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  1. Are the prices out yet for season tickets? Can't see it on the official site but I never visit there so not familiar with it. I haven't had a ST for years as I wouldn't use it much but certainly thinking about it next season. How much do we presently reach out to schools? Maybe we already do this but seems to me that next season in the championship we just saturate the schools with tickets and try and build a support for the future and try and stop the kids moving over to County.
  2. The trouble is, that's nearly half our bedrock home support. I'm sure somebody else will confirm that FoH, though it's apparently successful, won't have anything like that level of penetration. Edit - I'm one of those who bought shares back in the early days when the club was an exciting place to be. It was only £250 but the great Inverness public didn't really take to it like a duck to water.
  3. I also remember us struggling in mid-table, losing the first two derbies, while TB persisted with the likes of Lionel, Stratford and Eagle.
  4. Matchday Thread

    ***off topic*** -Did anything come of that rumour last week that Brora were signing Steven Whittaker ? Sounds crazy as he could still do a job in the Premiership. Ex-pupil of my school incidentally. Also Brora coming down to play Whitehill this summer. Maybe something to do with Bingham knowing Tokely.
  5. Matchday Thread

    Never realised you were a Glens man. I was over there in October for Glens v Blues which unfortunately went the wrong way although Curtis Allen did score. I was well looked after by Ricky Rea when all I really wanted was to buy a match ticket.
  6. It's you who should be Shott for posting that...
  7. This is Sunday, they'll all be at the Kirk.
  8. In keeping with the ICT tradition of doing something a bit radical, I'm really warming to the Darren Dods idea. He has successfully steered Brechin through League 1 and will be managing at our level next season anyway. I watched most of the game on Alba yesterday and they actually play football, something most of us struggle to remember
  9. With hindsight, very much so.
  10. Matchday Thread

    The standard in the Highland League is pretty woeful nowadays IMO. Pre-1994 it definitely would have been fertile ground but back then there were no League clubs to benefit from it anyway. Ironically the presence of four league clubs in the area has relegated the HFL to a backwater. Over the past few seasons the HFL has been overtaken by the Lowland League, and even that is no great shakes, given that it has a heavy advantage over the HFL in population terms. Very few players in the LL would make the step up to SPFL2. At a stretch, we could be recruiting from Elgin and Peterhead, but in turn any players performing well in the HFL are likely to move to these clubs rather than straight to us. You make a fair point about the 20s though.
  11. Right guys, let's get back on topic before the inevitable happens...
  12. I think that's just him as captain and the repeated rumours of keeping him/his wife from wanting to go home. Don't think it's a typical wage.
  13. Welcome to the forum. I take it the interviews were the usual BBC post match stuff. I never heard any of them, although the BBC website has a few written quotes.