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  1. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    I should like to add my thanks to the club the Chairman and the staff of club for the efforts and skill in keeping the club active and to some degree solvent In what is without doubt difficult times. The past is the past and there is no good to come from dwelling over actions taken last season , it is over with. The future is what it is all about in sport, or more to the point the here and now. I know we all apreciate the fact that without good professional people at the helm the club would never get bak to its former status. Thanks again to the Chairman for taking time out to speak to the supporters.
  2. According to all the Scottish news bulletins and interviews with the players, the wheels were due to come off the chariot. We ere told that the record would be a problem and the English players would get a bout of nerves, and the Scottish team was on a superb high. Could they not have been more wrong? and what ? The Calcutta cup stays in the south The unbeaten record goes on Quote "Six Nations 2017: Winning run could 'paralyse' England - Scotland's Nathan Hines " - from BBC sport England 61 Scotland 21 Mind you the men did better than the women England 64 Scotland Women 0 Sunday 26th February 2017
  3. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    My word Charles Pity you have nothing less to worry about. Like paying the new Income tax rate for the wealthy -
  4. Can we have less hype in future

    Still it continues by day and by night - going back to the Scottish rugby topic , My neighbour a dedicated follower of Rugby Union in Scotland was devastated by the recent defeat in Wales , after the hype preceding the game .In fairness to go to Cardiff and win was a big ask . Now they are to take on the French in Edinburgh . More hype , I think the media put the Rugby lads under too much pressure. I hope the team can rise above it, but time alone will tell. . K O 3pm Sunday I believe
  5. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Speaking as a one time Owen Coyle fan ( When he was at Burnley ) I now think he has lost the plot and a good deal of his confidence , No I don't think Coyle will save County, but watch this space as they say.
  6. Highland Derbies Next Season

    My view for what it is worth, If someone held a gun to my head and said " if you get it wrong I will shoot you" . I would say , "County will come bottom and we won't win the play off." Even if we did get into the shoot out, I feel Partick or Hamilton would be just too strong for us at present. Following our games against Dundee in the cup, we could pull off an up set, but I wouldn't put much money on it.
  7. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    I think to say that nothing was done before the recent times , is being very political to say the least The British government going back to the formation of military roads has done wonders to open up the Highlands and the north to traffic. Not to mention the railway. Amazing engineering feats have been the order of the day . I travelled in Scotland as a young boy and it took a very long time to travel between Edinburgh and Inverness. The full history of the development of the A9 can be seen on line anybody willing can follow this link
  8. Roy Plays well in ODI

    Summary 14/01/2018 1st ODI down under The Pom's win Roy (180) breaks Hales' England ODI record (171) Highest ODI score at MCG (beating Mark Waugh's 173) Roy was reprieved by DRS on 91 England lead five-match series 1-0 Aus 304-8; Finch 107 (119 balls) M Marsh 50, Stoinis 60
  9. Word Association
  10. Christmas Greetings

    Just got home from a 2 weeks vacation in Brighton Went to the Brighten v Watford game at their New Stadium but joy no tickets left complete sell out Anyway A happy New Year to all I hope you get all you would wish for yourselves and your families God bless Laurence
  11. Gordon Fyfe Joins ICTFC Board of Directors

    Narrow minded is your usual insult give it a rest
  12. Toronto FC - 2017

    Nice to see The Canadians get the better of the US. Not my sport in America much prefer the NFL after my trip to Wembley to see the Kansas v Detroit game
  13. Gordon Fyfe Joins ICTFC Board of Directors

    Most of the lads I went to school with ended up in Strangeways ( jail that is) Most of them were predicted to do so at the age of 7 That's what I call digressing but it brought to mind when someone mentioned meeting old school chums . No thanks
  14. What is the current state of the MLS in N America?

    I saw Paul play on a regular bases for Bury when they played in the EFL championship a few years ago. He played very well. Star man of the team coached by Neil Warnock
  15. Toronto FC - 2017 Great match
  16. Europa league

    It would be nice if some of the cash earned by Scottish clubs in Europe could find its way into the game in Scotland somehow. Maybe used to train Referees or something. Instead what have we got an F A that can't afford a National stadium. It looks like Hampden will be lost to the National team. A far cry from the Lisburn lions . A few puss-y cats at best. I suppose the stadium may be taken over by Rugby which seems to be on the up and up in Scotland. I take no pleasure in this sorry state of affairs.
  17. Word Association

  18. Danny Williams

    To be pragmatic, I feel considering we just need to consolidate , and not get too ambitious on our very weak bank account . We should not stretch our resources more than we have too , to maintain our status in the Championship. Next season is another story , a lot of careful choices will have to be made and hopefully a few good loan young players may come our way. this is a rebuilding situation which is going to take a lot of care and attention. There is no point signing players that will deplete our cash flow for the future as well.
  19. Word Association

  20. Word Association

  21. Football program wanted

    I have a copy brand new - unread - of Elgin City v Rangers ( Collectors piece ) Free to a good home
  22. David Raven

    I would like to thank David personally for his commitment and service to the Caley Thistle club over the last few years . I wish him and his family all the very best for his future whatever that may bring. Cheers David
  23. Word Association

  24. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    Score 9 points with pike - According to the rules Criteria for Judging a Dive 0: Completely Failed .5 - 2: Unsatisfactory 2.5 - 4.5: Deficient 5 - 6.5: Satisfactory 7 - 8: Good 8.5 - 9.5: Very good 10: Excellent