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  1. I know what your saying, I would rather we put protests to one side but no point splitting the young and not so young at this stage of the season.
  2. Ha ha forgot it was a Fri night match.
  3. I don't think mobile phones existed in IHEs school days. The people using their phones will be the ones making the most noise at the match so can hardly lecture them, best of luck using the phone lights at 20 past 4 ish.
  4. I would call it a good addition, Richie and Mo have worked together for years now. Mo has to buy the fish suppers if it's 3 points at Rugby Park
  5. Matchday Thread

    Back to work training programme. If anyone is out of work, have they ever thought of getting a job as a referee, there must be a serious shortage of candidates. http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2017/04/18/willie-collum-david-mcgeachie-land-glamour-europa-league-clash-just-days-motherwell-v-inverness-controversy/
  6. Welcome back, were you on holiday in Inverness.
  7. Matchday Thread

    I think all we can do just now is keep backing the team. Here's an example, County Away Scottish cup match. Going a goal down in the 93rd minute. The fans got louder and backed the team to the very end, regardless of the outcome. (Que Derek Adams tantrum) We don't really have a lot of options tbh. Same manager, different manager, no manager, our team still needs the support. Time of goal scorers in match vvvvv Rocco Quinn (49) Iain Vigurs (85) Richard Brittain (90+3) Billy Mckay (30) Richie Foran (74) Richie Foran (95) Starting Lineup
  8. Matchday Thread

    The fish is hungry
  9. Matchday Thread

    If we score one more goal then the Motherwell fans will be our 12th Man
  10. Matchday Thread

  11. Matchday Thread

    Do we have any commentators there.
  12. When you think of the goal scoring capabilities of 8+ of the players picked for the team and the new found strength in defence then you may well be right.
  13. Just for a bit of clarity being 4 points behind the team above us won't be the most important game in our history but the match that keeps us up might be.
  14. Players need to think about their best goal, their best pass, their best block, (cant do best hand ball as Josh isn't available) and their best game at Fir Park, going into this one.
  15. Doubt it tbh but it could be a great turning point.