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  1. Italy

    Based on what though? Nostalgia? If you want a World Cup with Europe's elite nations, then Italy isn't one of them.
  2. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    I've spoken to quite a few fans over the last years who've panned the catering, yet these same people can be seen waddling for a pie sometimes even before the whistle blows for half time. If it's that bad, don't use it, it's as simple as that. Don't criticise and then justify it's existence. I think the catering at the stadium is vastly overpriced rubbish, so I haven't used it since we were in the First Division last time.
  3. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    It might not do it for you, but it certainly would for them. Even if it is a Celtic youth team, that's players playing for the first team who otherwise would and it would also bring a big cash injection for smaller clubs, which teams like Fort William desperately need. Football needs more variety and having everyone, or most clubs big and small, entering at the same level would undoubtedly do this. I've heard people say in the past that having everyone enter in the first round would mean you'd see some demolitions. Maybe so, but you'd certainly see some giant killings too.
  4. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, every club eligible for the Scottish Cup should go in at round 1. It'd be brilliant!
  5. Board statement 14/08/17

    *Ouch* Who's the genius though? Kenny Cameron or Yogi Hughes? The latter of course attempted to flog him in every interview he could.
  6. NICK ROSS Trialist

    Heard over the weekend that he is currently on trial at Czech side FC Slovako.
  7. Game 17 - Brechin City (H) 21 Nov POSTPONED

    HT - ICT 3-0 Brechin FT - ICT 5-0 Brechin ICT - Bell Brechin - Orsi Crowd - 1,918
  8. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    I'd like a Highland League away trip. Fraserburgh or Formartine would be good, while Brora would be carnage! County home or away might be more of an occasion, but we've played them loads of times over the last few years. It'd be nice to have something different.
  9. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    It'll almost certainly be the Saturday. NI clubs don't normally play on a Sunday.
  10. Scottish Cup

    Have we ever played a Highland League side (home or away) in a competitive fixture (obviously discounting the Inverness Cup etc.)? I can't think of any, certainly not in years anyway.
  11. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Having cup finals in a team's home stadium seems to be a bit of a no-no in Britain. It does happen abroad though - Australia being one where it happens every year but that's more for geographical reasons I'd imagine.
  12. With no game tomorrow, it's a shame the game isn't this weekend.
  13. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    Time we built a wall around Merkinch IMO. And who's going to pay for the wall? That's right the Merkinchers are going to pay for the wall!
  14. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    They eat cars in Merkinch? People from the Ferry are weird.
  15. Italy

    And I'm sure the people of many of these silly little countries who are there on merit will be absolutely crestfallen to find out that Laurence's imperial arrogance means that he'll be watching snooker or cricket... Italy and the Netherlands have been absolutely garbage for the last couple of years. You though would rather watch them than more deserving teams though, as you're a snob.