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  5. Don't talk out loud about Amazon and the way they treat their customers which is arrogant and shameful. For example: A. They won't send you your earned royalties in North America unless royalties amount to a minimum of $100. What if you had decided to re-invest such monies in advertising to increase sales, thus increasing future royalties. B. They refuse to allow any author who has printed with their subsidiary, Create Space , to find outlets in the U K to sell their books for that author. They want complete control of distribution everywhere or so it seems . My friend in the S.W. of England took our book, Destinies in Motion, into two retail outlets of the largest retail bookseller in the country to be subsequently told by one Manager that "This is the best book I have read in a long time". The other outlet manager also expressed considerable interest and praise for our adventure. So I obtained the telephone number and email address of the purchasing manager in their head Office in London from one of these gentlemen and contacted him. He replied....." We are unable to sell your book in Greats Britain because we do not have, or can't find, a supplier from whom to purchase it in the UK"--meaning Amazon has closed the door to any handler other than those who had been hand picked by them and, thus,under their control and jurisdiction. So, then, two years ago, I contacted Create Space's top man in Canada to ask him to look into this and find a way to assist us to sell the book.. He reluctantly said he would -- and I am still waiting for a reply. I also contacted another female top manager with whom I had dealt in the past and she also did not reply although she had not been slow to send sugar-coated emails to us reminding us how easy it was for her to assist us to give them more business. etc. c. We had then approached their head office in Seattle,Washington State in the north East of the U.S.-- just down the road from us here in B/C.-- and requested a reduction in the advertised price of our book on their site and elsewhere to spur sales. They replied to the effect that since we had opted for the service of selling it in certain overseas countries they would not allow this. Why?--well one can only speculate that it's all about their bottom line but not about helping their clients. And that in the face of the poor workmanship displayed in their printing of the book that gave us nightmares and hours and hours of work to get them to correct. Example :- One illustration was planted in the book 60 pages away from the text referring to the incident depicted in the picture, not to mention a couple of others in similar vein. Or those of you who yearn to be an author(ess) be assured that it is a very heavy load of work and you will not be dealing with empathetic publishers. And when you think it is all over bar the shouting and you submit it to them for printing they say "Oh , well, all you have to do now is format it! WHAT? Format it ? What do you mean? It's completed, spell checked to death, I spent `300 hours editing it to death and blah, blah.. "Oh no, we mean check every single line in the book to make sure that all the paragraphs are properly aligned with "hard returns" as per our requirements for printing." Holy smokelinos, Geronimo, pass the smelling salts........ Oh, by the way, Laurence, when I sent you a letter a year or so ago about the possibility of selling it in your store why did you not reply or acknowledge it?
  6. I'm afraid that Paterson is now a manager with a very wee team in the East and says he is happy in his work. With having relapsed in the past would it be wise to even think of hiring him?
  7. I have always liked Fisher from the moment when he took the ball by the scruff of the neck out on the left wing, saw an opportunity and sure as heck knew where the goal was. And, "bingo", it was a corker of a shot which bulged the back of the netting. I can never understand why he was not played more often. It's this kind of opportunism and determination that would have helped ICT weather the storms better than they have done. Just my opinion but who picks the team anyway.........?
  8. This reflective article on the "Up and Down" of Hibernian F.C. might fit into this thread neatly. It's a commentary, basically, by Neil Lennon on the vagaries and benefits of demotion and promotion as it relates to Hibernian F.C. It's very interesting and instructive how this seasoned player and Manager assesses the ups and downs of Hibs downfall and resurgence. Especially the last paragraph which is sobering indeed and could depress some fans but might help gird the loins of really faithful and true fans of ICT to tighten their belts and grin and bear it with hope in their hearts if push comes to shove. My view? In an attempt to put a positive spin on relegation it should serve as a salutary lesson in how to do things completely differently in order to offset unusual and very challenging circumstances. I enjoyed it because Neil Lennon is no dummy and he has a good dentist.
  9. (an end) run.
