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  1. Why do you support ICT ?

    There you go . That post deserves a mark and no mistake.
  2. Robertsons big changes

    Not to be too critical but what, exactly , can Mr. Cathro bring to the Highlands? He also seemed to fail in the" motivation of players department" and Hearts couldn't spare enough time to allow him to make his mark. I fear he is a bit too cerebral compared to a perhaps more down-to-earth Manager. He would also command another big salary and probably would not stay at a lower level club like ICT . I just don't see him alongside J. Robertson who has a mind of his own. .Last, but by no means least , seriously, do you think that this "High Flyer" manager would admit that he is not as great as he might think by coming to a relegated team who is still not consistently winning matches?
  3. Why do you support ICT ?

    It's 4.20a.m. and I woke up for no reason . So what better than to come on here and let the emotions surge in the quiet of the morning non-sunrise (rain.) Nothing but boiling sun for the pasts 4 months with no rain will fry your brain. Time to see the bright side of the equation. That was good and interesting post from Sipage. Depending on which language you choose, the user name reads either "yes, read on MacDuff" or "If I had a penny for your thoughts on this page I would be rich." Either way , welcome to the site and for a bit more of your realism and fan power. Sisons greetings from the Wild West of the Canadian Wilderness.
  4. Why do you support ICT ?

    Too much bitterness and unrealism there methinks Pump Fake. When you were born no one promised you a painless life and the promised land. And how would you recognise the good without the backdrop of the bad to highlight the former state? i.e. Things are in balance as they should be. Disappointment has been with us now for a good few months but you have still stuck around, right? So I am assuming yer wee heart is still close to this team. So buck up, suck it up and lets all soldier on together to a brighter future with good victories but with a stiff upper lip when we lose. After all, aren't losses supposed to make us stronger? Look at IHE, a waxing sobersides at all the poor stuff coming our way but reminiscing about the past great times and keeping balanced, determined not to spoil the next good times or run of luck when it happens. And we never know what's round the corner do we? Keep yer powder dry I say ad prepare fro future successes.
  5. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    I feel he may be baffled since he seems to have not expected such a dismal start. Why not? After all , how many players in the team don't come from this area and may not be playing for the shirt?
  6. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Unable to ----just too gobsmacked to settle the conflicting thoughts and emotions. And too frightened in case what is said now may make matters worse? Saw J R's video contribution and unable to assess it because I didn't pick up on what he really intends to do about it other , perhaps, than changing the personnel of the team around. But who does he have that are either not too inexperienced, injured or (apparently) not at all motivated and have any spirit that this club should have and can use or call on in times like this?
  7. Inverness CT -V- Livingston - Preview

    Great Report, Mannie. One of your best. Ferranti Thistle?-that's a name from the past and I never knew that Livingston was related.
  8. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Because, if we can get back up then we must make sure we stay there.
  9. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Yes. Taking two seasons to recover from relegation, get in new players and train and school the latter to a high and repetitive rhythmic tempo is about right. However, If Caley Thistle get in the groove, make considerable progress and again start to look like a Premier league team, then they simply can't let up or they will start to slide and that's when the real rot will set in. I hope John Robertson is working hard in the dressing room putting the fear of death into the team about easing off and letting slack, non aggressive and determined play ruin the season. The question is :- Is this conglomeration of new players up to the task of understanding how vital it is to work very hard to allow us to get back in the groove, regain self-confidence and pride by winning matches successively with great effort ? Because if not, it's unlikely that we will be going up again into the Premiership at the end of this season. I would love to hear JR's view on this, his advising us exactly what his vision is for the reclamation of ICT as a very strong, well trained and determined team --ready for the upward surge and ready to STAY in the Premiership when promoted. Just winning this rather second rate league (compared to the teams in the Premiership)will not be enough, Caley's goal must be higher than that.
  10. Just imagine you support both ICT and Palace

