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    Dougal is right when he says people have been warned time and time again. Previous incidents have led to this kind of discussion on numerous occasions. In all those discussions I cannot recall a single person ever suggesting our supporters should "sit quietly". Time after time, old "fuddy duddies" like me make a point of saying we love the atmosphere the lads create. If there wasn't a rogue element amongst them, I have no doubt that more youngsters would join in and the atmosphere would progressively improve. And the more people who join in the vocal support, the more likely others are to join in. Some of these youngsters don't seem to grasp the fact that engaging in the type of behaviour which occurred on Saturday could result in them getting a criminal record. That could then have serious implications for them when they start looking for a job. The club and us "fuddy duddies" don't want decent lads getting sucked into wrong kinds of behaviour with all the implications it may have for them. That is why the club's firm line is to be applauded. Nobody here is against the young crew. We are very much for them which is why they have been warned time and time again of the consequences of their behaviour. Stewarding may be heavy handed from time to time but you can hardly complain about stewards and police evicting people from the ground when a criminal act has taken place. And time and time again, when stewarding has genuinely been heavy handed, the "fuddy duddies" come to the defence of the youngsters and in some cases have personally intervened. It is rather sad to see that utterly pathetic statement which was posted above. If any of the lads involved in that group are genuine fans of the club they will not associate themselves with that statement. Genuine fans of this club will come and support it. Genuine fans who give great vocal support to the team will always be welcomed by the club and their fellow fans of all ages. It is only the tiny number of Idiots who break the law, who put their so called mates at risk of legal sanctions and who damage the reputation of our club who are not welcome. Instead of playing the victim, it is high time that the majority of decent lads stood up to the idiots and stood up for the club.
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    I cant help but think that a large number of the posters on here now are post merger and have become accustomed to on-going success and a guaranteed place in the top leagues. To me the last 24 years have been a total feckin mini-miracle. I followed Caley (OK Celtic as well) since I could walk. I have followed them all over the Highlands and wherever the cups took us. I always dreamed of being in the higher leagues and winning Cups!! In those Highland League days it was a case of away days with your mates, winning was a bonus and fortunately in the Highlands it usually was. You practically knew everybody around you at games or they introduced themselves to you. It was an extended family. What we have achieved is mind blowing. I will cherish every feckin minute - well at least the minutes I can remember or hadn't been chucked out I have met so many newbies and established so many great friendships. I HATED some of the SPL away days. They became boring. I actually looked forward to this season. I am worried but I still look forward to many away trips. We have made great unions with the likes of QOS and Dumfermline. I will be there even if we go down. I will be there next season and I will be there until my head is chopped off by another Immortal. The Away Day crew differs in numbers but it is still great craic. There is always a friendly face to have a dram or two with. Peeple are all trying to pinpoint blame. To me the club has been mismanaged over the last two seasons. So the damage has been done. This year to me is all about survival first and a sign of revival next. We are again a little fish in a big pond. We always were and always will be. I suppose that you will all now note that I am cheesed off with a lot of the negativity on here. Hopefully this may strike a note with some.
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    Loud, colourful and enthusiastic support is always welcome. However, the behaviour complained of is selfish, dangerous and criminally illegal whether in a football ground or elsewhere. There is no excuse for it or justification for defending it. Warnings have been issued before and ignored. The time has come for the perpetrators to be identified and punished. Brechin City were very hospitable to our fans on Saturday. A few abused that hospitality. That is not the Highland way. It's not the ICT way.
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    There's possibly only one thing that saddens me more than the anti-social behaviour in question and that is the apologists who seem to be queueing up in support of a bunch of troublemakers who have been creating well documented problems for a considerable period of time. My main regret here is that there wasn't a more pre-emptive strike on this months ago. For goodness sake, these wee neds have been a thorn in the flesh of this club for long enough in addition to causing offence under the law of the land and that of the football governing bodies. The law has been broken, other supporters' match day experience has been repeatedly spoiled and, especially during the lengthy period of inaction, Inverness Caledonian Thistle has had a bad reputation for anti-social supporter behaviour forced upon it. This problem needed sorted and now some action has at last been taken. Defending these people on the grounds that they make some kind of virtuous noise is absurd. Football is a sport and not a dustbin for social malaise. Meanwhile the irony of the whingeing we are now reading about club statements is palpable. Complaints about lack of communication and board inactivity have been loud and long. However the response of some to the far more proactive and forthcoming board policy seen of late appears to be to complain about that as well.
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    Petulant and immature. Grow up children and continue to do what you do best by supporting the club loudly and enthusiastically but when you have overstepped the mark as some of you did on Saturday for goodness sake learn the lesson and don't give the likes of CB and others the opportunity to ridicule you. You can do much better than that and have done in the past.
