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  1. Not quite. I have on a couple of occasions managed to put a private message on the person's... is it "timeline" you call it?
  2. Was that "triple double entendre" deliberate?
  3. Matchday Thread

    It's unfortunate that, in the current pussyfooting, handwringing, PC, "no-platforming" era, apologists choose to conflate robust and legitimate criticism with "abuse". Clearly the abusive ones are those whose anti-social (is that too strong for you as well?) activities have been adequately described further up this thread and these need to be addressed in various ways. Indeed, one of the main reasons why these wee neds behave as they do is that they have become far too used to having their heads patted rather than (metaphorically in the present day and age) their a*ses well and truly kicked. If these undesirables are the "future of our club" as Pump Fake has just suggested, then our club indeed has no future. This is a football club and not a medium for the cultivation of delinquency. For your own sake, grow up lads.
  4. Matchday Thread

    The Kray Twins were very good to their mother......
  5. Matchday Thread

    Sod the Happy Clappy stuff. "Wee sh**es".... which is a fairly standard item of staffroom vocabulary.... are exempted from this principle.
  6. Matchday Thread

    To be honest, Huisdean, I'm not a lot further on after that answer. However, the account you give of the most definitely neddy behaviour of the Section E micro-louts is a lot more definitive and is a vivid description of an absolute disgrace. Wee neds like that need got rid of until they grow up - if they ever do so. For some reason, and sectarianism creates the same problem, football falls victim again and again as a platform for rank undesirables like this. Somebody mentioned losing 50 admissions if this infestation were not to turn up. Quite frankly it would be money well lost just to get rid of these obnoxious creatures but in practice, if it were thought that you could visit the Caledonian Stadium without having to be subjected to this brainless thuggery, the net financial effect would probably be positive. Little parasites like this are a cancer which urgently needs excised and to hear people attempting to justify them on the grounds that they make a noise is laughable. It's difficult to say how many of their parents are also neds but irrespective of that, one thing is certain - these parents all need to get a grip of the thoroughly unpleasant, anti-social behaviour of the offspring they have inflicted on our society.
  7. Matchday Thread

    I'm not sure that all this talk about the playoffs at this stage is a good idea because if it spreads it could become a self fulfilling prophecy. Yes of course there's a significant danger of finishing 11th and almost as great a danger of finishing 12th. That has to be recognised BUT before the end of the season ICT have to play Motherwell twice and Hamilton once and Motherwell and Hamilton have to play each other twice. That array of six pointers is the battleground in which I think these issues will now be decided and there's also the likelihood of another Highland Derby. It's one thing tacitly to acknowledge the significant risk of having to go into the playoffs, but I don't think it's a good idea to start talking now about preferred playoff opponents.... so I would stick with forresjags' final statement.
  8. Matchday Thread

    Could you please outline that financial impact, Huisdaen, and preferably give some details and numbers? This is something I am not aware of.
  9. Matchday Thread

    In this respect, football is very like politics. Just as people's voting habits change as they grow older and become more politically mature, so also do people abandon their childhood football preferences for something more gown up. But anyway.... yesterday's derby. How different would the outlook of both sides now have been in the absence of that late equaliser? A hypothetical question, however, about a costly goal for ICT and an extremely valuable one for Ross County.
  10. Of course not, Scotty! (But I do remember the fuss when the Highland Newsfirst printed that photo )
  11. Is this Richie on standby... just in case Terry's fury relented?
  12. No more? Due to lack of crime in the area????
  13. I remember these ints! I think that was the time when during the Terry one, Derek whacked the door with his fist on the way back up the corridor!
  14. Richie more or less said that at his Thursday press conference. He admitted to missing the positive effect on players' aggression levels of Derek's pre-derby comments and highlighted what these did to his own. I did ask him if he was thinking about placing an effigy of Derek in the home dressing room......
  15. Scotty, since there is likely to be an extradition treaty between the UK and Canada, 15 years or so on from when banter like this was considered "good crack", you can probably now expect a knock on the door from the Canadian PC Police and a summons to appear at Dingwall Sheriff Court on charges of offending Travelling People.