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  1. Brian Rice can only offer his opinion, it's up to Richie whether he listens or not
  2. I've just tried the call centre and it's closed until 8am, not available 24/7 as advertised. Ironically the message directs you to book online but for some reason the game doesn't seem to be available to purchase online.
  3. The shirt does have a short shelf life so the later it comes in the less I would expect them to sell. They will already have lost out on lots of kids birthdays etc. Customer Champions is a bit ironic lol
  4. On re reading the St Mirren tweet, I'm not so sure that it just applies to Goalie tops but they must have supplied the team kit so that doesn't make sense
  5. Looks like the St Mirren tweet refers to Goalie tops which they didn't stock last year either. It's a disgrace that we have to wait so long. People complained about Errea but as far as i can see their service (and product) was a lot better than JD
  6. I've just found out there was a season ticket offer for the game tomorrow, the only info I can find about it is if you read through the article on the website. Buy your own seat for £10 but £15 on the day. I've just booked my seat online for £10 plus 70p collection charge, so if you want to save a few £ and avoid the queues tomorrow you should go online now and grab a bargain - no need to thank me
  7. He will always be remembered with a smile. Such a big loss to everyone who knew him.
  8. Website is back up and running
  9. In case you are not aware, funeral details as follows: UPDATE: Midmills College Car Park will be open for parking on Friday ------------------------------------- Dougie, Sandra, Jennifer & Claire announce the funeral service of their beloved son and brother Ross Alexander Lyall will take place on Friday 18th March at 12.30pm in the Crown Church, Inverness, thereafter to Kilvean Cemetery. All welcome. Family flowers only.
  10. ICT have confirmed arrangements for a 1 min applause at the 30 min mark of tomorrow's game in respect of Ross. Please share and encourage everyone to support this welcome gesture from the club.
  11. Please download the files above and submit a nomination by Wednesday lunch time to the stadium for the attention of CJT. Nominations have to be in in advance for board members. I'm sure you would make a welcome addition to the board. Let me know if you need a signature on your nomination form
  12. See you there then Charles?
  13. For further information rules etc please email [email protected] I hope that helps you.
  14. Standard agenda but no resolutions on this occasion.
  15. All members with email addresses will receive full notification today. The person who was carrying out this task sadly resigned in light of all of tihs hassle and fall out, we have a team working on this today. Notice was posted on social media last week and emails will go out today along with a formal notice and nomination forms. Just sometimes when working with a team of volunteers these things happen and I hope the members will understand and more importantly support the AGM on Friday 19th Feb in the Caley Club