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  1. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Having cup finals in a team's home stadium seems to be a bit of a no-no in Britain. It does happen abroad though - Australia being one where it happens every year but that's more for geographical reasons I'd imagine.
  2. With no game tomorrow, it's a shame the game isn't this weekend.
  3. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    Time we built a wall around Merkinch IMO. And who's going to pay for the wall? That's right the Merkinchers are going to pay for the wall!
  4. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    They eat cars in Merkinch? People from the Ferry are weird.
  5. Italy

    And I'm sure the people of many of these silly little countries who are there on merit will be absolutely crestfallen to find out that Laurence's imperial arrogance means that he'll be watching snooker or cricket... Italy and the Netherlands have been absolutely garbage for the last couple of years. You though would rather watch them than more deserving teams though, as you're a snob.
  6. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Should it be a Caley Thistle -vs- Dumbarton final, Perth would be the logical location. If it's unavailable then one would presume it'll be one of the Dundee grounds (or, anticipating small supports, they could play the game in a stadium mid-way between Inverness and Dumbarton - Claggan Park in Fort William!). If it's TNS, it's a different animal. Do you make it as neutral as possible - ie - Motherwell, Hamilton, Maryhill (though I wouldn't be at all surprised to see some clown move it to Rugby Park)? Or do you play it as locally to the Scottish side as possible and try and get a bigger crowd than you would if it was in the Central Belt? In that case, play it at Dingwall or Elgin? From what I gather, TNS don't have many supporters in general, far less thousands who'd come up to Scotland for a game.
  7. 7 Clean Sheet Record : £7 Shirt Discount

    £48 for a goalie top?!
  8. Italy

    Which smaller nations are those? What regional qualifying system? Why are a poor Italy side deserving of a place over 'smaller nations' who are there on merit?
  9. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    I watched this the other week. A decent documentary. Were we not meant to play Crusaders once before in the Terry Butcher years? We definitely had a game lined up against Linfield once but I'm sure there was another game that got cancelled, though it may have been Cliftonville.
  10. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Was it just me or did the tannoy seem a lot clearer on Saturday? I have heard in the past that part of the issue is not the tannoy in and of itself but also the settings the user has it on.
  11. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    It's a bit of an anti-climax in that it isn't an away tie, but at least it's a home tie against a new club and not the same old borefest of Falkirk, Dunfermline, Dundee United etc. who we've played umpteen times before. I've seen a few folk saying that they're happy it's a home draw to boost our chances but I don't think it really matters. Crusaders are probably the weakest side left in the competition. We know Dumbarton and TNS are decent sides, but Crusaders made it through beating the Motherwell U20s at home, Cove Rangers and a Dundee United side filled with kids. Hardly world-class opposition. I think getting 3,000 in is a bit optimistic but if we market it well and have reasonable ticket prices, we should see about 2,000ish. I'm quite sure we'll make it to the final. We should get past Crues fairly easily I'd imagine.
  12. Michael O`Neill

    He's the main one the SFA want and is very keen on the job if rumours are to be believed.
  13. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Should we get TNS, chances are the game will be on a Sunday at 3ish for S4C. Should the roads be clear, and with a 20 minute stop every couple of hours, the journey could be made in about eight hours. If the game is at three, the bus could leave at 6am and make it with about an hour to spare. If the game finished about 5 (as long as there's no extra time), we could get back to Inverness about 1 or 2am. Providing D&E lease the coach for that distance (and we'd probably need two drivers) but it could be done in one day. For those looking at making their own way down, taking the train looks more trouble than it's worth (and would take over twelve hours!). Contrary to popular belief, TNS do not play in Wales, but a few miles on the other side of the English border. From Inverness, it'd be three trains, walking and then a bus journey! Another option is to fly direct from Inverness to Manchester and then travel down but again it could be quite difficult as Oswestry has no railway station due to the Beeching Cuts in the 1960s.
  14. NICK ROSS Trialist

    Seemingly he was linked with a move to Azerbaijan at one point. Whether he turned them down or they turned him down I don't know.