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  1. And John Brown as Director of Football. Like the look of Paul Sheerin has had a good grounding.
  2. Delighted he has come to help, wish he came earlier. Hope he can bring positive results and see where we can finish, though a major ask to remain in premier league.
  3. Matchday Thread

    Good to see Liam Polworth back from injury,
  4. It is a sacrifice and good effort for those who do it in all walks of life.
  5. Butcher deserves more credit than being a long ball team. JH had improved them last year and does deserve credit, but he had a great base to work from as improvements were clear to see under Butcher. This season has been difficult and with a short pre season, quality players leaving, injuries and slow/poor recruitment we have gone backwards. Both board and management team need to sort themselves out and decide either way. This statement bickering by both is not on, it shows a weakness in the board especially as they could have nipped it in the bud without public statements. I appreciate there maybe sensitive talks at present but the clubs No Response probably tells us something is about to come out. Last week I hoped JH stays as I feel he is a good manager, but with the bickering he will probably have to go. Message to the board if you are going to undermine the manager in public through scripted statements and childishly not even mention your manager in end off season speeches to the fans (at least praise him for his efforts and family sacrifices he has made for the club) then your good reputation could go up in flames, especially with potential new managers.
  6. Welcome and good luck.
  7. Great news, key signing for the new manager.
  8. Glad it was not longer. Look forward to his return.
  9. Very pleased, with a good pre season, be like a new signing. Ah the football talk.
  10. Agree for the good of the Scottish game, vote No to a newco.
  11. Good luck. Some games looked real class, liked him as a player. Hope he gets a good club.
  12. Delighted to get him. Scored a few for Swansea also.
  13. 12.45 pm on Saturday. Sky sports have it.
  14. Great move. Wish him well.
  15. Ross and Shinnie well deserved.