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  1. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Donaldson and Austin on the bench, promising start to the build up. All we want now is a good end result.
  2. Game 32 - Dundee Utd (A) 17 Mar

    H T 0 - 1 F T 0 - 2 ICT Doran D U MacDonald Crowd 6049.
  3. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Put an S before the H ........ fill the bus and bring em up here........we may yet just get promoted..........
  4. Championship Table

    Which stage is she on ? and what is she singing .......... I never felt more like singing the blues ?
  5. Game xx - Dumbarton (A) 27 Feb POSTPONED

    H T 0 - 1 F - T 0 - 2 ICT Oakley Dumb none crowd 668
  6. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    It has all been said before me, nervy, slow in pace and thought, inept, disjointed, lacking passion and leadership from a team that knew the importance of a win, what the hell is going on? A few made some effort but no consistency from any but young Mackay who can be singled out for effort. A very, very dispiriting and disappointing performance for the support to watch. No wonder people left the ground before the final whistle and no wonder the crowd is dwindling. We do miss David Raven he should have been kept on and should have been made Captain. Sorry Garry Warren but you no longer have the stamina to be our mainstay. Doran unfortunately not anywhere like his old self but I believe he can still recover and improve enough to hold his own in the Team. Ridgers, I was maybe harsh in my first paragraph by not including him along with Mackay as a real Trier, he is definitely the most improved player on our books and is now a very reliable goalkeeper. Lastly did we actually get through a match without a booking??..........that must be one positive.
  7. Game 30 - Greenock Morton (H) 24 Feb

    H T 2 - 0 F T 3 - 0 ICT Austin Mtn Oliver Crowd 2417
  8. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Could be the reason D D but Austin seems on the injury prone side and J R has mentioned that Mackay will be used only sparingly because of his young age.
  9. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Strange move by us when you consider the amount of bookings piling up..................... unless we have found somebody to come in ???????????
  10. Inverness Courier

    Perhaps then C B we could do with having some good reporters up here that will assist the cause of our Club.
  11. Inverness Courier

    What you say has some truth in it but you seem to be missing the point I am trying to make here. It is up to the Club to do the work and make the news interesting enough to get the media more onside whilst at the same time as giving the Fans the feel good factor from seeing that the are supporting a newsworthy and appreciative organisation Bye the way fingers can be burned by playing with Bunsen burners...........do be careful.
  12. Inverness Courier

    If we are, as we are supposed to be, a progressive football club then there should be at least weekly press releases updating behind the scenes progress on innovative developments pertaining to the club on and off the field. Efforts should be made to stimulate interest in ICTFC in order to keep the loyal informed and to try to build up the fan base. Do we even have a Press Officer ? or spokes person ??
  13. Game 29 - Dundee (H) 30 Jan

    H T 1 - 1 F T 1 - 1 ( ex time 2 - 2 ) ICT win on Pens ICT Oakley Dun Leitch-Smith crowd 2649
  14. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Best ask the card collectors Fraz.
  15. Game XX - Dundee Utd (H) 03 Feb POSTPONED

    H T 1 - 1 F T 3 - 1 ICT Oakley Dun U King Crowd 3109