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    And in celebration, how about this classic!
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    Supporting a football team has feck all to do with entertainment. Just ask 40,000 Sunderland fans.
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    Dufuq did I just read?
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    Agreed! I think this is a serious question. Id consider myself a diehard and the folks around me the same. I literally had to drag myself there on Saturday. I bitterly regret renewing my season tickets as it just feels a waste of money. I cant believe how I now feel about the club which are the love of my life since I was 12 (ok in 2 incarnations). On chatting to others re this on Sat I have come to the conclussion that I attend nowadays due to my close group of friends doing the same. I agree with Kingsmills that staying away just makes things worse all round. However I just cant explain how Ive come to feel like this. Tbh If youd told me 2 years ago things would be this way Id have laughed and laughed! Normally Id be saying better days ahead but truthfully Im not even convinced of that anymore.
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    My relationship with Scott Kellacher is, primarily, a professional one....one which has seen me work alongside him and other coaches (as well as many dozens of players) in both the best and worst of times. It is on that basis that I call BS on statements by people calling into question his character and especially his ability as a coach.
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    Well, I suppose a return to the cheerleaders would be an improvement on the jeerleaders we have at the moment.
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    Scarlet.... many years ago both ICT and County had cheerleaders. The County ones even had their own chant, one line of which went (in the broadest "Dingwall")...."Foootbullursh ur seckseee!" It did make the toes curl somewhat.
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    The Kessock Kuties Stadium.
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    Then at half time bring on the Pom Pom Girls. The first stadium in Scotland to offer this slick, quality, half-time show. Accompanied by the Brass Band Bangers from the Deep South University of Louisville, Kentucky. Now that's entertainment. The place would be packed.......every other week. Yes!!
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