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  1. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    Aberdeen have introduced in the past few seasons the stand free membership which costs £10 per season and you get 20% off your first ticket the 10% of subsequent. It also gives the holder 10% off at the club shop and hospitality. You are also able to build up ticket cash every time you buy a ticket which can be used to purchase tickets throughout the season. Maybe looking into something similar would be the way to go for ICTFC. You can also load any tickets bought online onto your membership card to be swiped at the turnstile.
  2. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    How many times can a game be postponed before its completely called off? What would happen if that was the case?
  3. 5th Place

    I think there will need to be a reduction in pricing next season as the club cant expect to keep season ticket prices the same. The only reason they got away with the fiasco this season was the promise of the return to the premiership.
  4. Another club statement...

    Another pop by this board at our supporters yet when safety concerns are raised in regards to away fans at home games and threatening behaviour by them abuse received by them the board bury its head in the sand as its a money saving exercise no to open the south stand. If they are going to impose the rules consistency is required otherwise they are victimising an easy target.

    So what does anyone know is our final ticket sales for tomorrow I see Dumbarton have sold over 2000
  6. Caley Jags Together - Update

    Can the membership call the egm?
  7. Toothless ICT v Winless Brechin - GAME OFF

    i last policed a game in 2010 when i left. back then the police made no decisions regarding this and still don't. They only give advice but it seems strange to me they are giving conflicting information.
  8. Toothless ICT v Winless Brechin - GAME OFF

    living in Aberdeen the roads here are fine and travelled up to Elgin and back along the a96 today and the road was open gritted and black tarmac the whole way. Also the A90 is open and since Brechin is on the A90 what's the problem the same police are allowing fans to travel to Pittodrie as has been mentioned yet another farce.
  9. Toothless ICT v Winless Brechin - GAME OFF

    the amber weather warning is only on the east coast and the trains are running from perth to inverness and Dundee to Aberdeen then onto inverness the a96 is open and clear as is the a9. who else remembers the horrendous journey down to easter road for a league cup semi against hearts on a sunday with no public transport in worse conditions than now on the a9?
  10. Season Ticket 2018/19

    although us in the cheap seats still need waders to go for a pee
  11. Toothless ICT v Winless Brechin - GAME OFF

    we should just scrap the whole season and start again in april over the summer months.
  12. Season Ticket 2018/19

    I thought the club were going to improve the catering in the concession stands? its still over priced rubbish the same as last season.
  13. Highland Derbies Next Season

    It would appear county are now in free fall.
  14. Susan

    He's away to some team in holland in their 2nd division apparently.
  15. Susan

    Do tell