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  1. Couldn't make it could ya they get Hayes, Shinnie and Tansey for zilch yet we are expected to pay for the services of their reserve team coach.
  2. Surprised you do not care, all through last season we were told by the majority on here how JH leaving cleared us out financially and was the reason we were struggling with a meagre budget. He was public enemy No 1. Now not a peep, how things change eh .
  3. Along with Josh Meekings no doubt.
  4. Agreed, the manager has left and its time to move on, but at what financial expense to the club. We are in a sh*t state no manager, half a squad, best players on the move and an assistant manager who is blamed by many on here for the part in RF downfall hiring and firing players. How do you suggest we move on.
  5. And why not.... thought communication with the supporters was the way forward.
  6. Would really like to know how much Foran and Cameron walked away with for their 11 months of car crash management. Maybe nothing and they did the honourable thing, but as taken for granted supporters it would be nice to know our Season Ticket money is going direct to the Club and not being used to subsidise pay offs.
  7. Absolutely agree has feck all managerial experience , once bitten and all that
  8. No idea how they finance their club , but I am concerned that we are being left behind both on and off the field .
  9. Really the same back line that kept next to none clean sheets all season and were left chasing shadows at Hamilton and Ross county ,on the plus side at least you never mentioned OFW .
  10. Was always going to be the case , what do you expect from a progressive ,forward looking football club. We are well and truly f****d thanks to Foran and Cameron and could set us back years.
  11. Absolute fecking joke and they have the balls to send out season ticket renewals at last years SPL prices. Who the f****k are we being asked to pay to watch and who is making all these calls when we haven't appointed a manager yet.
  12. Foran strikes me as terrible man-manager, who post match interviews throughout this season have been embarrassing to the club. All this talk about dressing room 'issues' are a smokescreen to mask his chronic inability to do the job he's been paid for. I can except relegation it happens, the manner in which we went down leaves a bitter taste. Think David Raven summed it up perfectly for me on Saturday stating that ' We were just not good enough' no excuses, no bullsh*t and no looking for scapegoats.
  13. If any player in the squad has major cause for grievance with Foran it should be Boden. He has been well and truly f***** over this year, given absolutely no chance to prove his worth. JH got slated for his treatment of David Raven last year being accused of all sorts of bullying tactics,from many on here but from where I am sitting this is on a par. If Foran didn't rate him why did he not get rid of him in January, when he brought in another 3 forward players Mckay, Ebbe and Anier. Absolutely garbage man management. The guy never got a sniff yet he's been written off as 'absolutely useless' based on what exactly, how many first team games has he started and finished ?
  14. Just another example of the cant be arsed attitude that prevails at the club. leaving at full time yesterday the player of the year boxes were lying about the floor with all the voting slips scattered everywhere, not a good sign just kinda sums up the apathy surrounding the club at the moment.
  15. So Foran how do you explain your complete mismanagement of our top scorer and fans favourite Alex Fisher. We could not buy a win during a terrible run during the winter but you still refused to play him and not only that you went out and blew the budget on 3 additional strikers in the window.