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  1. Plan B Get Malpas in with a few games to go see so he can see what he has to work with next season after they get rid of Richie. I for one don't want to see Malpas in charge off the club that would be too much of a step back. We need to look forward and get a fresh manager in who has played/managed at different levels (e.g Paul Hartley).
  2. Same team as today. Not less Fon Williams is fit. FORAN CAN YOU HEAR US.....SAME TEAM AS TODAY DO NOT CHANGE IT
  3. Fon Williams Raven Warren Mckay McNaughton Cole Draper Tansey Mulraney Fisher Billy Mckay
  4. Thought Esson would have been captain or even Raven
  5. If foran does go Paul Hartley would be first choice for the board since they interviewed him already and plus.......he's not a got club so he's cheap
  6. We have to give the young guys like cammy a chance and a good run of games to see what they have. Michael Fraser the only youth keeper we've played that has come from our youth system?
  7. POY

    Fisher Vigurs McNaughton
  8. Warren was sent off yesterday so will miss the game
  9. who is all signed up anyway for next season?
  10. Rice is the issue i would say. He sits most of the games and lets Foran get on with it. Did Foran have a choice in the picking him? Terry Butcher as a director of football role
  11. Morton @ 2.20
  12. Annan @ 2.25
  13. POY

    Mckay Polworth Cole
  14. POY

    Laing Cole Mckay
  15. Eat Sleep Raven Repeat