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  1. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    Fek all wrong with people living down the ferry you effin snob. Hope your car breaks down when you are down there and you get chewed.
  2. NICK ROSS Trialist

    not surprised
  3. NICK ROSS Trialist

    to those issuing the red dots. where would you play him and who would you leave out?
  4. NICK ROSS Trialist

    Sorry but I don't think he would bring anything to the table that we don't already have.
  5. John Robertson MOM

    Congratulations to both - well deserved.
  6. NICK ROSS Trialist

    why spend money (which we don't have) on a player who doesn't fit?
  7. NICK ROSS Trialist

    need to ask why he is still without a club after so long. Nick is neat and tidy on the ball but he won't win you 50/50 balls. I really don't know if he is the type of player Robbo needs in this league. I'll wait for all the red dots!
  8. we would need transfer fees of at least £250k every year. one final point re John Hughes, he didn't spend any money, it was Mr Cameron and his fellow directors - full stop.
  9. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    free tickets to schools was introduced when we were playing out of telford street but looking at our current crowds it doesn't seem to have worked!
  10. I really dont understand why we dont have a relationship with Clach where our youngsters play regular first team football.
  11. did county get him on a free?
  12. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    football is all about opinions and how people see it but at the end of the day only one person's opinion matters. good to see how others see it tho.
  13. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    tbh i would be delighted with another clean sheet and a point
  14. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    first of all, if you extend a contract you are automatically improving it even if you don't offer more money. if you understood my last post, i am all for extending/ improving contracts if players perform consistently well over a reasonable period of time and in my opinion a quarter of the season is far too early to make that decision. i dont think you will find me saying Doran doesn't deserve the chance to prove he can come back but again he has to prove himself over time and then Robbo can decide if he is worth another contract. From what i hear the club have treated him very well during his unfortunate injury.
  15. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    All for rewarding extended / improved contracts to those who perform to consistently high standards but we have only passed the first quarter so far too early to make these decisions
  16. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    so what you are saying is that players who have taken us to the lower end of the championship should be given improved contracts!
  17. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    My understanding is that Doran is one of our highest paid players.
  18. Caley Jags Together

    Sorry to hear if your loss Liz, such sad events are far more important than any football matters.
  19. Caley Jags Together

    Does anybody know if CJT still exists?
  20. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Fraser Gow was a very promising youth at ICT who is now running the bakery. I would have thought he would be a good prospect for advertising and supplier.
  21. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    says it all
  22. Caley Jags Together

    i agree. i do however hope everything is in place before the club agm.
  23. Caley Jags Together

    agreed but when there is an extended period of silence people assume nothing is being done.
  24. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    extending contracts costs money, money this club doesn't have.
  25. Caley Jags Together

    do we have an update on this as we have heard nothing since august?