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    Dear Charles, possibly only one thing saddens me more than the farcical club statements and moral outrage vented on here and that's the fact that your crusade to police this forum and the general conduct of our support goes unchallenged when you're very clearly a dispassionate voyeur rather than an actual supporter who has some emotional investment in the club. Your sneering, self aggrandising tone of moral superiority and intellectual snobbery quite frankly gives me the boke. I have absolutely no interest in debating your jaundiced, prejudicial and classist views on ICT matters on this forum but if I ever actually have the misfortune of bumping into you at an away game (simply never going to happen is it Charles?) then please feel free to correct any misconceptions I've picked up on here over the years.
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    At the open night, did Robertson not say that if Raven and Fon Williams were still here after the transfer window shut, they would then become part of the squad and would be available for selection? He is using Raven, probably only because Seedorf is injured, but Fon Williams seems to be a totally different situation. It was reported he was injured, then he wasn't injured! I think it's time for the club to come out and tell us what the real situation is. When we bought our season tickets, the club said that they were going to keep the majority of the squad from last season and get us back up at the first time of asking, well that never happened, but if we are not going to play our best available 11, the questions need to be asked why not? I am all for giving the new manager and players time, but if there are any petty personal squabbles between players or coaches, they must be put aside for the benefit of the club.
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    Rather than Manning up and going "Sorry guys, we f**ked up" They've just gave the club the middle finger instead. If they were proper supporters of the club then they'd either issue a statement of apology if any of their members were responsible or at least say they'd offer to assist the club in helping to try and find those responsible. I could be very wrong here and apologise if i am. But from this statement it does kind of sound like some of the guilty parties maybe within the leadership of the group. Respect must be earned, not just given. These boys must learn that, as from the wording of this statement they don't respect other supporters, the club or its good name which because of them is being dragged through the mud. If this is the case then good riddance, go support a club which will condone this behaviour, either of the ugly sisters come to mind. As has been mentioned on this thread and a few others. We all want a bit more atmosphere at the games and generally these guys do try to inject that into the north stand. and then go an ruin it by setting off smoke bombs and chucking them onto the pitch because they've had a whiff of a pint and think they're the big man in front of their pals. When actually its quite selfish, they don't know exactly how many people in the stands have asthma or other respiratory conditions that these could aggravate. Plus as has been said many a time, setting smoke bombs and flares off at a match is actually illegal and these idiots are lucky they just get chucked out the stadium and not into a cell for the night or weekend or have the police waiting for them to do the same when the bus dropped them off after the criminal damage that was caused Unfortunately I can't ever see this problem stopping. Unless because of a few idiots and not just those ones "claiming" to support our great club. They decide to do a stop and search of everyone entering the stadium regardless of if they have a bag or not and if found to be carrying such items are then refused entry even if they've just bought a ticket or are a ST holder. Then imagine how long those queues would be, plus the extra expense to the club of having to take on more stewards to deal with this. That wouldn't improve anyone's matchday experience. In fact may actually drive already low attendance figures down even more. Just because a few wee idiots within their ranks think its "enhances" the atmosphere. Just singing, banging the drum and generally cheering the players on will do it, and if they behave they may find their numbers may rise with both younger and older fans.
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    The simple fact, overlooked by those saying this is an overreaction by the club, is that the SPFL have already contacted the club on this issue so they obviously saw something wrong at the game. Leaving aside the irony of why the SPFL don't contact Rangers and Celtic, as far as I know on behaviour issues, this could have serious consequences for the club. This is why they have to act. We do have a problem with some young fans which I have experienced myself having been verbally abused and threatened when I told them to stop behaving like idiots when they were hell bent on challenging away fans to a fight last season. The sooner everyone acknowledges the fact we do have an issue, the sooner we can resolve the matter. The statement from UL17 is simply puerile rubbish and indicative of the attitude of many young people (sadly) today where any criticism is deemed unacceptable.
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    Vigurs played really well in the first half hour. As well as the ball for the goal, he also played a bute in for Baird in the first minute - these are the kind of killer passes that should win games - and this praise from Vigurs biggest critic last year (when he was truly mince, except for the last few games). Polworth at least shows some heart: With about 10 minutes left, he charged back from an attacking pisition to put in a challenge on the edge of our box, while everybody else gave Livi the freedom of the park. Trafford, Vigurs and Polworth would be my first picks on the teamsheet. The rest are the problem...
