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  1. Off the ball

    You have to take it for what it is....a bit of light hearted football related nonsense. I think the phone-ins would be a welcome return, but only if they weren't so OF dominated....I don't actually mind the drunks, the eejits or the dafties in general....great entertainment. In a sport that takes itself far too serious most of the time, it's a welcome break.
  2. Dundee -V- Inverness CT

    For another 4 months!
  3. Scottish Cup : Dundee (A) : Ticket Info

    Tickets will be available on the just can't buy in advance for collection from Dens Park.
  4. This season's refereeing

  5. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    The Irn Bru Cup is an SPFL tournament, let's not be making the SFA look any worse than they do for the stuff that is their responsibility.
  6. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    That's not a break weekend, it's the weekend of the Scottish Cup 5th Round.
  7. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    These decisions are suppose to be "by agreement"...but in reality, clubs have no say. He who pays the piper and all that!
  8. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    There's in being televised by S4C, hence the day/time. As ours is also likely to be televised (BBC Alba), then it's not going to be a 3pm Saturday match.
  9. Away fans

    Get a room, FFS!!!
  10. Away fans

    I'd get in touch with the club to ask about it as you should have been contacted.
  11. Away fans

    Tickets for visiting fans are being advertised at South Stand prices.
  12. Away fans

    I've been told that away fans for all but the larger travelling supports will be located in Lower F for the remainder of the season. Season ticket holders in that area have/are being relocated.
  13. This season's refereeing

    Willie Collum is the man in the middle on Saturday
  14. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    I believe his contract expires on the 7th, so yes.
  15. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Don't think we saw enough of him to form any opinion on how capable he may or may not have been. Imagine if we'd punted Ridgers after only having seen him in action a couple of times....or Coll Donaldson for that matter? Perfectly decent fella and whilst it didn't work out for him here, I wish him all the best for the future.
  16. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Robbo has already confirmed that Elsdon is not having his loan extended.
  17. Susan

    If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas.
  18. Susan

    No gossip needed. Robbo told the press the other week that the guy had been unfortunate with injury and illness (including a spell in hospital) so not available for selection as a result. Also, a change in circumstances meant that he'd be allowed to move on if he found himself something else.
  19. Christmas Greetings

    May the light of the sun shine upon all your families this yule season.
  20. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Just took a look to see the result of this game and it was postponed due to a frozen rescheduled for 16th January 🤪
  21. Caley Jags Together

    I'll do what I can to make the meeting open/available to those unable to attend in person. I've also contacted Supporters Direct Scotland to try and ascertain what their understanding is of things, whether the advice (if any) they have been given has been provided from a position of having all the information and whether or not they can offer any advice/guidance to the members to move things forward. I await their response.
  22. Caley Jags Together

    By my reckoning, yesterday was the last day in which CJT should have issued an EGM notice in order to provide 14 clear days notice for a meeting to be held within 28 days of when they were instructed to call one by the members at the AGM....that meeting should have been set on or before 3rd January 2018. It would be tough to organise an independent open meeting for 2nd January. With it being a matchday then people aren't going to want to go to anywhere other than the stadium and that will be in use with match hospitality so unavailable. The preference would still be fore CJT to call an EGM and/or a meeting, but I'll check out venue availability and look to get something pencilled in either that week or the following.
  23. Reference to the Stadium can be read as "Main Stand & Pitch" when mentioned alongside the North & South stands.
  24. Caley Jags Together

    Correct, it is written into the club's memorandum and articles.....but any restructuring would mean a new rule-set. Even if those new rules maintained the 10% voting right, it would still render the additional shares held be the trust as worthless as they would/could not be added to increase that voting right. I don't want to be getting ahead of things here as no detail was given at the AGM, just the loose idea....however, as CJT are the only existing fans group with a shareholding/voting right then (on the face of it) we'd either need to set up a new fans group any time we wanted to increase the fans say or, any cap would have to exclude CJT....otherwise you're not putting the club back to the fans, you're capping their influence at 10%....which is worse than the current position. It's all these questions, and many more that will no doubt arise, which make it vital that CJT is suitably represented from the outset.