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    If it's consistant wins or supporting a team who will deliver what you are looking for from a club, perhaps you might want to support Celtic or Aberdeen? Yes its frustrating but supporting a team means supporting them through good and bad. The real supporters do turn up, they do cheer on the team even in defeat. They also do not boo their own players or scream abuse at them which unfortunately seem to make up a substantial part of the "support" now. Just how is that supposed to lift the heads and drive them on? No wonder there is a crisis of confidence within the team. The youth team got slated for their behaviour which is unfortunate but by God, at least they supported and lifted the team and for that, they are worth 100 of every idiot who who thinks it's ok to shout abuse just because things arn't going the way they would like. They are the cancer eating through the club and causing the greatest spiral of low confidence which is greatly affecting the team. How would you feel as a player if every time you touched the ball you received a torrent of abuse or boos? FFS, Polworth scored a goal and created another yet some "fans" booed him? Sure he may have had a less then expected game but what do you want if two goals warrant that? Just to note, Billy McKay scored 4 goals in 15 appearances, Polworth has scored 3 in 14 appearences, I don't recall anyone giving McKay a hard time? And don't get me started on Vigurs, the things I've heard fans shout because he makes one mistake or poor pass yet all the good stuff he does is ignored. I guess it's just an Inveness thing.....?
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    At one point during the game, towards the end of the first half I think, Donaldson had the ball on the main stand side touchline and was being closed down by a Peterhead attacker. As he was being closed down a bunch of ICT fans started yelling for him to get rid of it. He cut inside his opponent, played a nice ball forward to Vigurs (I think) who returned the ball to Tremarco on the left side and he then started running forward linking with a team mate to continue the move. Defence turned into attack through a couple of neat simple balls, ones I haven't seen us play that often this season, yet all the while the home fans were screaming at the players to "Get it forward!", "This is rubbish!", "Fu$*&ng s&!£e Caley!" and so on. I really don't know what these people are expecting from the players in such a situation. An aimless hoof up the park would have led to howls of derision.
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    I believe that the factors governing attendances across football are many and complex and that ICT is suffering from a not uncommon Perfect Storm. I think the biggest driver of declining attendances is that, across the game, going to a football ground and paying to watch two teams which are considerably inferior to what you can watch on TV is no longer a flavour of the month activity. So, for instance Scottish Premiership crowds in the 3000 bracket are not at all uncommon. It also looks to me as if attendances here also permanently suffer from a definite novelty factor. In the first season at the Caledonian Stadium, heading towards a Division 3 title, there were several in the 2000 - 4000 bracket. That didn't include derbies which went above 5000 and in that specific case, the novelty factor soon became very evident and Highland Derbies in the Premiership latterly and consistently attracted far fewer fans than in D3. Similarly, the 2000 - 4000 also rapidly declined, and once playing even in D1 had become established (around 2002 perhaps), home crowds of 1800-1900 weren't out of the way. Fast forward to the novelty of the SPL and we are again back up to 4000+, and 6000+ for bigger occasions. But before long, even the OF were failing to prevent large gaps in the stands and run of the mill games were down to around 3000-odd. Inevitably, a drop down to the Championship is going to have another negative effect since second tier football in Inverness is now old hat, and of course the recent less than entertaining fare has added another factor, along with the failure to win. This is a far cry from the novelty of SPL names rolling into Inverness on a fortnightly basis and pushing for that first ever top six place. It becomes even more difficult to attract home crowds if you have to charge around £20 for all of this, but that is the kind of sum needed to maximise ticket income. The fundamental problem here is football's overall willingness to pay players way above their market value. Given that 2-5 Scottish clubs pull in a huge percentage of Scottish football support, the residual economics just don't leave much scope for full time football in this country. Clubs, especially in peripheral areas also continue to be badly affected by busloads of football fans heading off to Ibrox and Celtic Park. Then when you look at the 930 attending ICT v Peterhead on Saturday, you can add to all of that the reality that the Irn Bru Cup isn't something people really want to pay money to watch - unless there's something vaguely special like Falkirk v Dunfermline. At 4082, was the only one of the eight attendances above 2000. Despite the handicap of League Two opposition, 930 was actually the fourth biggest of the eight numbers, and then you need to take into account that "official" cup attendances always SEEM lower than how full the ground feels. OK... that's a pretty long winded way of saying that at ICT at the moment, a recently relegated team which is not playing well in a league which isn't an attractive product and which everybody has seen before isn't going to be able to pull in crowds which might make the prospects of full time football look terribly viable in the longer term.
