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  1. Unused sub in both Liverpool ties.
  2. Is this not Roddie's son?
  3. Yeah a couple of hibbies told me he could be brilliant on his day but often looked a bit lazy and not willing to put in a tackle. Missing the derbies against County obviously.
  4. Less rain.
  5. Would have liked to see Parky back. Think he's in Edinburgh just now - I've seen him sniffing round Spartans a few times.
  6. Could we try a County/ICT half and half friendship scarf...
  7. Thirded. As Yngwie says the critics were in a small minority and if anything some of us didn't always stick up for him often enough, usually feeling that he was big and ugly enough to cope with it himself
  8. Betfred announcement is the same, posted by RiG on League Cup thread.
  9. Couldn't be better. Can't make Falkirk or Brechin but we play them in the league anyway. 18th and 29th are perfect for me as we're away 19th-28th, watching the Scotland Women at the Euros
  10. Uncle Roy will sign him just to rub our noses in it.
  11. Must be an organised do otherwise Bingy & Hissy wouldn't be there. Best not to mention Lowland League matters to them at present although I hear Bingy has picked up an assistant 's job at Selkirk.
  12. Go Rich! Nae splinters in your erse
  13. It's been all downhill for Chris since CountyAir.
  14. Spot on. Like many faraway fans I try and make up for my occasional visits by buying club merchandise etc.
  15. Yes, I think we've got it now Charles...