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  1. Something had to be done, no matter what. We have been on a downward spiral for months now and were in danger of not winning another match all season. Whether bringing back Malpas will halt the slide remains to be seen, but surely things can only get better. Wonder what his role will be and how much influence he will be allowed to have on team selection, formations and tactics. I take it Foran is still the manager.
  2. Matchday Thread

    Have to agree OFW looks like a player massively short on confidence and it's a scandal that he is not being pushed for his starting position, due to a viable alternative. If Ryan Esson is not fit to play, why the feck do we keep him on the bench every Saturday. Another player that is unfortunately past his sell by date at this level.
  3. Matchday Thread

    I guess when you are rock bottom these things always seem to go against you and not for you. What was a major concern for me on Saturday was how easily our fullbacks were skinned for pace, resulting in crossballs that caused all sorts of problems for OFW, Laing and McCart.. Hopefully we can use the extended break to get both Tremarco and Raven fit again for the last 5 games.
  4. Coupled with an investment in youth development and bringing through our own young players.
  5. Ok I stand corrected, amongst the other 150 away supporters in the lower tier there was an atmosphere of inevitability on Saturday.
  6. How many was in the upper tier just out of interest, wasn't aware it was open.
  7. Really , but have to disagree with that. Thought the atmosphere was one of resignation of a team that were doomed.
  8. Matchday Thread

    Good on you Alex Fisher the only one who took any time to acknowledge the travelling support. The rest just sloped off up the tunnel probably planning how to manage their exit from the club in the summer.
  9. So any prospect of bringing through any good young players for the first team is virtually nil. Lets just keep filling the squad with below average players from the Engish conference and bring in players on loan that are not good enough to play for their own clubs at the expense of our own youngsters.. Absolutely shocking news, the way the club runs their youth development is an absolute farce and needs completely overhauled, these guys should be the future.
  10. Saying nothing that we already don't know and has been said on here since the start of the season.
  11. You are totally correct when you say that a good number will be away in six weeks time. On Saturday we had 4 on loan from other clubs, a couple on half a season contracts and 1 that already committed to another team. No wonder the performance was pretty gutless half the team will be away by the end of May and that's before any contracts are sorted out.
  12. Mate your attitude is spot on and cannot be faulted, but football is a 2 way thing and from where I was sitting on Saturday there was a fair proportion of our players who had just decided to call it a day. So asking the supporters to play their part is commendable, but the management and players need to at least to try and give us something to hang onto and believe in. At the moment we are being fed, week in week out constant bullsh*t on how we need to be more aggresive, how we create many chances, how things will improve next week, must win games etc. On that note I will see you at Motherwell on Sat.
  13. Remember that very well , but would he have the desire to take us through the next six matches.
  14. Matchday Thread

    Yep onto a loser before we kicked a ball. Tremarco receives the ball out wide on the half way line and has absolutely nobody in front of him to pass to ,so has to either punt it or try and run the length of the St Johnstone half to try and get a cross in. Terrible formation and tactics from a desperate manager.