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    It was good to see a couple of the young uns and their flags and drum on Saturday hopefully one or two more will start coming back
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    Just a new beginning. With all the reasons for going to football being given I think people have missed the most important of the lot. It beats having to go shopping with the wife
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    Not naming names but gives his squad number. Wonder who that'll be then!
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    It was the brewery. I hope you're not bitter about it!
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    That's a good post from Charles which illustrates that there is no easy fix. People go to football for very different reasons. Some turn up through thick and thin because it's their team and the team is just a part of their life; some go to be entertained; some go because they enjoy their team winning; some go to see the big names that other clubs have in their sides. With respect to entertainment, it should also be noted that different things entertain people differently - some like end to end mayhem regardless of the quality of the play whilst others get enjoyment from a more sedate but technically more accomplished style of play. There is no right or wrong about any of this and we really shouldn't criticise anyone who decides they will no longer go to matches. But I think one of the problems we have is that given the success of the last 10 years or so, unrealistic expectations have been created. Now that those expectations are not being met, people are staying away in significant numbers. Unfortunately the harsh reality is that every time somebody decides not to come, it makes it that much harder for the club to meet the expectations of everybody else. It's a vicious circle. Perhaps people could look at things in a different way. Instead of asking whether or not you got value for your £20 at any given match, look upon the £20 as an investment for future success. After all, when you look back at that incident packed semi-final against Celtic and then lifting the cup in the final, just how much are those memories worth? We'll not see the like again unless enough people keep faith with the club through the bad times as well as the good.
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    Oh dear! How the mighty hath fallen --or so it seems. And where do we go from here.....? For sure, continual booing and screaming at players won't do anything to bring back the good old days. Encouragement, and holding your tongue if you can't shout anything positive, is a far better strategy for the future. Now, it's true that I haven't seen one single game live this season and precious few video clips because they are few and far between, so who am I to judge except for the fact that what I have just said seems to have the same respective negative and positive effects in any situation other than in football. So what's good for the Goose is good for the Gander I reckon and don't forget that nothing remains the same for ever. So there are better days ahead but either prior to, or after, worse days. The latter scenario being very possible in the short term. Get used to it, stop moaning and offer encouragement instead. An already down team needs motivation, not cruel jibes. Racehorses are finely fed, stroked, exercised and trained animals --but the very best don't always win. Some have different temperaments and some need a wee bit of the whip to wake them up and realise that more is expected of them at the crucial points in the race ; whereas others run their hearts out and don't need the whip at all and sometimes need to be restrained before they exhaust themselves too early in the race. The latter have that competitive spirit, grit and determination which alone motivates them to win with furlongs to spare, not to mention the jockey's disposition and temperament which can spur a horse on to greatness if both of them get into sync with each other. Animals have a sixth sense and they either seem to like you or not right off the bat. Meaning? Just this in simpler terms....our new Manager has the ball at his feet and will either sink or swim depending on how he stands and motivates the players. Regrettably, John Robertson is the fall guy. He must find a way, either by means of chats or by example, to get the very best out of all the individual players. He can do this quietly with each player, in the background, or openly in a full meeting with all the players at once. Initially, I advocate the first way since this gives each player a real chance to get to know his manager as a human being and to advise him of his personal feelings, goals and needs. For the player, to just speak up will assist him to cope with an already depressing situation and this initial "hearing' will have to find J R listening attentively more than talking himself to death. If he listens intently to what is being said he can offer encouragement as the conversation progresses. When all players have had this opportunity of a one-on one chat then the general meetings can be open to all comment as a TEAM and the Manager must stimulate free and honest discussion. This is down to personality and I think that J R has the capability within him to sense that praise and encouragement is the right course to follow. Otherwise, he may be doomed. IMHO.
