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  1. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Potential fixture farce looming if not played tomorrow night then.
  2. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    Did the club not have a deal for one match last season or season before for season ticket holders to bring someone for free? A bit short lived but could have been tried again throughout April to get bigger crowds.
  3. A bit of a stroll in the park tonight. Brechin were pretty woeful and it should have been a lot more if more final passes in the box had found a man with space and comically Chalmers' backside not got in the way of one goalbound shot. It was good to see others get a run out with Calder, Chalmers and Seedorf doing well. Austin also showed more promise towards the end after he came on. The big worry is the injury to Coll Donaldson, which looked similar to the one he was out with recently. He seemed to catch his studs in the heavy turf when the condition of the pitch started to deteriorate with all the rain and sleet that fell most of today. As said above stage one completed; getting distance between us and Dumbarton. Stage two in progress; overhauling Falkirk with a game still in hand. Stage three is to start reeling in QotS and others above from this Saturday on. The only way is up now!
  4. New name

    Spoil sport. Just when the posters were having some fun too.😥
  5. Team for Brechin

    I suspect the same team that has started the last two matches will start again v Brechin. That 11 were the only players in the Aquadome competition pool this morning undergoing water resistance training. They were noisy, lively and the banter was good which was great to hear - their spirits are obviously high with this current run of form.
  6. Penalty Kicks

    Trafford and Donaldson for me.
  7. Another club statement...

    Aside from the mystery "incident" in the main stand, the mini pitch invasion after the goal did bother me in terms of the possible repercussions for the club.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Yes, I agree with the above. An all round better display than Saturday, but I still think the midfielders need to create better chances for our strikers to kill off the opposition. Austin and Oakley didn't get much service tonight and along with Mackay had to drop back to get the ball. A good step in the right direction though - step 1 in moving closer to the top end play off zone. I'd settle for a point from St Mirren although 3 would be a great bonus. Then that would set us up for taking 3 from next Tuesday's game and opening up a gap between us and Falkirk.
  9. Relegation

    Time now to kick on and dispel the relegation talk. First let's try to overhaul Falkirk with 6 points from the 2 games in hand to them to put some distance between us and Dumbarton. While I can't see us emulate the 28 points unbeaten run in the last 10 games of the 2009/10 promotion season, 5 of our next 7 are at home. 13 out of 15 points from these would be a good return and help boost confidence to pick up 7-10 more on the road. Then you never know.
  10. Right Back

    Gary Warren? Move him there when Brad returns to centre back? Gary seemed to be given acres of space yesterday to go forward too, though possibly due in part to Dumbarton sitting back.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Oops one too many celebratory drinks or predictive text. You know what I meant. It's the Fourth nay the Firth, or more precisely the County of Ross. Was driving through Perth after the match listening to Off the Ball and a discussion about the slightly delayed "live" transmission on Alba. Tam Cowan said that Vigurs had missed the penalty on the live radio broadcast before he'd taken it on Alba.
  12. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    ........ or north of the Beauly Fifth?
  13. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Still in Perth, but ditto the rest.
  14. Relegation

    Still waiting for the loanees that Robbo was promising to come in and bolster the squad. At least we have Donaldson, Tremarco and Austin back from injuries that could help us get back on the winning trail and kill off talk of relegation.
  15. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Apart from the Challenge Cup we should also be concentrating on winning the two games in hand to Falkirk and overhauling them.
  16. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Alex, I can't help but agree with you on all points. Bell and Oakley up front makes sense. Young Daniel and Austin (if he ever gets fit) could be back up for them and Doran or Mulraney. I also said earlier in the season that Warren could still do a job for us up front at the time or now at right back in view of the short comings of Seedorf and McKay in that position. (Roberto) Carlos Tremarco is our best option at left back with Calder just in front. Time to rest Chalmers too and make Trafford the anchor man in midfield. So my picks for our next game v the Arabs would be: Ridgers Warren - Brad McKay - Donaldson (hope he's fit) - Tremarco Doran - Trafford - Vigurs - Calder Bell - Oakley Subs : Esson or Cammy MacKay, Seedorf, Chalmers, Polworth, Daniel MacKay, Mulraney & Austin or Elbouzedi
  17. Yet another GAME OFF thread - all too ridiculous. I make that only one league game and the Irn Bru semi played since losing to Falkirk at the end of January. I'm not a great advocate of summer football but what has happened this year will strengthen the case for it. There again it could just be down to a winter of freak weather.

    I'd count my other half as a glory Hunter as she only goes to cup semis, finals and European ties. Wow, on sale a day earlier to ST holders! I'll need to get there early to beat the rush.😉
  19. Inverness Caledonian thistle bar perth

    Not a big place that might just fit in a coach load of fans. A good atmosphere and very popular though with music performance students from Perth College UHI show-casing their talents.

    I'm struggling as it is to get enthusiastic about going to this. Reminds me of the dilemma I had about whether to vote in the EU referendum. Nothing to do with my trip to Rome for the rugby next weekend either. Only the chance to catch up with my Perth resident daughter that swings it for me. Apart from the article on the back page of the IC rag today promoting free tickets for kids under 12, I'm not aware of efforts even to get ST holders to go never mind attracting the occasional glory hunters we need to help make up the numbers.
  21. Livi v ICT - GAME OFF

    ......... and most of them away too.
  22. At this rate we might just have one league game in six weeks since the beginning of February then have to play twelve in the next six.
  23. A Below Average Championship Club

    Could not have put it better myself. As I suspected last season I felt the board were quite content to let us slip back because financially we could not sustain our success. At this rate we will be a Highland League club within 5 seasons.
  24. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Well my decision to leave at half time to go and watch the rugby was the right one. I just had a bad feeling from early in the game that it wasn't going to be our day. Can't see us get anywhere near the play offs now. Our defence was shocking and we clearly missed Coll Donaldson. Looking forward to Dublin and Rome in the next few weeks.

    Well at least it's been made known now, it's in Perth and it's on a Saturday. KO time is a mystery though. Looks like I'll be staying at daughter's in Perth that night and hopefully celebrating in the Cherrybank Inn after the match.