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  1. Announcement

    Whereas you yourself retain a spirit of benevolence towards all involved in the governance of the club over the years?
  2. Announcement

    I'm not so sure about that, Fraz. Over the years, there have been regular derogatory remarks about the recent donor of £250,000 who is still the man dismissed as "the builder", and also much cynicism about his former business concern whose £6M has, over the years, variously staved off financial collapse, bankrolled progress to the SPL and provided the wherewithal to comply with its requirements. Now the flak is turning to the MM-controlled board, MM having donated over £0.5M, including £150,000 over the last year as part of the summer bailout. If the club is looking for "investment" - a useful euphemism for donations - then it really is going to have to hope that prospective "investors" don't scrutinise CTO or listen too much to "the word on the street", since they will be presented with plenty of reasons to place their money in places which will give them much less grief. It's understandable that people are disappointed about relegation and now also that the playoffs suddenly look so much more unlikely. However a lot of the focus seems to be on trying to criticise what has been got wrong rather than highlighting the great amount which has been got right over the years. It's my belief that it was a minor miracle that ICT reached the SPL in ten years and a major one that it stayed in it for 12 of the next 13. This is because I believe that what we have is a product which is fundamentally loss-making in its market environment. In other words, especially with a heavily subsidised competitor 15 miles up the road and with increasing competition from other activities, not enough people are prepared to part with around £20 to sit outside in the cold watching an hour and a half of entertainment of quality which is no more predictable than in the rest of football - and that's before you even consider the added difficulties of being 150 miles detached from other sectors of the market. This is the intractable situation that successive board have wrestled with - and largely done a good job of staving off for as long as possible. Edinburgh and especially Dundee have had difficulties sustaining two top flight football clubs in recent years. Glasgow could well be losing one of its three and Aberdeen has at times sailed perilously close to the wind with its one. So where does this leave the two clubs so close together in the sparsely populated inner Moray Firth, on the extreme periphery of national football? (One very possible answer to that question now being "playing Highland Derbies in the Championship") As we approach the 25th anniversary of the election of Caley Thistle and Ross County to the SFL, I have been benefitting greatly from hindsight to the extent that I am now wondering if it was all that good an idea after all that both local clubs got into the league; and also - although I still believe that it was the "least bad" solution in the mid-90s - whether the siting of the Caledonian Stadium has now for some years been a significant liability?
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    Fair point. I can certainly think of one previous board member who donated £250,000 to keep the club afloat several months ago - and that despite the abuse he got from some off the back of the £6M he previously arranged for his former company to subsidise the club by over a period of years. What must be said of the board which was in place on relegation is that, despite acknowledged mistakes, they did their honest best to keep the club in the Premiership despite its fundamental lack of capacity to earn enough to do so. But it's strange how credit so seldom seems to be given for that.
  4. Harry Munro

    Jock, the only journalist that I know of who did this kind of thing was "Scoopie" Fraser, but I think that may have been more to do with Hilton Athletic? On the other hand, the 1950s are a bit before my time.
  5. Announcement

    .... or has somebody's uncle's pal bumped into Gordy Fyfe in the golf club car park again? Look, I'm not saying this is not going to happen, but what we have here is a completely unsubstantiated statement, offering absolutely no evidence as to whether there's going to be "an announcement" nor, if there is going to be one, what the nature of it is. The club going into liquidation? An offer to "invest" £5 million? Or a 10p reduction in the price of stadium pies? But yet, on the strength of what's therefore no better than blind conjecture, speculation is instant in areas including that administration is imminent - right down to a detailed examination of its points implications. I'm not ruling anything in or out. I'm just questioning the wisdom of going too deeply into the implications of something for which there is no evidence. And I see that the board are getting it in the neck from one or two quarters. Goodness me. After what's been said about Tulochs etc, it seems that for some, simply NOBODY is good enough to give their own money to bail out Caley Thistle's fundamentally loss making position and hence to subsidise the cost of season tickets.......
  6. Fans Player of the Year Vote

    So are you Derek Adams in disguise? (Sorry... maybe not the best time for levity, but I couldn't resist it.)
  7. Highland Rugby Club

    Robert... are you sure about that? Glasgow Accies have 88 points from their full programme. Highland have 87 and Newton Stewart 82, both with one to play and Highland have the better points difference by a margin of 52. So I reckon that there's still one permutation that could deny Highland promotion which is for Newton Stewart to win their final game with a bonus point, taking them also to 87 and for Highland to lose their last game (both at home to fifth placed St Boswells) without getting a try bonus, and for these results to wipe out Highland's points difference advantage. That's a pretty formidable array of adverse circumstances, especially with Highland's last game at home to opponents 200 miles distant who have already failed to fulfil an away fixture, but still theoretically possible. But I agree, to win the league, Highland will need more than one point this Saturday since Accies have a slightly better points difference - ie a win or a draw, which I think is worth two points in rugby.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    ...... Discuss. Sounds like a very valid question for a UHI Final Honours exam in ICT Studies. The final sentence of a very perceptive post from Kingsmills.
  9. Special General Meeting