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    I was about to post on this thread but you have said it all for me and said it very well. We have been very fortunate indeed to spend almost a decade and a half in the top division beating every leading team in the land. That's something that few of us could have dreamed of in the Highland League days when away trips were to Rothes or Brora and a huge target every season was to reach the semi finals of the Qualifying Cup to reach the tournament proper at get 'glamour ties' against the likes of Queens Park or Stirling Albion. I recall the season that the Jags beat Kilmarnock and we all boarded the football special train to Glasgow and a match against Celtic at Parkhead. I didn't much care that we were beaten 6-0. I was watching my beloved Jags play one of the then best teams in Europe and truly thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience. Little did I think then that there would be another visit to the East End of Glasgow that would shake Scottish football to it's foundations and would lead to us going toe to toe with the most mighty teams in the land for the majority of the next two decades beating all of them with some regularity. Yes, the last two seasons have been disappointing and this one is looking far from promising but that has to be put in context. Look where we've come from and look where we still are compared to that. The very good times will come again although it may take a few years but, in the meantime, we all need to stick with it as true supporters should. That goes for everyone from us old stagers still dewy eyed about memories of Titchy Black or Billy Urqhart or even Jupie Mitchell or Bobby Bolt to the young crew who have only known the good times so far. We are Inverness Caledonian Thistle and we may no longer be the 'pride of the Highlands but we are here still and hugely proud of what we have achieved so far and what we will go on to achieve in the future.
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    So sad that these small boys want to be big boys so soon. No doubt those responsible have already been identified and will be 'spoken to'. As for the Ul17 statement it only highlights to me the childishness that is within their ranks. I'm all for them making a noise and trying to create an atmosphere but they must tow the line and fall in with all those that know how to behave.
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    Theres a 3rd lot those who supported either pre merger team but dont have issues at all...lol
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    I had been trying to figure out how to voice my opinion on this one until Doofers Dad came along and basically said almost exactly what I was thinking. Enjoyment is fine, but like it or not, some things are against the law at a football match and flares and smoke bombs fall under that category. (covered under s. 20 of the Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995) : reference material - http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2015/06/7094/7 / http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0052/00520637.pdf From the club perspective, how should they have handled it? Brechin complained to them, the police complained to them, some supporters complained to them, and the match observer reported the issue to the SPFL who have issued the club with an "unacceptable conduct" letter. We don't know the contents of that letter but it cant be good. These things never are. At best the club will get censured and told to make sure it doesn't happen again, but as it has already happened several times in the last couple of seasons then its far more likely to end up with the club getting a fine of some sort which will probably run into a few thousand £££s .... money that could easily be best spent somewhere else. D&E coaches are likely none too pleased either and that's another potential problem for the supporters/travel club in future. I agree that we want the supporters to be encouraged to make noise and atmosphere, regardless of age, although it has to be said the young crew have way more energy than us old farts do so it does fall on them to gee us all up ... but FFS you can do that without breaking the law. The law may be an ass, and personally I have a fundamental problem with the concept and draconian application of Football Banning Orders (https://www.mygov.scot/football-banning-orders/) but it IS the law and the authorities or those in charge will come down on those who choose to break it. Totally agree that the stewards can and will over-react, and that the direction of the over-reaction will often be the young supporters. Apart from anything else, the young supporters of a team like us, with a smaller support, are just like 'prey' in the animal kingdom ... seen as the easiest pickings. Its not right, but its how the world works. I have posted a few times about the dead atmosphere at the TCS on my last few trips back when compared to the football I watch every week here in Toronto, or even to the football I used to watch at the TCS every home game when i still lived in Inverness. It is really sad to see all the enjoyment being sucked out of football in the UK and its not just at ICT, its all around. We should encourage supporters to enjoy the game and create atmosphere but it has to be done safely. smoke and especially flares are not safe. The simple fact is that the authorities have the upper hand here. Get convicted of a football related offence and you can be banned for up to 10 years. Get a criminal conviction and it can follow you for the rest of your life .... Its a bit of a tangent, but did you know that something as simple as an impaired driving conviction makes you inadmissible to even enter Canada as a visitor (assuming you declare it on your landing form or they check !!!). Simple solution is to try and work with the club and/or other bodies to change the rules relating to smoke. It took a long time but they eventually relented on the safe standing issue, flags, smoke and other things could be something that could be negotiated in future perhaps. Again I go back to a Toronto example (sorry, its all I have on a weekly basis) .... there are a bunch of different supporters groups at TFC. One of those groups was called "North End Elite" who styled themselves in the Ultra culture and did not follow rules, especially as it related to smoke and flares. You can google them and read more but the bottom line is that they no longer exist under that name and quite a few of their number have lifetime bans from TFC as well as criminal convictions. The other supporters groups complained just as loudly that they wanted smoke or some form of pyro and it took several years but now its allowed ... there's a set of guidelines to follow and safety training and procedures to follow, but its allowed and it does add to the atmosphere.There are a good few folk on here who have visited Canada and come to games with me at some point who have experienced this atmosphere. Sometimes you have to work within the system and bend the rules or push the envelope a little to get them to change ... defiantly breaking them will not make that happen and if the group that condones it or does nothing about it doesn't 'self-police' to eradicate that behaviour then there is only ever going to be one winner and its not going to be the supporters !
