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  2. Word Association

    A foreign language
  3. This season's refereeing

  4. This season's refereeing

    Simple though! Nobody cares in the SFA management rooms unless you have clear -cut evidence that is contradictory to the ref's decision...... Am I obsessed with this video thing? Yes , I am , because I've viewed it countless times and IT works; whereas nothing else seems to change anything and the refs just get away with it. It also protects the refs from unfair criticism and is able to do all this right there immediately. No ifs and buts, no arguments or hysterics, no conspiracy theories and close to 100% accuracy in the judgements. Or the fact (as well) that they don't want to incur the expenses of set-up or to force the clubs to pay for this. They may also claim that the length and breadth of the field precludes a realistic viewpoint but with zoom lenses et al being standard on all sports cameras now, that argument is more self-serving than anything I think. The danger as they see it may also be the fact that the bad decisions will embarrass them to admit that real change has been left for too long a length of time without resolution and it might attract too much questioning and criticism from the fans all round as to why they did not act long before now. However, surely embracing new techniques and progress trumps that card handily. Got to move and keep up mit der times. Ja? Charles -- --what do you think in response to my thinking here?
  5. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    How many buses do you run . Just one?
  6. This season's refereeing

    Charlie..please ...behave yourself.!
  7. Joe Chalmers

    Anywa,y I hope John praises the good things and strengths of all the lads because we all need encouragement at every stage of our life. Indeed, many believe it may be the most appreciated and valued comments that a boss can hand to an employee. We have all developed at different times and rates and, in some cases, we have been lucky that the advice given at a certain point just fitted the bill or was that spot of glue that was required to allow that last magic piece of the jigsaw puzzle to slot smoothly into place and productively remain there for all to see. Alternatively, if you never praise a player that can kill his or her spirit unless that person is very strong-minded and the lack of recognition makes him/her even more determined to carve his/her own groove and at that point he may just leave and start his own business and be much happier as he builds it up. Because an indelpendent spoirit cannot be easily quashed. Praise flair and encourage independent thought....why you might njust learn something from it oneself. IMHO, pep talks, strong direction, smiles and lots of praise are John's most effective tools for getting the players onside and wanting to strive to get better and better. Now that's real leadership.......IMHO at least.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    I would never ask what John Robertson is getting because, whatever it is, we all know ( I hope) that John's heart is in the right place , he has done a wonderful job of selecting and motivating the players and if we can get into the top three we should reward him with a bonus for freshening up the squad and the atmosphere at the Caley Thistle park and allowed us to dream that the future will again be much brighter. and rewarding as well. Oh and how about a wee donation to the referees' orphans' fund as well, as soon as possible -- just so they all know our hearts are also in the right place .?
  9. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    CIF73 you may not indeed be Polly But are you pretty.
  10. This season's refereeing

    That won't necessarily work since the refs who have genuinely been issuing cards that they know are unrealistic or unfair etc will never admit to anything. Fans in Scotland will never be assured of a good refereeing system with fair decisions without the introduction of a video system which can be replayed at the drop of a hat. Then refs will be very anxious to enhance their skill sets and/or do the right thing at all times. And if a decision remains contentious after the video has been seen then it should trigger an automatic re=view at that very time by an overall match commander whose final decision is absolute. What has been said here by the above posters may well be true since some of the officiating that I have seen have been bizarre with a capital "B".
  11. This season's refereeing

    Willie Collum has been well praised for his performances in Europe despite attracting much criticism in Scotland. Now that did surprise me I must admit because I was never a big fan of this gent's performances. But, when I reviewed him on the T V in European matches, his decisions did look decent...?So what does that say about other refs in the game all over the world? As for your last paragraph, Wynthank, few o f us can disagree with your insight here.
  12. Away fans

    Caman-ach ! As for little say Rupert and Prudence. Well, when I was much, much younger Prudence was on the pill (in a movie or a book) so now she would be much much older.Rupert was Ruperrt Bear and he was definitely bookbound and also would now be much older so what other little ones would you be referring to ? Whoever they are they are very, very important and must be protected at all costs. End of story.
  13. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Why the bookings? is the game getting towsy?
  14. MulrAneY 15

    When Jake gets past a defender then, with his speed, I feel he should just make a bee-line for the goal line. If dispossessed then the ball is still at that point in the goalmouth area and could be just waiting to be potted in. Or the Goalie will miss it or the ball will bounce off a player leading to panic in the defense. Or he can get as close as he can to the goal and let a shot fly. Any rebound may be a sitter waiting to be potted. With the defense on the back-foot then once that ball is rolling around in the goal area anything can happen.......