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  1. State of the game currently in North America which includes the U.S. and Canada :- form, what role is played by owners, players' contracts etc.. devekloping interest and attendances, comparisbns with the English Premier league nad the Champio=nship, etc. Very interesting summary!
  2. New Striker

    Chas I had that in mind --the main thing is that that millstone will now be off or virtually off the necks of the new Board. Nice thought, eh?
  3. David Raven

    Oops. That should have read ..."It looks as if they will try to bring-on the current group of players at the club and groom the youngsters in the lower ranks for stardom as soon as possible,. e.g. Mackay.? Comments please?
  4. David Raven

    By now that European large payment must have reduced the debt considerably. If that allows them to now start to save some money so much the better. However, I doubt that the Board can achieve that so the future is uncertain for sure. at the club will be able to slot in sooner rather than later. Cents please?
  5. David Raven

    Manfer nailed it! It's common sense really.
  6. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    I was clenching and wenching and things went well Until the coppers came and rang my bell. Then things fell apart when they got the smell Of perfume seductive which gave the it all away. "Oh michtie me", quoth the Sergeant in charge "someone's gonna pay" But Opening the door all I heard was " I say I say, it's sergeant Ray" But too late for me , the simple visitor none else, as he knocked me down with a real belter round my crown With his big fat stick. Which made me think real quick---- That maybe if I hurried I might make it to the town I then stuttered "It wisna me, it wiz him inside - a real nutter and a clown But, sadly, after that it was "Lights oot the noo" and I thought I had been sat upon by a coo. PLEASE FINISH THIS ODE TO A MISERABLE WRETCH IN CALEY BLUE
  7. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Oh, and Charlie. That post above of yours referring to the London road etc. is just a beautiful one. Had me convulsed. And spilt my coffee on the chaise longue.... P. S. I like you better today than maybe the day before so it'''''''s onward and upward.
  8. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    But no one seems to be deeply considering the emotional effect of staring at a totally smashed up car with severely injured passengers inside or at least in the process of being , or having been, carted off to hospital. The effect can affect-- deeply . That kind of scene can make your blood run cold. It puts into bright perspective how fragile life and limb really is and reminds us of our mortality. This is especially true when one is physically very tired. Which, in turn, can deeply affect concentration with the tension in the mind translating into tension in the body that otherwise would not exist and that can affect performance and timing radically. The whole scene cynically suggests that is about money, as I have previously mentioned, The club is suggesting that the fans of Q of the S. who could not wait for even one or two more days to play the game? Pathetic; because we all know it probably was not a decision that the Q o S fans would likely have taken for themselves--- otherwise we may as well authorise and legalise kicking below the belt as a way of winning as well. Right? In any arena of competition it is rational to suppose that each team should be given the consideration and availability of strutting out onto the field of play in an emotional and physical state of health that is reasonably good, AND MATCHES THAT OF THE OPPOSITION. Otherwise a team like ICT entering the arena at that time is at a very serious disadvantage, which is hardly fair or sportsmanlike is it? Which suggests that the question that John R was hinting at is, therefore, " How far can we go with this attitude without all the joy being taken out of our game?" Right on, Manager John. The whole situation shows a lack of consideration and self-interest trumping all else.
  9. Word Association

    Fly skating rink.
  10. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    I hope we find out the reason for the Board of Q. of the S. to act as they have done. It may be legal and acquiesced-to by the wonderful SFA, but clearly the element of compassion and common sense is entirely lacking on both parties. Was it therefore money that motivated Q of the S? Or WHAT? Of course the situations with Rangers and Celtic need not be used as a comparison because when dealing with these two pampered clubs we all know that their interests, at all times, are first and foremost in the minds of the SFA and a few others. I'll bet your bottom dollar that had any one of these two clubs been involved instead of ICT, the request for a postponement in these circumstances would have been granted by all at the drop of a hat. And, lest we forget, ICT have been the daring upstarts who had the will and the way, against all odds, to take the Scottish Cup away from more deserving clubs don't you know? If more people like John spoke out like he did there would be less crappy behaviour in the world, and more kindness and consideration and more happiness. As for John Robertson, to be perfectly frank I think in view of the terrible ordeal the whole team had to suffer in so many ways he was remarkably restrained. He stuck to the facts and did not introduce hyperbolic histrionics. He just told it how it was and well done for speaking out John, I say. You have my vote anyway.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Brechin

