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  1. The idea is really good Caman, something along these lines would not only be enterprising and forward thinking but essentially beneficial to our Club. I hope that someone will think deeply about trying out something like this, Given the right site, management, staff and a great deal of research there is every chance it could succeed. Of course it would take a lot of money to get it up running and established but nothing is impossible in an entrepreneurial world. There is a real business opportunity there, one that could be a great asset to both Club and Investor. Good thinking Caman I really hope something transpires from this.
  2. H T 1 - 1 FT 3 - 1 ICT ' Susan ' Falkirk Loy crowd 2315
  3. Matchday Thread

    Is his scar there to prove it !!!!!!!!
  4. H T: 0 - 2 F T: 0 - 4 ICT Draper Opp Henderson crowd: 1023
  5. Matchday Thread

    Little to say as most has been said, For me an enjoyable game to watch, some excellent distribution and passingthe ball on the ground, some really good running into space. Who made the biggest impression? for me Seedorf. Really hard worker, clever awareness, good speed and great interception ability I was definitely happy clapping because we were bossing the game, now I want to see this happening against the full time playing squads, the promise and ability looks to be there and with the incoming 'Susan' to strengthen the goal rush we could be smiling a lot more this season. I was hedging my bets too ( I. H. Ender) before the game started, I will be a lot more positive thinking towards the Falkirk match. .Well done ICT. Pity my coffee was lukewarm when I bought it though.
  6. H T 0 - 0 F T 2 - 0 ICT Draper Brechin Layne crowd 1863
  7. Can't stop laughing at that, you are probably right I was just hoping we had a spy in the camp.
  8. Is there any chance we will learn the new squad numbers before Saturdays match ? With so many new faces I would think it would be of great value to the fans if we do.
  9. I was in a similar position to you Dan, only I had called at the stadium before the tickets were released, I was treated very cordially by a young lady named Kristine who explained the situation and was kind enough to take my voucher with the intentions of leaving my ticket for collection closer to the match day. No complaints from me I was impressed. I do agree however that there should be a simpler system available for us out of town Fans, it isn't always easy to make two trips and after all if you inform the Club you are attending the match then provision should be made to ensure your seat is reserved for you. The ticket / seat, in theory, belongs to the voucher if the Club has been notified by the season ticket holder.
  10. I notice that Dean Brill has been released, what a pity we didn't bring him back, I am very concerned about Ridger's handling and feel we may have rushed into signing him. Hopefully I will be proved wrong though!
  11. As we all know a footballers future is fraught with dangers and uncertainty, I am sure Ross will be weighing up all the pros and cons and will not make a hurried decision Certainly under Foran's regime he looked rather unsettled at times, on the other hand he knows just how valuable he is to the Fans and how much we appreciate his being on our side. It's, as pre-mentioned, the personal terms and his own feelings that are most important and whatever decision he comes to I hope will be the right one for him. A niggling worry to me is whether or not the Board are putting pressure on Robbo to make the sale, so many 'out of character' issues have been happening with the Board recently. Hopefully not and the that as his costs have already been factored into the budget could rule that out.
  12. Watching the first half at Brora the doubts in my mind were synonymous with what I felt last year at the same match. even in the warm up the lack of cohesion and ambition was obvious, however It did pick up when Rice went across to them and got them organised . notables in the first half were Raven, Draper Baird Mulrraney ( though his play was sussed out and made to obvious at first) Oakley showed some promise but ran offside too often. Ridgers I am afraid filled me with dread with his mishandling of crosses in front of goal, flapping personified I would call it , positioning and drilling were much better .Esson however will have to find a solution to his handling of crosses, Ridgers is a tall lad and should be able to do an awful lot better in removing danger. Second half for the team was a different story organisation and cohesion came into play and we suddenly looked a very much better side, confidence grew as the goals went in and we started to look hungry. All in all comparing last year and this I am more confident of getting something out of this season, whereas last season I could not see any promise. Draper must be kept unless he himself is not happy being with us ' He is going to be the goalmaker and came close on two occasions to scoring #himself, I wont pick out notables from the second half because there was a different aura about the side and each contributed. That is, whatever it is worth, my summary of the way we played at Brora and the possibilities I could see for us this season.
  13. I take it he is on a free transfer then ?
  14. If it is any consolation I saw Ross Draper in training gear at the Club this morning, so he hasn't left the building. May not mean he is staying but I certainly hope he does. Despite all promises about communication with the fans there is still a deathly silence. Has the Board changed apart from the new Chair ?? even the incumbent Director is one of the same gang, what is going on here. Still time to weed out and transplant, as things are we are going from bad to worse by all accounts. The friendlies are about to start and we appear to be completely disorganised off the field, don't know about on the field but at the moment I am concerned. Come on ICTFC get a grip and let us know what is happening.
  15. maybe this will encourage the alarmists to use rumour mill in future:-
  16. All in all I think we are on the up. Now it is the Fans turn to show a united front.
  17. Solomon ?????
  18. Couldn't agree more complete liability.
  19. Doran freed, I hope not he is a busy player and always a threat, the type we need.
  20. That is entirely up to the Club to decide.
  21. Jings Monty I usually am in agreement with most of your posts but in this instance I feel the Club needs to show more adventurism than this. I will be behind the Team but this is an opportunity to show some real progress within the Club and shouldn't be missed.
  22. That is terrible management.
  23. I think many of us on here are very unimpressed with what we are hearing from the media regarding the selection of our new manager This is desperate times which imho calls for much more imaginative measures, there is a big wide world out there and out there I am sure there is an experienced dedicated person waiting for the opportunity to bring a club like ICTFC alive and gunning for glory. As supporters we don't want to be languishing in the lower leagues we want to be where we should be battling for top three in the Premier league. This is not going to happen until such times as the whole setup realises what can be done given good leadership, more ambition and the importance of acknowledgement to the supporters.
  24. Our number one tweeter, I think.
  25. My payment through paypal was accepted, hope you received it.