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    Other clubs operate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to smoke bombs and flares ... they follow it up with 12 month bans for those responsible with the following ban being 5 years and then life. Think we should implement this as a club too. As for damage on the bus ... well those repsonsible should be banned from accessing the cheap subsidised transport for the season. Can't see them paying out £60 a time to get to some of the away games so that would deal with that element of the undesirable supporters. Everything we do while supporting the club, wearing club colours etc reflects directly back on the club. We can barely pay the wages of the players we have without having to fork out money for needless fines from the SFA. By all means bring an atmosphere of support but don't act like a bunch of NEDS - we all lose out in the end.
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    General rule to live by lads - Don't act like a moron and you'll find you won't be arrested and/or evicted from the stadium. It's hardly rocket science.
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    Bottom line is that the club are at risk of getting into trouble because of the behaviour of these supporters. It doesn't matter if said supporters think that's unfair - its the way the SFA are running things right now. Is it really worth damaging the club's reputation (and bank balance, potentially) just to set off a smoke bomb in front of a few hundred fans at Brechin? On a personal level, I groan with dismay whenever I see flares and smoke bombs. People have been badly injured (or killed in at least one case I read of) because of these devices. I also know of fans with chest complaints such as asthma or COPD who are made breathless if they are in the vicinity. Oh, and in a piddly little ground like ours (or Brechin's) they just look naff.
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    Like you, I followed my team from 1970, in my case Inverness Thistle, in the Highland league before the merger, going to all home and most away games. I also supported Celtic, I think every Highland League supporter had a big team and their local team. It was always such a big deal when Scottish league teams used to come up for pre season and testimonials, to see these players in the flesh was such a thrill for us, never thinking that the city would end up with its own Scottish league team. The heights we achieved have been unbelievable, more than I could never have imagined, but we are where we are now and we have to firstly survive in this league and then push on. Due to my poor health I can only manage home games now, but bit the bullet to make the semi against Celtic and the final against Falkirk, two days I will never forget. I followed the Jags through the good times and bad in the Highland league, and there were a lot of bad times over the years, but I was there because they were my team. I see too many people turn their backs on ICT if things don't go well, the glory hunters, 15,000 fans to Hampden! If we had a quarter of them now what a difference it would make. There have been glimpses of how things could be this season if we could get all our better players back and fit, and if we can tighten up at the back. I am an ICT supporter now and will follow them through the good times and bad.
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    Our midfield trio are pretty swish, but that's no use to us if the defence are hopeless and the attack are impotent. It's not clear from watching today what Robbo is doing to rectify these problems, as our issues have been pretty much the same since July. That back four and keeper have now conceded seven goals in two matches. Three of the defenders have been at the club for more than a year, so it's not as if they need time to gel. Raven seemed decent enough defensively today, but the other three were catastrophic. McKay frequently loses concentration and either gets caught out of position or loses his man; Warren is now frequently bested in physical battles by players who he would have easily dominated 2 years ago, and has become slower than a week in jail; Chalmers is easily beaten by wide players and is so woeful in possession that I might change my username to 'Chalmersgivesitawayagain'. Ridgers might have been quicker out for the second goal (that may be harsh - I'll need to see TV pictures to check) but was faultless for the first and third goals today which I suppose means improvement. At the other end of the pitch, our complete lack of pace means that defences never have to worry about a ball in behind. Bell's movement is clever enough to partially compensate for this, though I actually wondered if his goal today was a miscued cross, going by his bodyshape and Alexander's reactions. Cooper just dribbles sideways till he either passes it backwards or loses the ball, while Baird has the opposite of the Midas Touch - anything he does seems to go wrong. His linkup play is dreadful and so is his decision-making. He's a player whose game is based around a lot of hard running, but now he's 32 and lost a yard he is completely toothless against a reasonably organized defence. I can't remember the last time I heard a cheer for an ICT player being subbed, but he was so awful that even the lovely elderly couple on holiday from Plymouth who sat in front of me were slagging him off. Meanwhile Trafford does a solid job of breaking up play, while Vigurs and Polworth both put in great shifts today, desperately looking for teammates in front of them to actually make enough space for a killer pass. I felt desperately sorry for them. Sadly, I don't think we've hit rock bottom yet. Yes, we had lots of possession, and Livingston's three goals came from their first three chances...but did we make more than three clear-cut chances in all that time? I don't think so. And the three goals we conceded were either from corners or from not properly clearing corners (at least the third involved a quality finish, which makes a nice change). Teams that can't defend set pieces are badly organized, and badly organized teams are usually badly coached. The problems at the back will not be completely solved just by installing a competent left-back. We know Elsdon is out of his depth, so unless Donaldson turns out to be the second coming of Franco Baresi we're screwed at centre-back for the near future. And up front does anyone really expect Zzsuschchen or Oakley to be the answer? In conclusion: this is just the pits.
