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  1. maybe this will encourage the alarmists to use rumour mill in future:-
  2. All in all I think we are on the up. Now it is the Fans turn to show a united front.
  3. Solomon ?????
  4. Couldn't agree more complete liability.
  5. Doran freed, I hope not he is a busy player and always a threat, the type we need.
  6. That is entirely up to the Club to decide.
  7. Jings Monty I usually am in agreement with most of your posts but in this instance I feel the Club needs to show more adventurism than this. I will be behind the Team but this is an opportunity to show some real progress within the Club and shouldn't be missed.
  8. That is terrible management.
  9. I think many of us on here are very unimpressed with what we are hearing from the media regarding the selection of our new manager This is desperate times which imho calls for much more imaginative measures, there is a big wide world out there and out there I am sure there is an experienced dedicated person waiting for the opportunity to bring a club like ICTFC alive and gunning for glory. As supporters we don't want to be languishing in the lower leagues we want to be where we should be battling for top three in the Premier league. This is not going to happen until such times as the whole setup realises what can be done given good leadership, more ambition and the importance of acknowledgement to the supporters.
  10. Our number one tweeter, I think.
  11. My payment through paypal was accepted, hope you received it.
  12. The selection of candidates named on STV news is not exactly inspirational, Barry Wilson seems to be touting for Sheerin and is implying that the appointment should be made sooner rather than later. Without having anyone on the board with any depth of football knowledge I do not think this appointment should be rushed, It is in no way imperative that a decision should be taken now, players will still be available in a week or two. Neither was I impressed that the Chairman is currently on holiday doesn't really smack of commitment does it.
  13. It has got to be someone the players will look up to, someone with a proven record at premier level or above, someone who can motivate the team and the club. we don't want to be languishing in the lower leagues, one season down is all we dare afford if we want to regain our true status. Should the Board select the level of Paul Sheeren or Darren Dodds then A director of football is a must and the selection for that post is equally difficult. The Board now has it's work cut out to find a person or persons that will kick start a new beginning to Inverness C T bringing innovation and success by the end of season 2017/18 and restore the faith of the supporters and attract a larger following for the Club in the future. A big ask but that is the way forward and it is possible given the commitment by the right people.
  14. Willie Finlayson...........................willie talk to us soon please
  15. eraser