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  1. Just to be pedantic, they were actually only a draw away from the SPL. If Hissy hadn't scored for us with 11 minutes left, they would have been champions. You're right though, the club is a shambles from top to bottom. As it is, I think they'll finish above 10th because Cowden have a harder finish. Cowden have potential champions Forfar at home then Elgin away, so even if Clyde and Berwick lose their remaining fixtures, Cowden are unlikely to catch either of them.
  2. Did you not go and watch Preston Athletic once when you were down at Gordy's
  3. Matchday Thread

    Yes that's what I meant.
  4. Matchday Thread

    Just to pick up on something that was said on pie & bovril. In giving Richie a 4 year deal, it would have made obvious sense to have a relegation clause in it.
  5. What, Del Boy would have suggested performance related clauses in his own contract?
  6. **** *** *** ************* *****!
  7. I want gates of Delirium
  8. Matchday Thread

    Kingsmills has already indicated that personal abuse is not tolerated. If you object to anything else feel free to use the 'report' button.
  9. Matchday Thread

    I'm not really comfortable with this interweb thingy. If I tell you the size and colour, will you find a fleece for me?
  10. I'll get in before Bannerman does. We weren't partly relegated Good work in Nutmeg btw
  11. Dunfermline away at Kelty next Tuesday at 2pm. Probably head over to this assuming no lorries overturn on the FRB Postponed
  12. Matchday Thread

    Not really a fair comparison is it? Comparing a once in a lifetime event to a run of the mill league game, so it's hard to see what point you're making. My local side Bonnyrigg Rose (average home crowd 200) got 1500 v Dumbarton recently. This week they play Kirkintilloch Rob Roy in the last 8 of the Scottish Junior Cup. There'll probably be a couple of thousand there. The problems facing Scottish football are no different from the problems facing other small nations in light of the corporate greed and globalisation of the sport encouraged by satellite tv. The attendances per capita have been discussed on here before, but stand up well against similar small nations. I was at 3 games in Portugal recently and their attendances are shocking compared to ours, and they have 11M people. BTW I've seen South Shields this season - favourites for the other final place in the Vase.
  13. County have looked pretty decent in the two derbies so far. When you're at the bottom it's easy to feel that all the other teams are better. Yet apart from the two derbies County have actually been worse than us in the league. Same goes for Hamilton - another side we've failed to beat.
  14. Hmmm... £22 + booking fees v Canada at Easter Road. Slightly tempted as it's local. £30 upwards + fees v Slovenia at Hampden in what is effectively a friendly. Taking the piss a bit. Add in a ticket for Mrs Mantis and it's taking the piss a lot.
  15. Mentioned further up the page that I saw Cowdenbeath v Albion on Saturday. It's a mystery to me why the Albion keeper is in there as he hardly got his gloves dirty. I would imagine Scott Brown is a shoe-in though, even though I never saw him this week.