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  1. Paul Hartley build two or three Alloa teams on a shoestring and when he left was only just outside the play-off promotion places (IIRC) which is no small feat for a part time team. He did get Dundee promoted but they were already doing well anyway and while he rebuilt their team once again, it could be argued he underachieved in the Premiership. I think the stuff about him refusing to move north was just an urban myth. He might not be the best candidate in the running should the job come up, but he'd certainly be better than the incumbent. That leads me onto another potential candidate. Seemingly when Hughes got the job, it was very much between him and not Paul Hartley, but Paul Telfer. Now he would be an intriguing candidate. A distinguished playing career all over Britain and was apparently manager in everything but name of Sutton United. He'd surely have contacts and knowledge of players all around the English lower leagues and that market has certainly served us well in the past. He's also coached in America and there could well be players around there that could interest us.
  2. Again as I said on another thread, you're meant to go forward in life. Have Charlie Christie at the club, but let's have someone new in the hotseat.
  3. Could we manage next season with Cameron Mackay as keeper, Esson as sub-keeper/coach and then Hoban as third choice? It wouldn't be a disaster IMO.
  4. Aside from a couple of seasons with us, Butcher (and Malpas) have failed in management. You're supposed to go forget in life and not backwards. If/when Foran goes, get someone completely new in with new ideas and new contacts (a foreign manager would actually be my preference).
  5. Matchday Thread

    Plenty of players are already put out on development loans to Highland League clubs (and Elgin).
  6. We beat Cowdenbeath in it and I think that was it. One of those kits but looks alright in photos but ugly in the fresh. Who was the genius who thought off-white would be a good colour? And calling it vanilla is just pretentious.
  7. Marsella always got a lot of credit, but remember Butcher and occasionally Hughes used to use that agency down south to recruit players (ProEvolution?)? Whatever happened to that? Certainly don't seem to be using it now going by the amount of SPFL journeymen we've signed this year.
  8. Matchday Thread

    The last 15 minutes felt like hours. We barely touched the ball while the County youth lads came on and past the ball round us like it was a training exercise. Stayed until the end to applaud Fisher though. At least he deserved some credit.
  9. Matchday Thread

    As I've stated in the past, I'm not so bothered by pyro but that throwing on of a smoke bomb onto the park towards the end of the first half was ridiculous. We had an attack and then got a corner out of it. We were 2-0 down and for once had some momentum on our side and a goal from the corner could've changed the whole game. Yet just the corner is about to be taken some moron throws a smokebomb onto the park disrupting the game for a good minute or so, sapping our momentum away. If the club can identify who that was, they should ban them for gross stupidity.
  10. Matchday Thread

    Whether it be the time a player won the club lottery or when Graeme Bennet's son was the mascot for the Celtic game in 2002, the club's always been very jobs for the boys. It seemed to die away a bit when Butcher came, but now it's back with a vengeance. I remember being horrified after we won the Scottish Cup after someone said that winning the cup alone should be enough to market the club to the town. Absolute rubbish. The club's done nothing to reach out to it's supporters. There's been no desire to truly engage with the local area on a big scale (plenty of time to commentate on Twitter about Eurovision though) while some of the players walk around the town like they're Cristiano Ronaldo. Put on top of that a rubbish stadium with horrid facilities (the toilets don't even have seats for god's sake!). Inverness doesn't love the club...and the club doesn't care for Inverness.
  11. POY

    Can't believe someone gave 5 points to Polworth. Cost his team a goal, got sent off and his dive in the first half when there was a great chance to score was an embarrassment.
  12. Not quite sure how to get 'Sack the board but there is nobody to sack them and no procedure to removing them from their positions' into a chant to be honest.
  13. Sacked by whom exactly? It's an easy thing to say but perhaps someone can explain how 'sacking' can actually happen. There's no doubt they made a mistake appointing Foran but the way some go on, you'd think it was made up of Vladimir Romanov, Craig Whyte and Giovanni Di Stefano.
  14. HT - RC 1-1 ICT FT - RC 2-2 ICT RC - Boyce ICT - Fisher Crowd - 4,687
  15. It'd be interesting to know who's appointment this was. I remember a press conference a few months back, Foran was asked if he would like an older head at the club to help him and he was quite clear that he would not. Has Foran since changed his mind, or has the board made the choice for him.