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  1. This season's refereeing

    Presumably that's one you also formulated on the Grassy Knoll, although the evidence does seem to suggest that refereeing standards aren't great. Have you been on to Alex Ferguson's lad at Doncaster in search of a solution out of the Book Depository stable?
  2. 2018 Calender

    I suppose this is pretty well inevitable with football club calendars. The really unfortunate one was the ICT 2003 calendar which had a caricature of Pele in a red Santa suit for December.... by which time he was long gone, managing red Santa suits at Aberdeen.
  3. Away fans

    That would depend on how often you attend Tornoto FC!
  4. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    The match statistics are quite interesting. They are pretty level apart from a 7-3 ICT advantage in shots on target, resulting in a 4-1 scoreline. Sounds like a pretty god night for the attack force with four different men on the score sheet!
  5. Falkirk (H) 9th January 2018 - Game On

    Would a postponement actually be all that bad a thing, given that the current schedule is for five games in the 15 days from Dec 30 to Jan 13 inclusive, arguably amid unease that injuries might start to accumulate?
  6. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    As they say on Wikipedia.... "Citation needed".
  7. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    When he spoke on Thursday, Raven seemed all but certain that he wouldn't feature.
  8. David Raven

    You are dead right. I asked that particular question myself and I think what he was particularly gratified about was the response from fans which he said was "pretty overwhelming and humbling" and that it was "pretty unbelievable the number of comments I've had." Then there was an almost embarrassed pause and exhalation before he concluded his answer with "there's not much more I can say about that...." To another question, he said that he would "always be looking out for ICT and seeing where they go from here" and that this had been "the best time I've ever had at a club." It's not that often that you get the opportunity to interview players who are leaving clubs, but without doubt David Raven has departed with great dignity.... a word which could equally be applied to his nonetheless categorical questioning of the stewardship of the two seasons following the Scottish Cup win.
  9. David Raven

    In terms of what was heard on the radio and seen on TV, it was the same stuff. Raven was simply expressing his dismay that he and his team mates had won the Scottish Cup in May 2015 and now the club is relegated and extremely strapped for cash. He just wanted to know how money from the likes of that and Ryan Christie's transfer could have been squandered in such a short time and to such little effect? The other line which emerged at the conference but has not emerged in broadcast yet although may well do in print tomorrow, since newspapers are usually able to do greater depth than broadcast, was that it was put to him that when the fans cheered him off v Livi, they were cheering a contribution which extends far more widely than simply scoring the winner v Celtic. He seemed very gratified at that proposition.
  10. This season's refereeing

    Do they not still send referee supervisors to games?
  11. The Social Club

    Quizzer..... you are echoing my own thoughts almost to the letter. As for weakening links with the football club, I believe that the more or less enforced sale of the premises several years ago was the thin end of the wedge there and that things got a lot worse as a cosequence of a personal squabble which had nothing to do either with the FC or SC. (And involves completely different individuals from the stadium lease scenario.)
  12. The Social Club

    Agreed. I think changes like this are needed both to widen the appeal and to make it more profitable.
  13. The Social Club

    Baron Taylor's Street???
  14. The Social Club

    I am just home after my traditional couple of quiet hours out on Boxing Night, which always include a visit to the ICT Social Club. Tonight I walked into the bar to find seven people - Laurie Redfern, a stalwart regular, Sandy the barman and five Rangers fans playing pool and playing Rangers songs on the jukebox. By happy coincidence, my arrival in the bar coincided with the jukebox proclaiming "Hello, hello...." to which I took great delight in responding, loudly "You WERE the Billy Boys".... which went down about as well as a Hail Mary in the Louden Tavern. But, as Corporal Jones used to say.... "They do NOT like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring! they do NOT like it up 'em." Into the bargain, I didn't particularly like what I think is the ongoing presence of a picture of Ibrox on the Social Club wall. This is the Social Club of Inverness Caledonian Thistle - much more recent winners than (The) Rangers (if at all? ) of a national title. There is baggage here that we really do not need. Get rid of the bloody thing! My point? If the Football Club is, as we now know, being reconstructed as an institution much closer to the community and the fans. This must therefore also become the case with the Social Club. Friends of mine, whose Inverness football past goes back a lot longer than my own, speak of glorious days when "The Caley Club" was full to the rafters with Caley fans. Even within my 15 year membership of the place, after it became the ICT Social Club, I remember far better times than this. In the new era of reconstruction, we really do need the ICT Social Club once again to become a social centre for the football club. This is an important sub-plot of the grander design which we all hope will assist general reconstruction. Changes in social habits, adversely affecting all licensed premises, have clearly not helped, but I also attribute much of the Social Club's decline in recent years to its regrettable divorce from the Football Club. I don't even want to mention The War once, even if I think that I got away with it, but let's be realistic. The place has been seriously hamstrung in recent years years by personal agendas, pursued on behalf of a disgruntled departee by a surrogate employee, now no longer with us, and culminating in the disastrous and ruinous Social Club AGM of 2015. The private agenda in question, which had nothing to do with ICT, was solely against Kenny Cameron who - like the surrogates and their associates - is no longer with us. That double clearout offers us a new opportunity. We now have a new club steward, with no personal agendas, and a new football club board. Perhaps this should also become an opportunity for the ICT Social Club to be brought back to a place of prominence and developed into far more than a money making opportunity for the football club. It should also be a central hub for the kind of cohesion which the football club board is clearly working to achieve for the greater good.
  15. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Hawkeye..... I was only making an ironic observation about the SPFL😊