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  1. Word Association

    Wrecks-it !
  2. How can I sponsor Caley?

    As a fan living in Western Canada. I would love it if you would consider requesting that the club bring back the Saturday Home matches videos for all of us overseas guys. The charge to us was 5 pounds which was dirt cheap and obviously uneconomic and I think that they could easily double that charge and still find that the O. F's would be very happy. The video was fine and the commentator , Don Johnstone, was well-schooled in all the stats, etc., re players and did a very fine job overall. Great value for money IMHO.
  3. Play offs

    Yes, the way the team played against D.U in the first half certainly unsettled the opponents big time. But all credit to them. They changed their tactics and you know the rest. We went downhill fast and they passed us at speed as they built up a big head of steam. Was ICT out of gas or what? John must fathom this
  4. How can I sponsor Caley?

    What I am saying is ... if you leave the washer on and just give it time it will eventually all come out in the wash so why not at thjis early stage just give Blair the benefit of the doubt that he is the genuine article and just needs some assistance.
  5. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Charlie, I am truly gobsmacked by your overpowering gobbledegook, gubbing up the thread from Gallipoli to Geronimo's farm in Saskatchewan , Canada. Please, let the poor man alone. He seems to be the genuine article but he may be the world's most clever manipulator as well; being able to generate waves of humour in some or even irritation and/or boredom in others . Take it all with a pinch of salt and await developments with bated breath. Haud yer wheesht , man, and listen and learn. Aye! That's the ticket. So Blair doesn't have your highly expressive, voluminous and voluptuously validating superiority on all things related to the spoken English word but he has as much right as anyone else on this forum to express himself in any reasonable way he chooses. Surely it's what he is trying to enunciate, rather then the form or context in which he does this, that matters. If your education allows you to sift the wheat from the chaff with such ease then WHY do you need an interpreter to get it when he speaks? So you are bored and we are s-o-o-o upset about that. If so, then the answer is simple......just b--gger off to Buffalo. No need to read the thread at all. Or even to put the new poster down by dumping a ton of bricks on his head. After all, you do NOT own this site. What if a wee birdie landed on your shoulder and, in a sepulchral whisper told you that Mr. Blair was For how long would you wear your sackcloth and ashes before rueing the day you eschewed diplomacy for impetuous pomposity. I view Blair with mixed emotions and I might be persuaded in due course to assume that some of his statements maybe should be viewed with some scepticism and a wee little pinch of salt. Except that it's early days and what IF he has a lot of MONEY or has contacts who do have a lot of money? And he really does want to spend it on CaleyThistle? .OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Scary, what? Who cares if it's him who saves the club financially and from desperate obscurity, or Valdimir Put-the-Butin who does it, so long as someone does. Aye.
  6. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Sounds interesting Blair. Just so long as your last name is at least Gowrie but not Witch. Why not just go down to the park , walk in the door and ask politely if the Chairman is in? And if your business is as successful as you state why not ask for an interview in person and show him your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account. Then listen and learn , followed by a polite exit to further examine what information has been supplied to you by him. THEN:- Much better still, speak to your Chartered Accountant , discuss the issue fully with him/her and allow him to make the first contact, with certain preconditions attached of course. I feel sure that if your Accountant is well known and well favoured for his prowess with figures in Inverness then the ICT Directors will at least give his/ her comments a close scrutiny and he may well be able to at least get their close, and maybe urgent, attention. The C.A. should also advise you at the same time of the potential pitfalls of such a course and then you can reconsider what impact these things may well have on your existing business and current personal interests. This is vital for you since his first duty is to you, the client, and not to any outside personal interests that he may have. As a C.A. with high integrity it certainly should be. But don't expect to get a barrowload of shares in return though, 'cos I get the strange feeling that almost full control by the current Board of Directors may be the order of the day at Caley Thistle at this time. Not to mention the mere fact that if your money is swallowed up and quickly dissipated then how can you change the security offered from just being a piece of paper into hard cash upon your demand. And whether the Board can , or will, offer you a form of Security in exchange for a cash input is a subject which needs to be very carefully sought after and discussed in depth by a professional money man such as your Chartered Accountant. Finally. if you have a means of checking the Financial background record of the Accountant that you have in mind to hire, this should as a first step be examined and for this I can only suggest that, first and foremost, you have a deep chat with your Bank Manager since he can initiate what we call here in Canada as a "CREDIT CHECK". Which, simply put, is a check on the financial handling and pay- back record of anyone who borrows, or ever has borrowed, money from any financial Institution and it will also show you how "creditworthy" they are ---- or the alternative, his being a past bankruptee. To summarise: there's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip and your duty to yourself and your family is to do the necessary and vital checks prior to throwing your money around. And that's all I can suggest at this time. as an Ex-Bank Inspector and Bank Manager. Cheers and best of luck. S.P.
  7. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    D.U's pitch seemed to dry out remarkably well from the time of the last pre-game report I saw on here. And it looked very good indeed. Although perhaps it may have been a bit heavy for the players over the full 90 minutes. What a lovely day to be playing football and the stuff on display was very passable indeed and often exciting to watch, IMHO. Mostly from Caley Thistle (in the first half at least) and how they were not up 3 or 4 in the first half was something to ponder over. The players obviously tried hard but coming through on goal and hitting the ball directly from a wee distance out directly at the goalie is hardly the way to score. The corners of the goal exist too .... I think John needs to work hard with the forwards on placing the ball netwise , avoiding the goalie's position, and keeping the ball down and not "out and over the bar". Teaching the players to be clinical and ruthlessly effective in front of the goal is imperative for John R. to stress and to practice constantly. . Remember our boyhood and girlhood phrase..."practice makes perfect". EXACTLY! See..old-timers occasionally know a thing or two. Goalies are not always dynamic diving down to stop goalbound shots but both goaliees demonstrated how much easier it is for then to jump up and make contact with a high ball which is netbound for sure. I saw only the highlights of course but Dundee United came back surprisingly well in the second half whilst ICT seemed to just just fade. I enjoyed this match as much as anything because of the lovely sunny day and freshness of the park which allowed for quick and accurate passing and slick footie from Caley in the first half and then joined by D.U. In the second. A very good crowd also helped with the atmosphere. So, bring on Summer football as soon as possible ? Yes?
  8. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Wow! Hasn't Ridgers come on a ton? Such a change in his performances happening since day one. Very heartening for any player to be able to prove that he has real talent and determination.
  9. Word Association

  10. Highland Derbies Next Season

    In past history, disputes, fighting and severe mayhem have rarely solely ever been about religion but always about money and power.
  11. Word Association


    Belfast Brigade, I admire your spunk and dedication to the cause. Lang may yer lum reek, laddie. You are an inspiration to all the others who are either lukewarm or flatter to deceive in terms of their affiliation or affection for our wonderful team. I take it you were born in Scotland though were you not? Kind regards from a currently beautiful sunny day in British Columbia, Canada.
  13. Livingston -V- Inverness CT ***GAME OFF

    With global warming increasing rapidly there is little chance of this new and dangerous weather situation changing for the better. It's apparently about to get much worse. That's really ominous. Translating this into the reality of Scottish football it is imperative, IMHO, that the Scottish football authorities immediately set up plans for next season to try out Summer football. If not, they will be held accountable.
  14. Livingston -V- Inverness CT ***GAME OFF

    At the very least it's worth a try.
  15. CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    Someone has given me a "SAD" emoticom rating. Ha! Ha! Ha! Man, that boat has sailed a long time ago. That sounds awfully like the Donald, maybe Version 2.