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  1. Tactics Thread

    Frankly I'm a bit baffled at the ongoing abuse and rantings after one bad game. The reviews against Dundee Utd suggested that we competed well and were unlucky from my recollection. We have a team which has not played together (only regular two players from last season started the game) and is hampered by some of the most experienced players being injured (e.g. Warren and Tremarco). A number of the new players need to prove themselves as being up to the standard however I'm sure their confidence will grow when they are read the forum (as most do) and see that they are being told they are rank and to 'feck off' as one poster seems to use as a tag line to every post. In fact we seem to have grown a few newbies who have even registered just to show their unconstructive 'support'. The reality is that the state of the club has meant that rebuilding will take more than one transfer window. We don't have funds to buy and therefore have to take risks on players who are raw or possibly need a fresh chance. This may find a few gems but will also find a few who will not make the grade. It will take a number of games to make an initial assessment of where we are but I am under no illusions of being able to compete at the top of the league. Happy clapping is not being asked for however a degree of common sense around the team needs to be applied with hopefully some of the injured players returning soon to provide some leadership. Wringing our hands at every opportunity and personal abuse of players and management (both playing side and non-playing side) is unlikely to improve anything.
  2. Don't see how he could be faulted for any of the goals. The first was a 50:50 call as to 'sweep' or stay.
  3. I keep reading about demanding the current board resign. What is the plan then? Unless there is a credible replacement ready then how does this improve things? Don't get me wrong. There is little so far from the board which gives confidence about their ability to progress a strategy to move forward, however unless a better and clear Plan B exists it is simply a fact that we will have to give time for the current board to progress forwards and the reality is that the current team is not capable of challenging for the title this year (and unless new investment comes in this may sadly be the case for some time to come). It is easy to demand new investment but this needs a willing investor. Otherwise a bottom up rebuilding needs to be implemented and this will take time.

    And replace it with???
  5. Transfer in and outs

    Almost certainly the reason that they asked Draper to request the move relates to contractual position around the transfer fee or other aspects of amounts due. In circumstance when players request a move they normally forfeit rights to various fees or %s for sell ons, etc. It seems pretty clear that Draper wanted the move. The rest is business and bluntly in our current circumstances we need to look after ourselves and players who want to stay with us. As IHE noted on another thread, we seem at the moment happy to slag off our current players but laud those who have moved on for whatever reason.
  6. Club Shop - Academy Street?

    Do we actually have enough demand for a shop in town? In the past we have had stock in the Eastgate Centre in Debenhams, Zoo and a stall unit. On no occasion did I ever actually see anyone buying anything. Hard to see how sales will be sufficient to justify this.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Yesterday's team had 4 players who started last year. It will take time to gel as a unit and some of the comments are a bit OTT. We do look lacking in cutting edge up front though. Not helped by the fact that all 3 of our wingers are currently out injured.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    New keeper same story.....
  9. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    Dave King was only registered as a Director on passing test. Would explain resignation pending passing test......or could be an alternative baffling reason to match much of what has happened recently
  10. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    Possibly awaits passing SFA Fit and Proper test to allow position to be taken up?
  11. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    I stand corrected
  12. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    Non-exec Directors are not Registered at Companies House. Only Exec Director are.
  13. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    Typically the Chairman chairs the 'Main' Board of a Company. This may be made up with a mixture of Executive and Non-executive members. Separate Executive meetings and sub-boards will be common some of which may be restricted to executive members only. Directors are defined under law and have responsibilities and duties of which there are many. The non-executives are broadly tasked with providing scrutiny for the Shareholders by being separate from the day to day decisions requiring to be taken by company directors and wider employees. It is not good governance (though often occurs) for the Chairman to be executive and is frowned upon (but is allowable) to undertake the role of Chief Exec. As most will now have fallen asleep I'll now be brief in that the Main Board under the direction of the Chairman are responsible with dictating strategy and direction for the company (or in this case the club) with the Executive responsible for implementing these goals. In summary, the Chairman should not be a Director (but frequently is). Separate requirements outwith the Companies Act exist for Licensing Clubs via the SFA, etc
  14. New Chairman - Willie Finlayson

    Best practice, for the purposes of Corporate Governance, etc, is that the Chairman is a Non-exec appointment and would not therefore be appointed as a Director. Many occasion where the Chairman is also a Director for numerous reasons.
  15. ICT v Forres

    It was obvious in the first half that the team had not played together previously. Without the aid of the wind in the 2nd half and with Draper/Leith being far more disciplined in positioning you are correct that Forres were rarely in the game in the 2nd half. There was a definite lack of end product however over the full part of the game and whilst Elbouzedi showed flashes there was rarely an end product to match (reminiscent of Mulraney??). Saw little in Davidson (though he was starting to come into the game when he came off). Would not be surprised if he has a broken foot and the tackle was poor (first foot caught the ball and second foot came through and got the player).