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    Tin hat on ready for the red arrows. Paranoia about biased refs is just silly although I suppose it worked for Alex Ferguson. Do we really want to be like Celtic FC (always cheated, never defeated)? Who would be a ref? It reminds me of when I was teaching. Some parents never seemed to realise it was a profession that involved years of training - they thought you just made it up as you went along, and picked on whoever you liked. I deal with refs regularly at Lowland League level as it’s my job to pay their match fee. BTW they are paid about £800 in the Premiership but only £75 in the LL. It’s up to them to make themselves available for a match each week then take what they get. In the case of Stephen Finnie (Category 1) he will take a game any week no matter what he’s offered. Just for the love of the game. We even had Collum one week. But in the average LL fixture we will get a Category 3 or what’s called Category 2 development. The list of refs and categories is on the SFA website. It’s quite enlightening when you go in and speak to them and hear their side of the story. They go over all the bookings with the assistants right after the game and code them. It’s amazing when your midfielder tells you ‘I never did f**k all’ then you hear the ref saying how many quiet warnings he’s had. Also relatively surprising is how well the players and refs know each other, and that usually they have a pint after the game when things have cooled down. At LL level you can hear the conversations on the park and most refs are encouraging the players and praising them for a good pass etc despite getting sworn at all through the game. Although there are one or two who make it all about them. The ref at Brechin on Saturday was Gavin Duncan (Category 1) who has handled LL fixtures many times. I thought he handled the game well. I missed the St Mirren game at TCS but when I read the forum I thought the ref had been eating people’s babies or something. Then I saw the highlights and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. And yes, even at LL/HL level refs get supervisors checking their progress and development or lack of, as they move/don’t move up the categories. Haven't watched the Livi highlights yet...
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    Liam Polworth is the leading assist provider in the Scottish Championship so far this season, with nine. He has 14 overall for us this season (three in the league cup, two in the challenge cup). Next in that list is Vigurs, who has four overall, two in the league, one each in the league cup and challenge cup. Something to think about when discussing his contribution.
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    Never forget....
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    The standard of refereeing is the same for every team in the league and Robbo needs to take responsibility for failing to have us prepared for it. The likes of Dumbarton, Morton and Livingston are clearly coached to play a physical game which is constantly on the edge of the rules and they apply it with discipline. We try to play more football than those sides, and when our play is thwarted and decisions don't go our way, certain players lose their heads. Vigurs' red seems harsh, but he has been the worst culprit throughout the season. Robbo suggests he's got a reputation for being "talkative". If that means aggressively swearing in faces of the officials then it's hardly surprising if they bear a grudge.
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    Amid what seemed like a glut of away games against County where we pumped them on their own patch never forget this stunning strike from Raven which nearly made Brittain explode the red faced mess
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    Robertson is definitely right in that there have been some shocking officiating displays in games involving us especially in recent weeks but it's time we start taking some responsibility for our actions. All of the recent red cards have been justified and we should look at ourselves before lashing out and blaming the referees. All the other sides are having to put up with their shite as well.
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    We've scored 34 goals in all competitions this season, Liam Polworth has scored or assisted 17, from a central midfield position. He can present himself any way he wants as long as he contributes like that.
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    Like you, Referees are human and make mistakes. Not for me to defend Referees and Assistant Referees and their decisions. There is no conspiracy theory. It would appear that some of them are not very good. Hence why they are not officiating in the Premiership. Lastly, ICT players need to be more 'streetwise' (as said by Huisdean above) in this league and score more goals. Simples.
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    Not saying there is any bias against us by referees but do think we have been more harshly treated by referees in the games I have seen this season. Other teams appear more streetwise than us (this happened in the Premier league as well) and referees are being conned by this. You could argue that this is the players fault but referees need to be aware of this. The biggest bugbear for me however is the inconsistency of referees and until they can resolve this, and it is in their gift to do this, they will continue to get criticised.
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    https://stv.tv/sport/football/1405623-david-raven-blasts-inverness-board-before-departure/?utm_source=dlv Very well said David Raven. Thanks for everything.
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    Watching the highlights, I did not realise at the time how clever Polworth was in teeing the ball up for Doran for his goal. Great vision. More please!
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    Thanks RiG brings a tear to the eye! Good luck to Dave and his family for the future wherever he goes.
