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  1. H. T. 1 - 2 F. t. 3 - 5 I C T Fisher R C Boyce Crowd 4907
  2. H T 0 - 0 F T 0 _ 1 ICT Tremarco Moth none crowd 3100
  3. H T 1 - 0 F T 2 - 0 ICT Billy M small c ST J none Crowd 4821
  4. H T 1 - 0 F T 2 - 1 ICT Cole Kilm Boyd crowd 312
  5. H T 1 - 1 F T 3 - 1 I C T Tremarco R C Boyce Crowd 4975
  6. H T 1 - 0 FT 2 - 1 ICT Cole opp Dembele crowd 6011
  7. Intercontinental ballistic missile ?
  8. steal
  9. H T: 1 - 1 F T: 3 - 1 ICT Tansey Opp. Miller Crowd 5788
  10. Lucky you, others at not as fortunate.
  11. CaleyD unlike you, of great privileged information, I cannot answer all your questions, suffice it to say that in most cases discussion with the Board would have been appropriate before action was taken, if not, then the Board is guilty of poor management and control. That is my opinion. I am not in any way up to speed on all things John Hughes, merely a supporter of ICT who detests injustice. The man did, in the main, do us proud and gets very little appreciation from many on this forum especially those who did not want him as manager in the first place. I take his side for what h did for us and for what might have been if he had stayed longer.
  12. I have been fortunate to get to five matches this season Renegade. How many have you ?
  13. Doofers Dad might have known you would put your bent pennyworth in There is nothing contradictory in these sentences, you obviously just don't read things properly! Where have I said anything about money for recruiting?? John wanted money to retain the players that were being given away so consistently by the Club and to ensure that we did not lose any more of our stars. old caley girl I new nothing of this blanking of players you speak of, a nasty trait I agree and one I would not have expected from him. What reason /s did he have for doing this??
  14. Unbelievable, I am supposed to accept your word that you are right, that you know the ins and outs and that my thoughts and theories amongst others are delusional. Do your egotistical views Charles, for which you are a master at, hold no bounds ? Surely having been shot down in flames so many times in so many threads it is time you realised that you are not the be all and end all of subject matters, that you can be and often are wrong in your assumptions, generalisations and opinions. Time for a bit of modesty young man and time to listen to the other fellas' points of view.
  15. Hear Hear, glad you read things the way I do, I will add to that, that the board had already set their minds on Richie as J H;s successor and took the opportunity to make things difficult for the man, they played on the fact that a proportion of the 'support' saw John's style as being negative football, to some extent it was but John was looking to build on that and was frustrated that he couldn't get the money to 'keep the players he had earmarked for the Club's future success. Remember the Club's success would be his success so no wonder he spoke out when he realised this was slipping away through lack of the board's backing. Any manager worth his salt would decry anyone who would deliberately try to thwart his ambition. John also knew from the outset of his stay with us that Richie was the manager incumbent and said so on numerous occasions. He knew too that he was fighting a losing battle to better his career at the Cluib and that I believe is why we lost our most successful ever manager. Now Richie is in post and I have backed him from the start, He can still keep us up he may even close us in on top six, regardless of some of the opinions on here. I hope so anyway for the Club's sake. Today's point is so important it is a first step to confidence enhancement. Small steps can lead to a very long jump.