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  1. Why do you support ICT ?

    We used to have them in Inverness as well! The biggest day of the season arguably used to come in October with the quarter finals of the Qualifying Cup because the four winners got Highland League's places in the 1st/2nd round draw for the Scottish Cup. At this point, you hoped for an East League team like Gala or Spartans at home since in these days (unlike now, I suspect) the Highland League sides were hugely superior, but sides like Stenhousemuir and Clyde were also beatable. Success here could, on occasions, see you through to the likes of Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, Hearts, St Mirren (the season they won the Cup), Celtic or Rangers (these are all actual examples from between 1984 and 1992). But one of several reasons I support ICT is that you no longer have to survive the first paragraph to access the second!
  2. Let's go out of Sneck

    Yes, I think I got a little confused over the War Memorial. In the photo, I placed it where the roundabout now is so thought it had gone but I've slightly underestimated the depth of field to where it actually is beside and not on the roundabout.
  3. Why do you support ICT ?

    I have a clear recollection of the "Eureka Moment" in the summer of 1993 when Clach announced that they had withdrawn from the merger discussions and wished to remain on their own in the Highland League. It was at that point that my middle of the road uncertainty about the whole notion of a merged club switched to wholehearted support. 24 years on, it's a bit difficult to explain why, because you have to look at the whole question in terms of the values and perceptions of that time, and in particular the clout that the Highland League had in people's thinking before the North had any association at all with the SFL. In other words, the 3 club merger involved a complete departure from what had been at the centre of Inverness football for over a century in order to embrace an objective which, although clearly worthwhile, was never remotely considered at the time to have the potential to yield what it has. For me, the thought of the town in which the HL was founded and which had provided between three and six of its clubs for over a century wasn't very attractive at all, and Clach's decision solved that problem. Remember also that in 1993, Clach themselves were only three years down the road from their own personal salvation of 1990 and were a limited company whereas the other two clubs were member owned (although it has since been suggested to me that the latter wasn't as big an issue for Clach as claimed at the time.) There's also the question that if merging two clubs turned out to be such a marginal process, might the whole project have foundered if three had been persisted with? And then there's the factor which not only supports Clach's withdrawal but also goes a long way towards justifying its ongoing independence in the Highland League. Although Thistle and Caley both identified reasonably strongly with the areas of Inverness where they were based, this never quite compared with Clach's identity with the Merkinch. That hugely important consideration was very evident during all three of Clach's financial crises and still is. It does, however, have to be conceded that the level of support and empathy for Clach in the Merkinch area often isn't reflected in home gates - but indeed the same can be said of ICT and Inverness. This is possibly the clincher, though... the Merkinch needed its distinct community symbol. Clach's indelible identity with the strongly defined Merkinch community is probably the defining factor which justifies, and made inevitable, that club continuing to go it alone in the Highland League.
  4. Why do you support ICT ?

    In the 1960s, and in common with many Dalneigh kids, I started out as a Caley supporter - one of those who "jooped in" over the gate at the Howden End and then collected the Mackintosh's empties for the 3d refunds at the club shop. Like IBM, I also drifted away during the 70s (drifted away, as opposed simply to being unable to remember that decade ) partly due to an "educational absence". Many will be aware that athletics is my number one sport, and it's also fair to say that match reporting for the BBC helped to bring me back to football. I was never a totally partisan Caley fan and always also had a lot of regard for Clach and Thistle, which was probably a result of my commitment to Inverness as a whole. As a result, the merger, plus importantly leaving Clach to represent the town in the Highland League, was always a very favourable outcome for me. I've always reckoned you can trace the historical roots of the formation of this club back to around 1987, so this means that, as a sports journalist, I have now for 30 years studied on an almost daily basis the rise (and latterly the fall) of ICTFC. This has very much included behind the scenes goings on but I have to say that, rather like Lord Palmerston and the Schleswig-Holstein Question and despite a number of privileged insights, I have still never been satisfied that I have understood it. How come a relatively poorly supported and resourced club which has only ever had one major sugar daddy some years back, and that in response to a £2M+ debt, managed to win the Scottish Cup, play in Europe, reach the SPL and its criteria in a decade, finish 3rd in the table etc etc. And equally, how come, following an incredibly successful three years or so which culminated in winning that Scottish Cup, there has been such a frighteningly rapid fall from grace? Despite constant exposure to the underlying issues, I still feel that I really don't have a secure handle on this at all.
  5. Let's go out of Sneck

