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  1. No, I'm his warm-up man It seems to me to be a pretty pointless thing to do - but especially if there is a chance of only the 5th league victory of the season.
  2. What are you going to do if we are winning?
  3. Could someone check if Ewen Mackenzie is still available? Couldn't do any worse, and he should have more experience under his belt now. Although I see he wanted RF as assistant...
  4. Like it or not, I have heard most of them on the course over the years. One of my former golfing mates had this story about a friend of his. The bloke was playing in a charity fundraiser, in which each group of players included a "celebrity" assigned by the organiser. The celebrity in his group was an athlete/coach that none of them had ever heard of. On the 3rd hole, my mate's pal gets lucky with a less than perfect drive. He turns to the others and says "A Sally Gunnell!". The celebrity bristles, and says "Eh? What do you mean by that?" "Well, you know. Sally Gunnell, Ugly, but runs.". "I AM MARRIED TO SALLY GUNNELL!!!" And there are still 16 holes to play...
  5. The next match is in Dingwall at 19:45 on Friday 28th. That's why it mentions "away fans".
  6. Ian "Chipper" Stephen. And Johnny Cowie. Tony Fraser. Bobby McLean. An incredible goal-scoring machine. They were all there in the couple of seasons before they won the league. Johnny Cowie's wife never saw him score She used to sit in the stand reading a book, and would only look up when the rest of the crowd went wild.
  7. Matchday Thread

    And I see from the highlights that one of them made a half-hearted claim for the goal, and the three nearest did not claim at all. Which should have meant something to the ref.
  8. Sadly, no - I was there at the end of the 60s. Can't remember what I played, apart from the Dambusters' March! By the early 70s I had moved on.
  9. It wasn't - which is why he walked after two years and many rows. (And I wanted to move on from playing the records on match-days at Kingsmills ) Having said that, Jock was undoubtedly successful at hauling the Jags from the bottom of the league to the top. One wonders what he would have made of this season at ICT...
  10. The guy next to me in the Gents at the end of the Cup Final put it "perfictly": "Whatever happens now, we are in the history books forever!".
  11. My father was secretary at Thistle for a couple of years - shortly before they won the League twice in a row. Early bath for your two-footed foul, CB.
  12. Thanks for your kind comments, Caleytrue, and I am glad that you enjoyed the film clip. I was gobsmacked when I discovered it by accident - it had never occurred to me that some film of the event might exist. I wasn't at the Telford Street gig, but it was well-known in Inverness. The only other time Rory played in Inverness was the gig that I referred to above - on 1 March 1973. (I know this because I have an advert for the tour, from one of the music papers, in a frame on the wall beside me - good picture of Rory, and a list of all the tour dates). It was in the Caledonian Hotel, which is now the Mercure, on Church Street. They put on gigs in their ballroom. I have no idea if it is still a ballroom, but if you stand on the riverside and look at the hotel, it is the shoebox-shaped extension coming towards you on the right-hand side. It was my first proper rock gig with a A-list name. I wasn't really into Rory at the time, but my mates were, so I said "OK, get me a ticket too". I don't think I realised how lucky I was - I believe that the show could have been sold out two or three times over. We didn't get many big names in the north of Scotland, so anyone who made the journey could expect a great welcome. Just imagine that small, low-ceilinged ballroom jam-packed with hot, sweaty, drunken Highlanders eager for their shot of rhythm'n'blues, and then imagine Rory and the band pulling out all the stops! It was great. As I said, I thought all rock gigs were going to be that good. To be honest, I don't remember many details about the music - I wasn't very familiar with it at the time. I do remember "Bankers Blues" being introduced as one from the new album ("Blueprint"), and I also remember Rory promising to come back to Inverness during "In Your Town" - but he never did. I, however, moved away in 1974 - first to university and then to work in London, so I saw him again many times over the years. Many happy memories - and also sadness at his untimely death.
  13. It's clearly a "seniors" team, and that isn't one of the trophies that a Highland League first team could win. It's still a substantial trophy, though. The photos to me suggest late 50s or early 60s. Before substitutes, anyway - only 11 players in the seated pic (and 10 in the other!). At first I thought the ground in the seated picture might be Telford Street before the Howden End enclosure was built (I don't know when that was) . But I am really not sure about the ground. I have a feeling this is not Thistle. Even if it was a senior team, I'd have expected to recognise some of the faces - of the officials if not the players. As I said, that's a serious trophy! Could this be a works team, with a strip based on or borrowed from Thistle, or that just happens to look like Thistle's in black and white?
  14. That wouldn't make the statement bollox, though. There is nothing in it which says that they are NOT examining the situation. As I've already said, they can't come out with a credible "full confidence" statement, and they also (I hope) wouldn't say "we are considering the manager's future". But I would expect that they are investigating their options, possibly with a discussion on the agenda for the board meeting this week, which would more or less fit in with the Sun's timetable.
  15. Indeed - that occurred to me when reading all the demands for Foran to go now. There are 6 games left. How many games would a new manager - unfamiliar with the squad - require to work out the best team and system? Cue someone to start shouting "Charlie Christie now!!"