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    too much pessimism. We are a completely different team now, and you have to accept that. So we are starting all over again. We have defensive problems, but Robbo, as he said in the interview, is well aware of that. However, there is some promise in other areas of the pitch. We will improve, but I don't think it is unrealistic to consider us a mid table side at the moment, with the possibility that we can build on that and move up over time. This is the beginning of a new project, our previous success is now history. But there is no reason that it won't be an exciting ride once again, given a bit of time. Look at the St Mirren comments, they are far more positive than our own doom mongers!
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    Boohoo all the older boys and girls are picking on us. It's totally OTT. They swear too etc..... Suck it up and don't be so dumb as to get caught and you won't get the bother. As to what Old Firm fans think of our club statement, perhaps if their own boards actually did something about their own support instead of trying to shift the blame onto "them as well" then their fans wouldn't continuously drag Scottish football through the gutter on such a regular basis. Our board have acted strongly to both a complaint by Brechin and noise from SFA. They didn't have much choice anyway. Perhaps the tone could have been different. Maybe it was a little condescending and tarnished all with one brush. But they had to, realistically, say something.
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    Just to elaborate on my earlier post. let's have a look at a couple of sections from the club's statement. 1. "The Club is also aware of a group of supporters who operate under the name of the “Ultras”. They are a particularly vocal group of supporters, something that we have no concerns with, providing, going forward, they temper their language, cease setting off smoke bombs and cease causing damage at home and away grounds." It is clear from this that the club is putting bad language in the same bracket as the criminal activities of letting of smoke bombs and causing criminal damage. If folk are being banned for the latter two, the implication is that unless the youngsters "temper their language" they could be banned for that. So what are the club doing about the foul and abusive language from older supporters? And what are they doing about the swearing from players on the park? The 2nd point from this section of the statement is "They are a particularly vocal group of supporters, something that we have no concerns with". What miserable wording! The club should be celebrating the fact that these lads give vocal support. It should be encouraging them to continue to do so. Instead, it comes across that this great vocal support which most of us love to hear is something the club simply tolerates. The 3rd point is that "cease setting off smoke bombs and cease causing damage at home and away grounds." almost implies that all the lads in the group are guilty of letting off smoke bombs and causing damage. They can't "cease" something that they have not been doing. They are all being tarred with the same brush. 2. "Unacceptable conduct is conduct which is deemed violent or disorderly. Violent Conduct includes any actual, attempted or threatened physical violence against any person or intentional damage to property." Well, I think we are all clear what "violent" conduct means but "disorderly" conduct could mean different things to different people. What might be simple youthful exuberance to someone could be considered disorderly behaviour to someone else. There is a need to elaborate on what they mean by "disorderly" and the club has chickened out of doing so. The worry here is that in the event of a complaint, "disorderly" may mean whatever it is convenient to the Board to mean. Of course the club was right to ban those identified engaging in criminal activity. And of course the club was right to issue a statement. Unfortunately the statement is hugely unhelpful in moving forward. It is particularly disappointing that such a naff statement should come so soon after there were promising signs that the Board was wanting to engage constructively with supporters.
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    It's a green dot from me PF. I don't know why others are taking issue with this post. This is a perfectly reasonable point to make and earlier in this discussion I also made the point that one can't be too hard on the youngsters when they get set such a bad example from the foul language of people very much older than they are. The club can't have it both ways. It can't tell the youngsters that unless they moderate their language they will be banned, and then completely ignore the foul mouthed abuse that some of our older supporters dish out. Whilst I certainly support the banning of those letting off smoke bombs and causing criminal damage, I don't think the statement is very clever in it's general tone. There really needs to be more words of encouragement to what I am sure is the vast majority of youngsters who go to games to support the team and have a bit of fun and who, from time to time, may overstep the boundaries when egged on by the small minority who want to cause trouble for some reason. It reads like a statement written by someone who has never done anything naughtier than running through a field of wheat. These lads need to be told their vocal support is greatly valued by the club but for the sake of the club and for their own sakes, that enthusiastic vocal support must be kept within the boundaries of the law. To me, the statement read as though those youngsters who have not been banned will be tolerated and a close eye will be kept on them. Hopefully the youngsters will have enough sense to appreciate that they come along to support the team and not the Board.
