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  1. Caley Jags Together

    Is there any update on the position here? The timeframe that CJT committed to for proposing a way forward following the AGM has long come and gone, so even an interim statement would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Caley Jags Together

    I fear you might wait some time. As far as I know, the only remaining Board Members are Liz MacRae (Chairperson) and Laura Grant (who chaired the last two AGM's) Cliff Sim was elected on the night. Laura intimated her intention to resign at the AGM and must now go, so there is effectively no Board. The AGM was a farce, I'm not going to dwell on it as Caley D has covered it adequately. What has happened here is that the were members of that Board who are wholly responsible through their actions and inactions for the situation that has transpired. Liz must be wondering what she got herself into. 65 members? I know of at least that number who they couldn't be bothered to contact. We need to build bridges with the club, right now. We need to build bridges with the social club, right now. We need to adequately deal with the issues within the support (young team etc.) and communicate to the outside world. We need to sort CJT administratively and make it accountable to the membership. The situation whereby a membership can be reduced from 700 to 65 without telling them simply as a means of forcing an agenda can't be allowed to recur. As with all orgnisations of it's size, there's a small body of activists that serve a larger membership but more need to help out. I'm up for it.It's an important time for CJT and I hope that others can join us to take it forward.
  3. Hi LG, I have checked, the form is where it was put on Saturday - in the dookit. If it could be collected prior to the agm, I'd be grateful.
  4. DD, forgive me but is the Brechin game not tomorrow night and the CJT AGM the next week - 5th December? There's not much that would make me miss a game but I share your concerns and might add a couple more so this would. I had to re-submit my membership on Saturday after being approached by a Board Member on the grounds that there was no basis in CJT's rules for continuing membership and that's why I hadn't heard anything. Ifound that curious but if it is the case, the terms of membership as understood by most members would seem to have been changed without recourse to the membership or without publicising the fact. I'm aware of CJT's struggle with its constitution over the past while. If any member of CJT has not recieved notice of the AGM (and I still haven't) my best advice would be to download a membership form (Scotty has a link on this site) and get them in ASAP. You can then turn up at the AGM and question the Board as to why you have apparently been excluded.
  5. Caley Jags Together

    Thanks, appreciated.
  6. Caley Jags Together

    As an ex chairman of cjt, I would have expected notification of the agm but I have not heard anything. However I know how difficult it is to keep track of a membership database, so OK. Where and when?
  7. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Can't remember being put in the "shed" before. Always used to be a section of the main stand or the enclosure.
  8. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    This was a great performance that seems to have signalled end of the road for McKinnon. Better team all over the pitch, vigurs motm by a mile. He was immense as was polly. Only their keeper that kept it respectable. Brilliant.
  9. Caley Jags Together

    I'm nonplussed at this. There's no sniping. There's constructive informed criticism from people who have previously invested a lot in cjt. That's all.
  10. Caley Jags Together

    I would concur with every word of this post. I would also immediately say I'm happy to be one of the 35 at any time. Well said Don.
  11. Hospice shares

    Sorry charles, it's a purely binary thing. Dead or alive. Given it's constitution, it really needs an answer from their board as to whether or not they are still in a position to function. If yes, all well and good. If not, my understanding is that the shares would revert to the ownership of the club (as in the present board) I have asked this type of question before and await any answers.
  12. Hospice shares

    Caley jags together hold a significant shareholding in these circumstances. How do they intend to use these shares or consult the membership on how they should be used in any possible boardroom schism?
  13. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Recorded something post match with the manager, you should get it on the website early in the week. Audio only.
  14. Transfer in and outs

    Your sources?
  15. Pre-season

    Sorry RiG, but the bit of your post I've underlined is simple unadulterated bull sh*t. I know that Don tried to recruit people (and did) after years of us - Don, Andy, Jack and myself - going to every game home and away to cover it, often at considerable cost and for precious little thanks. Do you know that a lot of the equipment used to give you highlights was bought by the people concerned? That they were paid not a single penny for their efforts? Got absolutely no freebies? Got hassle after hassle from people who really didn't want to be interviewed? Fought to get a better internet connection for the stadium so that we could broadcast highlights? And on a few occasions even paid their own petrol costs. Passwords? least of the problems. And then you tell us that we didn't want help? I'll tell you that I had actually tried to leave that media team so many times that Don and Andy were sick of hearing it because I was spending less and less time with family etc. I couldn't, simply because I could see on one on the horizon that would do the job and I didn't want yet more work foisted upon the rest of the team who are my mates. Don got new guys in and I went (to another unpaid, gladly volunteered matchday job) faster than snow off a dyke. Thanks for covering yourself with "maybe I've picked it up wrong etc." but that doesn't actually justify any of that rubbish. I'm raging that you can put utter tripe on this forum masquerading as considered opinion. It's not and a retraction would be nice. I'll wait.