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  1. This question has probably been asked many times before but Aaron Doran is he still at the club under contract. Do we know if has been given a Squad number and is part of JR plans. We constantly here speculation about senior players being offloaded but he's never been mentioned as either going or staying. Appreciate he has been out injured since the last winter break, but is there a forecast on his return to fitness ? Anybody know ?
  2. Exactly, these are city centre outlets(maybe tartan tat is being slightly unfair) that see plenty of visitors, unlike the back of the shop at Debenhams that we once tried. I feel we just need to get a foothold in the city somehow to generate additional interest in the club.
  3. Matchday Thread

    Sorry cannot agree. We are were an established top flight club and need to be in the top division. We cannot afford to become another Dunfermline, St Mirren or Falkirk floating around the second tier, we must aim high and that means going straight back up.
  4. If he has the natural talent then we would be mad not to take a chance on him. Plenty of players slip through the net for one reason or another.
  5. Lets just do f***k all then and watch RC take the iniative. We need to to at least try and connect with the city, have a presence. Debenhams and Zoo was a half arsed attempt, surely in this day we could try and do better.
  6. Matchday Thread

    Seedorf easily our best player again. Defensively very good , going forward even better. Let's get Raven at fullback with Seedorf in a more advanced position and put the struggling Polworth out of his misery. Cannot believe the rumours that we are looking to offload Raven , surely his wages are not that extortinate , we are not exactly renowned for splashing the cash.
  7. Totally needs to up his game struggled to make any impact today and looks lost at times playing wide right. The point about loaning him out was a valid one it was the making of Graeme Shinnie but also think that should have been done a couple of seasons ago. Really want him to do well but not sure how patient JR will be.
  8. See there are a couple of new tartan shops opened in Inverness one in the Eastgate and one opposite Primark. Maybe it would worth making an approach to see if there was any scope to promote our merchandise in there. Worth a shout to try and get some self promotion on the high street before RC decide to capitalize on our apathy. Lets be honest how many tartan scarves can any tourist need, give them want they really want ......a black and white away strip with Seedorf on the back.........Winner.
  9. Iain Vigurs is undoubtedly one if not the most talented players at the club, who would sooner pass the ball 30 meters than run 30 meters that is his strengths. Last season the individual criticism on here was pretty horrific when collectively the team performance was utter sh*te , many used to take great delight in picking to pieces his performance and focusing on his errors. Not all players need to charge around for 90 minutes closing down space to prove their worth, get him on the ball and he will create chances.
  10. Matchday Thread

    Strolled through the game to be honest could have scored more but seemed to settle on 3. Standouts for me the 2 fullbacks who look to really good buys. The guy Seedorf just oozes class and looks like he could play anywhere on the pitch. Only little niggle for me was the sh*te weather absolutely soaked.
  11. Hopefully we are not looking to sacrifice quality over quantity.
  12. Nobody from last years development squad made the step up. What about the young guy Foy came on against Elgin & Forres, looked promising.
  13. That pretty much sux. Should we be concerned that we cannot raise a team to play a pre- season friendly.
  14. Well beaten by a more committed team. Had hoped this would be Mulraneys season but he is really gonna have to improve dramatically and put the effort in. Same with Polworth needs to impose himself more ,should have been head and shoulders above the part timers of Forres and Elgin. Positives both fullbacks seemed pretty comfortable on the ball and the no 2 think it was Seedorf looked like a very decent player. Unfortunately the less said about the no 9 the better, offered nothing at all and looked disinterested. Time to move on now and play our best 11 next week ..
  15. Agreed the long term future of the club cannot be compromised, but at least with Draper you know what you are getting. Selling him and using his wages to bring in maybe 2 or 3 more untried lower league players does not guarantee success. RC are probably loving every minute of this unsettling our most influential player.