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  1. Game 27 - Dundee (A) 20 Jan

    H T 1 - 2 F T 2 - 3 ICT Mulraney Dun Leitch-Smith Crowd 4354
  2. Game 26 - Queen of the South (H) 13 Jan

    H T 2 - 0 F T 3 - 1 ICT Oakley Q o S Lyle Crowd 2640.
  3. Game 25 - Falkirk (H) 09 Jan

    H T 1 - 1 F T 2 -1 ICT Dorran Falk Longridge crowd 1649
  4. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Nah part of the conspiracy`
  5. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    That is a huge blow.
  6. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Line up is a puzzler but lets have faith in the Manager's choice. He must have his reasons
  7. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Donaldson Injured ??
  8. David Raven

    My favourite moment too, thank you David Raven. Stay in football David you still have a lot to give and a lot to pass on. i wish it was still to be with us. Good luck.
  9. Game 24 - St Mirren (A) 06 Jan

    H T 0 - 1 F T 0 - 2 ICT Austin StM Reilly crowd 4518
  10. This season's refereeing

    It is very difficult not to be biased towards our own team but I haven't missed a home match this season and I have really been appalled at the difference between what has been awarded to us and what our opponents have got away with. Week in week out we seem to have had the rough end of the stick. I can sympathise with our players who mouth off at the referees, for as often as not we seem to be penalised when there is a coming together, if there is a tug at a shirt, a push, obstruction, or virtually any infringement on the field. The number of times Jake has been impeded brought down or pulled back and nothing is given seems unreal yet when we adopt similar tactics the Ref is reaching in 'his pocket before he even blows the whistle. I get irate watching from the Stand so what it must be like for those players involved on the park I dread to think. I cant 'help thinking that some sort of retro observation and decision overturning and or punishing must be implemented sometime in the future to get this wonderful game back on an even footing as it is rapidly becoming farcical at times. Okay you may say dream on, bughtmaster but there needs to be an answer to this and it is time that answer is found.
  11. Baird or Oakley

    He, G Oakley, certainly saved us today and deserves a starting place. He said he was desperate to prove himself and has shown the potential is there for him to be part of the answer to our lack of finishing. Answer to Polo chick's question may be a fitness matter he didn't look 100% last time he was on.
  12. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    wipes his brow ......relief !!
  13. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Well I hope Nat Austin can do the job when he starts.
  14. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Brechin score again!!!!!!
  15. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    bit of consolation but we have got to ,get goals.