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  1. Next Match

    Good news , is there light in this never ending tunnel, or will be all wake up and find it is all just a dream ? They say water finds if own level but NAIRN COUNTY . Is that our level?
  2. Next Match

    I went to the Historic Scotland day at Fort George on Sunday The Ice cream man told me he was a Falkirk fan, We talked about our season so far , He ( not me ) blamed Yogi for sowing the seeds of the demise - but putting that aside he said as a Falkirk supporter the one team he feared was Greenock Morton F C . He said they were quick youngish and good passers of the ball , unbeaten this year with a good 4 '1 win against St. Mirren under their belts. I began to worry. They have a cup game against Livingston a few days before they meet us so hopefully they will be tired
  3. Worst summer in the clubs history

    I believe in France - Laurence is Nom du fils - My son was once going out with a French girl, called Laurence - He remarked " I once told a girl you have the same name as my Mum, - but my Dad ! "
  4. Worst summer in the clubs history

    Goodness me ! I feel really depressed after reading the above. As a blow-in to the Highlands ( I arrived in 2009 ) I probably don't hurt as much as many of the very loya ICT l fans do. I remember a long time ago how my boyhood team Bury went through a phase not much different to now at ICT , Selling or losing good players to neighbours Bolton. The owner losing all his wealth speculating on the stock exchange. ( his creditors seizing his financial assets in payment ) ' The High court saved the club by ruling that the ground could not be sold to Tesco or anyone else because of a 19th century covenant ) , The fans bought the club which was later re-sold to a consortium who had enough cash to acquire the famous Carrington training ground. My only highlight on Saturday was going downstairs at half time to the bar behind the stand to see the top item on the TV , Bury 1 Walsall 0. I ask you all to as The Buddha-Said, "“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”" - It is the only way. True ! season tickets cost a small fortune, about 30p short of £280 - and that is a concession for a very senior person. Now in his 75th year. If like someone said , ICT will be out of the big time for years, I probably won't be around to see the improvement, so I will live for the present and hope the gaffer can turn things around to make the 50 mile round trip from my home in Boat of Garten worthwhile I still feel very depressed - I thought the original post on this topic by ictchris to be one the best diatribes I have ever read on this forum, s/he is the be complimented on the way s/he has presented the situation for people like me who do not follow events at the club very closely, who just like to see a game of football, and do not understand exactly what is going on at the club in general. added later - I now realise ictchris is male, only when I read his profile did it dawn on me.
  5. Butcher's last team

    Cheers folks - How things change.. Water and bridges over such a small amount of time.
  6. News about Louise Redknapp Split

    I shall pull another knife out of my back, your anatomisation to me is getting rather tedious
  7. Neymar

    With one or two exceptions Neymar is probably as good as it gets in a footballer . I can see where he is coming from . I would love to see him play live if I ever could get the chance. Worth a trip to a big City in the UK if I could get a ticket.
  8. Butcher's last team

    Lineup: Brill, Tremarco, Warren, Meekings, Shinnie, Doran, Draper, Watkins (Polworth 90), Ross, Foran, McKay Subs (not used): Esson, Raven, Devine, Greenhalgh, Pepper, Agdestein Scorers: Ross (pen.14), McKay (18) Booked: none Sent Off: none I was wondering after I saw Johnny Hayes in a Celtic shirt , Where is the last Terry Who ? team today , some I know but some I don.t - Also there are other Butcher finds like Christie and - James Vincent would be a squad player I think I think Tansey came later. Anyone care to elaborate and the size of any transfer fee , I would find interesting -
  9. Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    I can't say the match was a world class exhibition , but a lot of good play was seen from both teams , disappointed yes, but we live to fight another day. I was not in a position to note whether the penalty was rightly called but judging by the way the United unit on the bench immediately jumped up and appealed it looked like the Arabs had a good case. United started with 3 centre halves and no fullbacks as such giving ICT a free run especially on the left with some superb play on the left wing and on the left mid field . Quite frankly some great crosses from the left were fritted away by some poor finishing I can' t understand why corner after corner was floated in only for the goalkeeper in Orange ( strange to be allowed to play in the colours of his team ) collected the ball with some degree of skill. Why not a shrt corner or two which can be worked into the box A word about discipline , so many bookings , is not good , I lost count, this will only result in suspensions in the later part of the seasons. After the suspensions of last season we really need to be more careful in not arguing with officials . I was taught when talking to refs in my day. It was yes Sir, no Si,r 3 bags full Sir. . I thought on the whole there were quite a few positives in the game for ICT. Talking to some D U supporters after the game many of them said they though Caley was the best team/ I think we can only get better as the team get some co-ordination up front
  10. I just want to say. Another media frenzy about a private matter, which must be vey sad for the children. I quite like Jamie I feel sorry when any marriage breaks up especially for the children. Apparently Strickly come Dancing is to blame ?
  11. I am an old softie I think I would just try and save the Rhino If I had enough cash I would buy the plastic bottle factory and close it down. That would help sea pollution . I am not a Green but some features can't be ignored Regarding football I wouldn't know where to start ( I think we need loads of ball boys/girls so quick throw ins would be the order of the day. Have you ever watched how Chelsea have the ball back in play so quick it is unbelievable.) Getting the ball back into play can be worth points at the end of the season. the opps won't get the ball until our players are in position. AS Charles said " tongue in cheek maybe " , maybe football would not really be a priority . Do you really want a Celtic or a Rangers system ? It would be pointless - Making Europe as we did with small resources is in a way was more satisfactory then any money bought success Charles - at bridge club I have been partnering an old mate of yours , Richard he has been waxing lyrical about your past and abilities. .
  12. Team for Forfar?

