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  1. Caley Jags Together - Update

    First time I’ve logged in for ages due to my disillusionment with Scottish football but it sadly seems little has changed Think most folk know my general feelings on caleyjagsforever so I won’t go over old ground but it’s vitally important that a club like ours has a fans movement with a say at board level At the very least I think a name change is required especially if there is to be new blood on the fans board all credibility appears to have been nullified under the previous regime One thing I do find curious is however why someone who has spent most of his football watching life being a season ticket holder at Tannadice would even put himself in such a position to lead a fans group of another club why? I find it astonishing that the lack of Invernessian input there is in ICT but I suppose that’s society now or it is in this neck of the woods This is the time for ordinary Inverness punters which certainly appear to be a dying breed to step forward to get involved and you challenge what’s already in place Dougal
  2. The Social Club

    Got as far as this and suddenly realised this entire post was probably completely fabricated nonsense, certainly has an air of “against all odds” to it As for the social club whether it was pre merger or post merger it was infiltrated by some of the biggest belters Inverness had to offer and by the sounds of it still does Dougal
  3. Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath ur”

    Thank goodness the art of tattooism has come on ten fold since the days they were illegally done down back street alleys in Benidorm Dougal
  4. Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath ur”

    Pog mo thoin Dougal
  5. Caley Jags Together

    Think most folk on here know my feelings on Caleyjagsforever so I won’t go over old ground but I also won’t claim to say I told you so either We should remember these type of fan groups do not represent the entire clubs support, however they can cross the line when they try and act like they do so New board members might make a difference but everyone needs to be reading from the same hymnsheet therefore getting the correct folk in is vitally important but they should be vetted first not just added because they are keen Background checks are a must Dougal

    Refuseniks did not abandon anyone or anything they simply did not want to become a part of a franchised institution, I admire their stance and their integrity Robbo is 100% spot on and I admire him for stating the bleeding obvious, maybe old Caley girl and Kingsmills should contact him if they take offence and tell him Hearts and Hibs should have merged years ago as it would have been the making of Edinburgh as a football force ffs Well said Robbo Dougal
  7. Don’t you believe it, The Apprentice boys of Derry don’t march in Inverness because they fancy a nice stroll in the spring sunshine they do as they have a supportive network for these marches to take place You only need to go out in town on a Saturday night and it won’t take long to see how many undesirables there are in Inverness Dougal
  8. I personally don’t have anything against such an event or the armed forces for that matter but it’s the type of character these events attracts is the issue Far right groups like the SDL, local supporting orcs,loyalists, unionists the orange order all try and jump on the bandwagon and use the armed forces as an excuse to meet up for a good bevvy and possibly cause bother Like Rene says it should not be exclusive to the armed forces and other professions should also have their day Dougal
  9. Are we attempting to become Sevco of the north? Why? Dougal
  10. Polworth v Kellacher

    If I can give you some advice Chris never venture into the latest download section on the main page that's where the real wallopers seem to post stuff Lord Provost Dougal
  11. Fans Boycott

    Well a clown I maybe but this clown has never pretended to be Irish, sung songs about the 1916 Easter rising or urinated on the open terracing at a football ground in Glasgow in the 80s before 😉 Lord Provost Dougal
  12. Fans Boycott

    Tad on the rough side today but a thoroughly enjoyable trip yesterday with the Lillies Must admit it was not a traditional day out what with all the dressing up and costumes etc but I guess it is nearly Halloween Everbody reasonably friendly although there were a few complete belters travelling but what support doesn't Despite the 5-0 score line still enjoyed the game but in all honesty it was all over as a contest by half time, Clach keeper took a sore one and was rushed off to hospital so I hope he is on the road to recovery Strong anti merger rhetoric amongst the support and local journalism which they were quite open with Not sure I will make a habit of it but it would have still have been a better trip than the women's guild bus to Falkirk Lord Provost Dougal
  13. Polworth v Kellacher

    Watching the highlighlights I don't think I've ever seen a smaller crowd at a home game than that 😳 No sure how official or accurate the 932 figure was but it looks considerably less than that The club claim both parties in the pavement dancing having been dealt with internally but really this would have been the ideal time to release a public statement on what that actually meant Why should it make a difference whether it's two employees scrapping than it would if two fans had an altercation? By keeping stoom it certainly doesn't set a very good example to the impressionable youth Dougal
  14. Fans Boycott

    Morning Danger I realise your comment is very much tongue in cheek but would that be a huge issue? Who do we actually have as a spokesperson at the moment certainly not caleyjagforever or the self acclaimed caleyd the cuckoos who flew the nest The last disappearing act on such a monumental scale was probably Shergar in 1983 Anyhow I'm off to Spartans today on a traditional football day out like the old days, mon the Lilies Dougal
  15. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    It will be interesting to see what the club do regarding the dugout bust up, my guess they will treat it as an internal matter and won't go public with it but if they come out with one of their comedy statements I will look forward to it with baited breath As for the site admin and mods well none of them are Inverness based something I always found rather odd to be honest Dougal