    Eee ba gum, lad, what a lovely story. My dad, long gone , was born in Yorkshire like my current Doctor in Maple Ridge , British Columbia, She asked me where he was born and I said "Goole I think". And she asked me where that was. A bit staggered, I replied. "well, it's close to the river Ouse and in Blacktoft where his sister is located there is a delightful local pub right close to the same river.etc."-- But she still did not respond! I think she was born up in a country district where her folks may well have had a decent size property but she had led only a somewhat studious but sheltered life. I noticed she did not have a ring on her finger and as the interview came to a slithering halt she remarked "I have to go over to the local hospital to pick up my husband" and this set my Spy's brain in overdrive and I thought "Aha, the plot thickens! This will require overtime, Scarlet, if I am going to be able to protect her from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune when, and if, the play continues on the same course.....or summat? As far as flying from Gatwick to Inverness (when next I visit) is concerned, when I was last over I went Flybe and it was a decent flight. Do you recommend another airline and if so do they use Gatwick also? You must have lots of energy Eagle running around all these far away and far-out grounds but you have to do this when you are young,. Ergo, you must be forever young then? One day you will surprise us all by stating that you have decided to fly to the very beautiful Vancouver in my now home province of British Columbia, the home of the Whitecaps who seem to be doing rather well this season. Interested? You know what they say ..." a change is as good as a rest"? And if you and I are too tired to actually go to the match, why, we can always watch the Vancouver Canucks and their rebuilding ice hockey team put on a show of blistering speed and skill (these pesky Swedes are everywhere aren't they ) on my large screen Sony T.V. They finished 2nd last in the National Hockey League last season so they have a lot to prove this season; just like our beloved ICT, eh? If nothing else, Eagle, it will be a stimulating season as the brilliant new rookies get their chance to strut their stuff on both stages and prove that they are worth a slot in each repective team. Go fer it, I say and ...Cheers the Noo.
  11. Number One

  12. Just imagine you support both ICT and Palace

    You are quite a fan, Eagle4Caley. If you don't mind my asking how did you become so attached to a Highland team quite a ways from where you presently live? Were you born in the Inverness locality perchance?
  13. Number One

    "Not Good. Maybe fake news on all fronts. New season, new team. I understand and sympathise with your teething troubles. If at first you don't succeed then, secondly, just fire the coach. Never seen a "football" match but have heard that you have a great wee team there. Spirited. Would like to invest in your club but so far nobody has asked. Good luck with that goalie thing, same old, same old seems like. Interesting though. Just fire the Board if they don't come clean. Nice wee city though. Nice salmon I got in the River and it's now on ice being transported back to the White House for all to see. I insisted on the F22 since it's much quicker than the F.15. I'll come back don't you worry once I have settled the Mueller thing. May bring Steven Colbert with me to settle his hash, very tiresome little dude. Sessions won't come with me though 'cos he will have been fired. And Hillary is still in mourning; besides she like Baseball so that wouldn't work. Loch Ness is lovely. Pity I missed your monster the other day. Good gig that though. Awesome publicity. Liked my trip, settled my nerves down very well. Donald Trump. Washington, U.S.A.
  14. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Tad harsh on Ridgers methinks. No chance whatsoever with their last goal. Is he being used as a scapegoat for the faults in this team? He was not aided and abetted in the least by our defence which was in a disorganised shambles , poor positioning, etc. Tackling was absent or chaotic with the St Mirren boys running rings round them to score at will. Caley were no match for these young lads who were determined, aggressive, confident, very fit and enthusiastic as heck. Wow! John Robertson should come completely clean on the OFW affair. Remaining silent is foolish and not right. Maybe Ridgers needs an emotional rest as much as anything. He seems to be athletic enough so maybe the Manager and Trainer need to give him more help!!! . How about a session or two with a goalie coach? Oh, I forgot, there is no money for that kind of thing probably. Better to just blame Ridgers instead I suppose?
  15. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT Mr. Robertson's remarks in his interview are difficult to comprehend. If the first twenty minutes were all Caley Thistle but. and our defence is as poor as the stats indicate why is this? Is our goalie, Mr Ridgers, so poor or are the other defence players just as bad--or what? If it's the result of teething problems of a new team than the gelling is not fast enough and a touch of crazy glue might be necessary to get the cohesion to harden more quickly. And this crazy situation with OFW must now be brought to a head quickly because if J Robertson is deliberately preventing him from playing then John must be persuaded to forget the past and play OFW for the benefit of the club. His hurt over something that may have happened in the past has to take a back seat. He has to be pragmatic and realistic. If not, then THAT"S crazy as well.