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  1. Robertsons big changes

    Would be a fantastic addition to the first team, hope he's back sooner than later. Really missed having a wide man that not only creates chances but also gets amongst the goals . Billy King, Mulraney, Cole and even Polworth(reluctantly) have all played out wide and failed miserably.
  2. Robertsons big changes

    Mulraney in all the games I have seen him play has made zero impact. Appreciate he's still a young guy but for f***k sake he could try and look interested. Total waste of a substitution on Saturday.
  3. How is that they are charging £20 when Brechin away was if I remember correctly only £15.
  4. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Ermm beginning to wonder.
  5. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    I believe both Trafford and Vigurs deserve a start in this ICT team. What better alternatives were you thinking of ?
  6. Robertsons big changes

    You were obviously following his career pretty closely at Arbroath, was he that bad in all the games you seen him play or just inconsistent.
  7. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Faded badly in the second half yesterday, maybe just a case of some players couldn't be arsed or maybe some need to work a little bit harder on their fitness.
  8. 5 Year Plan

    Sorry but if we are still mixing it with the likes of Brechin after 5 years then we will probably be playing part time football. Its hard enough to bring in the crowds and investment when we were regularly playing Celtic , Rangers and Aberdeen can't see it happening any time can you. The crowd was given as 2007 yesterday the punters are already starting to drift away . We somehow need to get into the top 4 to at least give ourselves a chance of promotion back to the top league.
  9. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Before he goes off wasting more money , how about seeing what some of the younger players are all about. At least give them a run cos at the moment the team and players are utterly woeful and how could they possibly do any worse.
  10. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Don't buy the excuse that the team need to gel , we are rapidly approaching the first quarter of the season played at least 4 games in the league cup , plus countless friendlies, the management have had plenty of time to work with the players. Oh and by the way 7 of the players that finished the game today were playing last year, so let's not try and use the excuse of a completely brand new team needing to find their feet either. Pure and simple the whole club has to up its game or face being in a relegation battle by December.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Worse than anything Foran dished up last year At least he could use the excuse that the quality of the opposition was a step up from the team that easily turned us over today. Absolutely rank rotten today , give the game up with still half an hour to go. Never once saw Roberston out of the dugout trying to motivate . Honestly the 3 stooges we have in the dugout Robertson, Rice and Kellacher look like they should be running a pub team. Only Vigurs and Bell offered anything today the rest were terrible and that is being generous.
  12. Number One

    In hindsight I wonder if things would have been different if we had released OFW instead of Dean Brill when JH had to make the choice of who to keep. I seem to remember that many on here highlighted the valid point that although Dean Brill was the better keeper OFW would bring in a windfall from his involvement in the Euro's. Not sure how much we made from the Euro's, but probably not enough to justify some shambolic goalkeeping performances that undoubtedly contributed to our slide out of the SPL. IMO Ridgers is obviously struggling for form so bringing in the experienced Esson to try and steady a rocking defence must be an option.
  13. Club Badge/Crest

    Sad to say not even Championship class ,really must be the best of a bad bunch to start every game.
  14. Club Badge/Crest

    Club crest on his training top is different to the one he is holding up .... bit of an an identity crisis going on there. Time to consign this Pride of the Highlands badge nonsense to the dustbin it's just another terrible reminder of a truly terrible season. Should have been shown the door with ex-manager and ex Chairman.
  15. IRN BRU CUP : AFC U20s v ICTFC : Ticket Info

    Have to agree here the competition has been devalued since we last won it , playing in front of 175 punters in Brechin against a team of youngsters does not inspire any one. Wouldn't be surprised if we lost money yesterday travel costs etc. Surely there must be more productive ways of utilising an International break than travelling to Brechin (again) to play against a youth team.