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  1. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    You have the advantage over me of actually seeing them play - week in, week out. I did see - on TV - the Crusaders game, and the team that played in the second half would have struggled against Cradlehall Nursery. Was it any better today? If, as you suggest, no one really turned up, then I would be very concerned. Yes, it looks safe at the moment, but if there is a bit of complacency and another couple of defeats, then all of a sudden you are wondering how on earth you can fashion any sort of win.
  2. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Not until we are assured of finishing higher than ninth.
  3. Crowd v Crusaders

    That surely means it'll be a sterile, defence-dominated 0-0 today
  4. Wikipedia page

    Sorry to misunderstand you, cif73. I'm not used to being complimented!
  5. Caley Jags Together

    I know I said this last year. Shouldn't the current board be trying to find out who controls this sizeable share of the voting rights? An AGM or EGM would descend into chaos if a vote could be swung by someone claiming to have control of that 10%, but no one could verify whether they actually had that voting power.
  6. Wikipedia page

    I was trying to say that it was probably the equivalent of €250K in sterling, using the exchange rate on the day that the record was added to the Wiki entry. By "curiously precise" I meant that it would look odd to most people, who would expect to see round figures. I wasn't implying that the Wiki author had inside information.
  7. Wikipedia page

    The fee is listed at as £225K. On the German version it is €250K, which is presumably the origin of Wiki's curiously precise figure of £221,645. I don't know anything about that website. There is often a difference between a headline figure and the amount that changes hands. Maybe some of the transfer fee is dependent on appearances? But over 50% would seem to be excessive. Did he have an agent, who would receive a cut? (His Dad?) BTW, I see that it's Ryan's 23rd birthday today. Happy birthday, Ryan
  8. Tax regime and computers

    I think you answered your own problem. I can't see that employers will have to do anything. HMRC will calculate the tax code for each person according to whether they are a Scottish taxpayer or not, and an employer's system will simply use that tax code. No changes required. My understanding is that HMRC already identify Scottish taxpayers, even though income tax rates have been the same as the rest of the UK so far. Don't you guys have tax codes prefixed with 'S'?
  9. Keeping 11 on the pitch

    Hawkeye mentions "our reputation", and, of course, it is a vicious circle. Once you establish a reputation, then the refs will be looking out for you. A positive feedback loop. The problem has been there all season. Here's what I said on 02 Sep, after the match against Aberdeen U-20s. (Which, from reading the comments, seems to have been similar to Sunday night - a game of two halves against a weak side.) "I see Trafford has been red-carded. Is it me, or is discipline worse this season? There seemed to be a lot of yellow cards in the previous games - even last week at Brechin." Back then, Robbo's main priority was to find a viable team, so maybe discipline wasn't his top priority. But at this stage of the season, with everything to play for, it's essential.
  10. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    Did you know that there was also a second half?
  11. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    Semi-final - need to lose another man before extra time
  12. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    So what's the biggest lead from which we have lost?
  13. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    Not convinced by our defence. An early second half goal by Crusaders would make it very competitive.
  14. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    I thought it started out as speculation, and ended up virtually as a call for the replacement of the current board. So I wouldn't have given it as much time as you did
  15. Championship Table

    I think that ictchris and Charles are both right in a way. Players are being paid their market value, but that market is over-inflated. In short, it's a classic bubble. However, despite many predictions over the years, the bubble as a whole shows no sign of bursting. Individual clubs come and go, according to their financial circumstances, and the difference between the richest and the less rich clubs has increased. But the bubble as a whole remains intact, as record transfer fees and wages show.
  16. 25th Anniversary

    Better start saving, then! A quick search gives current prices for Tomatin 25 and 27yo at around £175. But it would be fantastic if there was a small collection of casks in the warehouse, filled and stored all those years ago under the loving care of Big Jock himself
  17. Inverness Courier

    Looks like we've just given them a rumour to investigate
  18. If it's your 18th, have a drink...

    I still have an unopened bottle of the commemorative Tomatin somewhere...
  19. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    OK, it was only last year, and so not very "olde". But anyway... Running a model steam engine on tracks from Fort William to Sneck. Has just finished its run on Channel 4, but it looks as though all five episodes are available online. Good programme for a Sunday night - compulsive viewing, and a fine achievement. I see that it was done in a fortnight last June. Was anyone here involved?
  20. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Cheers, Renegade. I'll have a look next time I'm up. I was thinking of how they might route that line into town nowadays. More of a problem now than when it was first proposed! Then it occurred to me that there must be a railway bridge over the canal, that I'd never seen or even been aware of. And it turns out to be a swing bridge. No doubt some of you are very familiar with it, but I was from the other side of town. I'm still learning about my home town :)
  21. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    I wonder how much of the old Spean Bridge to Fort Augustus line could be re-used. The big problem would be along Loch Ness. There is surely not enough room on either side of the loch. Going up the east side would require a new West Link railway around the town, unless the new route went along Island Bank Road and Castle Street A big wide sweep up the west side and joining up with the north line at Beauly might be possible. But wherever it was, there would be very strong environmental protests. I just can't believe that anyone is seriously considering this. It would surely be cheaper to run fleets of free buses up and down the glen!
  22. Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd ***GAME OFF

    I don't have any records, but I have the feeling that that we often get off to a bad start after a break - whether due to weather, internationals, half-time or the summer!
  23. Brora Rangers 16 Fort William 0

    No, I'm not joking. How bad can Fort William be? I saw Thistle get into double figures once or twice in the late 60s, when they were coming to their peak. I think I remember 11 against Huntly. Can't remember who the others were (though Brora might have been candidates back then.) But 16? When did a Highland League team last score 16?
  24. 25th Anniversary

    Winning some silverware would be very appropriate.
  25. Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    It all sounds good to me, but it would put the top clubs out of sync with European competitions. (OK, who just said "They're out by the end of August, anyway"?) And if Scotland ever qualified for the European Championship finals or (non-Qatar) World Cup finals...