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    But it's not just about the damage. I don't know what the Travel club have decided or why, but there are general points which apply in any situation like this. The driver is responsible for the safety of everyone on board and for other road users. If the driver is briefly distracted then disaster can result. One only has to think of the tragedy down South recently when 13 people died in a minibus crash when it appeared that the driver did not realise soon enough that the lorry in the motorway lane in front of him was actually stationary. I personally had a narrow escape a few years back when stationary at traffic lights on the A9 Spey Bridge at Kingussie. The driver of a coach behind did not realise the traffic was stopped until too late. The driver slammed on his brakes whilst I looked in my mirror with increasing concern / horror about whether the coach was going to stop in time. As it happened, the last of the traffic going in the other direction had passed and the driver was able to move into the other lane and finally stopped level with me. It was a very scary incident with my life literally in the coach driver's hands. Whether people are guilty of damaging the bus or not , over exuberant behaviour, even when good natured can be distracting for the driver and puts people at risk. Most people understand that, but it seems that some of the youngsters have yet to grasp that simple truth. D&E may not have banned anyone but they may well have told the Travel Club that they will not be hiring out buses to us if there is any repetition of that behaviour. As for the mess: if I gave someone a lift and they left empty cans and bottles and chip papers (and probably a few chips) strewn around my vehicle, you can be pretty sure I wouldn't be giving them a lift again. I don't see why D&E should be expected to tolerate such ignorant and disrespectful behaviour The more mature and sensible lads amongst our young support will appreciate that the club and the travel club have absolutely no option but to take firm action here. I fully accept that some lads who are generally innocent of the bad behaviour may be affected by this, but the only people who are responsible for that are the the moronic ring leaders of the trouble. It is to them they should direct their grievances. Of course, if 30 are being banned from travelling with the Travel Club, that should be enough to hire their own bus and take the responsibility for that. They just might see things differently then. What a shame that the great job many of the youngsters are doing in providing enthusiastic vocal support for the team should be ruined by a small number of d*ckheads. Get rid of these morons lads, and get back to doing what you do so well.
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    No ideas how long, the statement wasn't clear. Have they been banned though? I haven't seen any public announcement to that effect. I used to help run the buses and it's a thankless task. People moan it's too expensive, people moan if you don't put on a bus cos you know it's gonna lose money, people moan if it's too quiet, people moan if it's too noisy, people moan if it doesn't stop enough, people moan if it stops too much, people moan it leaves too early, people moan it leaves too late.... It's quite possible that the coach company threatened to remove their service (they have before I believe) if people who are causing damage, causing the driver hassle etc arr not dealt with as ultimately the driver and the hirer are responsible. There's no way the travel club will want to lose money and they defo want to get as many fans to games as possible but they're left in an impossible situation. Somebody has to take responsibility.
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    Should we not all put this merger thing behind us once and for all? I will always call ICT "Caley" and others will call us "Jags" but that is through personal choice. Personally I want to remember Caledonian FC with fondness and I don't see anything wrong in memories through this merger of two great Inverness institutions. Let's just leave things as they are and hope our club lasts as long as Caley and Thistle. I am not for any changes as I don't see any need - just the same as the wording on our badge/crest which I still think was a terrible, terrible decision.
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    As I stated in the Supporters Club thread, they should grow up. Their singing (mostly) is positive, but smoke flares etc is pathetic. Those who are known to be in amongst it should not be allowed on to the supporters bus in Inverness in the first place. The same numpties who were playing up at Dunfermline were in the thick of it again at Brechin from what I could see. About six of them appear to be the main culprits. Stay at home, watch CBBC and burst your zits, instead of annoying us who just want to support our team.
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    There seems to be an attitude from the young team that because they are creating an atmosphere, anything else that comes with it is part and parcel of it. No acknowledgement from them of flares/smoke bombs not being permitted in the ground or verbally abusing of stewards(heavy handed as they were at times) being unacceptable. They need to take responsibility, self police themselves better and, in some cases, just grow the **** up.
  29. 6 points
    Putting some of the heavy handed stewarding aside, it might help if some of our younger fans realised that they're supporting Caley Thistle, not Red Star Belgrade.
  30. 5 points
    Childhood in Inverness for me meant the occasional Highland League game at Kingsmills "round the block" and the even more occasional visit to Kingsmills or Telford Street if a "big team" came to town. It was a really big deal if any league team visited (even the Montrose's or Stenhousemuir's of the day). I remember the excitement of Thistle thumping Kilmarnock 3-0 on a cold day, seeing Celtic at Kingsmills at a midweek friendly game (part of Ryan Christie's dad going to Celtic?) and Aberdeen at Telford Street (part of Liam Polworth's dad going to the Dons?). It's certainly good to reminisce. I embraced the promise of league football offered by the merger and have been a keen ICT supporter ever since, taking in their first ever league game at Telford Street and a season ticket holder for the last 4/5 years up to now. In between, life has intervened (work, location, family) from time to time, making regular attendance more challenging but I'm proud to say that I've seen most of the big events first hand (supercaleygoballistic win in Glasgow, cup semi and finals). All this warm, cuddly stuff is nice to look back on but it's also worth bearing in mind that, from the outset (circa 1994), the feeling amongst the great, the good and the humble supporter was that Inverness had been frozen out of senior football for long enough., that its population etc warranted a team at the top table and that it should endeavour to get there within several years. "Should" is a big word and brings no guarantees but, with sincere thanks to everyone involved, we certainly got there ... and then some, didn't we! It isn't wrong to get frustrated or angry with disappointing team/club performances/attitudes/choices. We shouldn't curl up in a corner and meekly accept dross just because, hey, we used to be in the Highland League after all. Successful people in sport get a taste for success and want more. I'm realistic though. When we won the cup, I told my son to enjoy it because we might not see another one. I'll support ICT whatever division they find themselves in ... in the knowledge that I've been there before.
