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  1. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Sports science is a huge part of the game these days and the majority of full time clubs in Scotland are embracing forward thinking ,sadly something we at ICT seem to be somewhat lacking in Ok I appreciate we have more than a fair share of happy clappers in here but can anyone honestly envisage the PSG bus pull up to the blue lagoon on argyle street tomorrow night to let Neymar,Draxler, Mbappe and Cavani etc off so they can get battered haggis or mars bars? They are classed and paid well as professional athletes they ought to know what they should or should not be eating Its obvious we are going to need as much help as possible this season so maybe we should be looking into hiring a nutritionist to point the players in the right direction at the very least I have no problem if this was a one off but it appears to be a common occurrence according to some posters which I find quite staggering Dougal
  2. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    OFW should be starting and looks like he would play if asked It could be easily rectified but there is obviously a serious break down in communication between Robbo and him To be fair to OFW if rumours are correct he is in a group of players that seem to have been cast aside whether that is down to the manager or finances I don't really know Robbo should be making mends here priority not what toppings will be on his pizza Dougal
  3. Reports all be it from Pie and Bovril that a well known Pizza company delivered en masse to the ICT coach before it departed on the long road north after the game Ive also heard Ross County were quite shocked how bad Ross Drapers fitness levels when he arrived Could there be something in this? Hence the terrible start to the season and also it may explain the serious decline since the Scottish Cup Win Ok most will blame Ridgers or Vigurs as they seem to be the scapegoats for yesterday but maybe the real problem is a lot deeper than that Dougal
  4. Maybe a certain someone will get the dreaded knock at the door in Chorley and handed a banning order, after all he's still wearing the same flares he wore in the seventies Dougal
  5. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    I've seen myself physically move from my seat to another if I'm unfortunate to have purchased a seat next to or in the close proximity of a jaggie Think if we are all being honest here we all know that the fools from up the hill should never have been included and deep down the jaggies know this too not they will ever admit it of course Put it like this imagine if Celtic were forced to merge with Partick just to get acceptance to a European SuperLeague there would be absolute outrage and rightly so as it isn't required Football has been sadly ruined by money and business men who are not in it for the game but for the status and prestige Inverness sadly is a prime example of this hence why the crowds are so poor, more supporter buses leave Inverness to other football grounds around the country than any other town or city in Scotland FACT Personslly I'm finding myself being drawn back to watching highland league football, juniors or amateur and even that is not that often these days When you see clowns like that Neymar moving for the ridiculous sums of money involved you know the game as older fans knew it is sadly dead Sad and Depression is setting in but maybe that's being middle aged Dougal
  6. Caley Jags Together

    I personally thought caleyjagsforever had packed it all in, I've always found it odd when things on and off the field weren't going well they always seemed to do a disappearing act a bit like some of the happy clappers Anyway good to see CakeyD back he must have had one of the best floral gardens in Sneck this summer Dougal
  7. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    Pity you never took your own advice and moved on I suggest North Korea there you might just make a friend or two Dougal
  8. The really sad thing is the young team and section g before them have had warning after warning after warning regarding their anti social behaviour Let's face it there's is no getting through to silly little boys who don't want to listen or take any advice on board These boys have sadly been radicalised by watching films like football factory and green street Afraid the argument regarding the atmosphere doesn't wash anymore when they are destroying the good name of the club Dougal
  9. Indepencence Referendum 2018/2019

    The SNP are on the decline while the DUP are now in the strongest position they have ever been in Independence2 won't happen now well not in my lifetime, seems I was right regarding the Orange Order or of course it could just be a massive coincidence? Dougal
  10. Season Ticket Prices

    It's simple fan power whether verbally or on social media made the board change their mindset and every fan who contributed by stalling buying tickets should take a bow Hopefully now the present board will at least think before they act in the future Im sure the club will honour the paltry few who had already bought their season ticket before the change of heart with the discounted refund Caley 100, Huisdean etc no need to thank me Dougal
  11. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    We've just got an old manager back, I just don't get this fascination from some fans to want previous players back as well Too many people live in the past when its the future we should be concentrating on Dougal
  12. Colt Teams

    It might give some fans the opportunity to sing the sash and do the bouncy without making the trip to Ibrox though I guess Dougal
  13. New Manager

    An underwhelming appointment in my opinion but we need to remember we are no longer a top flight side so someone who knows the club, knows the support and who has previously lived in Inverness are all positives in my eyes The important thing now is for everyone to get fully behind Robbo and give him our support as this is possibly going to be the most important season that ICT have ever had Without doubt he has a huge job in front of him and I just pray he gets sufficient funds to get players in because without investment there will be no hope for an imminent return to the SPFL Anyway I wish him all the very best Dougal
  14. Season Ticket Prices

    Woooah wait a minute gentlemen Caley100 and Huisdean are renewing so it's not all doom and gloom just yet Dougal
  15. Season Ticket Prices

    This forum is totally unbelievable once again if you don't conform to happy clapping you get personal abuse by the establishment Always amazed how mods seem to turn a blind eye to some of the vitriol that gets directed my way just as well I'm thick skinned I guess and have never used the report function To get accused by fellow fans about my loyalty to ICT by those that freely admit they have big teams or supported other teams in the past just doesn't sit well with me Im not going to name these low life's as I don't want to stoop to their level but I could list screeds of posters on here that fall into that very bracket My point regarding season tickets still holds I think it's crazy buying a ticket at the moment my advice would be to wait nearer the start of the season that way it might just make the board think that unless their mind sets change they should also step down and let foreword thinking people in Dougal