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    Have to disagree with those posters who are blaming Vigurs for us not winning yesterday. There was no way he deserved to be sent off. His first booking may or may not have been justified, it was definitely not for mouthing off, but similar challenges were being put in throughout the game by both sides and no action taken by the referee which just highlights the inconsistency of the officials and the reason they get so much stick/abuse. If referees cannot understand that this is the one thing that really irritates fans, then they should not be refereeing. As for the sending off, Vigurs was simply just going for the ball. Sure, his foot was high but there was no malicious intent in that. The Livingston player went down as if he had been poleaxed by a punch from Mike Tyson but trust me, Vigurs did not catch the player at all with his boot. The other interesting thing about the sending off was that the referee had the cards out immediately, he took no time to assess the situation and appears to have already made up his mind to send off Vigurs. The standard of refereeing is definitely declining in Scotland and referees simply seem unable to distinguish between genuine foul play and mistimed or genuine tackles. The treatment Oakley received yesterday from both the referee and standside linesman were perfect examples of this where he was constantly fouled so when he did, as any good certain forward would do, and start to dish out the same treatment, he was instantly penalised. Ultimately we are drawing too many games which may cost us at the end of the season but there is certainly cause for optimism as there is a nucleus of a good team being created.
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    You are dead right. I asked that particular question myself and I think what he was particularly gratified about was the response from fans which he said was "pretty overwhelming and humbling" and that it was "pretty unbelievable the number of comments I've had." Then there was an almost embarrassed pause and exhalation before he concluded his answer with "there's not much more I can say about that...." To another question, he said that he would "always be looking out for ICT and seeing where they go from here" and that this had been "the best time I've ever had at a club." It's not that often that you get the opportunity to interview players who are leaving clubs, but without doubt David Raven has departed with great dignity.... a word which could equally be applied to his nonetheless categorical questioning of the stewardship of the two seasons following the Scottish Cup win.
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    Spoke to him at the stadium after the game. Rest assured he is in no doubt about the fans' respect and level of esteem in which he is held. It took him a long time to finish all the requests for pictures and just as long to say thanks to everyone who was wishing him and his family well.
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    It would be good if he realises the esteem he is held in by the fans for all he has done for the club during his time here. He moves on with my thanks and best wishes for the future.
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    And he nearly had a goal himself, he does not get credit for all the good play he has but gets plenty abuse when he makes a mistake.
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    Back of the net! Nice one Dave and thanks for the memories - you will be missed
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    It is we fans who should be gratified by the contribution he has made in all the years he was was with us. Very gratified indeed.
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    In terms of what was heard on the radio and seen on TV, it was the same stuff. Raven was simply expressing his dismay that he and his team mates had won the Scottish Cup in May 2015 and now the club is relegated and extremely strapped for cash. He just wanted to know how money from the likes of that and Ryan Christie's transfer could have been squandered in such a short time and to such little effect? The other line which emerged at the conference but has not emerged in broadcast yet although may well do in print tomorrow, since newspapers are usually able to do greater depth than broadcast, was that it was put to him that when the fans cheered him off v Livi, they were cheering a contribution which extends far more widely than simply scoring the winner v Celtic. He seemed very gratified at that proposition.
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    There is no doubt that the standard of officiating is poor but it's the same for our opponents. It's bad enough when some paranoid posters on this site suggest a particular bias towards us but frankly embarrassing when the manager make a the same suggestion in the media. Robbo is doing a reasonable job from a standing start and with limited resourses. He does not need to resort to this sort of paranoid nonsense and, I for one, really wish that he wouldn't.
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    Thanks, that's what I heard on the radio earlier. It would be interesting to know what else was said but not broadcast.
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    I saw a reference on a different thread to a video of his interview: is it available on line? I heard part of an interview with Charles Bannerman on the local news on Radio Scotland earlier, in which he was asking where the money had gone from the cup final win and Christie's transfer. I hope there was also a positive bit in the interview so would like to see or hear it all. Thanks RiG for posting the videos: great memories of a great club servant.
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    Just listen to his farewell blast on STV - EAT SLEEP RAVEN We should ALL REPEAT
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    I wasn't at the game. Having now seen the highlights and re-run the Vigurs sending off incident umpteen times, freeze frame, slow-mo etc. I think I can say that: 1. Clearly it was accidental by Vigurs; but 2. By the time, he had positioned himself to attempt the kick overhead, the Livi player had nipped in front of him and so, "ideal world stuff", Vigurs should probably have attempted to pull out of the challenge before connecting. The ref doesn't have the benefit of endless video playback ... So, I can see how the yellow was given. As far as I understand, intent doesn't come into the decision unfortunately. However, brutal application of rules like this just ruins the game and regular ref. inconsistency in games breaks me. All in all, the sending off seems very unlucky on Vigurs' part ... although one might say that, when on a yellow, he should have been extra careful to stay on the right side. (In that regard, I'd like to know if his first yellow before that was for being stupid i.e. dissent or silly foul).
