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  1. I've got a feeling Terry and Mo will be the management team for next season. Can we forget whats happened in the past?
  2. Based on what...?
  3. For central belt based fans there are engineering works tomorrow in the Lanarkshire area. Looks like there are some replacement buses running but allow extra time for your journey!
  4. He will be in charge next season no matter what. Believe me on that one!
  5. Only until the end of the season. I think Russell will be his assistant
  6. matchday thread

    Richie spends the whole game with his arms folded???? There were a few stoppages of play in the game and only once did I see Rice giving instructions.. Not impressed... and less said about Raven the better!
  7. matchday thread

    I think Rice is only here until Yogi gets another job.
  8. Richie is a good choice! It won't be Malpas as assistant though. I think Kellacher will just move up.
  9. I would really like McCall as our boss but he won't work with Foran as Assistant, he has his own backroom team.
  10. Graham Alexander, Mark Burchill. Someone cheap...
  11. STV been reading Twitter.
  12. Who is a better manager? Getting three teams into Europe, winning and coming runner-up in the Scottish Cup.
  13. Sure is a lot of People ITK on this site. This is rumours started on Social Media sites by people who clearly don't like Yogi. He is the best manager we have had, sure he's not perfect but he's done a great job! I expect him to be with us until end of his contract at least.
  14. He was at the Cup game at Easter Road...
  15. matchday thread

    spot on caleyboy