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  1. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    Methinks Caman's post was , well , made with part tongue in his cheek. Imagine having the cheek to be 100% tongued by someone?. Oh, and I say...bring back Fisher, He's a worker. The guy was given a rum "do" and all. I think that had he been kept in the squad for this season he would have produced panic in many defenses and he was not afraid to have his sights on the goal as well. Remember that goal he scored just before the season ended. That's the stuff to light a fire under our team. Up and 'at 'em lads. Up and at 'em.
  2. Italy

    Kingsmills Re your above post, made yesterday at 9.18 a.m. ..referring to the bookseller ...yes it takes all kind to make a world. Open competition for all, and that's the way it should be.
  3. Scottish Youth Cup ICTFC v Hibernian : 26/11/17

    Great looking team of boys. Fit, sturdy, and full of confidence. It also looks as if they are enjoying their games and being a player for Caley Thistle. I wish I could go and cheer them on. Top of the Pops here , mun. Top of the IHE pops. Aye
  4. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    Only Caman could think of that one. Camaaaaan, though , lets address this Suzie Q (Question) issue in a serious way because unless the man is not fit to play then he surely must be dressed and ready in the short term. Otherwise the club must be seriously found wanting. After all money doesn't grow on trees. Do you think he is also on drugs in addition to what you ummmmm.... suggested? Is Susie wuzee woosy?
  5. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    Suzan is a magnetic but seemingly polarising figure. His video show nothing but magic from his speed on the ball to his goal scoring! What is the enigma of Schussgen really? Bring the guy in and give him a slot and a chance. If he has got magic in his boots he will electrify the fans, if not he will be asked to kindly depart. We can't afford players who are currently contributing nothing to this club at this critical juncture in their life and progress. Good luck to the man though. What was his injury anyway?
  6. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Dougal--What's inflammatory ink work pray? Is it that stuff that the Northern Tribes used to dawb their faces with at the time when the Romans arrived, like the Crusaders of which you speak, and it was the Romans that dubbed these Northern tribes in Scotland as ..."the PICTII." ie.savages covered with pictures, like. That's inflammatory speaking but a thoughtful post since these pictures could either distract the opposition or scare the pants off them like the Māori's did, or still do? Ha! On the subject of the Pictii, they opposed the Romans in a final 2-day battle at Mons Graupius in Aberdeenshire which was the last battle I think fought by the Romans in Scotland (which the PIcts lost)...or England. By then their war chests were well nigh empty and they beatled off back to the place where they came from at that point in time .i.e Rome.
  7. NICK ROSS Trialist

    There is no guarantee that a move abroad would benefit him since the Canadian Whitecaps are a tough team to get hired into. He would have to play higher and harder than he might get away with here and the pace is not as slow as people think. He nevr was a major contribuitor with nus the last time out and hardly is a dynamic runner so is he approaching the zenith of his career perhaps? Let him play a couple of games this year and see what develops. But I would prefer the up and coming young fella from the 2nd team.. MacKay isn't it -- there's a young player that deserves another shot and will thrive I feel. Cheers SP

    His remarks tend to indicate that Caley's part in the Highlands is over only over a few years whereas the merged teams have each had fairly long histories in the Highlands and made reasonably significant contributions to Scottish Football over many years. No one can reasonably be expected to start "at the top" so "history" is as much about early , humble beginnings, subsequent hard work, development and steady progress and constant interest and support from genuine fans and players often over many years. Now THAT, really, is the history of both Caley and Thistle. So, as far as I am personally concerned, I think his phraseology was somewhat of a downer and did not quite accurately portray all the interest, hard work and dedication of very loyal people over many years. But in, truth, it is merely a slip of the tongue in an otherwise interesting and forward-looking assessment of what is ahead for us. The challenge just to get back to the Premiership alone is daunting , especially when our income has been significantly reduced this season. G Rae does, however, bring to the club a solid appearance (no pun intended), a good speaking voice and delivery and presence which is to the benefit and leadership of the club. And at least he seems to be genuinely interested in development and steady progress on all levels. I.e he is using his brain first and his words and actions second but in concert with his thoughts. As we grin and bear it, we have no reason to think that we can't repeat the impressive progress of the past but it will be a real test of the mettle and passionate desire of all at the club to meet the highest standards of conduct both on and off the park. I hope the absent fans see this as a truth as well and flock back in droves to give the vital financial and hand-clapping support that is needed also to achieve this goal. That means teamwork, both on and off the park , at all levels. YES!
  9. Derby - 8th November

    IBM ... it would be great if you can recant the rest of the young boys song......Smile? Sometimes I wish I was that young again.
  10. John Robertson MOM

    Well done John. Thoroughly deserved. And glad to see you looking much more relaxed as well. Just tell the team that they are great listeners to your instructions and to relax and play with confidence.
  11. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    Mulraney needs a few more games to get maximum composure into his game in vital situations like this. This was a speedy, pressure game and it probably was very difficult for him to fast stride in on goal,with great composure and delight at the prospects of scoring, knowing what was at stake. Since his movement elsewhere is great and he is providing chances for the forwards, we can wish him well. I think there was one very clear-cut chance for the forwards to score from one of his crosses but no one seemed to be close enough to the ball to take advantage. Sort that one out, John Robertson, please.
  12. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    I'm very heartened by the positive progress now being experienced by our lads on the park. And very pleased for John Robertson too since he has not had his worries to seek since he took over. I get the impression that he is a down-to-earth, well-motivated man who is working very hard to handle and develop the players he has inherited and/but needs to develop further. His goal is to get the lads progressing with greater and greater confidence and in the process revealing their flair and their dynamism and thus enjoying their roles and their football step by step. This will also then please the fans who will, (as they appear to have done today away from home), support the team vociferously and encourage every positive move they try or achieve. The team will then know that they CAN take moderate risks without being creamed verbally both on and off the park. With confidence growing in the minds of the players they will now feel emboldened to take considered risks and grow by trial and error that will strengthen the whole team. Happier days ahead. And enjoy your footie, guys.
  13. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    John Robertson seems to agree with my past suggestion that he strengthen the defence first and then start on the offence. It's sure paying dividends because the other teams can't beat us and, even if we don't come very close to winning the league, at least we will be able to stave off the awful shadow of further relegation and remain in a " steadily rebuilding mode". Away support seems to have been in great voice. Very encouraging all round. Definitely agree with the poster who suggested brining on the lad from the juniors (Reserve?) team.Nothing like showing all the up-and-comers that ICT wants them to progress fast and needs them.
  14. Livingston -V- Inverness CT - Preview

    As to commenting, it seems as if TM4TJ actually means .."The Master For Today's Job"... Aye!
  15. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    To read that pies are imported from the South West of Scotland when Inverness businesses can be benefitting is ...well... completely bizarre. Who thought out that one? In what way can it be benefitting the club when local businesses can be used? Just think of the goodwill alone. I mean, when locals are first contacted goodwill come of it I am sure.