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  1. Player of the Year - Dundee

    Ridgers Vigurs Calder
  2. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    jake cost us the three points
  3. Game 27 - Dundee (A) 20 Jan

    HT:0-0 FT: 0-1 1st ICT: Bell 1st Opp: Bahktaoui Crowd: 3988
  4. Joe Chalmers

    Joe Chalmers the unsung hero. Week in week out this man performs to his best and hardly anyone ever talks about him, he fits in all over the park and today he was my MOTM Well done Joe on your first goal for the club
  5. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    FULL TIME Big 3 points today with a few big games coming up over next 2 weeks. Oakley has to start ahead of Baird
  6. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

  7. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    tremarco sent off second yellow
  8. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    GOALLLLLLLL OAKLEY should be starting every game
  9. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    3-0 falkirk Half time with us. Surely we can get better in second half
  10. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    falkirk 2-0 QoTS maybe this falkirk starting to turn good
  11. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    GOAL!!!! Brechin 2-1
  12. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Partick 1-0 County
  13. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Falkirk 1-0 QoTS
  14. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    GOAL!!!! Brechin - pen 1-1
  15. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    GOAL!!!!! Baird claiming it. if only we could play Brechin every week so Baird can score