    The club video was really great. It's especially so for us overseas viewers since apparently we have lost our previously- assigned video access which allowed us to se the matches in real time. The lighting on the park was sufficiently good for us to see the action very well from all angles , the players looked up-tempo and fit and their football was played at a fast pace (considering the water-logged pitch).They really looked as if they wanted to win. I thought we had a determined and motivated team even if the opposition was completely outplayed and did not really provide a threat. To see Bell (the blond fella? ) score from the back of his head was rather spectacular and although luck was probably on his side he did at least try for the ball and succeeded . What Robbo was saying about not overtaxing them before the next match is a smart move.
  12. New Striker

    O.K., Noted Caleyboy. Good.
  13. Inverness CT -V- Brechin

    Very pleased for oor John Robertson who deserves this win. And the club and players for what appears from afar as another good effort. Am I wrong in thinking that Ian Vigurs was not playing. Sorry about that if not.
  14. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    I completely agree with DoofersDad . John Robertson could hardly have NOT said a word about the inequities blatantly obvious in the refereeing in this game, unless he had nothing to say of course. Yet he was very cool , even if he was seething inside of himself, and I saw little to find fault with in his demeanour or his statements. In fact I admired his self-control! Period. The question is not that he should have been afraid to speak his mind in what some might suggest was a very prejudiced way, or whether or not he was telling the truth, as I also saw it on the video. But IMHO he was dead right in what he said and, frankly, I think that he was remarkably restrained like a true professional and factual to the end. The problem with speaking to the facts is that he and ICT may be singled out in the future by crappy referees under instruction to curb "these upstarts from the North " type of thing. The refereeing is often inept, seemingly totally biased and often appears to be consistently against ICT in the games that I have seen on the computer. I repeat, the Scottish refs I have seen don't seem to be high quality individuals, either in their understanding or even perception of the game--- OR--- they are either acting under instruction or by way of ingrained bias. Why does the SFA not have some kind of appeal process so that the video can be quickly reviewed by a very senior level of independent referees not on the direct payroll of the SFA? Or at least some kind of very independent panel elected by a World Body? Or am I delirious or just plain dreaming or maybe just totally spoiled by watching the hugely-monied and very fair immediate review processes currently operating in the Canadian/U.S. National Ice hockey League with hardly a word of negative comment against their methods. On the relatively small ice area there are at least 3 referees plus instant video review and, if that fails, then an immediate phone call across a continent to the review body in Toronto who sees all the action on their own computers and renders an almost immediate verdict with hardly even a moan from the paying public. It's super fair and satisfies all parties. Done and dusted. Any comment from the fans attending the matches ...p[lease ?
  15. St Mirren match

    If things don't change radically this season, maybe we will have to rename the stadium "The Caley Park", like the good old days. Shoot! Maybe we will have to call out the grizzled veterans....Bobby Bolt, Pete Mackinnon, Frankie Macbeth and Jupie Mitchell.... to show us how it's done. It's nae the Premier league nor the fancy name of the Championship but it was still a great day's outing. Yessss!
  16. Inverness CT -V- Brechin

    Robert--re Dumrfies, careful! Don't anticipate the outcome . It's never over until the fat lady sings..........
  17. New Striker

    Yes. It will alleviate the effects of the massive debt but will have little effect upon the overall negativity of the financial situation of the club unless there are more fans who feel it worth while to come to matches. And unless the club introduces some kind of lottery type income product to generate steady income. Otherwise, without a massive cash injection by the Board of Directors, or a very wealthy benefactor, how can the club survive in even the Championship if past wage outlays continue as formerly? I am very interested in hearing views on this vital aspect of club management and survival. Together with suggestions please.
  18. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    "Recruiting top officials".... Not the same words I used in an earlier post but definitely the same meaning . It boils down to the fact that they need a far better training scheme but, more so,, in reality what is really needed is that Scottish Football needs a far better quality of person to do the officiating. If they feel that it is unlikely that they can find such person in Scotland then they should offer far better compensation and bring in foreigners from England or overseas with a proven and exemplary completely unbiased approach and past record. One might argue that 1,000 pounds per game is not chicken feed but so far it has not been enough of an incentive to attract anyone I have seen who fits the bill. When I was watching the videos for Overseas wallahs like myself I was astonished at some of the decisions made against ICT and had reached the stage of actually wondering if there was some kind of bias or conspiracy against our team, so palpably nonsensical some of the decisions appeared to me to be. Will that happen? ..NO chance! Firstly, the cheap people who run the show will never want to spend that kind of money on a better official and secondly they will never admit that the situation is as bad as it seems and paying out more money will, in their view, only be an admission of failure. They could avoid all this nonsense if they were to bring in proper video recordings and more officials to act as independent assessors of controversial decisions by immediately consulting these videos . Will this happen.? Not unless some kind of formal complaint process is sought from the clubs and considered in open court by representatives from all clubs. And will that happen in the near future? My answer is again,. no chance.
  19. New Striker