    No, I was there - disguised as a barmaid and listening in.
  10. Shyte happens. I did have initial suspicions that this might be a wind up, but one or two cross checks confirmed this product to be genuine. It seems even to have its own Twitter designation, which is #EATSHYTE. This, apparently, is a Canadian product and outlets include at least one in Toronto, so Scotty will have no problem accessing the stuff. The various sub-sections of the website are:- "Know your Shyte", "Contact Shyte", "Shyte shows" and "Where to buy Shyte". (I understand that the last section listed there was written for the company jointly by John Hughes and Richie Foran.) This product will soon be readily available in the UK..... in supermarket aisles beside Onken dairy products.
  11. Dennis Wyness

    ...... and then, modest to a fault, Dennis would escape through a fire door to avoid having to talk to the press about his five star performance!
  12. Special General Meeting

    Is "next Wednesday" the 18th (admittedly more likely on the 14th to be "this Wednesday") or the 25th? Just in case it's the former...... BUMP?
  13. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    You and eventually about 575 others OCG That was for 1993-94 as far as I know, the ST concept even by then was quite well established.
  14. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    So I am led to understand - but those of you who were patient enough to wait for another six years.......
  15. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    You could start with Inverness Thistle's 29 postponements v Falkirk at Kingsmills in the Scottish Cup in 1979.... and that still went ahead!
  16. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    When a pitch inspection is declared in Scottish football, I womder what the Pass/Fail rate is?
  17. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    There's a fair bit to be said for that. For a start, working practices have changed considerably since STs were introduced - probably in an era when most men (sic), if not on a Mon - Fri five day week, did five and a half, still working on a Saturday morning until maybe 1pm. In fact I am guessing that this may have something to do with the default Saturday kick-off time still being 3pm, originally to give people enough time to eat and get to the ground after finishing work. (As an aside, I think there's something to be said for pulling the standard 3pm forward to 2:30 or 2pm but that's another question.) I'm always interested in quite frequent anecdotes that people can't make this game or that, or how many they've had to miss in a season - often due to shift patterns in our current 24-7 society. People also have a bigger variety of other activities to keep them away from football from time to time. So there are two questions? Are STs becoming less popular across the game? And if so, to what extent is this because people now find it more difficult to attend every week? On the other hand maybe season tickets are the best for clubs to do what they have to do - maximise turnstile revenue AND (importantly) ease their cash flow by getting a lot of that money in pre-season. I'm just not sure where reality lies but I could understand anyone not wanting to part with about £300 in a oner and deciding to do walk ups instead.... only to become quite an infrequent attender because of the single match price. This could be where the Easyjet idea could be worth considering... but clubs will ALWAYS look for the formula which maximises income. EDIT.... while I was writing this, OCG also made the very valid point about Tuesday games. The football season ticket must be a rare instance of a retail arrangement where the purchaser is unable to claim a refund if the seller is unable to provide the product under the terms originally stated.
  18. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    I think I would agree with caleyboy here (assuming that the likes of Christie Senior or Kevin MacDonald are to be considered as from a separate, pre-ICT era?)
  19. Special General Meeting

    I don't know Johndo. They are limited company in which case no manner of "we were so busy otherwise" excuses can really be accepted. They are totally and absolutely constrained by companies legislation with which they have failed to comply. If you presume to be the board of a limited company then you are obliged to comply with the appropriate legal requirements - which simply has not so far happened. PS - donview tells me you were round and about earlier with your lovely wife and, presumably thanks solely to her , your doubtless equally lovely daughter - and I missed you.
  20. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    You'll have to wait until I get a hold of Shorty's uncle's pal so I can check I've got it right. Please note, as illustrated at the start of the second paragraph of my last post, that I was in no way seeking to pass judgement in either direction on what the board does. I was a full step short of that since I was only at the stage of attempting to establish the accuracy or otherwise of two claims to that effect.
  21. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Was that the same day as your auntie's bingo partner told her she'd heard in the supermarket that Ronaldo had been seen in Dingwall and heading for the Global Energy Stadium? I'm NOT in any way suggesting that the club's activities should be exempt from scrutiny or criticism on this forum - when this is based on evidence which is sufficiently authenticated. However this is at least the second instance of an aspect of the club's alleged governance which is currently being examined on here, but based on evidence which is at best unclear (notwithstanding which, the apparently aggrieved caleyboy, with all the characteristics of Death and Taxes, pops up both times and takes a snipe.) In the case of the quoted post, judgement is being passed on the basis of things which Gordy Fyfe is alleged to have told a friend of Shorty's uncle. I think I would prefer somewhat more reliable evidence on the source, and that the alleged course of action is actually taking place, before I passed judgement on anything. Then, in another thread, we at least have the image of a document apparently listing sanctions for misbehaviour - with Twitter the only source listed. But once again, no attempt is made to evaluate or authenticate this document. For instance, what is it? What is its purpose? Does it constitute definite policy or is it a list of proposals from one individual or what? Who created it? Is it created privately, a leaked internal memo, or intended for public consumption? Notwithstanding all these questions, it still seems to have been treated in the same way as a formal website statement might have been. What the board actually does rightly is, and rightly should be, appraised by supporters. But first of all, this really does need to be based on something a bit more reliable than what Shorty's uncle's friend is claimed to have been told.
  22. Going Ballistic

