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  1. Word Association

    Lulu loves Larry cos....?
  2. Cash from Celtic qualifying for CL group

    This is today's article re this windfall. It seems as If ICT will be one of the beneficiaries: I hope this link opens O.K. I've just read it at 16.50 your time in Scoitland.
  3. Robertson Out

    At least the Board gave us a good scapegoat in J Robertson to allow us to have the feeling that he alone is to blame. We all know, though, that that explanation is far too simple to really have any credibility. A few good wins and , miraculously, he will then turn into a hero, even a saviour. So let's just keep our fingers crossed and sit tight.
  4. 17 October 1953, Telford Street Park

    I was 15 at that time and remember Bobby Bolt as a rather toothless centre half for Caley who sweated a lot on his forehead .I think he came directly from Rangers F.C.. He also was on the go just before (or even alongside) Pete MacKinnon worked his considerable muscular build into the centre half position. Pete always seemed to dance rather than run and mostly on his tip-toes/. He married the daughter of my next door neighbour and was always kind and friendly to me. I remember him fondly and with great respect He passed away in a home in Fairfield road only a few years ago I believe. Truly a cheery chap and a kind and honorable gentleman. Jupie Mitche;ll of course and Frank MacBeth on the right side of the Caley team as he danced his merry way forward with the ball. Them were the days indeed.
  5. Polworth v Kellacher

    Ancient Mariner--I have no fears about your ability to rack up a great many future posts and rummel up the loyal fanbase. And thank you kindly for advising that you were not attacking me. You see, you're a younger one with much more energy in your body than poor auld Scarlet whose every movement to lift his pen from the inkwell now exhausts him greatly. It's a good job that I can still ruminate to illuminate, never mind riposting to attacks from a superior, energy-filled source. Have a great day and lang may yer lum reek oh Ancient Warrior of the Viking Invaders.
  6. Polworth v Kellacher

    What the poster above is asking simply appears to be what? Did L Polworth actually touch Mr. Kellacher with his hand or closed fist?If not, was his posture so frightening that Mr Kellacher collapsed in a heap of fear to justify a statement that Polworth assaulted him? If so, could Polly state in his defense that the cursing and swearing at him by K. was enough to enrage him, constituted a verbal assault and that was not his fault etc. I think it would be very rare for any legal prosecution to convict someone for simply moving towards another person in an understandable, justifiable fit of anger without actually attacking him physically. There was no weapon on show and plenty of people milling around who would probably have been able to step in and prevent such a situation coming to that point. And how, pray, can a person become a victim if he has never actually been attacked. Unless it is a case of a large lion attacking a lamb? I would say that from the pictures Kelly's weight appears to trump that of Polly more than somewhat. So who is the lion and who is the lamb here? Mammy, please pass me my handbag. Yes, the one with the large seam on it. Thanks ma!
  7. Fans Boycott

    Jagster, I can't believe that you almost brought a tear to my wizened eye with that song and video, you rogue, you. And thank goodness you are back, Buckett. You were sorely missed . Is the bucket half full this time or half empty? 'Cos I want to hear more of your down-to-earth pithy wisdom and no disappearing without formal notice? So SP is now TAS? ...... What? Tight and Sour or Toffee-nosed and Sardonic? or Touch and Suffer? Or..............?
  8. Polworth v Kellacher

    The topic may be done and dusted but remember what I said about the festering under the surface--which means that the matter may have been buried but it will NOT necessarily have been solved. I suggested that Kellacher and Polworth come out and shake hands in public and then there is a chance that these two can get along. Then they can sit down with each other and possibly come to an agreement as to what is fully expected one of the other and cut out the stupid and non-motivational foul abuse. But, from the Board's point of view, they had better make up their minds whether abuse by swearing and foul language spat at a player in public and on the field will, or will not, only continue to lead to deep resentment and WILL or will not subsequently affect that player's performance on the park. My opinion is that either this stops immediately or persons who are unwilling to control their language, especially in public, should be fired. After a warning is given out by the Board of course. Negative utterances in public from any paid member of staff carries the full force of that Club's authority if top management allows it to continue uncensored and not subject to disciplinary action. I'll quit whilst I'm ahead.
  9. Fans Boycott