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    In many ways I hope not. I’m sure there are loads of us that met him and I really liked him when I spoke to him. Even if you bumped into him in Costa or at the Millburn Chinese he would always have a Good natter and came across as a really decent guy. I hope for him and his young family he finds something that he enjoys as he always came across well
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    Crikey, the refuseniks will outnumber the actual crowds soon.
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    Ironically, according to our local rag's Star Man ratings, our top two players are Vigurs and Polworth! The two highest rated players are the two "fans" most like to abuse? Thats so Inverness!
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    And none more nonsensical than this. Just how does that square with the post below that you posted just 12 hours ago? I think there have been some very good replies because people are opening up about the way the feel about what is going on and what motivates them to attend. It's a good thread and we we should be grateful to Dougal for posting it in his own inimitable way.
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    Fans have decided that no matter what Vigurs or Polworth do then they arent good enough, they follow some of the sh1te they read on here, someone says Polworth is sh1te therefor he must be sh1te, and it doesnt matter if the lad turns up on Saturday and plays a blinder, these people will still complain he misplaced one pass. McKay on the other hand scored some goals for us once upon a time ( done sod all since he left us) and therefor is immune to the p1sh these fans dish out. Fans have their favourites who can do no wrong.
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    Agreed! I think this is a serious question. Id consider myself a diehard and the folks around me the same. I literally had to drag myself there on Saturday. I bitterly regret renewing my season tickets as it just feels a waste of money. I cant believe how I now feel about the club which are the love of my life since I was 12 (ok in 2 incarnations). On chatting to others re this on Sat I have come to the conclussion that I attend nowadays due to my close group of friends doing the same. I agree with Kingsmills that staying away just makes things worse all round. However I just cant explain how Ive come to feel like this. Tbh If youd told me 2 years ago things would be this way Id have laughed and laughed! Normally Id be saying better days ahead but truthfully Im not even convinced of that anymore.
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    No. Censorship is telling you that you are not allowed to post, which no-one has done, or closing the thread when there is no good reason to do so, again, which no-one has done. Telling you to wind your neck in was in response specifically to you calling the site owners and mods 'fucktards'. Discussion without verbal abuse is fine and welcomed. Abuse is not. As Dougal has attempted to point out, many of the mods are not Inverness based and I can add to that in saying that at least 30% of the posters are also located outside of Inverness so I am not sure what your point is. Those views you dislike so much are coming from many corners of the UK and beyond. I now live in one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world and yes, there are huge differences that I see compared to life in Inverness both in terms of pace and sometimes outlook ... but that does not make me want to look down my nose at those who live in Inverness. You seem to have a real disdain for those who have remained in the City whereas the rest of us can appreciate both where we live and also where we came from and what shaped us. Perhaps that's part of the problem? By your own words, you couldn't wait to get away, while personally, I look forward to visiting as often as I can ! Indeed. dialogue should kick-in, bit it seems that you want that dialogue to agree with your own. I will agree what happened the other day is indeed an embarrassment, and it needs to be dealt with. As mentioned on another thread, hopefully if there is any comment from the club, it is simply that its an internal matter and has been dealt with. Was he (SK) not here before the cup win? In which case he has been here from when we were 'average' then on an upward journey to 'triumph' and yes, as you have noted, downwards to relegation. I have no idea of his qualifications, or his abilities as a coach, and I would hazard a guess that very few of us do. If the manager and/or Danny are confident in his abilities then who am I - or any of us - to argue that point. Perhaps part of the problem is that we as fans are not aware of how much he or other coaches do and what they bring to the table. We apportion all the credit, and also most of the blame to the manager and when the manager ultimately fails the whole backroom team usually goes ... which hasnt happened at ICT for the last 3 managers. I bow to your superior knowledge. Clearly, your stated desire for open discussion does not extend to having the dialogue you talked of in your earlier post. I would guess that precisely none have been scouted by Kellacher. He's a coach not a scout. Again ... I fail to see how 'wind yer neck in' whilst not closing the thread or preventing you from posting is censorship? I agree with the next part of your post and wonder if you require a mirror for that ? I was from the time I founded the site until I moved to Canada ... Life moves on and you dont have to live in Inverness to support ICT. However, your statement is completely untrue. as are 4 other mods. So 5 of 10 mods are local. 3 more were local but moved for education or just life in general, and only 2 as far as I am aware have always lived outside Inverness . Other mods have come and gone over the years and as far as I recall we have always had a mixture of age, gender and location.
