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    And I have return train tickets for only £35. Leaving 10.45am
  2. Caley Jags Together

    I spoke to Supporters Direct on Friday 16th and we are working to implement a plan within the constraints of the board. The lady we are dealing with left for leave on the 16th but she was able to give us clear advice. I've checked and no date was agreed for the EGM as I personally have to contact the members who didn't take up the offer of renewing membership. I was asked to complete this by the end of January so the EGM would have to be after then. Sadly my Mum passed away last week which has not allowed us to have a board meeting but this will be arranged as a matter of priority and following that meeting we will be in a position to make a statement regarding the way forward. Rest assured wheels are turning. Have a great Christmas
  3. Caley Jags Together

    Caley Jags Together are currently working closely with Supporters Direct regarding the way forward. We will be happy to share the findings just as soon as possible but rest assured we are aware of the implications of the current situation and will work hard to ensure that the voting right is protected.
  4. I don't want to detract from this important thread but I collected mail today and there was no membership applications for collection, indeed only the letter referred to above
  5. Livi Away

    We will be in The Almondvale Suite as we have one under 18. See you there
  6. Livi Away

    Why so late lol We'll be there for 11am!!
  7. Caley Jags Together

    And as promised Charles the plans are indeed underway
  8. Glebe Park

    Great away day. Very welcome in the stadium bar and excellent soup and catering. Topped of with a win and a clean sheet. What more could you ask for
  9. Season Ticket Prices

    I never went away, I've always had my season ticket :-) Nice to enjoy a drink with friends in the bar before the game though
  10. Season Ticket Prices

    I renewed my two tickets on Thursday and they did seem to be noticing an increase in activity.
  11. Brian Rice can only offer his opinion, it's up to Richie whether he listens or not

    I've just tried the call centre and it's closed until 8am, not available 24/7 as advertised. Ironically the message directs you to book online but for some reason the game doesn't seem to be available to purchase online.
  13. Strip

    The shirt does have a short shelf life so the later it comes in the less I would expect them to sell. They will already have lost out on lots of kids birthdays etc. Customer Champions is a bit ironic lol
  14. Strip

    On re reading the St Mirren tweet, I'm not so sure that it just applies to Goalie tops but they must have supplied the team kit so that doesn't make sense
  15. Strip

    Looks like the St Mirren tweet refers to Goalie tops which they didn't stock last year either. It's a disgrace that we have to wait so long. People complained about Errea but as far as i can see their service (and product) was a lot better than JD