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  1. Matchday Thread

    My eyes are dim, I canna see I hope that youse will keep on advising me No matter whether Caley wins or loses I won't shed a tear 'cos I'm aff fur snoozes. Life is short and life is hard That's why I'm desperately trying to emulate the Bard But now it's late and time for bed I'll sleep happy sae lang as youse keep thinking Owd Scarlet's jist another Ned.
  2. Matchday Thread

    Oh, and Cable Guy, you were given 3 red dots early on for a post in which I could not find much wrong at all. Seems clear that it was just a good, open and honest expression of your feelings. A red dot seems to bring with it and reflect dark negativety which usually doesn't achieve much. If people don't agree with you then let them tell us why and not try to crush you for offering an honest other viewpoint.
  3. Matchday Thread

    I really approve of the idea of trying out Seedorf in a more advanced, forward role. Good defence is great to have but if you can't score then you can't can't expect to win the game. This player seems to have skill and considerable confidence and having the ability to control the ball and supply the right pass from midfield at the right time to the player in the right position sounds....awesome ; and a recipe for growing success. Schusen is a young, developing player who sounds as if he has a lot to learn and may still be timid and lacking in confidence at this point. My question? Is he ready to be played in the first team when this season is so crucial to us? Sounds like he may also need encouragement; and praise when he does well. When you listen to John Robertson it's re-assuring. He seems so calm and confident and seems to have already decided what he wants and understands what he sees. This leads to decisiveness in a forward-looking manager. Once John gets them clicking then this could be a very good team indeed. My feelings about this year is that we should really get going as quickly as we can. The more success we have early on, then the more respect other teams will afford us and they will perhaps not be quite so keen to attack us and cut us down as quickly as they might otherwise do? Add in the aspect of "urgency" and Bob's yer uncle and Willie's your Wisp.
  4. Jings Monty--sounds good to me. I remember when Polworth first came on the scene and what impressed me was his obvious passion and energy. Mind you, that was not yesterday but ...well... a leopard in a leotard doesn't change his spots............does he?
  5. Caman I am quite sure you are not trying to be cheeky but did you notice that the thread had already "gone off topic" before Auld Pimple woke up and seized on one of his last desperate attempts for recognition before fading away for good. The old fella is losing his memory and fully expects to lose his marbles sooner rather than later now. Some people already think he has lost everything and it will happen to you too many years from now. Remember, life is short, shorty.... It's just that one thing leads to another and's.... back on topic and I have avidly read your comments on Mr. Vigurs. I remember him from his time at Ross County when I felt strongly that he was an aggressive, quite dynamic player who went at it full pelt in most games. I think that as his career has motored on he has dropped a wee bit of his drive and the vigor of Vigurs is not quite what it was. i.e. He's like the 79 year auld Pimple--he's reached a platform and needs a leg-up now and then. Aye!
  6. Well, Mantis, it seems he was certainly bearded in his den and catapulted into the darkness at the end of the season. I was thinking about him just the other day and trying to empathise with his situation. Which, in a sense, went downhill so fast, almost from the sublime to the ridiculous. Can anyone throw light on what he is doing for a living now or is he concentrating on some other career path... like becoming a home builder... I wonder? Or, as the Donald would say..."SAD!"
  7. Matchday Thread

    Baird is that small? Smile . How small is "small" to get noticed. Ha ! Remember it's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters but the level of the fight in that dog.
  8. Gazelle
  9. goes bye so ....quickly
  10. A wee bit off topic perhaps, but--you got your papers within 3 days from Inverness Scottie? That's spectacular. Don't they use the computer nowadays to inform fans of events like this? Less costly, far quicker delivery and saves the cutting down of trees as well .Meaning ? Well, maybe the club has a hidden reserve of money to burn. The many new signings this year also points to this as a possibility. Or not? P,S.I also received a letter once from Inverness to the West coast of Canada in 3 days some 2 years ago but never again after that. The last letter I got here in Western Canada from my sister in Inverness a week ago took 11 days, using the dates on the stamp as a guide, which stunned me.Even the Pony Express in the 1800's didn't take that long to cross the north American continent. and that was even after fighting off Indians en-route as well. Mind you, the Canadian postal service is also going down the tube as far as we can determine. Less and less customers apparently. The last I heard ( 2-3 years ago) was that it had been sold to Deutsche Post which obviously is using it to make money rather than to deliver a quality service to the population. Backed up by the fact that my metal community postbox on the street is filled to the brim daily with glossy paper advertisements which necessitates careful sorting to avoid letters being thrown out along with this unwanted stuff. Is this, along with text-speak, the new "progress" by any chance?
  11. driver......... (We have a few on 'ere all right)
  12. ball
  13. The last thread I reviewed we had only two posters online:--- S.P. and Down in the Dumps. Frankly that's very appropriate since the latter just fits the bill for me and I don't know whether to get thoroughly depressed or shrug it off by thinking...." Oh well, we have to give the new Manager a real chance to cobble a good team together".... and "it's early days"...... and "these are only trial games called friendlies". But, I feel far from buoyant and, frankly, I'm asking myself " my goodness, what seems to have happened to our team ?"
  14. Comes once per year and when she comes she brings good cheer.
  15. If he changes his name to Leach would that help him to cling doggedly to ICT?