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  1. Speculation and, no doubt, movement. Now we are talking. Bustler John up at dawn. Let's just wait and see what changes you spawn?
  2. Death
  3. andgotobed
  4. But IBM --you surely go to see the current actual football times now and the rest is time wasted overall. So why not just change the rules for a try-out? I reviewed all the new rules and, yes, they are extensive but it's clear that a lot of thought has already gone into what they think needs changing and I think it may well be a welcome step in the right direction and worth a try.
  5. Izzy--good post! Time for some real objectivity and positivity now. Robertson seems to be a bustler who wears his heart on his sleeve. His temperament is that of a hustler too who won't suffer fools gladly and what he says is what he means. Cards on the table stuff but coming from a person with a wealth of background experience which unfortunately, Richie did not have. Chalk compared to cheese actually. I.e. he should garner the respect of the troops quickly and his advice and instructions should be heard loud and clear and applied as instructed... or else? IMHO -- just the ticket for ICT at this juncture of their history. Gentlemen of the Jury--it's onward and upward.
  6. Trenchant remark.
  7. Uniforms
  8. Well, Laurence I am all for expressing my opinion when deeply felt or held. But if you ever were to speak to me like you have spoken to these other posters, regardless of what passionate views you hold on these, or any other issue, I would be inclined to go get my blowtorch and roast your arse.
  9. Buckett--you're back, bejabbers!. Missed you! Where have you been? And you agree with me that John Robertson is a tried and true professional and may just be what a very "down" club can needs to recover just as quickly and surprise a lot of people. This straight from the Canajin Sticks too..........See you, Honey Chile!
  10. Some insightful posts on this thread so far.. I agree with Huisdean who mirrors my thoughts on Nick Ross. A tidy player with some nice passing but not a guy who was consistently keen on surging forward mit der ball . As for Mulraney why would he be any more successful than hitherto. He didn't seem to like running forward into danger with the ball and when crowded out by defenders he didn't seem to know what to do with the cutting inside. He needs encouragement and being taught more by a real Pro (J.R.?) His crosses were far from exciting and rare too. Clever on the ball but also hesitant and ended up mostly NOT contributing dynamically. After the big buildup we heard about his talent before his entry to the team it was wholly a bit of a climax for me when I actually saw him in action. Hot and cold, eh? Polworth --I think his role could be expanded. He is an aggressive player and if John Robertson can encourage him I think he could be a very effective mainstay of John's team. I have always liked him because he likes to get forward and contribute with some vigour. Slot him in to midfield and let him attack. Vigurs-- er, not sure about him for this season. We need someone in midfield who will take the game by the scruff of the neck and get "in aboot them" so to speak. Vigurs likes to carry the ball into an empty space and then pass it quickly but not always with great accuracy though and rarely to the wings? Of course when he gets a chance he can surely belt it. Andrew Shinnie--great player but how could Caley afford him?
  11. Robbo had proved his dynamism before and INMHO to appoint him was to make sure they had a steady hand on the tiller. The club sure needs that in view of the recent catastrophic events. Once the ship stabilises then we are open to fresh ideas and progress. A point to Biggin (above), For him it's obviously........ Biggin the Beguine........OR..."Let's get on with it , then, and let's get started"..
  12. Well, in the South America Youth cup, or whatever you called it, who won the youth competition? This was about 9 months ago as I recall and Inverness Caledonian Thistle won the whole tournament. The boys looked bigger, stronger, more self-contained and aggressive and from the games I saw they were outstanding. I was gobsmacked at the fact that the Southern teams were not so good as the Caley team yet they produce excellent quality players in the long run...?
  13. off-course?
  14. The very fact that Robbo went to east Fife appears to indicate how much he loves the gemme. Methil is a basic one-street town which, at the time I watched East Fife every week, was more or less there to service the coal ships. Wellesley colliery was a big ticket item in the books of the National Coal Board at that time and the Royal Bank of Scotland in Leven supplied a massive amount of paper money once per week for the workers' wages --we had to work overtime in the evening once per week without extra pay to service this entity. The manager of this colliery lived directly opposite to us in Methil and a nicer couple you could not meet. but, truly, there was very little of beauty in the district. The team that I saw, however, was quite well supported and I did see some very exciting games there which did whet my appetite for more in the future. . So footie must be in Robbo's blood and he must have yearned for it to take that job. It also shows how diversified and non-critical a gentleman he was and probably is to this day. i.e. He's a mature man now and deserves the nod. Let's give him a big cheer and get on with the game as someone else said on here. I think that you are going to be surprised at what happens this season on the park.....Stay the course dearies and cheer him on. Yep, life can get non-tejious don' it?