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  1. Foran strikes me as terrible man-manager, who post match interviews throughout this season have been embarrassing to the club. All this talk about dressing room 'issues' are a smokescreen to mask his chronic inability to do the job he's been paid for. I can except relegation it happens, the manner in which we went down leaves a bitter taste. Think David Raven summed it up perfectly for me on Saturday stating that ' We were just not good enough' no excuses, no bullsh*t and no looking for scapegoats.
  2. If any player in the squad has major cause for grievance with Foran it should be Boden. He has been well and truly f***** over this year, given absolutely no chance to prove his worth. JH got slated for his treatment of David Raven last year being accused of all sorts of bullying tactics,from many on here but from where I am sitting this is on a par. If Foran didn't rate him why did he not get rid of him in January, when he brought in another 3 forward players Mckay, Ebbe and Anier. Absolutely garbage man management. The guy never got a sniff yet he's been written off as 'absolutely useless' based on what exactly, how many first team games has he started and finished ?
  3. Just another example of the cant be arsed attitude that prevails at the club. leaving at full time yesterday the player of the year boxes were lying about the floor with all the voting slips scattered everywhere, not a good sign just kinda sums up the apathy surrounding the club at the moment.
  4. So Foran how do you explain your complete mismanagement of our top scorer and fans favourite Alex Fisher. We could not buy a win during a terrible run during the winter but you still refused to play him and not only that you went out and blew the budget on 3 additional strikers in the window.
  5. Change the manager on Monday and start rebuilding now. No waiting till pre season lets get started we must know the budget and what are limations are financially . Hopefully we can build a squad and not rely on complete duffers on loan like Billy King and Cole , who have contributed nothing .
  6. Unlike golden balls Tansey then who played every minute, although to be fair King was absolutely gash and should have been binned a long time ago.
  7. Lowest point in the clubs short history tonight, compounded by an arrogant manager who still will not take responsibility for his shortcomings. Shambolic the way the club has been run Into the ground this year with Cameron and Foran the chief architects aided by the rest of the old cronies who schmooz around the boardroom. Nothing much coming over them at full time laughing and joking as our season imploded. Fecking change needed now get them all to f***k
  8. No great loss there promised a lot but delivered next to nothing, Mulraney is a far better long term prospect and can only improve next season.
  9. Seen a lot worse , keep the home strip traditional red and blue stripes and try something different with the away one which we have done .... Thumbs up from me
  10. Good call and give both Ross Tokely and Grant Munro a shout now that the Highland League has finished, they could add a wee bit of experience.
  11. As much as it hurts to say it , I think RC will push on and prosper in our absence. They are already streets ahead of us off the field and lets be honest the attraction for the occasional supporter and hospitality punters to watch RC V Celtic, Hibs or Rangers is a far more attractive proposition than we will be able to offer. It is often been said that the Highlands is to small an area to sustain two SPL clubs, but I never thought for a moment we would be playing second fiddle to a village team. Where the f***k has it all gone so wrong. Hopefully I am getting ahead of myself and RF will prove us all wrong and lift us to 10th place, but going down while they remain in the SPL is indeed the worst possible scenario.
  12. Fisher did ok at fullback as he did when he was playing up front . Sez it all about Foran that in the window he wasted his meagre budget bringing in McKay ,Ebbe and Anier when the answer was under his nose all along but refused to play him.
  13. Matchday Thread

    Absolutely bang on, we the supporters have been taken for granted by the board for long enough. The set up is a shambles from the very bottom to the very top. Tonight was an all time low in Dingwall , not just the result but the feeling that in all aspects they are streets ahead of us . Hate to say it but can only see them getting stronger in our absence from the SPL and we need serious change so Cameron and co do the right thing and go now.
  14. a
  15. Something had to be done, no matter what. We have been on a downward spiral for months now and were in danger of not winning another match all season. Whether bringing back Malpas will halt the slide remains to be seen, but surely things can only get better. Wonder what his role will be and how much influence he will be allowed to have on team selection, formations and tactics. I take it Foran is still the manager.