    I quite often like to read Dougal's posts since they often contain some very interesting and surprisingly apposite remarks. I've warmed to the guy as time has worked it's magic. He tries very hard to explain his feelings and his views on what he sees which is fine and dandy with me. Not much wrong with that at all is there, IMHO? And it seems that he doesn't often get much praise or recognition at all for having the courage to do this. He's not pompous, not arrogant and rarely if ever abusive. So, all power to his elbow, I say and I think we should view Dougal as a very interesting challenger to our personal entrenched points of view. We always need the darkness as a contrast to being able to see our own personal light and maybe revealing the truth. But, Chas, please do have a good look in the mirror and review some of the content of many of your lengthy posts from your past before you point the fickle finger of fate at Doughty Dougal. Or he might turn round and address YOU as Chippy, Chastening, Charlie from the land of Know-it-All? We are all on here to find some emotional joy in expressing our opinions on whatever the subject is and to maybe throw another light on the subject of discussion. So the last thing we should be doing is wasting our time in trying even harder to trash the other person's posts, feelings or viewpoints. Just let's allow these latter points to fall on our own non fertile ground if for no other reason than the fact that it might just make us a bit more tolerant and remember that none of us are perfect or have all the answers. Except S. P. of course.
  10. Word Association

    Or swim.
  11. Polworth v Kellacher

    The club has to nurture Polworth because he has spirit. If he is trying his best and some things are not coming off then what? We are ALL human aren't we? He scored the first goal didn't he? Did Kellagher cheer that? Now if he didn't then he has a screw loose and he may not be as dedicated to the team as Polworth is and Mr. Kellacher should be since he is an official and must set an example.' However, shouting dog's abuse, including (apparently) curses and swears, at Polworth before he even left the field shows that he is unable, as an OFFICIAL, to control himself and his utterances in public. That being so, the fact is that had he kept his mouth shut outside the inner confines of the stadium then the incident may never have happened and it would never have shown up the club in public as a laughing stock. It is therefore up to the Board to deal with the situation decisively and really swiftly. If the new Board wants the public to respect them and ICT then they have to set an example. And allowing cursing and swearing by officials and /or players in public, although it seems to be the trend of society today without censure attending it, is nver going to set the tone for anybody associated with this club or anybody outside it's confines who wants to follow it's progress and as an example of an upright, well-managed entity. If the new Board wants to attract reputable talent who have the desire to be successful and looked up to on all levels, then they had better react strongly immediately to this fiasco. The incident may have been brushed under the table for now but the festering will still be going on under the surface and the Board of Directors of our club, in its 'present weakened and sinking state, cannot try to brush it off if they want the respect of the players, their management and support from the public. They must send a message that is unmistakably clear. They must do what is necessary and act.....
  12. Rename game

    Gentlemen and ladies of the jury, I was just joking for Pete's sake. And it's great to see a smile at last on somebody's face ......Oh my, I can't compete with you Doofers though. . Your acerbic and astute wit is a sight to behold. Brief but brilliant.
  13. Rename game

    Then at half time bring on the Pom Pom Girls. The first stadium in Scotland to offer this slick, quality, half-time show. Accompanied by the Brass Band Bangers from the Deep South University of Louisville, Kentucky. Now that's entertainment. The place would be packed.......every other week. Yes!!
  14. Rename game

