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  1. Hope you don't get banned...lacking a sense of humour is not a crime.
  2. He retired from the game about 30 years ago, so I very much doubt he'll be fit for Saturday. Billy Mckay, however, is carrying a niggle and may/may not be fit (confirmed to the press by the manager this afternoon).
  3. Get out of Jail Card as Raven is a doubt with a groin strain.....Mulraney out with a hamstring issue.
  4. Matchday Thread

    Game now available on demand from
  5. I have an old ICTFC rugby top that's Red n Blue hoops and looks quite good. Mantis is only other person I ever saw wearing one.
  6. Matchday Thread

    Only thing I have to add is that it's Mckay...small "k"...for both Billy and Brad. All those getting it wrong are generating bad joojoo and costing us games.
  7. Designs have to be submitted by October/ I hope hoops are ok!!
  8. #ICTFC Development Squad are in action tomorrow. Away to Ross County at the Highland Football Academy in Dingwall : Kick Off 2pm