, Polworth scored an excellent early goal with a rasping low shot. That should have spurred us on and allowed us to relax against a team 2 divisions below us. but as has happened before this season, we didn't capitalise on the bright start and Peterhead came into the game and looked the more likely team to score for much of the 1st half. Early in the 2nd half the only move of real quality in the game ended with a very composed finish from Calder. The 2 goal margin should have allowed us to play a bit of controlled football on the deck and to dominate the game. Instead it remained pretty scrappy fare with little to chose between the 2 sides. Robertson left his substitutions late and for some reason left the hapless Baird on for the full 90 minutes. Young Mackay came on very late and immediately made an impact. Firstly he was put through on goal, but instead of squaring for the unmarked Baird, he tried to beat the final defender and made a total hash of it. However, a minute later he was sharp enough to be first to a bouncing ball in the box and did what Baird simply looks totally incapable of. He scored! Apart from their excellent goals, Polworth and Calder were poor. It really is worrying that Polworth seem incapable of getting the better of Division 2 opposition and loses the ball so often. I hate to say it, but for much of the game, he was dreadful today. Calder to me looks to have more natural talent but doesn't assert himself. But the lad must be pretty confused with what he can do and what he can't, both this week and last he got booked just about the first time he actually made any contact with an opponent. When far worse was meted out to him he doesn't even win a free kick. Raven was poor defensively and got skinned several times in the first half. Tremarco was OK but is some way short of the form he showed before his injury. Brad Mackay was sound enough but Donaldson was without doubt the pick of the defenders. Bell is a live wire but is not going to score more than a handful this season - although that is probably a handful more than Baird.. Chalmers did OK filling in in midfield but again it was Vigurs who was the dominant controlling figure in midfield. He looks a class above anyone else in the team. 3-0 and a 2nd consecutive clean sheet sounds good, but let there be no mistake. We are a very poor side at the moment. I think the 2nd goal showed that when we do work together as a team there is the talent to play some good football. But part of the problem is that we rarely work well as a team. Too many players just don't seem to be on the same wavelength as each other and as a result we are not creating enough chances. But a win is a win, and confidence boosting goals for Calder and young MacKay as well as an assured performance from Donaldson are welcome positives to take from the game.
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    Love to see us get an away tie in N Ireland, or even Wales, next round. They could be 'away' days with a difference.
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    5 goals this afternoon (7 Oct)...................... Two more for Phil Roberts for Braintree, One for Curtis Allen for Glentoran One for Martin Laing for Inverurie One for Adam MacLeod for Strathspey
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    Sounds like a fair swap.
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    Coll Donaldson having a good game
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    What a Feckin humdinger of a second half it is going to be - Braces for Bell and Baird ?
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    What a Seer am I ? Polly in the 2nd minute.
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    Sounds like a good plan, but I think that it's more likely that he'll be away in January, unfortunately
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    Fizzy Pop Cup Inverness face a new challenge today in the Irn Bru Cup with Peterhead the visitors. It's a break from the league campaign with international games on this weekend, but lower league teams battle it out for glory in the Challenge Cup. We have only played Peterhead three times before in competitive games. Last time a 3-0 victory saw us progress in the League Cup thanks to a brace from Adam Rooney and one from Grant Munro. However, that was in a previous life back in August 2010. A lot has happened since then. The visitors sit fourth in League two at the moment having been relegated last season. They did claim a big scalp in the League Cup group stages though when they defeated Hearts 2-1 with two former Inverness players scoring the goals, Jason Brown and Rory McAllister. They had a good September winning three of their five competitive games although they lost 0-2 last time out to Berwick Rangers. We have had a disastrous month picking up only one point from Queen of the South in the league. We did oust Aberdeen u20's from this competition with a 4-2 win at Brechin. The only reason we managed a point was with an ultra defensive display at home to Queens as Robbo tried to stop the rot. It sort of succeeded as we drew 0-0 without managing a shot on target for the entire game, a damning statistic that has not best pleased the fans. This run of results shows that we are now second bottom of the Championship and likely to remain there unless something drastic happens. Let's not dwell on the season so far, it's been a shambles. On paper this should be a relatively comfortable game for Inverness. However, these games are not played on paper and I'm certain most fans will be dreading the return of a striker we discarded years ago. Rory McAllister has been somewhat prolific since leaving Inverness, albeit in lower leagues. How ironic would it be if he were to dump his former club out of this competition, especially at a time when we are crying out for a striker to put the ball in the back of the net. Rory took a fair old lambasting on here when he was with us, many not waiting to see if his potential would be fully released in the coming months. He seems to have done alright since leaving us, and as we come full cycle, we will find out who made the right decision. Jake Mulraney and Gary Warren will be out along with Seedorf, Elbouzedi and Aaron Doran. That brings me to the most famous headline to come out of Peterhead. Peter Reid fae Peterheid is deid......... volvo for sale tm4tj prediction:- Like most, I am also sh...... erm, concerned about the return of former players. We shut up shop at home to Queens last week, but surely this is an opportunity to have a go and see if we can get some confidence back. I would be concerned about our lack of teamwork. Other sides seem to be more streetwise than us at the moment and Peterhead will be no different. I believe this game could be a struggle for us given recent performances, I hope I'm wrong but this could go tits up. There is a detailed preview on the Official Site
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    To be honest, you could probably just enlist someone there to count them. Doubt it would take more than five minutes.
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    Still a travesty he wasn't fit to play in the cup final. From what I've been told in the last few days Robbo might be binned long before January which could see Dave saved again to serve for longer. I'd like to see him and Seedorf in midfield operate on the right side.
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    The bus thing dissappinted me the most. You don't sh*t where you eat.
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    It would probably be best to use a Gaelic name - Air a stiùireadh le grunn luchd-call iomlan Stadium.
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    A huge thank you to everyone who supported us with our bucket collection at the stadium on Saturday. The grand sum collected was £293.45. We were heartened by the many positive comments we received about the Supporters Travel Club. Moran taing.
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    TNS are actually in England.
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    Cant go today and would love another cleansheet but very nervous. Would love personally for jason brown to have a stormer for peterhead and look better than our new centre backs just to show how terrible our decision making was at end of last season before robbo came in and board changes. But still want caley to win. Nervous and wondering what team will turn up.
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    Impossible to choose anyone after OFW. The whole bunch of them were atrocious.
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