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  1. I seem to recall Butcher rarely playing Rooney until forced to do so as a result of an injury to the woeful Barrowman. It was the spark that started our charge towards promotion
  2. If Foran goes he will not get another job in football easily. He's bought a house here and has a young family to support. In those circumstances, how many of us would do the "honourable" thing? He will probably genuinely believe he can learn from his mistakes and therefore it is up to the Board to make a decision on the matter. There is an urgent need to get the close season business underway and we need a confirmed manager in place for that. With Kenny calling it a day, there is a very urgent need for the Board to be a lot more decisive than they have been for a while. At the very least we need an interim Chairman in place and a decision on Foran's future by the end of the week.
  3. After falling miserably in previous seasons I was surprised to find myself at the top of the table and certainly did not expect to stay there. Echos of Leicester City last year! Squeaky bum time at the end though. Thanks Gringo for all the effort you put into this and giving us all a bit of light relief when things go less well on the park. As Kingsmills says, it is very much appreciated.
  4. HT 1- 0 FT 2-1 ICT Billy Mckay Opp. Moult Crowd. 3096 Joker
  5. Nil point in each of the last 2 games At least the boys on the park are coping with the pressure better than me!
  6. You'll be staying on the bus during the game as well by the looks of things?
  7. County won the Development League so even if they do play 3 or 4 youngsters they will still be too good for Hamilton. Any development players will be motivated to show what they have to offer for next season. Never have I been so keen for County to win a match
  8. HT 2-0 FT 3-1 ICT Tansey Opp. El Bakhtaoui Crowd. 6211
  9. HT. 0-2 FT 1-3 ICT Tansey Opp Sammon Crowd. 3476
  10. HT. 0-0 Ft 1-1 ICT. Tansey Opp. Bingham Crowd. 2378
  11. The much more pertinent question is why on earth does anybody think she should say anything other than "now is not the time". There are a number of reasons why now is not the time. She has already said the matter is settled. There was an agreement signed between the Holyrood and Westminster Governments and it is surely reasonable for her to honour that agreement and to expect the Scottish Government to do so too. The scenario which has been used by the Scottish Government to request a referendum is precisely the scenario that the Scottish Government, in their case for independence, told us we would have to accept if it happened. Again, it is surely reasonable for the Prime Minister to expect the Scottish Government to accept what they told us we must accept. The Prime Minister currently has a duty to honour the instructions of the UK electorate and lead the process of the UK leaving the EU. Clearly, regardless of the outcome, it would be highly disruptive to the negotiations to have an independence referendum on going at the same time. That would be in nobodies interests. Even without the first 2 points, May would be right to say her prime duty is to see the Brexit negotiations through before considering a 2nd independence referendum. Any referendum should be on an informed basis. At the very least that has to mean that Brexit negotiations are done and dusted. And that might be well beyond the nominal 2 years. If there is to be a 2nd referendum, then does anybody disagree that it should be on an informed basis? If not, why the rush? It seems to me that the only reason there is such a push for independence now is that the SNP are desperate to exploit a period of maximum uncertainty as the best hope of achieving their goal. If the SNP truly believed that independence was in the best interests of the country rather than simply political idealism, they would play a longer game. They could seek to negotiate a separation deal with the UK and the UK's agreement to seek to negotiate a package for entry to the EU. In that way, the electorate could have some certainty of what they were voting for. In the interim they could use the powers devolved to Holyrood to demonstrate that having more say in our own affairs actually does make a positive difference. If the case for independence is sound, then the Scottish Government has everything to gain and nothing to lose from such an approach. So why are they so determined to demand something they know will be knocked back. Why are they so afraid of a constructive, co-operative and informed way forward? Note that May has not said "no" or "never". She has said that "now is not the time". And quite self evidently it isn't. But if the Scottish Government had a bit more respect for the 2 million people who voted for Scotland to stay in the Union and took a less confrontational and more constructive approach, then there could be some meaningful dialogue once Brexit is done and dusted.
  12. HT 1-1 FT 2-1 ICT Tansey Opp Boyce Crowd 4921
  13. Just because Nationalists keep repeating this argument does not make it true. Let's stick to the facts. It was the SNP Government who called the referendum and put their independence proposition to the people. In that, as I stated above, they specifically addressed the prospect of an UK wide EU referendum resulting in us being taken out of the EU against our will. Part of their formal case for independence was that independence was the best way of ensuring we stayed in the EU. They also suggested that following independence, Scotland's entry to the EU would be little more than a formality. It was this that the Better Together Campaign particularly latched onto. They pointed out, quite correctly, that Scotland's entry was not a formality, was not necessarily assured and almost certainly would not be achieved until some time after Scotland became independent. In saying that voting NO was the only way to ensure we were in the EU after the referendum, they were correct in the sense that we did vote NO and we are still in the EU. Of course, the UK is now leaving and had we voted YES, then an independent Scotland would, in all probability now be joining the EU, so if people were looking at what some Better Together campaigners were saying, and thinking that applied to the long term, then they may have felt they were being misled. But if so, then they really only had themselves to blame because, putting election rhetoric aside, the facts were there for all to see. As identified in the SNP's case, at the time of the referendum the Tory Party were promising a referendum on EU membership and the polls were showing it was too close to call. In fact, in the 3 months prior to the 2014 referendum there were no less than 9 polls on EU membership with an average of 39% for staying, 41% for leaving and 20% undecided. With those facts clearly in the public domain, the UK's continuing membership of the EU had to be in some considerable doubt. On the other hand, in Scotland, the Government were strongly supportive of the EU and the polls were showing strong support for the EU. Whilst there may have been some hurdles to cross, it was unlikely that the EU would not admit an independent Scotland in due course. If EU membership was your main consideration when voting, then these facts make it pretty clear that voting for independence was the best option.
  14. No. The majority in Scotland who voted to remain in the Union.
  15. Better together as long as we accept the will of the majority.