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  1. Clearly they don't listen to their own programmes then cos Barry Wilson described it as a 'trundler' on open all mics!
  2. Mr Caleyjag and I will be in Glasgow next weekend and wondered if anyone knew of any pubs likely to be showing our game next Saturday? Its on BBC Alba.
  3. Game 13 - Falkirk (A) 14 Oct

    Edit Caleyjag fgs Balatoni MRcaleyjag Hippolyte
  4. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    Regarding the posts about travelling, it was said on Sportsound today that you get a maximum of £5000 for travel expenses. Linfield's game at Dun Utd was moved for tv to a 5.15 kick off so now they have to stay overnight meaning they're still at a loss.
  5. Game 11 - Dumbarton (A) 23 Sept

    Changing my first goal scorer to Barr
  6. Game 09 - St Mirren (A) 09 Sept

    Caleyjag new scoreres: Mcshaneand Trafford
  7. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    It's on the BBC Radio Scotland podcast from Saturday.
  8. NAPS Competition - Week 35

    For MrCaleyjag Annan v Montrose draw at 3.50 please
  9. Game 37 - Kilmarnock (H) 01 Apr

    As Tremarco isn't playing can MrCaleyjag please have Billy Mckay and I have McCart.
  10. Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Getting back onto the actual game.....the first half was dreadful, much happier with the second half. I'll be honest and say it was my first game since Dunfermline in July so my thoughts are on this game alone. Thought that Raven and Tremarco were terrific (but MrCaleyjag disagreed!), wasn't impressed by Anier but again just my opinion. Like I say my first time at a home game this season, we sat in section E only the north stand - really enjoyed it and the atmosphere created by the young guys at the front, good on them. What I would say is that there were older kids at the back who were trying to break seats at the end of the game by stamping on them. Quite what they thought they were going to achieve is beyond me, suffice to say they didn't have any strength to manage it!
  11. NAPS Competition - Week 21

    Mr CaleyJag has asked me to change his prediction to Dunfermline v St Mirren draw at 3.75 please
  12. January transfer window.

    Jim Spencer is tweeting that the Tansey deal is off.
  13. Contract Situation

    Polwarth, Ferguson and Horner signed up for another year according to Jamie Durent of the Courier on twitter.
  14. Greetin

    When we scored the second goal and when I listened to the BBC Sportsound podcast and Richard Gordon described our players receiving the trophy.