    The Kessock Kuties Stadium.
  15. Polworth v Kellacher

    One more excellent "think" from the Ancient Mariner. Must be your age that makes you so wise. Are you wizened with it? The player will always see it from his point of view since it affects him more than the onlookers and he is always "Johnny on the Spot" as well. And if he did consider and sense that the other comment(s) was unfair or wrong then that only adds to his rising temper and sense of grievance. Now we have to decide--"Is this handbags in the hot heat and hatred of the horrendous moment" or a serious breach of etiquette by Monsieur Eddie Kellacher and Mr. Polworth? If neither, then what is it ....a "storm in a teacup" that we can just fluff off our shoulder as if it were dandruff.? Oh, and before I forget, if Mr Polworth raised his fist publicly in anger then this is also a serious breach of public conduct and club etiquette and definitely deserves censure which is now the club's affair. Because, if he had struck the trainer, then he could be up in the Inverness Court dock facing a serious assault charge. For the sake of the club and hastening the moving-on process both parties should shake hands in public and get on with the job methinks......Aye!
  16. Fans Boycott

  17. Fans Boycott

    I deprecate the depreciating tenor of these conversations. And remember, don't get out of hand now since" the Leith Police Dismisseth Us."
  18. Word Association


    It's the biblical Cane and Able won't get "caned" unless you are not "able" to withstand the pressure.
  20. Rename game

    There you go, now a hop skip and a jump onto the next thread....
  21. Foran for Elgin?

    Now, that last comment deserves a wholehearted ...YES
  22. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    Well, they might just drum up business so encouragement is the way to go...
  23. Fans Boycott

    IBM Please take your wife to the football and she will understand why you must support the team as a priority.
  24. Fans Boycott

    Oh dear! How the mighty hath fallen --or so it seems. And where do we go from here.....? For sure, continual booing and screaming at players won't do anything to bring back the good old days. Encouragement, and holding your tongue if you can't shout anything positive, is a far better strategy for the future. Now, it's true that I haven't seen one single game live this season and precious few video clips because they are few and far between, so who am I to judge except for the fact that what I have just said seems to have the same respective negative and positive effects in any situation other than in football. So what's good for the Goose is good for the Gander I reckon and don't forget that nothing remains the same for ever. So there are better days ahead but either prior to, or after, worse days. The latter scenario being very possible in the short term. Get used to it, stop moaning and offer encouragement instead. An already down team needs motivation, not cruel jibes. Racehorses are finely fed, stroked, exercised and trained animals --but the very best don't always win. Some have different temperaments and some need a wee bit of the whip to wake them up and realise that more is expected of them at the crucial points in the race ; whereas others run their hearts out and don't need the whip at all and sometimes need to be restrained before they exhaust themselves too early in the race. The latter have that competitive spirit, grit and determination which alone motivates them to win with furlongs to spare, not to mention the jockey's disposition and temperament which can spur a horse on to greatness if both of them get into sync with each other. Animals have a sixth sense and they either seem to like you or not right off the bat. Meaning? Just this in simpler terms....our new Manager has the ball at his feet and will either sink or swim depending on how he stands and motivates the players. Regrettably, John Robertson is the fall guy. He must find a way, either by means of chats or by example, to get the very best out of all the individual players. He can do this quietly with each player, in the background, or openly in a full meeting with all the players at once. Initially, I advocate the first way since this gives each player a real chance to get to know his manager as a human being and to advise him of his personal feelings, goals and needs. For the player, to just speak up will assist him to cope with an already depressing situation and this initial "hearing' will have to find J R listening attentively more than talking himself to death. If he listens intently to what is being said he can offer encouragement as the conversation progresses. When all players have had this opportunity of a one-on one chat then the general meetings can be open to all comment as a TEAM and the Manager must stimulate free and honest discussion. This is down to personality and I think that J R has the capability within him to sense that praise and encouragement is the right course to follow. Otherwise, he may be doomed. IMHO.
  25. Raven not again

    The evening during which Caley beat Celtic in front of a stunned crowd....and handily...(remember "supercaledfragislistic"...etc ) contained superb players plus, as in the semi-final in the year we won the Scottish cup, which was an absolute corker of a team. Remember the end of this latter game when Celtic seemed to be out on their fee, completely bamboozled by wee Caley, and simply did not know which way to turn to stop us running rings around them, was one of the most incredible games, and sets of players I have yet seen in my young life/. I will never forget either game. We were magnificent in every way.