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  1. This season's refereeing

    Agreed , a completely bewildering decision as to why Donaldson got the booking! Who can explain this incident to all and sundry?
  2. No Relegation this year !!

    Yes i would now like us to start winning 2 consecutive games !
  3. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Getting a bit late now for making excuses. We need to start winning and getting the points simple as that. League 1 might be realistic destination . especially if we dont win the next 2 games!
  4. Let`s move on - and none more of this McGillivray or Savage bashing or trying to find out trash.
  5. West link bypass

    Now that this is open from today, the benefit to the traffic system around the city should be obvious and fairly quick i would imagine. Inverness being reshaped once again. The topic being how good can it be? Or are the negatives about to be discussed?
  6. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    We are looking more than likely to be at least another season or more in the championship. We simply have to cut our cloth(again) and offload the clutter in january. A new year a new era beckons
  7. St Mirren match

    The weather in Inverness is sleety showers and cold. Not that bad to cancel the football today. On Tuesdays postponement v Brechin it was torrential rain all day that called it off. There was one game I remember due at home to QOS postponed due to heavy snow/ice maybe a cup-tie not too many years ago.
  8. Word Association

  9. Michael O`Neill

    What about Martin O`Neill instead of Michael O`Neill or is there any Hamish O`Neill`s out there!
  10. Michael O`Neill

    Touted for the Scotland Job? But hold on - rewarding his N.I. failure to get to Russia with a bigger job in Scotland. It doesn`t add up with me I`m afraid
  11. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Dumbarton away by the way is not the worst ever , but I fear our bubbles will be burst by a home draw on a freezing February Sunday afternoon.
  12. Paradise Papers

    Me thinks the board and John Robertson are more interested in Paradise Cake!
  13. Yogi an Arab ?

    He`s probably I believe been recommended by somebody. I would have thought maybe Thompson the chairman would have been interested in Owen Coyle as manager and maybe sounded him out for the job. Coyle likely said not for me I don't want championship, but Yogi`s your man as you were after him before (One or two other examples available.} Lazlo the ex hearts boss also a good shout , high up with the bookies, he still has family in the country (daughter)
  14. Yogi an Arab ?

    Noises are that Yogi`s got the gig
  15. Word Association

  16. Polworth v Kellacher

    Kellacher only said `` Polly put the kettle on !
  17. Inverness CT -V- QOS

    Think more folk went to the Shinty than the footer
  18. Robertson Out

    Yes, you are right, maybe for a week or two
  19. McIntyre sacked

    I would almost rule out a Manager who is currently available. Roy will probably buy his man and pay compo to another club if necessary.
  20. Robertson Out

    Still too early really for all this drama! But hold onto your seats nevertheless.
  21. Transfer in and outs

    Maybe he`s been kept on to paint some bums onto seats !
  22. Transfer in and outs

    Meekings joins Dundee on 1 year deal - official.
  23. Hospice shares

    We have some seriously good backers & professionals now and in the past also plus Tullochs contribution then and now. Unfortunately its the same old story though that we are not getting enough fans. Dundee Utd` family backers are probably nowhere near as well off as some of our contributors are or have been but they`ve got the fan base to fall back on to generate the cash flow. We`ve been very successful though, probably more so than for example Dun. Utd in the last 20 odd years and we`ve had an exciting journey. We are still a young club, should we be almost compared to Livingston in club size and position in reality? Its time now to regroup (again) and hopefully grow back in stature gradually. We did it before and can do it again.

    Whoever wins the next few raffles, Sh*t we don't do raffles!