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  1. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Different announcer.
  2. Robertson Out

    That beard's fooling nobody.
  3. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Baird may not (yet) be finding the net, but he puts in a power of work and deserves credit for contributing to the team's overall performance.
  4. Falkirk Preview (Away) : 14/10/17

    Cammy went out on loan to Brora to replace Hoban who broke his foot in the Scottish Youth Cup match at Forfar.
  5. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    My relationship with Scott Kellacher is, primarily, a professional which has seen me work alongside him and other coaches (as well as many dozens of players) in both the best and worst of times. It is on that basis that I call BS on statements by people calling into question his character and especially his ability as a coach.
  6. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    I can't comment on what happened Saturday, but suggestions that Scott Kellacher isn't the nicest of people and comments about his coaching ability etc are utter BS....and bordering on defamation. I've known the guy for years through being at the club and would vouch for him being a generally decent guy. He also seems to be held in high regard as a coach and, from my experience, has always been well respected by the vast majority of players.
  7. Rename game

    The older image I have overlaid is from 1945 and I couldn't say for certain what materials were used to expand it. I've always been told that it was graded aggregates and earth (from building developments) by people who worked on it (drivers who delivered hundreds of loads), but it's possible that it was supplemented with ash.
  8. Rename game

  9. Rename game

    Contrary to the myth, Caledonian Stadium is not built on a rubbish fact, the vast majority isn't even built on reclaimed land.
  10. Caley Jags Together

    Liz, I know only too well what you inherited as chairman, but it was not without warning as we had met to discuss it prior to you taking up the position. I also rejoined the board at that time in the belief that I could help rectify the ongoing governance issues, but despite reassurances that I would be supported in achieving that, none was forthcoming….here we are, more than a year down the line and still nothing has been sorted. Those who came before you who also tried to impress the importance of sorting these things on other board members were driven out by those who refused to listen, or claimed to know better because they had been there longer. I myself have been forced to resign twice and attach my resignation letters detailing the reasons, and to demonstrate to those who may have been informed otherwise that I have tried to make a constructive contribution. In regards to the rules being rejected by the FCA...this happened whilst I was on the board prior to the above. The errors (minor errors in the template and the fault of Supporters Direct) were rectified and, under advice from Supporters Direct & the FCA did not need to go before another General Meeting for approval. If either Supporters Direct or the FCA are now claiming otherwise, then the communication should be on the society's files to support what I have said. Are/were Supporters Direct aware that you do not have a quorate board when giving advice on what to do with regards other matters? If they were/are, then they are negligent in their advice as the rules (old and new) state that the ONLY thing a non-operational board can do is take action to hold a general meeting to rectify that situation. Supporters Direct can only give advice based on the information they are presented with. The 12year term may have been a recommendation from Supporters Direct, but if it is included in the society's rules it must be adhered to. You can't just decide to ignore and/or remove rules on a whim or seek to change them retrospectively because they were only originally included on a recommendation. Whilst I (nor any of my family) have received renewal letters, I have had sight of the letter which has been sent to others. Nowhere in that letter does it state it is a renewal, it merely asks people to let the society know if their contact details have changed. So there is no renewal process taking place, just some administrative work. This means that anyone who was a member, remains a member....whether they receive a letter, reply or not. As per the rules, non response is not a reason for cancelling someone's membership. My comments are not snipping, having a dig or statements of opinion….they are the facts of the situation as it stands right now. Things can be done with all the best intentions in the world, but if they are not done correctly then it brings further risk to the society and the fan’s voting righting held therein. 130804_ictss_resignation.pdf 160714_ictss_resignation.pdf
  11. Caley Jags Together

    Caley Jags Together is the operating name for the ICT Supporters Society Ltd which are registered as an Industrial and Provident Society with the FCA : As per the above page, no Annual Return/Accounts have been filed for year end 2016 and they are about due for 2017. The society did not hold the AGM for their last trading year which was due to be held BEFORE the end of December 2016. As per the information provided by Liz, there's only 5 board members (one of whom is beyond maximum permissible term of office). This means they do not have a quorate/operational board. What all of the above means is that the organisation is currently in abeyance and the ONLY mandate/power given to the Directors, as per society's own rules (whichever set they are operating under)*1, is to take actions to rectify the board situation. They do not have the power/mandate to demand renewals (everyone previously a member remains a member until the society is brought back from abeyance; or is wound up)*2. They do not have the power/mandate to represent the society at any ICTFC shareholder meetings until the society is brought back from abeyance. They do not have the power/mandate to issue any public statements or present themselves as representatives of the society, in any way other than in connection with organisation of the general meeting called in order to bring the organisation back within it's own operating rules/standards. Most importantly, the 108 shares which carry a 10% voting right, ONLY hold that right so long as they are held by the ICT Supporters Society Ltd. If that organisation goes bust, the 10% voting right is gone...forever. If the current board are unwilling/unable to call a general meeting and election in order to rectify the situation, then it falls to the members to protect the society and the voting right held therein. It takes is 5% of members to submit a requisition for a general meeting to bring about change and install a board who will make it a priority to protect the voting right. I'm not up to speed on the exact membership levels, but an exact number and details can be obtained by asking (as is any members right) to view the register of members which is/should be held at the registered address (the stadium). If 700 as mentioned above, it needs 35 members to get the ball rolling on that. *1 A general meeting of the society signed off on a new rule set in 2012, but it does not appear that these were ever successfully registered with the FCA. As a general meeting has already given authority for them to be registered, no further meeting on the matter is required. *2 As there is no annual renewal fee then the process is purely an administrative one designed to keep contact details up to date. Non response does not give the board power to remove membership.
  12. Development League 2016/17

    We streamed in SD, so you wouldn't get a picture any better than that. We do have the ability to stream at a higher quality, but haven't had a chance to test reliability when doing so. As it transpires, we were apparently in breach of SPFL rules by transmitting the match live in the UK so it won't be happening again anyway...unless the rules change!
  13. Development League 2016/17

    Since you asked so
  14. County v ICT

  15. County v ICT