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  1. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    We are taking bookings for buses to year end Queen if the South 2/12 leaving Caley Club 8.30 Stadium 8.45 Morton 23/12 leaving Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 Brechin 30/12 leaving Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 Book through Facebook or on 07462218717 Lets get fully behind the team in 2017
  2. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Tomorrow will be interesting
  3. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Livingston bus 4/11 leaves Caley Club at 9.45, Stadium 10.00. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717. Let's get behind the team.
  4. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    I would be signing Raven until end of season. He offers so much in both defence and attack. Will be hard to replace
  5. Raven not again

    Match after match David Raven puts in a great shift. Team now starting to gel and he is an integral part of this team. Where are we going to find a suitable replacement for him in January? It would be a travesty if we started relentless climb up the table only for it to fall apart if we lose him. Surely a compromise can still be reached.
  6. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    14/10 Falkirk bus leaves Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 21/7 Tannaduce bus keaves Caley Club 10.30 Stadium 10.45 Book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  7. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    A huge thank you to everyone who supported us with our bucket collection at the stadium on Saturday. The grand sum collected was £293.45. We were heartened by the many positive comments we received about the Supporters Travel Club. Moran taing.
  8. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    The buses are run to enable fans to go and support their team. For various reasons many who use the buses would not be able to do this if Supporters bus was not available. Also there are many users, myself included, who could travel to games a lot cheaper but chose to pay more to help towards costs. If you don't think getting fans to away games is a worthwhile cause then don't contribute. In the same way I don't contribute to causes I don't support. We have been given this date as nobody else wanted it and rest assured if a worthy charity decided they wanted to use the date we would step aside.
  9. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    We are having a bucket collection at stadium tomorrow so bring plenty change. We are also selling raffle tickets in the bar for a chance to win a seat at Carl Tremarcos table on Sponsors Night on 17th October. As well as the chance to meet the players.
  10. Bus will be leaving Caley Club 9.30, Stadium 9.45. £20 per head with concessions for 12 and under, 65 and over and disabled.
  11. Supporters Bus to St Mirren

    Thanks to Hastie & Dyce, one of our generous sponsors, hot pies will be available for sale on bus tomorrow morning.
  12. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Last season we started off charging everyone £20. As we attracted sponsorship and undertook fundraising activities we were able to reduce fares for under 18s. This season we had hoped to have reductions in place for various groups and did this for a trial period. However, circumstances have changed and we have amended the pricing structure to ensure that we are able to continue to run a bus to all away games. The vast majority of our buses run at a loss and it is only through sponsorship and fundraising that we are able to provide the service. It is early in the season and should we be successful in attracting sponsorship etc we shall review pricing structure again. So if anyone reading this would like to sponsor us get in touch.
  13. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Due to unexpected costs with effect from 9th September bus fare for everyone will be £20. There will be concessions for ages 12 and under, 65 and over and disabled fans.
  14. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Following our committee meeting last night matters have now been resolved to our satisfaction. there will be no further comment from ICT Supporters Travel Club.
  15. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Subsequent to various incidents on Saturday I C T Supporters Travel Club called a committee meeting which will take place this evening. We shall address the matters of concern and once these matters have been dealt with internally we shall issue a statement.