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  1. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    More doom and gloom being poured out........ Why cant we all just concentrate on supporting the Club and the Team by putting a more positive slant on things......A lot of this is just rumour and the Team have done so well recently.
  2. Game 41 - Dunfermline (H) 21 Apr

    Joker H T 1 - 0 F T 3 - 0 ICT Austin Dun none Crowd 3538
  3. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Good Lord Kingsmills has somebody filled your glass????
  4. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Hope the goal comes soon thenn......... nerves kicking in ...........mine that is........
  5. Game 40 - Dumbarton (A) 18 Apr

    H T 0 - 2 F T 1 - 3 ICT Oakley Dum Froxiylias crowd 760
  6. 12 week minimum ban for standing

    And then he woke up ...........what a nightmare..............must have been the voddie.
  7. Game 39 - Dumbarton (H) 14 Apr

    H T 2 - 0 F T 4 - 0 ICT Austin Dum none crowd 2587
  8. 5th Place

    Laurence, I agree with what you say. there are a nucleus of players within the Team now that could perform at a higher level, a few crucial additions plus a good preseason could see us battling it out and winning enough games to stay up should we be fortunate enough to reach our current goal. Your positive attitude and belief on this is what is required by all of us to encourage the team to maintain their present commitment to accomplish what they set out to do. I say keep it up lads, It is extremely difficult but you are capable of doing what some are saying is impossible. Sometimes it doesn't sound like it given the flack you receive caused through their frustration but the Fans are all behind you.
  9. Game 38 - Falkirk (H) 10 Apr

    H T 1 - 1 F T 3 - 1 ICT Austin Flk. Longridge crowd 2324
  10. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Our strikers have arrived methinks
  11. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    My glass is nearly full, just one sip out
  12. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Great start,, keep it up lads!!!!!!!!!
  13. Game 37 - Queen of the Sth (A) 07 Apr

    H T 0 - 1 F T 0 - 3 ICT Tremarco QoS none crowd 2049
  14. 5th Place

    This thread looks to me to have been taken overt by Lord Haw Haw and his doom and gloom fraternity, designed to cause fear trepidation despondency and the demise of our great Club. Come on lads and lasses do we really fold this easily ? The season isn't over yet we can still believe can't we??
  15. Game 36 - Brechin City (H) 03 Apr

    H T 2 - 0 F T 4 - 0 ICT Oakley Opp none crowd 1787
  16. 5th Place

    Wise words old Sage but in the words of Arnie we'll be back.
  17. Penalty Kicks

    Keepers tend to sky them unfortunately, my choice would be Tremarco or Oakley.
  18. 5th Place

    consistently well that is
  19. Game 35 - St Mirren (H) 31 Mar

    H T 1 - 0 F T 2 -0 ICT Oakley OPP none crowd 2649
  20. Game 34 - Dundee Utd (H) 27 Mar

    H T 2 - 0 F T 3 - 0 ICT Vigurs opp none crowd 2649
  21. Right Back

    Aye his leaving was the start of our bad run, but it's the future that counts keep on living in hope, who knows what is on the cards there could be another guid one out there for us.
  22. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Well summed up and said, totally agree.
  23. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Well done ICT, a struggle but we got there. As soon as it is possible Sign Daniel Mackay on a long, long contract and ensure a huge sell on fee is written into his contract. That lad transformed the Team's attitude as soon as 'he came on.
  24. Game 33 - Dumbarton (N) 24 Mar

    H T 1 - 0 F T 2 - 0 ICT Warren Opp none crowd 4907 Yellow Vigurs