    Gringo, I'm afraid I'm in the other 0.01% on that one. I think the headline is memorable enough to have been identified as recycled from the local press immediately the Sun used it in 2000 - only around four years after the suggested time of use. In the autumn of 1996, a few weeks into Pele's reign, there was indeed a spate of high scoring wins but I have no recollection either of this being used by the Courier or the HN, nor of anyone speaking about this over the ensuing years. My understanding is that The Sun had the headline in waiting in the form of "Super Ally Goes Ballistic...." for McCoist to do serious damage to Celtic in an Old Firm game but were moved to take it out of cold storage for 9th Feb 2000.
  23. 5th Place

    The real worry would be if the answer to that question were to be "both". Another season in the Championship, where league placing payments alone are about £1M less than in the Premiership, carries obvious difficulties. Promotion for a single season, as CaleyD points out, would indeed bring in more money than staying put. However the longer term effect of another, immediate relegation, should promotion come before the club was ready for it, could also come with it difficulties.
  24. Special General Meeting

    It is indeed! I think this is probably the least unfavourable outcome in a situation where any chance of fulfilling the statutory requirements of the original requisition disappeared last midweek with the original indication that the meeting would take place on the 18th. I think I should perhaps take the opportunity of this hiatus to explain why I have been pretty persistent on this issue - from a time long preceding the Board's declaration at the end of February. I believe that one of the major strategic issues facing the football club is - and always has been - the development of support. The obvious need for this ranges from the balance sheet to the feeling the guys get when they walk on to the pitch on a Saturday. Nuff said on that familiar matter. Two major assets in any campaign to develop support are, in my view, the Social Club and a successful supporters' organisation. In the case of the Social Club, I took a good swing at that on here and in my HN column back in January which didn't go down too well in some quarters but very well in others. The intervening progress will be acknowledged in the paper on Thursday but, at the time, one of several problems in Grieg St was that you needed to feel you were entering a Caley Thistle branded Caley Thistle social club and not the Orange Lodge. Now you do because this has changed very much for the better under Alan MacDonald's stewardship in recent months. As for CJT, it was bad enough having a perpetually inactive supporters' organisation but in my view that got a whole lot worse when the inertia became institutionalised with the appearance of the Board late in February. The EGM motion offered the opportunity for that knot to be cut and the holding of this meeting is vital in terms of getting this body up and running. Apart from CJT holding 10% ICT voting rights, an active supporters' organisation must be in operation before the start of next season which is less than four months away. This is why pressure needs to be maintained in order to develop support as much as possible in advance of what looks MOST likely to be a pretty credible push to return to the Premiership at the second time of asking. So, if action is taken tomorrow to rearrange this meeting it can be held on Thursday 26th April if the original requisition is considered still to be legally valid or on Thursday May 10th if it's considered that both the 28 and 14 day processes have to be repeated. Yes, I think it's that urgent.
  25. 2015 Scottish Cup winners v 2015 Scottish Cup runners up

    I reckon Hawkeye is bang on, but it looks pretty complicated! If ICT win all their games, they finish on 59 points. Against that.... St Mirren and Livingston are away and clear and If Dundee United (who don't have to play ICT) win all their games, they finish on 64 points. So it's not in ICT's hands to catch these three. However..... If Dunfermline win all their games, except ICT, they finish on 58 points. If Morton win all their games, except v ICT, they finish on 56 points. If QoS, who don't have to play ICT, win all their games, they finish on 52 points. So I agree with Hwkeye. ICT winning all their games would guarantee finishing above Morton, QoS and Dunfermline, but not necessarily DU, but that's enough for 4th. However I also agree with Hawkeye..... whether that is possible is a different matter.