    Not too concerned by the loss for last year since the club will receive 375 thousand pounds on Thursday from the International football bodiesl At least that is the comment, almost word for word, I came across today in the SPL website . let's see if it happens exactly that way.
  20. Word Association

    Bald Ewes
  21. 17 October 1953, Telford Street Park

    I think Peter MacKinnon was a very popular man and a very successful centre half for Caley. He was always friendly and respectful and smiling. After my next door neighbour married Pete the Caley players were not short of being shy to show up at her door. Her daughter, Dale, still lives in Inverness and after living at Hilton (I think) she is now resident East of Inverness and has a small farm which I visited the last time I was over. Has some big sheep and she manhandles them with ease. Absolutely great people!! When that match was played I was 15 at that time but don't recall attending. This thread is so interesting to me. thanks Mantis!!
  22. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    Phew! CaleyMadInBerks is right on when he says that video is required so that each incident can be correctly assessed. Perhaps two referees could also be a boon to the game. I have been advocating the use of video for a long time in respect of correctly assessing whether or not the ball was over the goalmouth line. But it's general use seems to be a non starter in the U K whereas overseas it is just a normal part of the games nowadays. However, if the officiating is as bad as has been stated on here, then the SFA authorities may not want it since it would only show up all the mistakes in the refereeing and the possible prejudices that might exist in the minds of the refs as well. Not to mention the extra money they might have to pay out to elect and train a better quality of individuals to run their games.
  23. CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    Some thoughtful and interesting points made above. Once the dust of relegation settles further, have brought back Fisher () and John Robertson has slowly and painfully kept up his changes, then if we can stay in the top half of the Division by the end of the season I think we may well say he has done a very good job. Then renew his contract for next season, quickly divest the non performers or non-contributors and work hard to carefully consider what positions require adjustments and resolve to never pay the huge wages as stated above ever again. 2,000 pounds per week is utter insanity --which is the current Canadian dollar equivalent of $170, 560 per year. If that is not complete insanity I don't know what is. Unless the wages were only for a few weeks in the playing season and players don't get paid when the season stops. What troubles me is the question of who on the Board agreed to pay anyone in a club that kind of money, unless it was a very short term deal to get the club over a desperate and immediate hump? Why, young Mackay in the reserves could have probably done a more enthusiastic and heartfelt job for absolute peanuts. Or where is my thinking going wrong here and what am I missing in the big picture?
  24. Word Association

  25. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    Wow! Was the referee in the pockets of the opposition? If not, why are the SFA still playing such an official without direct supervision? ICT Management should forward the game video along with a formal complaint , to the SFA. Referring to whom you call "Susan, well, he's a big lad and putting him in the forward line with instructions to "melt the blighters" if they start molesting the players who have an intent to injure, will result in one of two things:- (1.) He will be sent off....... or (2.) He will teach them a lesson they will never forget.......(3.)He will at first just cry and then will refuse or ........(4) make a name for himself as what is termed in North America in the National ice Hockey League as an "ENFORCER". One player on their team who thinks he can attack other players in the opposition's team with deliberate intent to injure if that opposition team's players are deliberately playing dirty or are much superior in talent.The thinking on this is to even the playing field. Susan Schussen seems to be big enough to be an enforcer but whether or not he feels he can earn his wages by lighting into the opposition with ill intent would remain to be seen. Doesn't the guy have to do something to earn his wages?......... Just asking?