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    It's only another fishing trip by donut Dougal, ignore it!
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    Wish I could agree. Perhaps "boycott" is the wrong word but probably deliberately used to provoke reaction !! But I know of quite a few supporters who have said that they will not be coming back until the mess is sorted. That could be a long time. People nowadays also look at spending their spondoolachs on things that are more entertaining and are not leading to a life of frustration, disappointment, disillusionment and anger.
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    Why do you think the team and management were out playing golf? Do you seriously think JR said **** football, lets all go and play golf instead? Have you ever worked so hard youve thrown up? I would even suggest the players work harder in a morning session than you do in your 40hrs a week!
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    I like that one Charles 'Flymaybe flights'
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    Absolutely way over the top you think that we have only won once in the league due to a couple of supporters directing a couple of expletives at the players. Jesus Christ I have heard it all now.
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    Fly Maybe..... Twice this year I have booked Flymaybe flights, once to Belfast City and once to Birmingham and they then changed the times, rendering the flights useless and messing up the trips. Flybe are useless. The Caley Club bus would be much more likely to get you to the stadium as planned for a home tie against Falkirk.
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    Oh great another caning...
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    That's some sentence you had
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    I watched them late 60's till the end. Never got to the Corrie much as I always had my son with me. Halcyon days.
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    Are you not thinking of the Clahaig Inn at glencoe for obvious reasons. The sign on the door said no hawkers dogs or Campbell but eventually dogs were allowed in. Pretty harsh on the Campbells in my opinion couldn’t wish for nicer people
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    I find it incredible that in a post about boycotting the club, a reply which offers a personal opinion as to why I or some others may not want to attend at the present time, is suddenly jumped on by people like you who's only answer is to suggest that I purely want to support a team that win every week.
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    We must have been watching the jags at the same time pretty much. Even when it wasn’t the best you could always nip over to the Corrie for a pint at half time
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    Fans are entitled to an opinion and while you may think venting boo's is uncalled for its nothing more than pantomime - the players and club cant expect to be cheered and revered and not take some backlash when things go badly. I think we all agree than personal abuse is not acceptable, but if its felt that strongly either reprimand the individual or report it to the stewards - that's what they get paid for and we have a club policy against such behaviour. One day the stadium is full of sweetie rustlers with no noise, the next its booming with choruses of abuse - maybe there's a successful middle ground that will please all. Perhaps the players and those around the club need to realise that football is an entertainment business and the fans pay the wages, if the entertainment isn't there then people will vote with their feet - so unfortunately if the negativity from fans is dragging the players down they need to rise above it and turn it around otherwise they won't have a job. Many fans have jobs they may not like or enjoy at times but they have still invested significant money into season tickets and are now committed whether linking what is seen or not. Based on the league we are in the fans paid top ST money but are seeing performances which don't match - leading to the frustration, the 'feel good' wont come back until there's performances that improve.
