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  1. Matchday Thread

    Vigurs was moaning througout the Stirling game. Petulant and over-rated
  2. What was the crowd given as on Sat? Looked very poor from the highlights. Not sure if we are going to get over 2000 for a home game this season.....
  3. Robbo has got it
  4. Sheerin is it?
  5. I have a friend who has a legit source within Hibs and Brian Rice is a top class coach. Much better than Malpas was ....
  6. Sheerin and Rice then. Better than a lot of the names mentioned..
  7. IBM who has been interviewed so far? I've only heard Butcher...
  8. Who do we all want? Danny Lennon for me.
  9. Foran will be in charge next season, I don't think the club are even going to issue a statement.
  10. Malpas will be staying..
  11. Foran is going nowhere I think we just need to accept that. Expect other off-field changes though....
  12. As I've said on another forum it's Foran with Malpas as no.2 next season.
  13. I've got a feeling Terry and Mo will be the management team for next season. Can we forget whats happened in the past?
  14. Based on what...?
  15. For central belt based fans there are engineering works tomorrow in the Lanarkshire area. Looks like there are some replacement buses running but allow extra time for your journey!