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  1. Away fans

    The Brechin Four should return to games in a disguise!
  2. I doubt Bell is on megabucks either. I've seen it suggested somewhere that Austin is on £800 p/w. You'd imagine Bell is probably on about 500ish.
  3. Joe Chalmers

    Average Joe did well today and has been much improved recently, but MOTM over Vigurs, Calder and Donaldson? Steady on.
  4. Game 26 - Queen of the South (H) 13 Jan

    HT - ICT 0-0 QOTS FT - ICT 1-1 QOTS ICT - Oakley QOTS - Dobbie Crowd - 2,517
  5. Danny Williams

    I see he's joined Accrington Stanley until the end of the season. Also, I don't know if it's archive footage or not but I'm sure I spotted Nick Ross training with the team during the STV News there.
  6. Danger : Citroen Xsara Picasso

    To be honest, you're unlikely to get a reply on here. This section of the website is a ghost town these days.
  7. David Raven

    We won't be signing him then as he's gone to Torquay. Have to admit, I always thought he was decent at Partick and apparently did well with Ayr. Form must've plummeted with Falkirk though.
  8. Away fans

    I knew in general that North Standers and away gamers were tougher than the Tory voting, cruise ship holidayers in the Main Stand but my my my this thread has opened my eyes to a breed of snowflaking pansies that until now, I had no idea existed.
  9. Away fans

    I’m sure little Prudence and little Rupert will be fine and make it to their next croquet lesson unscathed. Also for what it’s worth, I’m not a ‘fat, old lad’. Rather a young, slim, handsome lad. 🙂
  10. Away fans

    Won’t somebody plleeaassee think of the children?! *sobs into Daily Mail*
  11. Away fans

    And me. Sounds like there's some absolute snowflakes in the Main Stand.
  12. Game 25 - Falkirk (H) 09 Jan

    HT - ICT 0-0 FFC FT - ICT 0-1 FFC ICT - Oakley FFC - Longridge Crowd - 1,716
  13. David Raven

    Seedorf played at centre back against Ross County and looked absolutely mince.
  14. David Raven

    Wonder if we'll see Conrad Balatoni in to replace him. He is the type of player Robbo seems to be going for and he was apparently very good at Ayr.