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  1. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Very good performance and it's great to see the "no such thing as a lost cause" attitude.
  2. Word Association

  3. Handouts to Amazon

    Presumably booksellers in England, Wales and northern Ireland have no problem with paying a subsidy.
  4. Blythswood charity shop in Academy St. have another nice collectable in stock. They still have a couple of signed shirts too if anyone's interested.

    Due to ill health, this will be the first home game I've missed this season. A nice big home win would help the recovery along nicely.
  6. Match 1000

    Terry Butcher will be at the game tomorrow night. I wonder which club he'll say the nicest things about?
  7. Word Association

  8. Word Association

  9. Memory test

    Electric Warrior by T. Rex.
  10. Signed framed ICT shirt

    ICTFC memorabilia turning up quite regularly in Blythswood charity shop in Inverness. Another signed shirt came in this week. Brewster era this time. Apart from Craig Brewster, I can make out Richie Hart and Ian Black. Nice item for collectors.
  11. Scott Boden

    That's a worrying indication of Richie's eye for talent.
  12. Doumbouya or Fisher ?

    Doumbouya gets an international call up. Played really well on Saturday and I think he's improving all the time.
  13. Signed framed ICT shirt

    Wish I could enlighten you Scotty. Rather sadly, it may be from a house clearance, or hopefully just from some generous soul donating to a good cause. My wife works for the charity and any time any caley thistle stuff comes in she asks me for any ideas on values. My usual answer is, " not a clue". The idea that it may well have been worn by one of the player would surely increase its value i would think. On the other hand, which of the players would have worn size xxl?
  14. Signed framed ICT shirt

    latest piece of memorabilia been donated to Blythswood on Academy street. Wouldn't mind owning it myself.
  15. Summer Transfer Window Thread

    Meekings might struggle to get into the side if McNaughton stays fit. He was terrific yesterday.