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    As I said in an earlier post Polworth had a hard shift. He is surrounded by poor footballers some wouldn,t get a game in the highland league. Vigars had a good game but is mostly made up of short passes but he manages to create space for himself so looks more impressive. I can understand Polworths frustration he needs help on the pitch not critisisum from the side lines. I would have thought it was clear to everyone he needed help not people who hide, I use the word people because I don't think they are fit to be classified as players not at this level
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    I suspect that Dougal is irritating a lot of worthies become his last two posts have ticked all the boxes - inflammatory, sarcastic yet thought provoking with the inclusion of very important issues - fitness, performances and now attendances and loyalty testing. The simple worrying fact is that fans ARE gradually deserting becos of the fare being offered. The club is in disarray and as Dougal warns - part time football is a distinct possibility and something has to be done soon or even extinction is a threat.
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    We reckoned about 50 to 80
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    I understand where you are coming from but if two f the young ones went at each other in view of the fans would they be treated as leniently Can’t be one rule for some and not the others, I’m sure there have been lots of youngsters that have seen the photos or indeed seeing it happen on Saturday that would not have liked any kind of violence. Could you imagine you’re own young kids asking you if it’s alright to hit on the football pitch then it’s alright to hit in the stands. It’s the same stadium surely the same rules or is that not an acceptable argument
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    If Peterhead took "a few hundred" through then most must have got lost on the way. Maybe they taught Dougal a thing or two about fishing
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    Dundee United with a much larger support than us had just over 1000 on Saturday.
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    The best thing the club could do is to not release any statement other than to say it's been dealt with internally and, hopefully, resolved.
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    Is it right that Polly and Kellacher have joined the Young Team. Their "flare-up" should surely result in media chastisement and a lengthy ban ?
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    ICT fans are not 'boycotting' games. A figure of just under a thousand is what I would expect for the Irn Bru Cup. It's true that home attendances are down and falling still further but this is due to the fact that we are in a lower league, not getting results and playing football that is unentertaining and seldom pretty to watch. Nothing to do with a boycott. You seem obsessed with dishing the club at every turn. For a supposed supporter you never ever say anything remotely supportive
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    It's part of the conspiracy by the backward Teucter clique
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    How is speaking the truth an outrageous personal slur? Pull your head out of your arse and see what has happened - a player comes off the pitch and thinks I know I will smack one of the "reputable" coaches for no reason. Having heard him from the dugout - he is not so angelic as some might think. **** me are you so stupid as to believe that Polworth was totally implicit in the scenario and Kellacher did nothing wrong? This is the problem with this club, in fact this forum, half the time the fucktards in charge are in a state of denial - it's all to do with cliques. As soon the club, and a few people on here, realise that cliques are toxic and destroy - the sooner things might actually start to get better. The club is a running ******* joke. Half the whinging and whiney ******** on here a ******* joke. Wake up and smell the coffee people. Sometimes I do feel the term Teuchter was coined for the mentality of Caley supporters and the club. It's plain ******* embarrassing.
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    Scott Kellacher is an excellent coach, very well regarded. I understand he picked up a lot of the slack last season when others let things slide.
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    Where was this level of outrage when one of our players grabbed another by the throat during a match? The manager at the time reckoned it was a good thing and there wasn't much argument coming from this site and I don't remember people crying out for a statement from the board.
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    I can't comment on what happened Saturday, but suggestions that Scott Kellacher isn't the nicest of people and comments about his coaching ability etc are utter BS....and bordering on defamation. I've known the guy for years through being at the club and would vouch for him being a generally decent guy. He also seems to be held in high regard as a coach and, from my experience, has always been well respected by the vast majority of players.