  31. 5 points
    Someone who knows they'll get paid regardless. What else do you think happens when you publicly slate and contradict your employers in the press?
  32. 5 points
    Far too early to pull the trigger but if things are no better by December the board will have to be much more proactive than they were last season. Robbo has had one decent spell as a manager almost a decade and a half ago but he has no track record at all of recruitment having been fortunate last time around to inherit the fantastic squad of players assembled by Steve Paterson who, by that time, pretty well managed themselves. I realise he was working in constrained financial circumstances but those players he has recruited, particularly in defence, including the goalkeeper, have been woeful. He was not at fault for losing his job at Hearts, he quit at County and quit again at East Fife who again were playing very poorly. He does deserve more time, at least another two months but, if things are no better then, then a decision needs to be made instead of just letting things drift and hoping for the best like last year. Relegation into the Championship was a bad enough blow but to then drop down another division would be catastrophic, leading inevitably to part time football. It almost happened to St Mitten last season and would have had they not made a timely managerial change. I sincerely hope that we don't but, should we find ourselves in that position come December we will have to do the same. That said, I don't want to see a manager sacked and hope that in two moths time the improvement in the team will make such thoughts redundant.
  33. 5 points
    Yes, and he probably meant to press OFW, and missed it
  34. 5 points
    So, we've lost to Falkirk, Dunfermline, DU and St Mirren so far this season....I know Falkirk was in the cup, but the point stands. These were the top competitors for honours this season and we've lost to the lot, sometimes heavily. I think we all have to wake up. This season is about rebuilding. OFW is a smokescreen- yes, he's tying up funds, but remind me when the transfer window closed and how many really good players are out there wanting to play for a club in turmoil? That horse bolted in July. We need to accept this is what we have and get some team spirit going with Board, players, manager and fans. It's time for siege mentality, fighting together and stop looking for scapegoats. If we don't, we'll be relegated.
  35. 5 points
    Absolute nonsense. I have seen people in the main stand spoken to by stewards and police (admittedly for some pretty excessive language) but much harder to crack down on an individual than a group of fans. As far as I can see, no prejudice against young fans per se by the club, if these morons had not acted in the way they did at Brechin, the club would not need to issue a statement at all. As some other posters have said, this has been coming as the behaviour of some of our younger fans after some home games last season was pretty bad. Whether these are the same fans who were at Brechin or the Ultras, I have no idea. Don't some of those fans such as Moray Jaggie think that the behaviour of these fans may also be keeping some fans from attending games because of their behaviour. Sadly it seems these days that many people think they have a right to do anything they want but are not willing to accept any responsibility for their actions.
  36. 5 points
    I think the bans are in response to behaviour not swearing although I conceed statement does not make that clear. I think there were x 3 episodes of smoke bombs? One of the young female stewards was also subjected to verbal abuse. I understand there is cctv evidence of what happened. I dont care if we are being ridiculed really. Im glad the club have taken action against vandalism smoke bombs etc
  37. 5 points
    Quite simple really, the law and match conditions clearly state no pyrotechnics. Any ground in the country. Therefore if people choose to use them at grounds then they should accept the consequences of breaking the conditions (and henceforth the contract accepted on purchase) such as being ejected or banned. It's their call. Don't do the crime if you can't take the time. It's the same as sneaking substances into festivals. Feel free to try but if you get caught it's no one's fault but yours. According to the most recent statement on the official site, damage was caused to the ground for which Brechin have billed our club. If you're doing that, then you're a walloper and good riddance. You're giving the other fans a bad name. You're giving fellow "young team" and "ultras" a bad name. Those that know the difference between fun and vandalism. Atmosphere and loutish. You're not a "lad", you're a goat. As to drums and singing and banners and flags, the more the merrier. The more noise the better. Pyro has never been needed to create atmosphere in grounds in the UK before so, unless you're just crap at the aforementioned, it's not required now. Get behind the team, make all the noise, be creative, come up with songs and drum beats and chants. And icelandic style claps or Highland war cries. But follow the fairly reasonable rules and you'll not get bother. And if stewarts at away grounds ask you to stop, ignoring them or arguing won't work. Wish it would sometimes... And as for Rangers and Celtic fans getting away with murder. It's not about them, it's about us.
  38. 5 points
    Grow up and accept that we have responsibility. Brechin are a decent, hospitable community club and it's entirely proper that they should not be out of pocket through the actions of a few irresponsible idiots from our fan base. It's not a hanging offence and we all did stupid things when we were young but it's time to accept responsibility and move on.