    Looks a bit like Bridge Street in Wick to me. It's maybe 1920s and the statue left of centre, which seems to be on the at ide of the river, is no longer there.
  6. Board statement 14/08/17

    Correct. Recorded by Companies House on Friday as having been effective from Sep 7. The Board is now down to four directors according to the CH list. Not seen any club announcement.
  7. Number One

    Echoes of the former Soviet Union?
  8. 5 Year Plan

    Ironically in such times, this reminds me of the state of being "disgruntled". I've forgotten who said "I'm not disgruntled, but I'm not gruntled either" but a parallel sort of applies here. That's because, since the turn of the millennium financial crisis, most of the time it's been a case of neither being financially sound nor unsound either. There has been no debt, but it's often been a case of surviving on windfalls to keep the books more or less balanced. Many clubs are in a less sound position than this. The problem arises when something about the operation of a club goes internally wrong and the fine financial balance is unable to survive the resulting shock. I really am wondering what the accounts, which will presumably become available in a couple of months or so, are going to say this year. I'm also wondering how much of the 500,000 new shares we learned a month ago were on the point of being issued are a quid pro quo for any bailings out of last season and how many represent genuinely fresh money for this season - and who has acquired them? Companies House posted a Return of Allotment of Shares document two days ago (Fri 15 Sep) but that only shows an extra allotment of 250 shares since March 1st. The up to 1.1M, including the 500,000 allegedly spoken for, don't seem to appear yet. The Companies House stuff also indicates that David Cameron resigned from the board 10 days ago on September 7th, leaving a current board strength of four. This happens to be the same date as against these 250 shares. Whether the two are related, I just wouldn't know.
  9. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    So is Doofer now a Dad?
  10. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    And I am sure that Dougal will be chuffed out of his little head that he has successfully sought so much attention!
  11. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Yes Manfer, I know this is pretty extreme in response to one of Dougal's fishing expeditions but there is maybe also the collateral benefit of the message that football is moving on in terms of the kind of demands that need to be made of players in the modern era.
  12. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    There are quite a few very good bits of advice in IHE's last post but one, but I am more than a bit doubtful about trying to utilise Glycogen Overshoot (as quoted in "seven days before the game") in football. This is used by some marathon and marathon+ runners (only some) and the theory is that, if you cut right back on carbohydrates several days before a race and then stuff yourself with them immediately before, you can fool your liver into taking on board a greater load of carbohydrate than it would do under normal circumstances. However, in the case of football, I would have a number of serious doubts about how much use this would be. For a start, the total energy demands of a game of football are very much less than a long distance running race involving 2 hours+ of constant activity - and also very different. Consequently, depletion of liver glycogen stocks is much less likely, especially when, after 45 minutes, you have plenty of time to restock with carbohydrate, and in a manner which is far better suited to football where there are intense bursts of anaerobic activity not found in a long distance running race. Secondly, what is known in long distance running as "the diet" can be VERY hit and miss. Get it right and - IF it is relevant - it may well produce dividends. But get the timing wrong and you may find yourself going into competition with a severely depleted liver and hence fatally out of fuel, with disastrous consequences. Thirdly, this is all very well if you are preparing for marathons and are hence only competing at that distance three or four times a year. Across a 45 game football season, it simply isn't realistic to try to do this on any meaningful number of occasions. This looks to me like an attempt to apply a procedure to a situation to which it is not relevant.
  13. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Yes, I think we all know that 😊😍
  14. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    The same year as The Boys From The Ferry and The Battle Of The Ferry were nominated for the Nobel Prize For Literature😊 (This could go on all night righ'eenaff😄 and it has nothing to do with the OP.... which in turn is a fishing expedition anyway.)
  15. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Don't get too worked up about it MJ. If you aren't from these parts, or of a certain generation, you may not fully appreciate the context and background. 😊 Nor indeed some of the typical retaliations
  16. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Sounds like one of these Rough Boys From The High School is getting all chippy about his long distant schooldays again It's so Freudian!
  17. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    How many of our players would NEED to run round the ground 50 times? I'm afraid Laurence's observation doesn't quite match the training activity with the competitive demands. I remember discussing this with Charlie Christie when he was manager, and finding a lot of agreement. The specific performance requirements of a 90 minute game of football are very far removed from, and far more complex than, very extended, steady paced running as described. Any manager who exposed his players to this kind of activity would find that his team very quickly got into extreme difficulty. As for Inverness Harriers, apart from our club policy that our coaching resources are targeted exclusively at the needs of our own members so we don't offer a "fitness service" for other sports, the second quoted sentence over-simplifies the activities of an athletics club just as much as the first does with football. I'm also quite sure that ICT management are perfectly well qualified to devise fitness and conditioning regimes which are absolutely specific to football.
  18. Message to Chairman and Board

