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  1. Obviously not enough creativity to win matches or we wouldn't be languishing at the bottom having won only 4 matches all season, Setting up with 5 defenders at home imo is not taking the initiative to try and win a game of football and put together a run of winning results. You seem to imply that you are happy with the way things are progressing and the tactics and formation are bang on, which you are perfectly entitled to do. Me I am not so sure.
  2. What massive hole are you on about ? I suggested that going forward they do not offer the same creativity as maybe Mulraney or King would. You decided that because Tremarco has scored maybe 5 or 6 goals (many of which I hasten to add have come from set pieces) he and David Raven are the answer to solving our dire lack of width when attacking. Is Tansey not our leading goal scorer ?
  3. I think the problem is we are asking 2 fullbacks to become wing backs. Good defenders, but going forward and taking players on maybe not so. Maybe would work better with King and Mulraney but even then you would expose the 3 at the back more. Who knows ?
  4. Something has to change, not losing and gaining a point every game is good but will probably not get us out of the bottom 2. We need to take the initiative and go and try and win the game. Playing 5 defenders along the back, does not inspire, Tremarco and Raven are decent fullbacks but are being asked to do a really difficult job by playing as wing backs. Revert back to a tried and trusted 4-4-2 with at least one natural wide player and a centre forward that can support Billy Mckay, who by the way looks a wee bit fecked off with all these aimless punts he is being asked to chase down. We need to try and create and not just hope something might happen.
  5. Matchday Thread

    Just my opinion, based on absolutely nothing other than Dundee Utd have the SPL experience, would have a big crowd behind them both home and away and would undoubtedly start as odds on favourites. Saying that if we somehow manage to claw ourselves into tenth, then this conversation becomes null and void , which I would happily trade for any last day excitement.
  6. Matchday Thread

    What I wanted to say is that I would sooner play Greenock Morton over 2 games and avoid Falkirk & Dundee Utd.
  7. Surely to play a back five you need to have wide players that are comfortable going forward as well as defending. As good as fullbacks Raven and Tremarco are, they are quite limited when in possession going forward.. Saturday, both players were totally isolated with no options to play a direct pass as they were our furthest forward wide players,................ sitting deep in our own half. That is why we resort to long hopeful punts from the 3 central defenders.
  8. As we continue to toil and struggle to get among the goals , 2 players seem to be continually overlooked Boden and Fisher Foran continues to use all his squad as he continues to try to find a winning side but these 2 never start. King is in ,then out ,Cole & Polworth the same. Surely with only 1 win in 18 they both must be worthy of a chance because at the moment everything else is failing miserably as we career towards relegation.
  9. Matchday Thread

    Lets be honest that was a brutal watch. Been quite supportive of Foran ,but cannot see how he can turn this round . First quarter of an hour in the second half we were good the rest of the game we struggled . Cannot believe that Foran could not see that we needed to make a change but for reasons only he knows he waited until the 90 minute mark .....bizarre Playing a back 5 really restricts our attacking options and not a tactic that wins matches and we really need to win .....1 win in 18 is just not good enough .
  10. Good deal, Errea a recognised global brand much better than JD sports own brand.. The important bit is the club selecting the most profitable design, which has to be imo red and blue stripes.
  11. Time for Foran to step up and demonstrate he has what it takes to manage and motivate at this level. Every game between now and the end of the season should be viewed as winnable. Time for the senior players to really show what they are about, no more calamities.
  12. Wow, cannot believe its only 6 years, did he come from Blackburn on loan?
  13. Carries a goal threat, something that Mulraney, Cole and King have yet to discover. So yes his is a big miss, cant expect Tremarco's goals alone to keep us up.
  14. Shame, hopefully makes a full recovery over the summer. IMO a fully fit Doran would have been an automatic choice during the run in and it is a massive loss that he is not available.
  15. Matchday Thread

    Relegation, is the nightmare scenario. Dundee Utd have reported operating losses of over 1.5 million yesterday and that does not include the 1 million they took in through transfer fees. Appreciate their wage bill is a lot more than ours, but absolutely no way can we contemplate relegation. The home support last night was well down on previous matches against Celtic, dread to think how many we would pull in against Ayr Utd on a Wednesday night in Feb/March.