    Caman See you at walking football ? No need to bring boots 1 By the way in my day the feet used to bleed as the nails of the studs wore through the leather soles . Joking apart - Things are beginning to look very serious. I think we are getting towards a watershed match. A poor result against another " part time " unit , will be very bad for team moral and also us beleaguered shell shocked fans I am not hoping to pull up the Dundee United tree or even the trees of the top rated Falkirk' or the underrated bush of ST Mirren , but we must produce against the less powerful outfits in the league. I have fingers crossed - My new season ticket awaits it's first use, Hopeful and anxious - regards to all the fans Laurence
  13. Watering Holes updates

    I really don't know what to do, I am nor phased by relegation, In England I saw plenty with my boyhood team " Bury" , the other side there were plenty of promotions, what goes up sometimes goes down syndrome. The last time I saw Bury play was against Bournemouth in a league two play off match. Now look at Bournemouth?. Life goes on. My years watching Calley have not been all rosie but interesting. I have never seen a Scottish football match outside the top floght. I am not sure if to buy another season ticket. I will be 74 on the 1st of August , my fight against cancer I seem to have won, but my wife says I am not fit to drive up and down the A9 at night. On Saturdays my wife drives she drops me off at the ground and picks me up after the game. This last year I have not enjoyed the games much. I suspect we will hold our own in the lower league and the games will be less intense. Thinking back to my life watching football times have changed dramatically, my first game was an away game at Bramhall lane Sheffield in 1949, I only remember it because it was bonfire night, there were no motorways then and as the coach travelled over the Yorkshire moors to Bury, I remember fires all over the place, The coach was full ofr "old" men, no replica shirts in those days, but guys who worked 12 hour days In Cotton mills who moaned about the players conceding 4 goals, the match ended in a 4 4 draw. My next memory was Bury lacing Southampton 8.2 at Gigg lane. Bury was virtually the first club in the North of England to install floodlights, I can also remember an inaugural match against Vienna Rapid. Gates used to be getting on for 20,000 in those days. Disaster came around 1959 when the Shaker's dropped into the 3rd Division North. They were in the main much better than the other teams, but promotion was limited to one club. Bury did not get promotion that year as a formidable Scunthorpe team was far too powerful. The reorganisation of football and the emergence ot a national 3rd division did the trick, as Bury with an array of Scotsmen and the new manager " Bob Stokoe", swept all before the and they went back to the 2nd tier , with a record points win, with every member of the 5 man forward line scoring at least 20 goals. At this stage my hard drive failed I had to quickly save and rejoin, before I could check the spelling in my diatribe which I was writing because I cant sleep. My point is do I stop watching football >? , or do I risk life and Limb driving to a Inverness . The strange thing is it is easier to go to away games because I just catch the coach in Aviemore. Maybe I should just go to the airport and fly to Manchester and see my last game at my beloved Gigg Lane. and call it a day/ . I usually sell a lot of books over the week-end so I will be busy anyway. I am now signed up for walking football on Sunday mornings. I was surprised to find I still have a powerful shot in both right and left sides . I have a problem with balance though and I landed on my knees when I fell off the gazebo roof. recently some ex firefighter I am?
  14. Indepencence Referendum 2018/2019

    I Have told you all before Do I have to repeat myself because you are nationalists that will accept separation at any price Scotland has a small working population. The tax revenue is very low The balance of payments deficit with England will be immense not to mention the rest of the world Scotland can't rely on oil because it only takes one meeting with OPEC to increase production Scotland exports whiskey, so what it probably imports more Coca Cola and other soft drinks before we get onto the other alcoholic drinks like wine and such like all have to be paid for. Go in any store in Inverness and walk around identify products made in Scotland. You will see that Scotland will be on its hands and knees within a year The alternative is to take the money from the Uk treasury, laugh and carry on letting London do the worrying , I won't repeat myself again I think this is the 3rd time I have told you the rampant still fighting medieval battles , Just grow up.
  15. Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    I seem to have a lot on my shoulders, being blamed for relegation What next the stocks, or the ducking stool, or been tied to a tree and set alight All I tried to do was point out that a young man in his first job was given no cash. How many other managers would have done better with a boracic club. You can't get blood out of a stone