    That one sort of fits into the Mandy Rice Davies category, doesn't it? (I believe that "MRDA" - Mandy Rice Davies Applies - is the appropriate internet terminology.)
  19. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Not quite, Fraz. Dougal has attempted to create one.
  20. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    What's so amusing about the boy simply doing what I asked - to provide an improvement on Dougal's anecdotal speculation?
  21. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Can you substantiate this with anything more concrete and credible than the "I've also heard...." in the OP?
  22. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Dougal must be rubbing his hands at the thought of a thread reaching well into its second page after starting life on unsupported claims on Pie and Bovril about the alleged delivery to the ICT team bus of pizzas of unknown composition and hence also (given that many pizzas can be very wholesome) of unknown implications for health. However one or two interesting issues have been raised, including some of "sports science" in relation to football. Sports science is a very wide ranging discipline, embracing not only dietetics as prompted by the OP but also questions of general training, strength and conditioning, recovery, the effects of noxious and intoxicating substances, psychology and a good deal more. Compared with other sports, football is a relatively recent convert to some of these concepts, to the extent that they don't yet seem to be embraced universally by the game when maybe they should. Posters have also raised issues about professional sportspeople being meant to know what they should and shouldn't be doing, highly paid players going on the bash at various times and the likes of PSG being unlikely to behave "badly". These are all very valid observations... but they tend to pale into insignificance in the face of just two words - Wayne Rooney, or indeed Paul Gascoigne and not a few others. The norms adopted by many other sports, including those where there is no payment, are still very much "work in progress" in football. However there does seem to be a pretty deeply rooted "counter-culture" there which will take some time to dislodge. And allowing the likes of Rooney to get away with it, as he has so frequently done, is not going to hep that cause one iota.
  23. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    And I wonder who or indeed which junk food companies, funded the research in question? If you are prepared to pay for the service, it's possible to get any results you want for "academic" research. The newspapers don't help either. Every day you'll find sensational copy about what will kill you and what will make you live to 100. Indeed you may well find that in different papers, or indeed in the same paper a respectable time apart, the same foodstuffs will do both. In any case, what is alleged to have been delivered to a team bus to eat on the way home isn't what will tend to aid recovery because that's too long post-match. The best expert advice is something with quickly absorbable sweet carbohydrate (ie not starchy stuff which is far slower) with a certain amount of protein content as well within 30 minutes of exercise, if it's been anaerobic, which football to a fair extent is. My own preferred items include jelly beans, jelly babies, milk shakes, Lucozade sport and "full fat" Irn Bru. But has this thread not progressed quite a distance from an extremely anecdotal OP from a renowned fisherman?
  24. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    A real stickler for rigorous verification of the evidence presented is our Dougal.......
  25. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    I would settle for locking them in a room for two hours with a continuous tape loop of Proclaimers records