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  1. F***ing laughable read some real ***** on hear but this tops the lot. The club trying to get some extra punters through the gate has turned to into a recruiting tool for the far right. WTF. This promotion has been going on at the club for years if you haven't noticed , but lo and behold we have survided without anarchy breaking out .
  2. Good to see they are taking the courses out of Inverness to places like Forres, Aviemore etc. Any link up with the UHI can only be a good thing to, do Falkirk not have a similar link up with Stirling Uni ?
  3. Cannot disagree. We have to try and re-connect with the city if we are to be successful again. Most football clubs have loads going on throughout the week that they put their name to. Do we have much going on, other than the football every second Saturday ?
  4. Fans Boycott

    Just a tad personal there don't ya think. Ok read it again and from that I think that what you are so saying is 'real supporters' stay behind clapping and cheering the team off the park after they have been turned over at home by Livingston and under no circumstances offer any criticism to any player who look like they can't be arsed or are hiding. Correct ? Not bad eh for one so slow. TBH I think you are doing your fellow supporters a massive injustice, casting them as 'idiots' just because the way they conduct themselves on a Saturday is not to your approval.
  5. Fans Boycott

    Absolutely way over the top you think that we have only won once in the league due to a couple of supporters directing a couple of expletives at the players. Jesus Christ I have heard it all now.
  6. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    I have no idea what Scott Kellacher said but cannot imagine it could have been anything worse than one of Butcher's rants or for that matter John Hughes.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    On a brighter note lets hope we have found a rising star in Daniel Mackay. Appreciate he only got 5 minutes but during that time he had the crowd on their feet at least twice. Cannot remember the last time I genuinely felt that good when we scored. Of course this kinda thing is not going to happen every week, but if we can progressively bring one of our own through instead of wasting our meagre finances on journeymen that must be progress.
  8. Polworth v Kellacher

    Unfortunately the pictures probably do not tell the full story, but all the press, social media etc are interested in is a good story which shows the player looking to knock f**k out of one of the coaching staff. Not good for the club at all. TBH I thought Liam Polworth's attitude and effort throughout the second half was pretty questionable. He seemed constantly distracted by the dugout. Not sure if he was p****ed about being asked to move from playing centrally to wide right, but he seemed pretty unhappy prior to being hooked.
  9. Raven not again

    Nothing wrong with Raven at fullback, seemed to cope not to bad today being left totally isolated with no cover in front of him. Forget his age and concentrate on his performances , not letting us down as far as I could see.
  10. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    No he never protected Raven at all , was playing through the middle for most of the game. There was nobody wide right as far as I could see until late in the game when he came across and watched the game pass him by. No doubt he is talented but by f...k he is frustrating to watch. Should be dominating and running the game at this level.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    Think 3 nil flattered us really pretty low key stuff . Good turnout from Peterhead bumped the attendance up by a couple of hundred Col Donaldson pick of a average bunch. Special mention to Daniel Mackay did in 5 minutes what Mulraney couldn't do in a season and a quarter.
  12. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Fitness clearly a problem again today amongst many other things. Created very little in the first half but absolutely nothing in the second and just like last week the opposition finished so much stronger.
  13. Inverness CT -V- QOS

    Cannot believe anybody would take any positives from an undeserving point at home. Although having been turned over by Livingston and Dumbarton then maybe I am not seeing the bigger picture. Having the misfortune to sit through the last 3 matches I can safely say we are totally [email protected]@@ed. The players look unfit , disinterested , leaderless and generally just rubbish. The management trio the same with added bonus that they have absolutely no idea how to change the game in our favour. Think the well worn plan of bringing the game changer that is Mulraney on for the last 15 minutes isn't gonna work.
  14. Robertsons big changes

    Would be a fantastic addition to the first team, hope he's back sooner than later. Really missed having a wide man that not only creates chances but also gets amongst the goals . Billy King, Mulraney, Cole and even Polworth(reluctantly) have all played out wide and failed miserably.
  15. Robertsons big changes

    Mulraney in all the games I have seen him play has made zero impact. Appreciate he's still a young guy but for f***k sake he could try and look interested. Total waste of a substitution on Saturday.