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  1. One thing this thread screams out is bring back terry butcher!
  2. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    I might be wrong but is all the catering not done by an outside company.
  3. Message from the Chairman

    Wish they had been this open at the start of the season.might have renewed my season ticket.
  4. Extraordinary General Meeting - 3rd August.

    I fear there's trouble on the horizon.
  5. Home Crowd

    The reason they don't have cash gates is they want to employ kids to operate the gate and pay them peanuts.you have to be over 16 to collect cash.
  6. Club Shop - Academy Street?

    I hear Sainsbury are earmarked for there.
  7. Season Ticket Prices

    Too little too late for me.
  8. Merchandise Suggestions.

    Sensibly priced season tickets,a board that talks to the fans,a manager,players and six feet of rope!
  9. New Manager

    Sheerin wasn't very loyal the last time he was here!
  10. New Manager

    Butcher didn't cover himself in glory when he left but nobody can knock his signing.some are still here and maybe a bit wary about staying but under him I believea lot would stay.he seems to have the ability to get young talented players to come north which other managers don't have.Butcher all the way for me.
  11. Statement from board??

    Someone is going to have to cover the loses for next season but more importantly someone who can manage the money we have not throw it away on stupid contracts that we can't afford to honour.
  12. Statement from board??

    I stand corrected but I can't get my head round why this has been rushed through.surely it would of made more sense to see who was available outside the present board and have some fresh eyes,investment and direction for was has been a mismanaged club for the last couple of years.
  13. Statement from board??

    More Sutherland puppets.I won't be back as there just going to install malpas as general manager and back foran.this will not end well believe me.
  14. More Questions Than Answers

    Believe me it's true.
  15. More Questions Than Answers

    I've been told fisher was cast aside because he failed to turn up for extra training.foran told them they could all have time off at an international break but after a defeat he ordered them all in on the Sunday for extra training.fisher had booked flights home and went against rf wishes.when he returned he was told he would never play for the club again.dont no the dates when this happened but was told by somebody in the club.