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  1. Can anyone tell me what this medal is? I picked it up for next-to-nothing on eBay a few years ago. It is sterling silver, so not a giveaway, but it's clearly not for a major competition. The hallmark is from 1975, which fits in well with the short shorts on the footballer. It's 2.5cm in diameter, so the photos are larger than life. Maybe a youth tournament or something like that?
  2. Matchday Thread

    Maybe if he selected Mulraney he'd be able to do that. Or are today's team listings wrong?
  3. Buckie in the bottle - Buckie Thistle strip!
  4. I think it could well be back on the table in a couple of years time, once the shape of the Brexit deal is clearer. Although it might also depend on how many more general elections we have had by then. Here in England, people were compaining about 2 GEs and the EU referendum in successive years. Scotland has also had the indyref and the Holyrood election, so you must all be sick fed up of campaigning politicians. I feel that election fatigue must have played a large part in apparently reducing the appetite for indyref2.
  5. Many more years ago Aberdeen 'A' twice won the Highland League
  6. Far too early for thinking about the foreword. We haven't even worked out the basic plot or the characters
  7. ...and why didn't he have a travel insurance policy which would refund him if he cancelled because of suddenly becoming chairman of a football club?
  8. When I was in the Academy (1968-74) there was a Graham Rae in my year. (And also a Johndo MacKenzie.) We were a few years behind Charles B. Is this the same Graham Rae? Just curiosity - haven't seen him since I left school 43 years ago. CB - do you know?
  9. We would be an interesting challenge for him. Could he get us promoted at the first time of asking? And could we get him to invest some money in the club? Dream on...
  10. And John Barnes has 79
  11. Must be why Wenger is saying that his future will be clear by Thursday.
  12. I watched it again recently, and I still got really tense and nervous during the second half! The shop still has 443 copies of the DVDs, at a fiver each
  13. Thanks, Eye Settee. I thought he was Canadian, and was confused by the official news release saying that he was born in Inverness. But could well be correct, of course. He also had a white flash in his dark hair in the post Ziggy Stardust days. Played in the school basketball team alongside our very own IHE, IIRC.
  14. The restore seems to have taken us back a couple of months. That means we still have a chance of avoiding relegation
  15. As the punchline to the old Dubya joke goes: "Mr President, I believe it's pronounced "keesh"". You can find anything in a quiche
  16. Boardroom and dressing-room versions please!
  17. From the subject line, I wasn't sure whether someone was looking for scouts to work for the manager, or for scouts to help find a new manager. It was only when I clicked on the link that the penny dropped! Presumably the game has a special function only for ICT - completely random "lucky dip" team selection.
  18. You'd have to get the old ones out first. Vote of no confidence? On specific individuals or on the board as a whole? Do the directors have to offer themselves for re-election on a regular basis? You surely also have to have the replacements properly proposed and seconded, a proper agenda including all votes, etc etc.
  19. Matchday Thread

    Are Motherwell still on the park? Dundee, you can score three goals in as many minutes...
  20. Matchday Thread Click on the Sportsound link near the top of the page for audio.
  21. All this talk about "the losses incurred by relegation". What losses? Can anyone say what they are, and then quantify them? If the club is relegated then there will be less money coming in next season than this season, and, one hopes, less going out. But losses? Less or no TV money isn't a loss - it's less or no TV money. Less or no prize money isn't a loss - it's less or no prize money. The club will have a smaller turnover. It may make a loss - though there is the parachute payment to take into account. But relegation is a fact of life for a football club, and I think you'd be hard pressed to point to a particular loss - an actual loss, not a shrinkage in revenue - and say "that is directly as a result of relegation".
  22. A different song from Rod Stewart's, and the video isn't creepy either. A lament, appropriately.
  23. Classic! Which part of this - "Posted May 20, 2016" - did you not understand?
  24. Matchday Thread

    That's too easy, Charles. And we need a repeat now!