  10. Matchday Thread

    Why not designate Charlie as assistant manager and both he and Richie can then SHARE the responsibility for the remaining games? At least that would oblige Mr. Foran to have to consider an alternative way to the finish line and share the load and the stress of his unwelcome position. It's needs must when the Devil drives, folks--and there is no time to lose now. James, get the horses round here pronto. Right now I feel really sorry for Richie since it does seem that the Board has HUNG HIM OUT TO DRY!. Are THEY out of ideas as well? Where is the experienced help? At first sight it does appear that the way he is being treated by the Board of Directors is as shameful as it is neglectful. Is the kitty so incredibly empty that an extra pound spent here and there matters that much at this crucial stage of the history of ICT? If the kitty ran out with J Hughes' departure why were the financial ramifications, that might result from these circumstances relating to J Hughes, not already foreseen long before this and some term included in J.H's contract to offset the possibility of that happening? That's not Richie's fault so, who can he turn to in his hour of need? Anybody? The Board?...Is he viewed as disposable Kleenex waiting for someone to pick up, put in the garbage can and then the lid is slammed shut + End of story? It's not guilt that I see in Richie's face. HE has done his very best and I feel certain about that. So why should HE feel guilty about anything? No man or woman can do more than their best efforts. It's frustration, bemusement, fear and disappointment I see. More devastation than guilt don't you know?What can one expect from a gentleman like Richie who has no previous managerial experience? WHO was his right -hand man, pray? Nobody forsooth. Sorry, I'm quitting now because I am steaming mad at this fiasco and afraid to continue.
  11. A few months ago Hartley was the pin-up boy in our football scene having had considerable success elsewhere. So what happened ? He was is a bit of a rough diamond though and his appearance is/has not been exactly managerial......a bit scruffy, like, and he definitely needs a haircut? Maybe his attitude was that of being "one of the boys" rather than the manager? Then he was in our frame to be hired so what happened?. If nothing else I think it shows the unpredictability of lauding a former player who really does not have much experience in Management. So, when the dirt starts to hit the fan, do emotions take over instead of deep thinking and caution? Hasn't Hartley nearly had a bust up with a player or players as well? There's something in my mind about that but I can't quite remember? Hartley in for us ?--- My opinion is ... No !! Who now thinks that approaching John Hughes again would be a good move? I was upset at the awful way in which J Hughes left and the amount of money he seemed to be able to get out of our club. But what if the Board decided that a rapprochement is required ("needs must when the Devil drives") and offers him a deal in which they get him on board and agree to a salary that recoups the financial outlays that they had to cough up when he left. Am I mad? Looks like it, eh? But,.consider this...... a. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody deserves a second chance? Right? And he is not stupid so perhaps a chastened man has learned a lesson and humility can take over? b. This man is not in a position of negotiating strength because he is still in football, which he says he still loves to death, but his position is, well, lowly in the general scheme of things and he must now fully realise that his services are NOT in great demand elsewhere. c. Really, are we in a better position? Anything but !.-- So brutal honesty and frankness could sink in deep with both parties, leading to a greater understanding between them and a more considered approach to each other from both? In short, a better working relationship based on a much higher plane of thought and reflection by both him and the Board of ICT on the rights and needs of both parties. i.e. a greater willingness to compromise and, for sure, if J.H wants to come on board he would have to do this. OR he can stay where he is in obscurity. If a very frank and honest talk took place between the Board and Mr. Hughes, during which it was stressed that complete openness, honesty and realism must be the order of the day at all times from now on, then who knows what can be achieved? d. What about his contract at the club he is at now? Well, that could be stumbling block...unless he is willing to dig into own pocket to help the transfer process along?
  12. Heifer
  13. Thank goodness for IHE and his often brilliant sense of humour. The last two or three posts split my sides open with laughter. Now back to the reality of the SPL with this article to which we can add: No!! Not another bad reffing decision. And AGAINST Celtic too..NOOOOOOO! Who would have thunk it?
  14. Mannie--he's talking about your Duckies again.