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    I can see why Vigurs got the yellow, although it was purely accidental and Vigurs must have made contact because he went over to apologise - the Livi player just put his head in where most don't. It was the first yellow that was either a shocking decision by the ref or daft from Vigurs (dissent). Worst of all was the Livi player leading with his arm just before the sending off - not even given as a free kick. Definite yellow and possibly a red.
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    Wonder what the odds of another red are then 😂
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    Maybe a couple of years ago but given the treatment he receives from the fans both on here and at the ground (only a few months ago "fans" were booing him when he got the ball) I would be very surprised if he sees a future for himself at ICT and who can blame him? Shinnie could barely wait to leave as he signed a PCA and left for a better opportunity as did quite a few of the glory team, thats just the way the game is and we will continue to lose players in that way.
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    My favourite moment too, thank you David Raven. Stay in football David you still have a lot to give and a lot to pass on. i wish it was still to be with us. Good luck.
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    The referee has given vigurs the second yellow purley on the reaction of the livi player from the highlights there. As seconds before he Did the same boot up to control the ball flicks it behind him to create space, turns then does the same to hook it back, while in this process the livi player comes in from behind. Now the livi player goes down holding his face. I'm not a scientist but if vigurs foot at that point is near the players waistline is it possible it hit him in the face no simple physics dictate it couldn't.
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    seen a video of Dave the Raves parting speech. A sad say, really liked the guy very down to earth and had some cracking games for us in the past and of course i'll never forget that semi final goal. Time stood still at the moment and i'll never forget it. All the best to him in the future
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    It is very difficult not to be biased towards our own team but I haven't missed a home match this season and I have really been appalled at the difference between what has been awarded to us and what our opponents have got away with. Week in week out we seem to have had the rough end of the stick. I can sympathise with our players who mouth off at the referees, for as often as not we seem to be penalised when there is a coming together, if there is a tug at a shirt, a push, obstruction, or virtually any infringement on the field. The number of times Jake has been impeded brought down or pulled back and nothing is given seems unreal yet when we adopt similar tactics the Ref is reaching in 'his pocket before he even blows the whistle. I get irate watching from the Stand so what it must be like for those players involved on the park I dread to think. I cant 'help thinking that some sort of retro observation and decision overturning and or punishing must be implemented sometime in the future to get this wonderful game back on an even footing as it is rapidly becoming farcical at times. Okay you may say dream on, bughtmaster but there needs to be an answer to this and it is time that answer is found.
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    Robbo said the referee informed him that he felt vigurs had no control and was aggressive it his high foot. Crap he was trying to stop the ball going out. A livi player did the same in the midfield as our player ran past him and caught him but our player stayed on his feet and not even a free kick. Plus if Vigurs, first yellow was for a shirt pull how did neither of the livi central defenders not recieve a yellow for all the times they tried to pull Oakleys shirt off through out the match.
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    Who put the ref was reasonable were you even at the game?
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    Iv'e played shinty and rugby completely different games. Just because I haven' qualified as a referee does not make any difference to being able to see the standards are terrible. Also there is always assistant referees at spfl matches to assist but they don't assist. On Tuesday there were two or three times a decision needed to be made but the officials couldn't decide. And made glaring mistakes where the ball was put behind by a livi player for a corner for ICT but both the linesman and the ref gave a spot kick explain that? The problem is these mistakes are continually being made.
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    Take the time to qualify as a Ref (I have), understand the Laws of the beatiful game, Referee some games WITHOUT Assistant Referees' to assist you, take verbals from numpties (who think they are Ronaldo but more like Ronnie Barker) then you will have grounds to pass judgement. Failing that, play shinty and mix with men who take things on the chin.
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    Fair enough with that statistics. There is more value to him than I thought. He just needs to sort out how he presents himself. I said some time ago he should be looking towards being a future captain of the club. Graeme Shinnie (who I saw in the reception at TCS after the Livi game) was ICT captain by his age. He has gone on to be Aberdeen captain. A mature and respected individual indeed. Polworth needs to stop acting like 'Kevin the Teenager' at times.
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    There is no is no point going over decisions after a game if you've already made a bad call. It' not just against Inverness this season refs in Scotland are getting worse their decisions are worse when you watch other leagues on TV the quality difference is staggering. It' people's liveleyhood they are playing with and if they have no accountability it' a poor state of affairs.
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