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  1. Agree, CC would be perfect for this job.
  2. ICTFC Club News STATEMENT FROM ICTFC BOARD Details Last Updated: Thursday, 01 June 2017 14:07 There has been a good response of candidates expressing interest for the position of ICT football manager. The Board of Directors are currently assessing the applicants in readiness for interview selection. It is important that we select the right person for this key position. The following players are still under contract and are expected to be part of the squad moving forward. All the players under contract have indicated that they are wanting to stay and help the club regain its Premier League status. The current ICT players are Owain Fon-Williams, Ryan Esson, David Raven, Gary Warren, Ross Draper, Iain Vigurs, Liam Polworth, Scott Boden, Aaron Doran, Jake Mulranney, Brad McKay and Carl Tremarco. We are currently in negotiation with Cammy Mackay and Kevin McNaughton and are hopeful of resigning them. There are other targets that have been identified as potential future players and we are confident that we will have a strong squad next season who will be very well equipped to mount a robust challenge for promotion. Several players have moved on from ICT and we would like to thank them all for their efforts and wish them all the very best of luck in the future; those leaving include Josh Meekings, Dean Ebbe, Lewis Horner, Henri Anier, Greg Tansey and Jason Brown. Alex Fisher is a player whom we tried to resign but he decided to take up an offer elsewhere and we wish him well at his new club. On top of that Billy King, Billy McKay, Larnell Cole and Jamie McCart, all of whom were on loan, have left the club to either rejoin their parent club or are moving elsewhere. Our top priority next season will be to get back into the Scottish Premier League. This is something that everyone at ICT is focused on and we will be giving 100% effort to achieve this goal. WELL, that was a load of rubbish from our board. They are ruining our club and reputation.
  3. I hope I am wrong, but I agree with the above comments, especially setting us back
  4. Don't disagree with what you say Scotty, but as a supporter of ICT and Caley over the last sixty years, I really fear for our club. The directors do not keep the supporters informed what is happening within the club. We are desperate to know who our next manager is going to be. But all we have is silence. Nice to see Kilmarnock are going to get Steve Marsella, and they have told the world. Personally I feel at tis moment our directors would find it hard to manage a juvenile club.
  5. Would the last person leaving the stadium, please turn off the lights. As a supporter of 65+ YEARS I AM SADDENED AT THE WAY OUR CLUB IS RUN.
  6. Living in Dundee, I know a heck of a lot of Dundee fans, and halfway through the season they were calling for him to go. and just towards the end hardly anyone had a good word for him.
  7. If Foran stays, it shows no ambition by the board, and the club will be run by a bunch of numpties. The silence from the board shows nothing but contempt for the supporters.
  8. Question to you. Do you want Foran to Stay?
  9. Ok smart ass. If you want us to continue our decline, keep supporting the current regime.
  10. Now that we have a new chairman are things going to change? ,I don't think so. Finlayson has been a director for a number of years, and could have challenged the way we were going, but as far as I know has not done so. In fact I have not heard of him until now. What we need is a fresh face businessman, maybe with a few quid to spare to re invent our club. Sometimes I wish we had stayed in the Highland League, and we could have still won the Scottish Cup.
  11. Not McGhee.
  12. Matchday Thread

    Goodbye Premiership for a very long time, unless we get some investment and of course a new manager.
  13. If he makes that change and we get beat, it is bye bye Ritchie.
  14. Agreed JH had to go He worked the situation to his advantage and left the club with money in his pocket (money the club could ill afford).That's why the cheap option was taken in appointing Ritchie. In private industry and you were promoting somebody into a more senior post, but this person was untried in and lacked experience, it would be on a trial basis of 3 or 6 months (a common practice) and not 4 years, Ritchie must have been smiling all the way to his Bank Manager asking for a mortgage. This is why the Board must go and go quick. Let's try and get proper businessmen in to run our club. IT IS THE BOARD WHO ARE RELEGATING OUR CLUB
  15. Matchday Thread

    No Northern Lights for inverness.