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  1. Robertsons big changes

    The man is garbage. He's actually worse than Djebi-Zadi.
  2. Robertsons big changes

    Dropping Trafford yet keeping Chalmers. Eh?!
  3. Robertsons big changes

    Don't know about you, but I'm really starting to feel that Robbo is going to chuck it quite soon. If things get any worse, he could easily resign and then head back down the road and get a job at Hearts again. The more time goes on the more convinced I am that that'll happen before the season is out.
  4. Brechin don't set Dumbarton's prices.
  5. Why do you support ICT ?

    To be fair, nor are any other threads on this site.
  6. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    Yogi is a good manager if you have a settled team - that's what Yogi had and he added to it when he brought Greg Tansey back, who would've known a few of players anyway. It's when he has to re-build a side though that things start unravelling, as we saw at Hibs and grinding out results isn't really his forte. Despite having one of the biggest budgets ever here, he was unable to scout players capable of truly replacing the likes of Watkins, as well as misguidingly blowing parts of the budget on hapless midfielders like Liam Hughes when we were in dire need of another striker. In 2014-15, Yogi was the right manager at the right time. He had a settled squad and was able to implement his style of football with some very good players to give it the cutting edge it needed. We and he took advantage of that window of opportunity but it quickly closed. Good on him though for taking it when he had a chance.
  7. Robertsons big changes

    He was that bad they sent him back to us!
  8. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    It is a coincidence. Latapy was seldom there and those who seem to be falling over themselves to try and portray him as some sort of coaching maestro have become tiresome in the extreme. He had nothing to do with our success that season. Nothing.
  9. Robertsons big changes

    The same Jason Brown who was garbage at Arbroath?
  10. Robertson worse than Foran?

  11. Robertson worse than Foran?

    What worries me is a couple of things about Robbo's signing policy - Signing well-known duds - The likes of Chalmers, Ridgers, Donaldson and Cooper were well-known to be duds, while Baird was always known as a guy who wasn't a goalscorer. On top of that, Calder had a well-known attitude problem at Dundee. We saw that last week. Is a Championship winning team going to succeed but signing a load of players who flopped at this level before? No. Signing players he hasn't seen - Allegedly, some of the new signings were only watched on YouTube. Remember the shareholder meeting prior to the season starting? Robbo claimed we were going to sign a striker who'd make a 'big difference' while he was also quoted as saying behind the scenes that this same new striker 'Would reach the very top of Scottish football'. His name? Feliticiano Zschusschen. Oh....
  12. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Is that the same Yogi who chucked it after a season of constantly going AWOL and allegedly turning up at work in some particular states?
  13. Our Signing Strategy

  14. Our Signing Strategy

  15. Our Signing Strategy

    I'm absolutely flabbergasted that players like Ridgers, Cooper, Baird and Chalmers, who we knew were rubbish before we signed them, have actually turned out to be rubbish after we signed them!
  16. Team for Livi

    Thanks for your inspiring input.
  17. Game 10 - Livingston (H) 16 Sept

    HT - ICT 1-1 Livi FT - ICT 2-1 Livi ICT - Vigurs Livi - Todorov Crowd - 2,167
  18. Team for Livi

    According to a Meadowbank supporter on P&B, Meadowbank play 3-5-2 with two wingers tracking back. Wonder in that case if we'd be best going with a 4-3-3, as a 4-2-3-1 with Baird as the lone striker would get drowned out with relative ease.
  19. Team for Livi

  20. Number One

    I see Mark Ridgers has voted in the poll...
  21. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    The players should only be allowed to eat kale and drink mineral water IMHO. Perhaps some spinach on special occasions.
  22. Team for Livi

    Fon Williams Raven Warren Tremarco Bell Trafford Vigurs Calder Polworth Oakley Baird Subs - Esson, Cooper, Mckay, Elsdon, Donaldson, Chalmers, Zschusschen
  23. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Yogi is a big fitness man as well I believe. Does the club still have a dedicated coach for it? It was Richard Hastings' brother at one time as I recall.
  24. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Why have the club tweeted a 'comedy' video mocking the opposition when the only comedy on show in Paisley yesterday was defence and our goalkeeper!?
  25. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Plus points - Polworth looks miles better as a number 10. Vigurs again played well. Trafford looks a tidy player, but needs to lose the man-handling side to his play as it's going to cause him bother. We played some good football at times. Negative points - Mark Ridgers is, quite simply, the worst goalkeeper we've ever had. He's worse than Les Fridge and Zibi Malkowski. Joe Chalmers is, quite simply, the worst left-back we've ever had. He's worse than Lionel Djebi-Zadi and probably Richie Byrne. Brad Mckay is very inconsistent. Sometimes he's reasonable, yesterday was not one of those days. Alex Cooper is garbage. A complete non-entity who I forgot was playing. Riccardo Calder starting showing some of the traits that he seemingly showed at Dundee. A talented player, but a bad attitude. He didn't look up for it yesterday. John Robertson got the tactics after we went behind all wrong. 3-2 and then 4-2 down and he continues for the rest of the game with Baird as the only striker and Cooper and Chalmers having absolute shockers, leaving Oakley, Mulraney and Tremarco on the bench.