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  1. Cowdenbeath picked up Greg Stewart from Syngenta Amateurs in the Stirling and District League. He'd been punted by Hearts at the age of 16. He was 20 when Cowdenbeath picked him up.
  2. He was in our U20s five or six years ago as I recall. I'm sure he was a centre-back in those days but seems to be playing more as a midfielder now. I've also heard some in the Highland League circles saying he could certainly play at a higher level.
  3. Matchday Thread

    I think the big difference over the course of the game was the difference in the Falkirk attack against ours. We had the majority of the possession and were far more on top in the second half. Looks at the difference up-front though - if we swapped Polworth, Baird and Zschusschen for Austin, Hippolyte and Rory Loy, would we have won the game? Probably. Baird certainly puts the effort in but I doubt he'll score more than ten goals this season. Polworth was once again wasted wide while Zschusschen looked absolutely hopeless. And another thing - yesterday, especially in the first half, when we attacked it was like John Hughes was back in charge. Chalmers, Vigurs and Polworth are all decent from range, yet we were back trying to pass the ball into the net. So infuriating.
  4. Matchday Thread

    Strange how last week's win over Brechin brought dancing in the streets from some folk, yet when we lose to Falkirk those same people claim this competition is just glorified friendlies...
  5. Getting treatment at Dundee and has been training with Ross County I heard. Also, I see Lewis Horner has returned to Blyth Spartans.
  6. Anyone else hearing we're playing Clach on Tuesday?
  7. Matchday Thread

    Long ball tactics in windy conditions are seldom a recipe for success. Oakley looked decent when he came on but I thought Zschusschen was really poor. Polworth also had a game to forget. Seedorf had another good performance though.
  8. Polworth is a classic example of player who should've been loaned out a few seasons back. Surely had he had a season at say an Elgin or Peterhead, playing every week in central midfield, it would've done him far better than season after season of being on the periphery of the first team, shunted into every position possible in order to fill a gap and spending the meantime in the U20s league. He definitely has talent and he's not a lazy player, he's just never been truly given a chance to grow as a footballer. Has though the chance for him to really hone the central role here passed though...?
  9. 1. Dundee United 2. Falkirk 3. St Mirren 4. Caley Thistle 5. Dunfermline
  10. Ridgers Seedorf Mckay Warren Calder Draper Vigurs Polworth Baird Zschusschen Mulraney Subs - Esson, Raven, Chalmers, Oakley, Elsdon, Wilson, MacRae
  11. HT - ICT 0-1 Falkirk FT - ICT 1-2 Falkirk ICT - Warren Falkirk - Loy Crowd - 1,564
  12. Matchday Thread

    One thing that puzzled me was when Mulraney came off and Chalmers came on, it was a like for like swap. Calder (who had a much improved game) looks far more of a winger than Chalmers and why we didn't slot Chalmers into left back and then Calder on the wing was very strange. We seemed to switch to a 4-3-3 at times in the second half as well, with Chalmers are one of the strikers. Bizarre!
  13. I remember watching a mini-documentary on Rosenborg once and I'm sure they had a cafe (though I think it may have at their stadium). It's a nice idea but we're too backwards in Britain to do something like that. If it was done right and done well I'm sure it'd get plenty of clientele from fans and well wishers and I'd certainly rather pay my money there than the likes of Costa or Starbucks (who certainly don't need your cash). It would have be done well though. A soulless concrete room like the stadium bar or a dump like the Caley Club, would certainly not be blueprints.
  14. Disagree.
  15. There's a reason we don't have a town centre shop and it's very simple - the club just don't want one. I know they always trot out the 'we've looked into it' line whenever they're asked about it but the simple answer is that they just don't want one.