  39. 5 points
    Seems he has a rare condition that only flares up when he's asked to play for ICT but there's no known treatment for it.
  40. 5 points
    I'd rather the sensible young fans (the vast majority of them, I'm sure) would disassociate themselves from the numpties, or at least stop trying to justify their behaviour...easier said than done, I know, but needs to be done - the small 'Ned element' will ruin it for us all (and I don't mean just the younger fans). They need to realise that they are representing the club (especially at away games) and tbeir actions reflect on us all. Just behave, guys & stop justifying the behaviour of those that don't)..
  41. 5 points
    If people are causing the club and volunteers constant additional work, behaving in a way that disrupts the enjoyment of others, is risking the club being fined and/or meaning there's damage having to be paid for, then I hope they are gone for good. If others who know who the culprits are have been banned and refuse to speak up to help the club and themselves then they can have no complaint. These are not the actions of supporters, they are the total opposite. So good riddance to them. Maybe travel numbers will increase now a disruptive element is gone from them and away matches. Maybe those who use the service would prefer to pay a couple of pound more instead of being held to ransom by what appears to be an increasingly unsavoury group. Whatever way you look at it, dealing with this issue is not a bad thing.
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    Last season we started off charging everyone £20. As we attracted sponsorship and undertook fundraising activities we were able to reduce fares for under 18s. This season we had hoped to have reductions in place for various groups and did this for a trial period. However, circumstances have changed and we have amended the pricing structure to ensure that we are able to continue to run a bus to all away games. The vast majority of our buses run at a loss and it is only through sponsorship and fundraising that we are able to provide the service. It is early in the season and should we be successful in attracting sponsorship etc we shall review pricing structure again. So if anyone reading this would like to sponsor us get in touch.
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    Any supporter who wants their club to lose is a moron and not really a supporter at all.
  45. 5 points
    Just wanted to echo what others have said before regarding this NOT being just about the smoke bomb/flares/whatever the heck they are. I commented after a game recently how the result was spoilt by the behaviour of some of these guys after the game, where some of them were running along outside the stadium afterwards singing the sort of nonsense that's nothing to do with our club but everything to do with the old firm, and then going on to intimidate our own fans on the walk into town afterwards. This goes back a good few seasons, and I've got friends who'll never go on a bus to an away game again due to the way they behaved towards them. I'm not interested in the argument that oh it's only smoke bombs/oh it's only a small group/och they are just young boys - it's wrong, it's against regulations, it's offending other fans and I couldn't care less whether it's accepted at other clubs or not, it's neither welcome or accepted at our club. What's almost laughable is that I know that the club were intending to engage with these guys and discuss how they could work together to enhance the atmosphere. That ship has now firmly sailed.
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    Pumpfake - that's English laws which are not relevant in Scotland. Letting off a smoke flare at a football match is a criminal act in Scotland and therefore is a police matter. Read the back of match tickets you get at all football games. These detail relavant criminal offences (if you are interested).
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    I think we've had this debate already. The game is pretty well universally opposed to fireworks, smoke bombs and other, related Neddish behaviour. In addition to that, you ask the wrong question. For goodness sake, fans have been complaining quite enough about the "match day experience". Wee knuckle-draggers letting off these things quite clearly detracts from that, so QED. I'm also interested that there seems to have been undue focus on fireworks and smoke bombs to the avoidance of the rest of the culture of loutish behaviour which has become more and more associated with a certain section of the ICT support. I mean as vandalism of a bus, violent behaviour at Elgin and the threatening of other supporters at home games etc (Old Caley Girl has just posted to this effect as well while I have been writing.) There are far too many apologists for the "poor misunderstood children" who have been making a disgrace of the club for far too long - and having also read Pump Fake's latest post, also while I have been writing, I am tempted to include him in this category. These wee Neds need sorted and hopefully the guilty ones now will be.
  48. 5 points
    Unacceptable behaviour on the part of a small group of individuals purporting to support Inverness Caledonian Thistle, but in practice simply using the sport and the club as a medium for public disorder, has been a festering sore in the nether regions of this institution for too long. I can only commend the board for pledging to take action which will doubtless also be very well received by the overwhelming majority of decent and genuine supporters who attend matches, and all connected with the club.
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    I have no problem with OFW holding out until he gets a contract he feels is right for him. However, until then, he has a contract with us and it is reasonable to expect him to play for us if the manager asks him to. If he keeps saying he's picked up a niggle in training the day before a game then increasingly other clubs are not going to offer him a new contract. His behaviour is bizarre and self destructive.
  50. 5 points
    Early clearance from Ridgers ends up in the famous Brechin hedge...new ball required. New ball needed again as Elsdon fires one in the hedge Now you don't get this at the Bernabeu. Lower league football has a charm all of its own.
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