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    Thanks Milescott for pointing out what everyone seems to have missed while piling on. Kellacher is a coach, he has coached the team through relegation to near relegation again in two seasons, him and Rice need to go. I wasn't at the game so didn't hear what was said but in anycase, he is a coach and should never say anything to the players during a game except positive enforcement. You have cleared up the mystery of why a shy, pleasant young man should publically explode with such rage, and if indeed he said or did anything to warrant "disgraceful behaviour Kellacher," from the crowd, his desk should be cleared and its contents left in a box at the front door on Monday morning. Like I said, I wasn't at the game, I was at the QOS match in the main stand and like everyone, endured a dull 90 mins with an overall poor performance. But that's not the reason I didn't go, I am a supporter and cheer on the team at every opportunity, good or bad. It was because of the morons who seem dispersed throughout the main stand who think its ok to shout abuse at players far less support the team. The abuse is usually aimed at Polworth or Vigors and this is just not on. Some may make the argument that they have paid money and are entitled to shout abuse, that is just not true. No one has the right to shout abuse and if you do it to your own players, shame on you. No, I didn't go to the game because several times I had to talk myself of the ledge just so I did not go to one of these abusers and point out the error of their ways. If you are one of those people, stay at home, shout at the dog, do whatever but leave the stands to those who go and support the team. I will be back next home game but I will not sit in silence anymore and I would urge anyone who has their game spoiled by some idiot to stand up and say something because I will. These people need to know their behaviour is not welcome. Vigors may be in the twighlight of his career and may not have much option than to play out the end of his days under a torrent of bile but that is not the case for Polworth. He was out of favour with Hughes and played out of position, Foran always played him out of position, right-back against Elgin FFS? He was trapped into a three-year deal on a fraction of the money others get and the club including Rice/Kellacher have done little to nurture and bring him on. So when another club comes in and makes an offer in the next two windows, don't be surprised when he grabs his kit and leaves and who can blame him. The way he has and is being treated is disgraceful and he will be driven out of the club by the "supporters." Sad thing is, that would be the best thing for him.
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    I traveled from Scrabster to Stromness on the St Clair once when the St Ola was away for annual refit, although a bit rough the crossing only took 1 hour 30 minutes as I was coming off the ship I said to one of the crew it was the quickest I had done the crossing and he said the captain was F*****g mad and trying for a record on the crossing! My later crossings for work were on Pentland Ferries who were less than half the price of Northlink for my works van and they were providing a service with no subsidy like Northlink! An interesting book to read is Pentland Hero which is about Pentland Ferries. snorbens when I used the ferries with my car I disabled the alarm which was the best thing to do and you could still lock it.
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    No, as has been said above, they are giving people a second chance and, as again has been said above, they will be well advised to learn their lesson, take that chance and behave in future otherwise I think it could be some time before they are offered a third one.
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    From the board statement "The two ladies that run the supporters’ trust and the buses have been vilified by these fans online. (Using) abusive language and expletives and they should never be put in that position. We feel we’ve taken the right action. "They raised a charter against us and said they weren’t coming back. I believe the following week, a number of them went to Ross County and were ejected again. We know who the ringleaders are and they’ve not been discreet online." These aren't real Caley fans are they?...they're idiots (and somewhat unpleasant ones at that) who've attached themselves to the club, and make trouble. Sounds like a very small group, who need to be kept out until, and if they learn some commonsense and good grace. The rest of the young supporters in the group should be actively encouraged to come and make the noise they do.
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    Can't help but think due to the farcical pavement dancing between Polworth and Kellacher that the real issue from Saturday has gone unnoticed 932 was the official attendance, that figure alone is deeply disturbing considering that Peterhead took a good few hundred with them It's quite clear that ICT fans are boycotting home games this season whether its official or unofficial I cannot comment but the board must have been Sh1tting themselves when they realised that only 500 at most home fans added to the coffers This coming Saturday will only further highlight the issue, while we have a massive relegation six pointer at Falkirk, by all accounts we are struggling to half fill a bus at the moment whereas Clachnacuddin are going to Spartans in the Scottish Cup and they have already filled three buses and are taking numbers for a fourth Something has got to give as it's clear we can't go on like this, immediate major changes need to happen or it's part time football only in Inverness Dougal
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